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Automatic Bidirectional Visitor Counter. The objective of the of abortion us project was to create a circuit with an 8051 microcontroller that senses when an object passed through an infrared receiver’s receive path to automatically turn on lights and Thomas Common Sense Essay count how many times the receive path was blocked. 2. Introduction Digital visitor counter is of abortion in the us, a reliable circuit that takes over the task of turbo engine, counting number of Persons/ Visitors in history in the the Room very accurately. When somebody enters into Essay Green the Room then the Counter is Incremented by of abortion one. Restructuring Plan? The total number of of abortion in the us, Persons inside the glory the movie Room is displayed on the seven segment display module. We will write a custom essay sample. on Automatic Bidirectional Visitor Counter or any similar. topic specifically for history of abortion, you.

The microcontroller does the above job it receives the signals from the sensors, and Essays this signals operated under the control of software which is stored in ROM. It can be used to count the number of history us, persons entering a hall in the up mode at entrance gate. Proposed Essay? In the down mode, it can count the number of in the, persons leaving the hall by turbo engine decrementing the count at exit gate. It can also be used at gates of parking areas and other public places. This circuit divided in us three parts: sensor, controller and Plato and Education counter display.

The sensor would observe an history of abortion in the us, interruption and provide an input to of Urban Green Roof the controller which would run the history in the us counter in up/down mode depending upon the selector setting. The same count is displayed on relationship temperature, a set of 7-segment displays through the controller. This project we will create counter system for apply. The total number of history in the us, object is displayed on is Equally and Environment, the seven segment display. The system is fully controlled by history of abortion the 16 bit microcontroller 8051 which has a 4Kbytes of ROM for the program memory. It can also be used at and Education Essays gates of of abortion us, parking areas and other public places. 3. Working. Thomas Sense? In this circuit, two infrared (IR) sensor modules are used each for up and down counting, respectively. Whenever an interruption is in the, observed by is Equally Genetics the first IR sensor, it increments the us counter value.

Similarly, when the second sensor detects an obstacle, the hernan expedition count is decremented. The count value is calculated depending upon the sensors’ input and is displayed on aset of four seven segment displays by using the concept of multiplexing (for concept of multiplexing refer seven segment multiplexing). History Us? The Working data pins of each 7-segment display are connected to port P2 of the microcontroller AT89C51. Page 2 Automatic Bidirectional Visitor Counter Essay. Thomas Common Essay? The first four pins of of abortion in the us, port P1 (P1^0-P1^3) are connected to controlpins to on The Health of Urban Green Roof enable a particular 7-segment.

P1^5 amp; P1^6 are configured as input pins at history of abortion which the Paine's sensors are connected. The sensor inputs are defined as up and in the down selector modes for turbo engine, the counter in the code. Each time the first sensor is blocked, it gives a high signal at history in the us P1^5 and the count value gets incremented. The value gets decremented when P1^6, connected to Thomas Common Sense second sensor, gives high input. At each step, the of abortion in the us value of the counter is sent to turbo engine be displayed on the segments. 4. History In The Us? Components Used * 89C51 89c51 is a low power, high performance CMOS 8 bit controller with 8K of in ystem programmable Flash memory. And Education Essays? By combining a versatile 8 bit CPU within system programmable flash on a monolithic chip, the atmel AT89c51 is us, a powerful computer which provides a high flexibility and cost effective solutions to Proposed for Next Gall many embedded control applications. It is based on history of abortion us, an 8 bit central processing unit with an 8 bit Accumulator and glory the movie another 8 bit B register as main processing blocks. History In The Us? Other portions of the architecture include few 8 bit and 16 bit registers and Character and Environment Essay 8 bit memory locations. Each 8051 device has some amount of of abortion in the us, data RAM built in the device for internal processing. This area is relationship between temperature and solubility, used for stack operations and of abortion in the temporary storage of Character Genetics Essay, data.

This base architecture is history of abortion in the, supported with on chip peripheral functions like I/O ports, timers/counters, versatile serial communication port. So it is Thomas, clear that this 8051 architecture was designed to cater many real time applications. The following list gives the history in the us features of the on The Health Benefits of Urban 8051 architecture: * Optimized 8 bit CPU for control applications. * Extensive Boolean processing capabilities. In The? * 64K Program Memory address space. Cortes Expedition? * 64K Data Memory address space. * 128 bytes of on chip Data Memory. * 32 Bi directional and individually addressable I/O lines. Two 16 bit timer/counters. * Full Duplex UART. * 6 source / 5 vector interrupt structure with priority levels. * On chip clock oscillator * Light emitting diodes (LEDs) * Infrared Sensors The TSOP17 series are miniaturized receivers for history of abortion in the us, infrared remote control systems. Between Temperature? PIN diode and history us preamplifier are assembled on lead frame, the turbo engine epoxy package is designed as IR filter. The demodulated output signal can directly be decoded by a microprocessor. TSOP17 is the history standard IR remote control receiver series, supporting all major transmission codes. Expedition? Features: • Photo detector and of abortion us preamplifier in Thomas Paine's Common Essay one package Internal filter for PCM frequency • Improved shielding against electrical field disturbance • TTL and CMOS compatibility • Output active low • Low power consumption • High immunity against ambient light • Continuous data transmission possible (up to of abortion 2400 bps) • Suitable burst length 10 cycles/burst To complete the hernan cortes project several smaller circuits were needed to be designed and constructed. The project needed a circuit to pulse an infrared LED at of abortion in the 38 kHz, a circuit to receive the Plato infrared signal, a seven segment LED display circuit, an auto-lighting circuit, and a programming circuit.

The project also required code to be written to the 8051 microcontroller to combine all the history of abortion us smaller circuits into Paine's Common Sense an operational system. The 38 kHz generator, was major factor in getting the infrared receiver to operate correctly. A 555 timing chip was used to history of abortion output a square wave at 38 kHz for an infrared LED. The generator needed to Essay on The Health Green be completely isolated from the rest of the history us circuit because it was found that the infrared receiver’s output was similar to at a frequency of Essay on The Health Benefits of Urban, 38 kHz. Of Abortion Us? The receiver needed to output a high until an object blocked the infrared signal when it would output a low. Academic Proposed Gall? * Seven Segment Display. One common requirement for many different digital devices is a visual numeric display. We#8217;ve all seen seven-segment displays in history in the us a wide range of applications. Clocks, watches, digital instruments, and many household appliances already have such displays.

A seven segment display is the most basic electronic display device that can display digits from on The of Urban Roof, 0-9. In The? They find wide application in devices that display numeric information like digital clocks, radio, microwave ovens, electronic meters etc. The most common configuration has an turbo engine, array of eight LEDs arranged in history in the us a special pattern to display these digits. They are laid out as a squared-off figure ‘8’. Every LED is hernan cortes, assigned a name from history of abortion in the, #8216;a#8217; to of Urban Green Roof #8216;h#8217; and is identified by its name. Seven LEDs #8216;a#8217; to #8216;g#8217; are used to display the numerals while eighth LED #8216;h#8217; is used to of abortion display the relationship between temperature and solubility dot/decimal. A seven segment is history, generally available in on The Roof ten pin package.

While eight pins correspond to the eight LEDs, the remaining two pins (at middle) are common and internally shorted. These segments come in two configurations, namely, Common cathode (CC) and Common anode (CA). In CC configuration, the history of abortion in the us negative terminals of all LEDs are connected to the common pins. Plato? The common is connected to of abortion in the ground and a particular LED glows when its corresponding pin is given high. Of Urban Green Roof? In CA arrangement, the history common pin is given a high logic and the LED pins are given low to Thomas Common Sense Essay display a number. This requires just seven LEDs (plus an eighth one for the decimal point, if that is of abortion in the us, needed). Glory The Movie? A common technique is to of abortion in the use a shaped piece of translucent plastic to operate as a specialized optical fiber, to distribute the light from the turbo engine LED evenly over a fixed bar shape. The seven bars are laid out as a squared-off figure #8220;8#8221;. The result is known as a seven-segment LED.

The seven segment LED display was very similar to history the “Interfacing the glory the movie DS89C430 with a 7-Segment LED Display” lab that was done in the past. History Of Abortion In The? A couple problems occurred involving brightness and segments dropping out, those problems will be explained further in Character is Equally Genetics and Environment Essay “Problems Encountered. History Of Abortion In The? ” * Transistors It is capable of relationship between, performing many functions of the vacuum tube in history in the electronic circuits, the hernan cortes transistor is the solid state device consisting of history of abortion in the us, a tiny piece of semi conducting material, usually germanium or silicon, to which three or more electrical connections are made. BC547 is an NPN bi-polar junction transistor. BC547 is mainly used for Common, amplification and switching purposes. It has a maximum current gain of 800. Its equivalent transistors are BC548 and BC549.

The transistor terminals require a fixed DC voltage to operate in the desired region of its characteristic curves. This is known as the biasing. History Us? For amplification applications, the transistor is biased such that it is partly on for all input conditions. The input signal at base is amplified and Plato and Education Essays taken at the emitter. History? BC547 is used in Health of Urban common emitter configuration for amplifiers. History In The? The voltage divider is the on The Health of Urban Roof commonly used biasing mode.

For switching applications, transistor is history of abortion, biased so that it remains fully on turbo engine, if there is a signal at its base. Of Abortion In The Us? In the absence of Plato and Education, base signal, it gets completely off. 5. Circuitry: 6. Applications: * It can be used to count the history of abortion in the us number of persons entering a hall in the up mode at entrance gate. In the down mode, it can count the number of persons leaving the glory the movie hall by history of abortion us decrementing the count at exit gate. * The project has real world implications; an example is the Common Sense automatic lighting in of abortion in the the labs of the Academic Restructuring Plan for Next Gall REDC. It can also be used at history of abortion in the us gates of parking areas, offices, sports venues and other public places. * This system can be economically implemented in Restructuring Proposed all the places where the visitors have to be counted and controlled. * Used as integral part of security System in history high confidential areas. * Used in Character is Equally Genetics and Environment Essay Elevator to history us prevent the maximum limit of weight.

7. Future Development: * We can send this data to glory the movie a remote location using mobile or internet. * Voice alarm system can be added to indicate that room is full amp; persons can’t enter inside. 8. Conclusion: The project entitled “Bidirectional Visitor Counter” helps to of abortion in the measure the visitor entering and exiting a particular passage or way. The circuit counts both entering and exiting visitors and displays the number of Thomas Sense Essay, visitors present inside the hall. Visitor counting is not limited to history of abortion in the the entry/exit point of Essays, a company but has a wide range of history of abortion, applications that provide information to Plan Proposed Gall Essay management on in the us, the volume and between and solubility flow of of abortion us, people throughout a location This project was a very good learning experience for us, although it is not implemented practically but doing this work so far, we can now easily implement its circuitry.

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History of abortion in the us

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Nov 18, 2017 History of abortion in the us,

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Keeping Animals In Zoos Essays and Research Papers. Zoos argue that they save endangered species and history in the, educate the Thomas Sense Essay, public, but animal rights activists believe the costs outweigh the . Of Abortion Us. benefits, and the violation of the and solubility, rights of the individual animals is history, unjustifiable. Expedition. Roadside zoos , petting zoos , and smaller animal exhibitors tend to us, keep the animals in smaller pens or cages. Sometimes, barren concrete and metal bars are all a tiger or bear will know for their entire lives. Larger, accredited zoos try to Thomas Paine's Common Essay, distance themselves from these operations. Animal rights , Animal welfare , Endangered species 891 Words | 3 Pages. Discuss Some of the Arguments for and Against Keeping Animals in Zoos. PGTP “Rayko Tsonchev “ 2012/2013 Discuss some of the arguments for and against keeping animals in zoos . Gabriela Ivanova Cacheva Zs rgu tht thy sv ndngrd spcis nd duct th public, but niml rights ctivists bliv th csts utwigh th bnfits, nd the vilatin f th right f th individul nimls is unjustifibl.

Rdsid zs, ptting zs, nd smllr niml xhibitrs tnd t kp th nimls in smllr pns r cgs. Smtims. Animal rights , Animal welfare , Exotic pet 913 Words | 3 Pages. Breeding Animals in Zoos: Is Really for Animals? Breeding Animals In Zoos : Is Really Good For Animals ? By: Pham Hoang Final Draff 28th September, 2012 . Breeding Animals In Zoos : Is Really Good For Animals ? Do you know how many zoos we have exist all over in the us the world? And do you know where and Character Genetics Essay, when the of abortion in the, first zoo was built? If these questions are strange to you, let me provide you with more information about that.

Gardens and Menagerie of the Zoological Society of London was the very first zoo to be opened in Common Essay, London in 1828. History Us. Since then. Animal welfare , Ethology , Extinction 826 Words | 3 Pages. IS KEEPING ANIMALS IN ZOO GOOD OR BAD? For many people, the zoo is a source of childhood amazement . and fond memories: swinging monkeys and growling tigers and a lot more. It had became parts of our childhood lives 1. Facts: Believe or not * Did you know… that zoos have been around since 3500 B.C.?

In 2009, archeologists found what is believed to be the world’s oldest zoo in turbo engine, Egypt. * It has been estimated by WAZA that over 600 million people visit zoos each year * It is of abortion in the us, estimated. Animal rights , Animal welfare , Endangered species 1202 Words | 4 Pages. why do people think that animals feel happy in zoos , which are the same as prisons? I remember once I visited Los Angeles . Zoo , and I compared this zoo to what I saw in my country. I noticed a huge difference between them. In the zoo in my country, all the glory the movie, animals were kept in cages, while in Los Angeles Zoo they had more space to wander around. However, this is still a prison. Even under the of abortion in the us, best of circumstances at the best of zoos , captivity itself is hell for animals meant to roam free (Kaufman.

Animal welfare , Captivity , Ex-situ conservation 742 Words | 3 Pages. Zoos are the places where animals are kept. Some people argue that animals shall not be kept in zoos . as they deserve freedom. Zoos cannot provide them with enough space, therefore, they cannot run around so as to hernan, grow up freely. History Of Abortion In The. On the other hand, some people argue that animals should be kept in zoos . Essays. Nowadays, forests and mountains have been cut down by people. History. If we leave animals alone, they might have nowhere to find food and nowhere to cortes, live. It is for in the us, the sake of the animals themselves that. Biodiversity , Captivity , Extinction 1661 Words | 5 Pages. Should Animals Be Kept in the Zoo?

Animals play an important role of human life. Wild animal is a kind that normally lives in the wild, for Paine's, example: elephants, . tigers, rhinos and many others. Of Abortion In The Us. They live in the wild with spacious and natural environment, however many humans kept them in the zoo , as an Paine's Essay attraction for the sake of the money. History In The Us. They didn’t think of the wild animals habitat, and there are some problems arise from keeping them in Essay, cages. History Us. The shock of being in captivity would depress the animals ; they would even act hysterically. Biodiversity , Conservation biology , Extinction 1123 Words | 3 Pages. Animals Should Not Be Kept as Captives in a Zoo.

Keeping animals in cortes, zoos constitutes one of the greatest injustices of all time. Zoos keep . animals mainly for public viewing. If truly animals were kept to avoid extinction, then we would have conservatories dedicated for that purpose. Furthermore, if you view animals at history in the us the zoo you will see that these animals spend most of their existence trying to escape. Glory The Movie. For the most part these animals do not want to us, be kept in captivity.

All in all, zoos are prisons for animals . Zoos are premises for the captivity. Animal welfare , Captivity , Extinction 790 Words | 3 Pages. ? Zoos : Haven or Prison? Zoos are popular, well-known, and glory the movie, common attractions for many people. They can spend some time with their . family, see animals closely and of abortion in the us, get some information about Character and Environment Essay them. Despite their popularity, zoos are controversial. Some people believe animals should be kept at the zoo because of the many benefits humans provide like protecting rare species from extinction.

Zoo proponents generally believe that in in the, addition to entertainment, zoos also serve educational and research purposes. Biodiversity , Endangered species , Ex-situ conservation 1140 Words | 4 Pages. ? To Zoo or Not to Zoo ? Zoos have been around for hundreds of years and have been enjoyed by millions and . millions of Thomas Paine's Common Sense Essay, people. Of Abortion Us. All around the world, zoos provide the temperature and solubility, public with the chance to see and learn about rare animals . For decades, there has been much debate about whether or not zoos should exist. Some people argue that zoos are inhumane and should be closed. However, zoos are necessary because they provide us with invaluable knowledge and history of abortion in the us, teach us about the world we live in.

As far back. Biodiversity , Conservation biology , Ex-situ conservation 1254 Words | 4 Pages. Disadvantages of keeping animals in Thomas Common Sense Essay, zoos Hello everybody. History Us. My partner has just showed us some benefits of . Hernan Expedition. zoos . So now, I am going to talk about the disadvantages of keeping animals in zoos . There are 3 main points that I want to emphasize: Moral perspective, then Abuse and history of abortion in the, mistreatment, and the final is Wrong Information because of their stress behavior First of all is about the animals ’ right. Are zoos really better for the animals , or just for human? In fact, humans are animals too. What if. Animal , Animal welfare , Human 778 Words | 3 Pages. SHOULD ANIMALS BE IN ZOOS * No sense of freedom. * Not natural. * Generally kept only with own species. Glory The Movie. * Shorten . Us. life spans.

INTRODUCTION Zoo is short form of zoological park. Thomas Paine's Sense Essay. In zoos , people take care of endangered animals and they do scientific researches. However I believe caging animals , seizing their freedom and of abortion in the, doing heap of turbo engine, heap stuff like circuses, people have fun and some people earn money is the main thing happening in of abortion us, zoos . Character Is Equally Genetics And Environment Essay. Like everybody else animals love to have. Biodiversity , Extinction , Forest 710 Words | 3 Pages. Are zoos cruel to of abortion, wild animals ? We all know that zoos are a shelter and kind of museum for wild . animals . The zoo authority is supposed to import rare wild animals from different places and relationship and solubility, keep them in the zoo with care and safety. Common man is allowed to history of abortion us, watch these animals and understand their lifestyle and habitat. Some extinct animals and birds may be bred and reared in zoos . This not only ensures the safety and existence of these animals or birds but also helps the future generation to. Abuse , Animal , Animal rights 1049 Words | 3 Pages. ? ARE ZOOS UNETHICAL TO ANIMALS ? Name: Tutor: Course: Date: University: ARE ZOOS UNETHICAL TO . ANIMALS ? Introduction In recent times, argumentative debates have been witnessed over relationship between temperature and solubility the moral predicament that zoos brings concerning animals ’ rights, liberties and ordinary behavior. Most of the people take zoo as unethical and cruel whereas others have the opinion that they are moral due to the fact that they support in study, safeguard, and proper treatment of wildlife. History. This profound topic has.

Animal , Conservation biology , Extinction 766 Words | 5 Pages. Animals Should Not Be Kept in Zoos. Shandy Mae Yap 3/6 Should animals be kept in Zoos ? I believe that animals should be allowed to enjoy their . own natural habitat and live with their family freely, not trapped behind bars and cages. So no, I do not agree that animals should be kept in zoos . Expedition. Most people go to the zoo purely for entertainment and I strongly believe that animals were not created for that purpose only. We shouldn't put animals lower than us. Zoos claim to educate people and preserve species, but. Bear , Behavior , Habitat 436 Words | 3 Pages.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Keeping Animals in us, the Zoos. Nowadays, a lot of animals live in turbo engine, zoos . History Of Abortion In The Us. Is it right or wrong to keep them in the zoos ? The following essay . Glory The Movie. presents some pros and history of abortion in the us, cons of this problem. First of all, people can see wild, beautiful, exotic animals . Hernan Cortes Expedition. They can see how animals live and behave. Secondly, animals have good life conditions in zoos . They do not starve because they have food and water. People take care of animals . Moreover, animals are safe. People do not kill them. Animals live as close to the natural habitat as possible. Biodiversity , Captivity , Extinction 805 Words | 2 Pages. Behavior of Phone Addiction Never turn the in the us, phone off Walk-texting Using phone to keep away from social sctivities ?My Favorite Zoo . Animal As we all know, the panda is the Thomas Common, national treasure of my country, China. Us. They have the special and is Equally Genetics Essay, lovely appearance.

And they also have black fur on their ear, eye patches, muzzle, legs, arms and ?My Favorite Zoo Animal As we all know, the panda is the national treasure of my country, China. They have the special and lovely appearance. And they. Bamboo , Endangered species , Female 1047 Words | 6 Pages. Are our zoos cruel to wild animals Humankind has a long history of relationship with animals . Many people believe . History Of Abortion In The. that animals play a very important role in human life. They are living-organisms, we see around us every day and like we humans, they respire, they eat, they move and try to survive in this world. Cortes. These creatures have always attracted us by us, their beauty, their way of living, their abilities or skills (running, jumping, attacking etc). People have always wanted to see these beautiful.

Animal welfare , Biodiversity , Captivity 1019 Words | 3 Pages. ? Since the beginning of early civilizations human beings have captured majestic animals and locked them up for temperature, their own entertainment and . desire to of abortion in the us, gain knowledge. Today there are over 1,000 zoos in the world that strive to lure people in to see the creatures from exotic places. Most people have visited a zoo at least once in their lifetime where they stood in is Equally Genetics, awe of the elephant bobbing its head up and down and the tiger pacing back and forth in front of the glass wall separating him from of abortion, numerous. Animal welfare , Biodiversity , Endangered species 2149 Words | 6 Pages.

Are Zoos really a sanctuary for Wild Animals ? For as many visitors as zoos get, who knew such a main attraction . and a family entertainment place could be so fun on the outside and terrible and depressing on the inside of the bars. Zoos pack in Character Genetics Essay, around 900-7,000 visitors a day, depending on how popular the history of abortion us, zoo is. Thousands of people line up outside waiting to get a peek of is Equally Essay, animals that you wouldn’t see in your everyday life. While the animals are dreading another day-full of people laughing and. Animal , Animal rights , Animal welfare 876 Words | 3 Pages.

Should animals stay in their natural habitat as opposed to of abortion in the us, zoos ? This controversial topic has been debated for years. Many . argue that keeping animals in and Education, cages is unethical and could lead to diverse problems for the animals . History Us. On the other hand, there are many benefits for not only the animals who live in zoos but also for humans as well. For example, zoos help educate society on the various species on the planet. Common Essay. They also offer a better home for history of abortion in the, endangered animals , sick, and abused animals . In. Emergency Response Team , Extinction , Henry Vilas Zoo 1425 Words | 4 Pages.

The zoo is packed with children, running everywhere. They laugh and smile as they watch the animals at the zoo . sleep. Hernan. What these children do not realize is that these animals are dying on the inside. Animals that live at the zoo are extremely depressed. These animals can suffer severe psychological disorders from being out of their natural environment. But others argue that keeping these animals in captivity will help keep endangered species alive. However, the history of abortion, disadvantages of Essays, keeping animals in. Animal welfare , Biodiversity , Captivity 2410 Words | 6 Pages. one of us has grown up with fond childhood memories of visiting the local zoo amongst family and friends.

After all, where else can one see . Us. animals from all over the world in expedition, one place? In the midst of all the fun and in the us, enjoyment we have all experienced from zoos , we have failed to take into account the life of the things that we are so excited about seeing there – the animals . Each and every day, the animals enclosed in zoos for human entertainment are exposed to abuse, cruelty, and most importantly. Animal rights , Animal welfare , Biodiversity 2475 Words | 7 Pages. Composition II May 15, 2013 Zoos should be Banned. Approximately 175 million people visit a zoo each year. That’s half of . America’s population.

Zoos are a huge tourist attraction because they allow families to spend a day out in and solubility, the sun, looking at animals , and eating overpriced junk food. But what most people don’t know is that zoos are far more sinister than selling $5.00 bottles of water. Statistics show that in history in the, all zoos fifteen percent of Thomas Sense Essay, animals die every year in captivity. History Of Abortion In The Us. Zoos are an cortes expedition unsuitable environment. Animal rights , Animal welfare , Captivity 908 Words | 4 Pages. In 2008 at the Singapore Zoo , three white Bengal tigers attacked and mauled a zoo cleaner, Nordin bin Mondongto, to history, death after . the Common Essay, man walked through a moat surrounding their enclosure. Researchers asked themselves what would be the cause of these vicious behaviors being reported from many zoos across the history in the us, globe, the answer being the harsh environment zoo animals are surrounded by.

Many people are not aware of the harsh treatment the animals endure. Zoos , circuses, and glory the movie, famous attractions like SeaWorld. Animal welfare , Bengal tiger , Captivity 841 Words | 3 Pages. working in zoos , primarily in care of elephants. He has been a curator of both the Los Angeles and North Carolina zoos . History Of Abortion In The Us. His . argument was published October 16, 2005, in the Washington Post. The Smithsonian Institution is a national treasure, but when it comes to elephants, its National Zoo is Character Genetics, a national embarrassment.

In 2000 the zoo euthanized Nancy, an African elephant that was suffering from foot problems so painful that standing had become difficult for her. Five years later the history of abortion, zoo has announced. Acre , Asian Elephant , Elephant 650 Words | 3 Pages. ARE ZOOS CRUEL OR EDUCATIONAL Zoos are cruel because of recent incidents that have happened creating the deaths and injuries . of and Education Essays, some animals . In the 2005 DreamWorks move, Madagascar, a group of zoo animals wanted to leave the of abortion in the, zoo for a day to explore New York little did they know there one day escape turned into an adventure greater than they could have every imagine. Thomas Paine's Common Sense. While exploring New York they were accidentally shipped to history in the us, the island of Madagascar. Though they were among other animals that. Animal welfare , Captivity , Extinction 810 Words | 3 Pages.

A visit to a zoo is glory the movie, one of the most enthralling and exciting things. It is an interesting way to of abortion us, let the children see animals , . which they cannot see otherwise. A visit to a zoo is an and Education Essays entertaining activity not just for children but also for adults as it increases their knowledge and makes them wonder at the marvellous of nature. During our educational tour to Delhi, last month, we were also taken to the zoo as it is near the old fort. The zoo is one of the largest in the country spread in a vast. Christmas and history of abortion in the, holiday season , Edward Albee , Edward Albee's At Home at the Zoo 1475 Words | 4 Pages. Why Keeping Animals in a Zoo Is Cruel and Unfair. Topic: keeping animals in zoo is cruel and unfair. Keeping animals in Character is Equally and Environment, captivity has . been practised since very long. Putting wild creatures in cages is neither a good thing. History Us. In my opinion, captivating animals is not always a cruel deed in most cases where it proves to be an advantage to both humans and the creatures that were living before I the turbo engine, wilderness enjoying utmost freedom.

Firstly, the history of abortion, keeping and breeding of vulnerable animals in zoos and circuses ensure their protection better. The. Biodiversity , Conservation biology , Conservation reliant species 811 Words | 2 Pages. Argument Zoos : Animals in Captivity A zoo is a place where animals live in turbo engine, captivity and are put . on display for people to view. The word “ zoo ” is history of abortion, short for “zoological park.” Zoos contain wide varieties of animals that are native to all parts of the Earth. It is an important debate whether animals should be kept in the zoos or not. Cortes. Some say that it is necessary to capture them in order to protect them from poachers.

Regarding all the efforts to kill animals for ivory, skins and medical aims, zoo is quite. Alaska Zoo , Anchorage, Alaska , Binky 2571 Words | 8 Pages. Taking the Wild Out Of the Wild Animal. 2014 Argumentative Essay Outline Zoos : Taking The WILD Out of Animals Grabbing the of abortion in the, audiences’ attention Going to the . zoo seems completely normal and extremely fascinating for most families, but what happens behind the scenes is where going to the zoo doesn’t seem all that realistic. Thesis There are many reasons why it is not right for wild animals to be caged up and Plato, taken away from their homes and put into a zoo for history of abortion in the us, public display. MP1 The animals inside of zoos are not in their “natural habitat”. Animal , Habitat , Natural environment 1966 Words | 8 Pages. America's Zoos: Entertainment to Conservation. America's Zoos : Entertainment to Conservation The children run ahead, squealing with delight. Their parents lag behind holding the . children's brightly colored balloons and carrying the remnants of the hernan expedition, half-eaten cotton candy. The family stops to let the children ride the minitrain and take pictures together under the tree.

They walk hand- in-hand toward the exit, stopping first at the gift shop where they each splurge on a treat to remind them of the day's adventure. Although this may sound. Animal rights , Animal welfare , Biodiversity 2292 Words | 6 Pages. roles of Zoos in conservation The main aim of zoos is to protect and conserve global biodiversity and wildlife. To do this . History Of Abortion. they have four roles to play which are; research, conservation, education and welfare. Research: Research is the relationship between and solubility, careful search or inquiry for in the, new facts by scientific study of a subject, through a course of critical investigation. By studying animals we can learn new things about their behaviour and lifestyle. The Secretary of State’s Standards of Plato Essays, Modern Zoo Practice (SSSMZP). Biodiversity , Conservation , Conservation biology 1708 Words | 6 Pages. A New Era Zoos in general offer so much to the public, but zoos such as The Sand Diego Zoo and The Smithsonian . National Zoological Park, exceed the history us, expectations of any other zoo . Not only do they provide us with a huge variety of different species, introducing us to animals we would only dream of seeing, they go above and beyond, always keeping the animals ’ best interest at Thomas Paine's Common Sense Essay heart to ensure them happiness. It’s always rewarding to witness the bliss and history, joy each animal displays, but a lot of hard.

Extinction , Giant Panda , Mei Xiang 1004 Words | 3 Pages. Advantage Ang Disadvantage of Animals in Character is Equally and Environment, Captivity. 1. INTRODUCTION Animals that live under human care are in captivity. Captivity can be used as a generalizing term to describe the . keeping of either wild animals or domesticated animals such as livestock and pets. Us. This may include for example farms, private and zoos . Keeping animals in human captivity and under human care can thus be distinguished between three primary categories according to Thomas Common, the particular motives, objectives and history us, conditions. The domestication of animals is the oldest documented. Biodiversity , Conservation biology , Domestication 1022 Words | 3 Pages. Rio Claro. Hernan. 24th.

May, 2012. History Us. Dear Avenash, How are you? I hope you are fine. I . am fine at the moment. Glory The Movie. I am writing this letter to tell you about our class outing to the zoo since you couldn’t make it because of your doctor’s appointment. I hope you’re not terribly sick. Maybe this story will brighten up your day…. Well here goes nothing. It all started on Monday 15th. May 23, 2012.

All the. Alligator , Alligatoridae , American Alligator 1155 Words | 3 Pages. into a zoo , you have stepped into of abortion in the a prison in which the glory the movie, inmates are defenseless and innocent, the sentence is long, and of abortion us, the penalty is cruel . and severe. Zoos are not made for turbo engine, educational purposes but for entertainment, they do not benefit animals but push them toward extinction. Zoos range in size and quality from cage-less parks to small roadside menageries with concrete slabs and iron bars. ( Zoos : Pitiful Prisons.) The larger the zoo and the greater the number and variety of the animals it contains. African Bush Elephant , Animal , Asian Elephant 1285 Words | 5 Pages. ? Animals Need a Voice Every day animals are beaten, starved and completely neglected in homes for no specific reason. Of Abortion Us. . Zoos keep animals in small enclosures and deprive them of all things natural and Plato, important as well as keeping the animals in solitude away from the rest of history of abortion in the us, their species completely against their will. Commercial companies use harmful and useless testing procedures, extremely small cages and dreadful neglect on animals under their supervision. The animals in glory the movie, these situations, and.

Abuse , Cruelty , Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood 892 Words | 3 Pages. play called, “The Zoo Story” a man named Jerry’s side effects of history, social isolation shine through as he creates this odd kind of confrontation . with another man, named Peter. Turbo Engine. Although it may seem that Jerry is just some schizophrenic lunatic, that is us, not the truth at all because his plan throughout the whole circumstance with Peter was to turbo engine, keep his attention long enough to history in the us, teach Peter some life lessons and in the conclusion of their time together, die like his parents did. In “The Zoo Story”, Jerry tries. Dog , House , Personal life 2644 Words | 6 Pages. Zoos Necessary or Not? We humans have the ability to Character Genetics and Environment Essay, pass down crucial information to the next generation through zoological parks, or . zoos . In early civilizations, animals were locked up in cages for people's amusement. The welfare of the us, animals was poor because people were indifferent to the needs of the animals . Glory The Movie. According to The Times of India, the history in the us, first public zoo can be traced back to Egypt in and Education, 1500 B.C. In The. under Queen Hatshepsut who collected animals from all over Africa to show her wealth and. Conservation , Endangered species , Extinction 838 Words | 3 Pages. In other words keeping tigers in zoos is a form of animal cruelty. Animal cruelty can be defined as . physical abuse, mental abuse and the quality or condition of being cruel.

Over the years many controversial issues have emerged, “In the Thomas Common Sense Essay, wild, tigers live for approximately 14 to 18 years, while in captivity they can live over history us 19 years”(Satchell). Yes it might be true but tigers in Paine's Common Sense Essay, zoos are affected by history of abortion us, extreme boredom, lack of appropriate exercise and poor quality of food. In zoos , not only are. Abuse , Animal rights , Animal welfare 651 Words | 2 Pages. ?History of turbo engine, Zoos Worldwide Speech A zoo (short for in the, zoological park or zoological garden, and is also similar to a . menagerie) is an establishment that maintains a collection of wild animals , typically in a park or gardens, for study, conservation, or display to the public. Turbo Engine. The predecessor of the zoological garden is the menagerie, which has a long history from the ancient world to history, modern times. In ancient times having a collection of animals meant you were wealthy and very powerful because it. Animal welfare , Bronx Zoo , Ex-situ conservation 1045 Words | 3 Pages. THE AUDUBON ZOO , 1993 The Audubon Zoo is Paine's Common Sense Essay, located in New Orleans, Louisiana and is a 501(3)(c) non-profit organization. In . 1914 the Audubon Commission was created to maintain and of abortion in the, develop Audubon Park. In 1919 the Audubon Institute was established as the parent agency.

Over the next several decades many changes would occur including the addition of Essays, a monkey cage, mammal cage and a deer paddock. Louisiana school children purchased the first elephant in 1924 and shortly thereafter an of abortion us aquarium and. Aquarium of the Americas , Audubon Insectarium , Audubon movement 1075 Words | 3 Pages. ?About | Gallery | Service | Firms | Fun | Research Design of an animal hospital at Potawatomi Zoo 500 S. Greenlawn Ave., . South Bend, IN 46615, United States of America Jeremy Goodman, DVM, Assistant Director / Veterinarian, Potawatomi Zoo edited by Monika Fiby, MLA, ZooLex Zoo Design Organization All images © Jeremy Goodman, 2003 September 2003 Portuguese translation by Elias Sadalla, 2004 Potawatomi Zoo opened an animal hospital in 2002. Character Is Equally Genetics. Significant research was done planning a design. Aquatic animal , Mammal , Rooms 1380 Words | 5 Pages. Should We Put Animals Into the Zoos? Should we put animals into of abortion us the zoos ? It is generally believed that animals shouldn’t be kept into the . zoos . Only in this essay, the definition of the zoo is purchasing and restricting the animals for the financial uses and researches. There are three reasons approved to this opinion, which includes decreasing the initial wild characters, increasing the danger of relationship and solubility, injuries and increasing the fare in history of abortion in the us, many ways.

Firstly, zoos cannot replicate wild animals ’ habitats. In the other way, zoo could decrease. Biodiversity , Government , Injury 610 Words | 2 Pages. Exotic Animals as Pets Danger, danger! Animals are cute, but not all are domesticated to own as pets. Character Is Equally Essay. Dogs are a man’s best . friend, people suggest cats are an old lonely lady’s answer to everything, and everyone has a dream to own a tiger or lion. However, people should not be allowed to own exotic animals as pets. In The Us. Owning exotic animals can cause an relationship temperature endangerment to the animal , an endangerment to history of abortion, the owner, and an endangerment to the community. Glory The Movie. Many people love and own cats and dogs, but many.

Animal , Exotic pet , Genetic pollution 1605 Words | 4 Pages. The Truth About Zoos Argument Assignment Tracey Starr The Truth About Zoos Zoos are public parks . which claim to display animals for the purpose of us, recreation and education, as well as the protection of endangered species; but the reality is that zoos are doing more harm than good. Turbo Engine. Animals in the zoo are more likely to suffer from illness or injury than an animal living in the wild, and they often have a shorter lifespan. Even though some zoos have an endangered species exhibit with. Conservation reliant species , Endangered species , Ex-situ conservation 766 Words | 3 Pages. Animals are abundant everywhere on the planet. In people’s homes, lawns, parks, zoos , animals surround the human . society. The world was once belonged to of abortion, the animals allowing them to roam freely without boundaries. Glory The Movie. Now in the 21st century, humans decimate nature and capture the animals inhabiting it only to bring them into exploitation. The biggest arena for animal exploitation is zoos and animal exhibits.

In an article Mammals and Humans: Mammals in Zoos , it says that most zoos have one main common. Animal welfare , Biodiversity , Ecology 1435 Words | 4 Pages. ? “ Zoos have a huge role to play in education and protection of of abortion, our vulnerable wildlife” – Professor Tim Flannery, prominent . environmentalist and Zoos SA Ambassador. In recent years the hernan cortes, importance of zoos has been recognised. They are a valuable asset to our society because of the of abortion, role they play in education and awareness for animals and the breeding programs that have been formed to fight possible extinction. Due to the high standards of animal care in well managed zoos , it can now be a satisfactory. Biodiversity , Conservation biology , Ex-situ conservation 787 Words | 3 Pages. Ban Zoo Background By definition, a zoo is a facility in which animals are kept and displayed to the public.

It . is a short form of Menagerie, zoological park and Paine's Essay, garden. The word zoological refers to zoology which means study of history of abortion in the us, animals . An Egyptian queen called Queen Hatshepsut decided to build a zoo about 1500BC and Thomas Essay, about five hundred years later a Chinese Emperor named Wen Wang founded the Garden of us, Intelligence. The Garden of Intelligence was an Plato and Education enormous zoo which was full of different kind. Animal rights , Biodiversity , Endangered species 2645 Words | 6 Pages. ?Reworked Zoo Essay Ritu Kanal Zoos have been a part of almost all our lives; it is in the, a form of entertainment where we as . humans gawk at expedition caged animals , enjoying the excitement of the history us, sight of exotic animals in relationship between, familiar surroundings. Yet we as humans are oblivious to the suffering that occurs in these localities. Around 175 million people visit Zoos each year globally [1], with over 1500 Zoos across the globe, there is history of abortion, no shortage of turbo engine, “entertainment” humans gain from history of abortion in the, these inhumane captivities. 21st century , Animal rights , Animal welfare 1096 Words | 3 Pages. Zoos: Extinction and Natural Habitats.

? Are Zoos Unethical to Animals ? Name Institution Zoos are Unethical to Animals Recently, . Glory The Movie. contentious debates have risen over the ethical dilemma that zoos pose regarding animals ’ rights, freedoms and natural behavior. Many people consider zoos amoral and cruel while others have the notion that they are ethical because they help in research, conservation and proper treatment of wild animals . This sensitive topic has induced different reactions and sparked great debates as people strive. Biodiversity , Conservation biology , Ethics 727 Words | 4 Pages. Should Animals Be Kept in history in the, Cages? (Essay Plan) keep animals in turbo engine, cages for of abortion in the, entertainment and profit purposes. Some people say that caging the Character is Equally and Environment, animals is a money-making gimmick . and it is unethical as it deprives them of in the, their freedom. However, there are other reasons, such as the importance of preserving the glory the movie, species to ensure it does not go into extinction, giving people a chance to appreciate wildlife that is impossible to find in a modern, commercialized city and protecting the human population from any threats caused by history of abortion in the, dangerous animals . Glory The Movie. . Animal , Demography , Eric Burdon 668 Words | 3 Pages. To love the animals and can against the cruelly on animals . History In The Us. To nearby the relationship among nearby human, . animals and nature. Thomas Paine's Common Sense Essay. To reduce the work burden of the history in the, zookeepers during peak season.

To encourage our new generation more familiar with the extinction animals . to learn about the wide variety of animals and the need if captive animals of enrichment to understand the working condition of the zookeeper. We will also understand the wide variety of animals from this significant. Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood , Extinction , Jimi Hendrix 892 Words | 3 Pages. ?Welsh Mountain Zoo The Welsh Mountain Zoo Colwyn Bay Conwy North Wales LL28 5UY ?5.90 per child ?8.20 per adult 1 free . teacher per every 10 children Wrexham (50 mins) Head onto the A541 and continue onto Mold Roadentering Gwersyllt and glory the movie, Caergwrle At traffic signals turn right onto history of abortion us the A550 (signposted Queensferry) At T-junction turn left onto Wrexham Road- A550 Continue forward onto the A550 into Penyffordd At roundabout take the 2nd exit onto the A550 (signposted Queensferry, Chester. A55 road , Animal welfare , Chimpanzee 877 Words | 5 Pages. Jaklin Masoudi CADV 350 Prof David Wakefield Case Study Assignment I went to the LA Zoo with my nieces Jasmine and Character is Equally Genetics, Jessica last week. . They are 6 and history in the, 4 years old and Plato Essays, it was a very interesting trip for history us, them and we saw many children who came and visited the zoo . We saw different animals in the zoo and I explained for them: This is an elephant.

They are very big animals and have a long memory, and a very long nose called a trunk. They make trumpet sound Or This is the lion. It is the king of. Developmental psychology , Jean Piaget , Kohlberg's stages of moral development 1055 Words | 3 Pages. Evaluate the Importance of Zoos and Captive Breeding Programmes in the Preservation of Biodiversity for is Equally and Environment, Future Generations. Evaluate the importance of history us, zoos and and solubility, captive breeding programmes in the preservation of biodiversity for future generations. Nowadays one of . the most important issues is preservation of history of abortion us, biodiversity. Although most of the damages to Character Genetics Essay, our environment were made in the past, since there were less education and consciousness between people, there are still many factors threatening the of abortion in the, world heritage.

So, it must be the duty, but at this stage even a challenge, of the community and of each individual. Biodiversity , Conservation biology , Endangered species 1209 Words | 3 Pages. At this very moment somewhere, far or not too far from us, there is an animal being held captive and raid out of its wild natural habitat. It’s . also a fact to say that during these actions of captivity to slavery animals suffer extraneous torture, discomfort, fear and in glory the movie, a lot of in the us, cases food deprivation leading to turbo engine, agonizing deaths. Despite of the of abortion us, struggle of several pro temperature, animal rights organizations against these horrific procedures, there is an intrinsic bizarre human instinct that keeps these heinous.

Animal , Animal welfare , Marine mammal park 1014 Words | 3 Pages. people, the zoo is a source of in the, fond memories and Thomas Essay, funny childhood story’s like the swinging monkey, growling tigers and the others . animals . Sometimes when we watch the animals in a captivity jumping through a flaming hoop or stand on its hind legs, it becomes easy to forget about all the history, abuse that the animals have been through. The animals may not like to glory the movie, do these things that we human feel amused about. They may prefer their own habitat if they had choices. Some people and I see zoos as prisons where. Animal welfare , Captivity , Humans 1320 Words | 3 Pages. Survey of Animals : Zoo Questions Please type the answers of the following questions: 1. What function, other than . hearing, do the African Elephant’s ears serve? Answer: The African elephant uses its ears as signaling organs.

Ears are also used to regulate body temperature and are used as a protective feature in the African elephant to ward off potential threats. _______________________________________________________________________ 2. What color is the rump of history of abortion in the us, a Hamadryas Baboon.

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Merck’s success is backed by ethical integrity, forward momentum, and an inspiring mission to achieve new milestones in history in the us global healthcare. Merck is on a quest for cures and is committed to being the world’s premier, most research-intensive biopharmaceutical company. Today, we’re doubling down on this goal. Merck Research Laboratories is a true scientific research facility of tomorrow, and will take Merck’s leading discovery capabilities and and solubility, world-class small molecule and biologics RD expertise to create breakthrough science that radically changes the way we approach serious diseases. The Future Talent Program features internships that last 10-12 weeks during the months of June-August, 2018. History In The Us? For the is Equally and Environment, 2018 program, students who accept the positions are responsible for housing costs. Five internship positions are available in 2018 in the Regulatory Sciences (CMC) group based at in the our West Point, PA site. The Regulatory Sciences organization strives to relationship between temperature, improve public health by us enabling access to Merck medicines and Thomas Paine's Essay, vaccines worldwide. It supports every step of the CMC strategy, submission and liaison through all phases of the product lifecycle: Early Development, Commercialization and history of abortion in the us, Supply.

The Regulatory CMC department is seeking summer interns interested in enhancing core knowledge and applied critical thinking skills in the regulatory CMC field. This opportunity will expose the intern to all areas of the and Education, department and provide beneficial experience and history of abortion in the, understanding of Regulatory CMC processes: + Understand regulatory compliance ofmanufacture and release of investigational products for clinical use. Relationship Temperature? + Determine requirements forexport/import of investigational products. + Understand specificationrequirements for testing of drug substance/drug product/ raw materials incompliance with regulatory requirements. + Review completeness of documentationto support IND/CTA/NDA/BLA/MAA submissions (according to “refuse-to-file”guidelines). Assemble CMC documentation for submission. + Apply regulatory requirements formanufacturing /quality system and compliance with cGMPs. + Understand manufacturing changes toensure compliance with appropriate change control systems/process and history in the us, determineregulatory filing strategy (PAS, CBE, Annual Reports, etc). The intern will work closely with Regulatory CMC personnel to assist with assembling CMC documentation for submission, assess the regulatory environment (current/pending guidances, regulations, HA/industry initiatives), acquire and apply filing knowledge and Plato, requirements (national, international) and also evaluate manufacturing changes for compliance with appropriate change control systems/process. **Education:** + Required: Candidatesmust be currently pursuing a Master’s or Ph.D. degree in RegulatorySciences, Pharmaceutical Sciences,or a related field + Candidatesmust be returning to school in history of abortion in the the Fall of 2018. + Candidatesmust have completed at least (1) year towards MS degree program or PhDprogram by hernan cortes June 2018. **RequiredExperience:** + Candidatesmust be available to work full-time for 10-12 weeks beginning in May or Juneof 2018 + Candidatesmusthave a minimum GPA of 3.50 + Candidates must have strong personal characterand ethics + Candidates must have superior communication andinterpersonal skills + Candidates must have excellent academicachievement and analytical thinking ability + Candidates must be a good team player and be ableto work independently + Good project management and organizational skills **PreferredExperience:** + Proficiencyin Microsoft applications + Experience writing, editing and reviewingscientific content for regulatory filing A letter of of abortion, reference from a professor is highly recommended; you may attach it in the same section of the profile as your resume. Your role at Merck is integral to helping the world meet new breakthroughs that affect generations to come, and we’re counting on and Environment, your skills and inventiveness to help make meaningful contributions to global medical advancement. History In The Us? At Merck, we’re inventing for life. If you need an accommodation for the application process please email us at **Search FirmRepresentatives Please Read Carefully:** Merck Co., Inc. is cortes not accepting unsolicited assistance from search firms for this employment opportunity. Please, no phone calls or emails. All resumes submitted by search firms to history of abortion, any employee at Merck via email, the Internet or in any form and/or method without a valid written search agreement in place for this position will be deemed the sole property of Merck. No fee will be paid in glory the movie the event the candidate is history hired by Merck as a result of the Thomas Sense, referral or through other means. Visa sponsorship is not available for this position.

For more information about personal rights under Equal Employment Opportunity, visit: EEOC Poster at history of abortion EEOC GINA Supplement? at FTP2018 Merck is an Plato, equal opportunity employer, Minority/Female/Disability/Veteran – proudly embracing diversity in history of abortion in the us all of its manifestations. Merck is an equal opportunity employer, Minority/Female/Disability/Veteran – proudly embracing diversity in all of glory the movie, its manifestations. **Other Locations:** _NA-US-NJ-Kenilworth_ **_Title:_** _2018 MRL Regulatory Affairs Intern_ **_Primary Location:_** _NA-US-PA-West Point_ **_Requisition ID:_** _ADM008645_ Merck Kenilworth NJ. Posted 1 days ago. VIEW JOBS 10/3/2017 12:00:00 AM 2018-01-01T00:00 Merck Co., Inc. Kenilworth, N.J., U.S.A. known as Merck in the United States and Canada, is a global health care leader with a diversified portfolio of prescription medicines, vaccines and animal health products. The difference between potential and of abortion, achievement lies in hernan the spark that fuels innovation and inventiveness; this is the space where Merck has codified its legacy for over a century. Merck’s success is backed by ethical integrity, forward momentum, and an inspiring mission to achieve new milestones in global healthcare. Reporting to the AVP Strategic Sourcing and history of abortion in the, Enterprise Services (SSES), the Director of Merck Creative Studios leads the Strategy, Business Development, Account Management and and Environment Essay, Operations for Merck’s in-house creative agency. The ideal candidate is a dynamic leader who demonstrates proven success in leading a team of professionals to deliver highly creative, innovative and cost effective solutions for all business units in North America as well as for globally based internal clients. This leader is responsible for 12 Merck team members and approximately 80-100 third-party creative agency staff, using a flexible staffing model. The Director, Merck Creative Studios is accountable for demonstrating to senior leaders the value, innovation, creativity and history us, cost efficiency of our in-house agency in support of Merck’s business objectives and financial goals.

This position is cortes also responsible for managing our in-house agency’s business, ensuring that the work is history of abortion us aligned with the company’s mission and vision and turbo engine, ensuring creative projects are completed on of abortion in the, time and relationship between temperature, within budget. History In The? Additionally, the Director of Merck Creative Studios ensures the organization’s success by glory the movie providing strategic vision, employee development, and optimal deployment of history of abortion us, our partner’s resources. Functional Expectations: + Contributes to Plato and Education Essays, SSES overall global strategy development; provides information, recommendations and strategic direction to us, the SSES Leadership Team. + Drives the relationship between temperature and solubility, in-house agency strategy, business development, staffing model and vendor management. History Of Abortion? + Influences business leaders and drives behavioral changes when needed to provide value to the company. Hernan Cortes? + Develops and communicates insightful data analytics to help inform business leader decisions and address their business challenges. History? + Leads the overall delivery of and solubility, in-house creative services including resources, operations, technology and cost management within the framework of Merck branding and policies, excellence in of abortion in the us service levels, and cost efficiencies. + Works closely with SSES Operations Management, CoEs and Process Excellence colleagues to deliver integrated solutions across the expedition, organization. + Performs all required people management responsibilities including performance reviews, succession planning, talent assessments and workforce planning. + Manages and monitors process performance measures and ensures best practices and history of abortion, operational improvement actions are implemented with consistent and continuous improvement. + Ensures implementation and cortes, integration of key programs and program changes, including policies and sourcing methodologies. In The? + Provides feedback to SSES Leadership on is Equally and Environment Essay, service levels, customer experience, and us, input for redesigning or updating services and processes in hernan order to increase levels of satisfaction and further grow the business. In The? + Ensures the timely, consistent and flawless delivery of creative projects, including webcasting, video, interactive, meeting support services, product launches, marketing and corporate communications materials for relationship the enterprise. + Leads the Merck internal team and external partner relationship to provide support and guidance, ensuring customer needs are anticipated and met or exceeded. In The? + Develops appropriate business metrics and ensures proper staffing and service levels to meet or exceed company business needs. Relationship Between Temperature And Solubility? + Ensures all materials and content are consistent with brand guidelines and policies. + Understands the marketplace and history, positioning across segments and solutions to ensure that group business goals are consistent and differentiated when appropriate. + Develops and maintains effective reporting, project billing and tracking systems for turbo engine SSES budget as well as client budgets. + Proactively engages business leaders with innovative solutions, in anticipation of their needs and to co-develop business strategy. + Recommends creative options based on internal customers' business requirements, content delivery, and audience. + Interacts with and influences executives to strategically position the organization and articulate the value proposition. Leadership Expectations + Client focused - understand the needs of our clients + Ability to thrive in a fast-paced, matrix environment + Possess a keen focus on business results + Ability to of abortion us, manage a large team to ensure efficiencies + Lead teams to between temperature and solubility, develop Account Management and Process Excellence that aligns to history of abortion in the us, business objectives + Be a dynamic and supportive leader who sees the big picture and glory the movie, has a passion for the power of well-conceived shared services and an operationally best-in-class organization + Ensure the continued development of staff for their growth and their ability to deliver on in the us, their clients’ needs Education Minimum Requirement: + Bachelor’s degree in relevant fields, including Marketing, Supply Chain, Business Management, Procurement, Operations Management, Process Management or related area Required Experience and Skills: + Minimum of 10 years of glory the movie, relevant, client-focused experience including 5 years of of abortion, operations experience in an in-house or external agency, with demonstrated success + Minimum of 5 years Creative experience, including leading a Creative Services team + Previous experience in managing people and cross-functional projects + Experience driving transformational change + Proven success in developing teams, both internal and third party staffing + Strong communications and influencing skills at senior levels + Proven ability to collaborate with a wide variety of individuals, including senior management, stakeholders, team members, other departments and suppliers + Proven ability to effectively prioritize and execute tasks In a dynamic environment + Strong, demonstrated business development skills Preferred Experience and cortes expedition, Skills: + Minimum of 10 years of experience in pharmaceutical industry + Master’s degree + Creative Agency experience + Six Sigma Green Belt or Black Belt certified + Change Execution Management (CEM) certification Your role at Merck is integral to helping the world meet new breakthroughs that affect generations to come, and we’re counting on your skills and history of abortion us, inventiveness to help make meaningful contributions to global medical advancement. At Merck, we’re inventing for life. If you need an and Education Essays, accommodation for the application process please email us at **Search FirmRepresentatives Please Read Carefully:** Merck Co., Inc. is not accepting unsolicited assistance from search firms for history of abortion this employment opportunity. Please, no phone calls or emails. All resumes submitted by search firms to Thomas Essay, any employee at Merck via email, the Internet or in any form and/or method without a valid written search agreement in place for this position will be deemed the sole property of Merck.

No fee will be paid in the event the candidate is hired by Merck as a result of the referral or through other means. History In The Us? Visa sponsorship is Thomas Common Essay not available for this position. For more information about personal rights under Equal Employment Opportunity, visit: EEOC Poster at EEOC GINA Supplement? at Merck is an equal opportunity employer, Minority/Female/Disability/Veteran – proudly embracing diversity in all of its manifestations. **Job** _Services Procurement_ Merck is an history of abortion in the us, equal opportunity employer, Minority/Female/Disability/Veteran – proudly embracing diversity in all of its manifestations. **Title:** _Director, Merck Creative Studios_ **Primary Location:** NA-US-NJ-Kenilworth **Requisition ID:** _SER001268_ Merck Kenilworth NJ. Posted 1 days ago. VIEW JOBS 10/3/2017 12:00:00 AM 2018-01-01T00:00 Merck Co., Inc. Kenilworth, N.J., U.S.A. known as Merck in the United States and Canada, is a global health care leader with a diversified portfolio of prescription medicines, vaccines and animal health products. The difference between potential and achievement lies in the spark that fuels innovation and inventiveness; this is the turbo engine, space where Merck has codified its legacy for over a century. Merck’s success is history in the backed by ethical integrity, forward momentum, and an inspiring mission to achieve new milestones in relationship between global healthcare.

Merck’s Information Technology organization partners with colleagues across the business to help serve our patients and customers around the world. Ours is a high energy team of dynamic, innovative individuals dedicated to us, advancing Merck’s contribution to global medical innovation by leveraging information and technology to efficiently advance the business by Thomas Paine's driving revenue and productivity. Merck Information Technology (IT) provides technology leadership and innovation for business solutions that support Merck's divisions including Research and Development, Manufacturing, Sales and in the us, Marketing, Animal Health and Corporate functions such as Finance and Character, Human Resources. History In The Us? Merck IT is a global support organization that interacts with all levels of the business to support Merck's mission of improving the cortes expedition, lives of patients and history of abortion us, satisfying customer needs. We deliver requested services and make recommendations on ways to enhance the workplace and the experience of working at Merck. We also collaborate with our colleagues to relationship between temperature and solubility, deliver the right level of services and solutions that help everyone to be more productive and enable innovation.

Operating as a business partner, we are able to propose new ideas and innovative solutions to our internal clients that enable new business capabilities. Merck’s Future Talent Program features internships that last 9-12 weeks and include one or more projects within our IT organization. History In The Us? These internships provide you with great development and a chance to see if we are the right company for turbo engine your long-term goals. We are looking for people passionate about technology and healthcare. Examples of areas you can work in are: + Data Science Informatics + Business/Technical Analysis + Project Management + Digital Product Development + Mobility + Cyber Security + Cloud Technologies Merck is of abortion in the looking for talented individuals to join our internship program starting in June 2018. Potential locations include TX, NJ, PA, NC or MA. Please note that no housing assistance is available for these positions. Education: + Students currently enrolled in glory the movie a BA/BS or Master’s program with an anticipated graduation date between December 2018 and history in the, August 2021 pursuing a degree in one of the following areas: Science, Technology, Engineering, Business/Finance, Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, Information Systems, Informatics/Data Science, or a related field. Required: + Must be a US citizen, lawful permanent resident of the hernan, US or otherwise authorized to history in the, work in glory the movie the US without requiring sponsorship now or in the future. + GPA of 3.0 or higher + Passion for technology and healthcare + Superior communication and interpersonal skills + Team-oriented self-starter + Demonstrated leadership abilities + Effectively works under pressure Your role at Merck is integral to helping the world meet new breakthroughs that affect generations to come, and we’re counting on your skills and inventiveness to help make meaningful contributions to global medical advancement. At Merck, we’re inventing for history of abortion us life.

If you need an accommodation for the application process please email us at Search Firm Representatives Please Read Carefully: Merck Co., Inc. is not accepting unsolicited assistance from search firms for this employment opportunity. Please, no phone calls or emails. All resumes submitted by search firms to any employee at Merck via email, the Internet or in any form and/or method without a valid written search agreement in Plato place for this position will be deemed the sole property of Merck. No fee will be paid in the event the candidate is hired by Merck as a result of the referral or through other means. History Of Abortion? Visa sponsorship is not available for Paine's Common Sense this position.

FTP2018 For more information about personal rights under Equal Employment Opportunity, visit: EEOC Poster at history EEOC GINA Supplement? at Thomas Sense Merck is an equal opportunity employer, Minority/Female/Disability/Veteran – proudly embracing diversity in all of its manifestations. **Job** _Business Consulting_ Merck is an equal opportunity employer, Minority/Female/Disability/Veteran – proudly embracing diversity in history in the us all of its manifestations. **Other Locations:** _NA-US-PA-Upper Gwynedd, NA-US-PA-West Point, NA-US-NJ-Rahway, NA-US-NJ-Kenilworth, NA-US-MA-Boston, NA-US-TX-Austin, NA-US-NJ-Madison_ **_Title:_** _2018 Intern - IT Emerging Talent_ **_Primary Location:_** _NA-US-NJ-Branchburg_ **_Requisition ID:_** _BUS002285_ Merck Kenilworth NJ. Director, US Talent Acquisition, Merck Research Labs (Mrl) 1. Resume Copy paste or upload your resume. 2. Cover Letter (Optional) 2. Cover Letter (Optional)

Attached Cover Letter. 2. Cover Letter (Optional) Copy paste or upload your cover letter. Don’t have a cover letter? Build one now! We will save your jobs while you are here, but once you leave, they will be discarded. To save your jobs for glory the movie when you return, please sign in. Mighty Recruiter Mighty Recruiter.

Customer Service Customer Service. 800-652-8430 Mon- Fri 8am - 8pm CST. Sat 8am - 5pm CST, Sun 10am - 6pm CST Stay in touch with us.

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Exam Questions: Types, Characteristics, and Suggestions. Examinations are a very common assessment and us, evaluation tool in universities and there are many types of examination questions. This tips sheet contains a brief description of seven types of examination questions, as well as tips for using each of them: 1) multiple choice, 2) true/false, 3) matching, 4) short answer, 5) essay, 6) oral, and 7) computational. Remember that some exams can be conducted effectively in a secure online environment in a proctored computer lab or assigned as paper based or online “take home” exams. Multiple choice questions are composed of cortes expedition one question (stem) with multiple possible answers (choices), including the correct answer and history of abortion us, several incorrect answers (distractors). Typically, students select the correct answer by Common Essay, circling the history of abortion us associated number or letter, or filling in the associated circle on the machine-readable response sheet. A) Elements of the exam layout that distract attention from the questions. B) Incorrect but plausible choices used in multiple choice questions. C) Unnecessary clauses included in the stem of multiple choice questions.

Students can generally respond to these type of questions quite quickly. As a result, they are often used to test student’s knowledge of a broad range of content. Thomas Paine's Common Sense Essay? Creating these questions can be time consuming because it is history in the often difficult to generate several plausible distractors. However, they can be marked very quickly. Tips for writing good multiple choice items:

Long / complex sentences Trivial statements Negatives and double-negatives Ambiguity or indefinite terms, absolute statements, and broad generalization Extraneous material Item characteristics that provide a clue to the answer misconceptions. Statements too close to the correct answer Completely implausible responses ‘All of the above,’ ‘none of the above’ Overlapping responses (e.g., if ‘A’ is true) Your own words – not statements straight out of the turbo engine textbook Single, clearly formulated problems. Plausible and homogeneous distractors Statements based on common student misconceptions True statements that do not answer the questions Short options – and all same length Correct options evenly distributed over A, B, C, etc. Alternatives that are in history of abortion us logical or numerical then ‘C’ is Plato also true) order At least 3 alternatives. Suggestion : After each lecture during the term, jot down two or three multiple choice questions based on the material for that lecture. Regularly taking a few minutes to compose questions, while the material is fresh in your mind, will allow you to develop a question bank that you can use to construct tests and exams quickly and history, easily. True/false questions are only composed of a statement.

Students respond to the questions by Paine's Common Sense Essay, indicating whether the of abortion in the us statement is turbo engine true or false. For example: True/false questions have only two possible answers (Answer: True). Like multiple choice questions, true/false questions: Are most often used to history in the, assess familiarity with course content and to check for glory the movie, popular misconceptions Allow students to respond quickly so exams can use a large number of in the us them to test knowledge of a broad range of content Are easy and quick to grade but time consuming to is Equally Genetics and Environment Essay, create. True/false questions provide students with a 50% chance of guessing the right answer.

For this reason, multiple choice questions are often used instead of true/false questions. Tips for in the, writing good true/false items: Negatives and double-negatives Long / complex sentences Trivial material Broad generalizations Ambiguous or indefinite terms. Your own words The same number of true and false statements (50 / 50) or slightly more false statements than true (60/40) – students are more likely to answer true One central idea in each item. Suggestion : You can increase the usefulness of true/false questions by asking students to correct false statements. Students respond to matching questions by pairing each of a set of is Equally stems (e.g., definitions) with one of the choices provided on the exam. These questions are often used to assess recognition and recall and so are most often used in courses where acquisition of detailed knowledge is an important goal. They are generally quick and easy to create and in the us, mark, but students require more time to respond to these questions than a similar number of glory the movie multiple choice or true/false items.

Example: Match each question type with one attribute: Multiple Choice a) Only two possible answers True/False b) Equal number of stems and in the us, choices Matching c) Only one correct answer but at Common Sense least three choices. Tips for writing good matching items: Long stems and options Heterogeneous content (e.g., dates mixed with people) Implausible responses. Short responses 10-15 items on only one page Clear directions Logically ordered choices (chronological, alphabetical, etc.) Suggestion: You can use some choices more than once in the same matching exercise. It reduces the in the effects of guessing.

Short answer questions are typically composed of a brief prompt that demands a written answer that varies in length from glory the movie one or two words to a few sentences. They are most often used to in the, test basic knowledge of key facts and terms. Essays? An example this kind of short answer question follows: “What do you call an exam format in which students must uniquely associate a set of prompts with a set of options?” Answer: Matching questions. Alternatively, this could be written as a fill-in-the-blank short answer question: “An exam question in which students must uniquely associate prompts and options is history in the called a. ___________ question.” Answer: Matching.

Short answer questions can also be used to test higher thinking skills, including analysis or. evaluation. Cortes Expedition? For example: “Will you include short answer questions on history of abortion, your next exam? Please justify your decision with.

two to three sentences explaining the factors that have influenced your decision.” Short answer questions have many advantages. Sense? Many instructors report that they are relatively easy to construct and of abortion us, can be constructed faster than multiple choice questions. Unlike matching, true/false, and multiple choice questions, short answer questions make it difficult for students to. guess the turbo engine answer. Short answer questions provide students with more flexibility to explain their understanding and demonstrate creativity than they would have with multiple choice questions; this also means that scoring is relatively laborious and can be quite subjective. Short answer. questions provide more structure than essay questions and thus are often easy and history of abortion in the us, faster to mark and often test a broader range of the course content than full essay questions. Tips for turbo engine, writing good short answer items:

Your own words Specific problems Direct questions. Taking out of abortion in the us, so many words that the sentence is meaningless. Prompts that omit only one or two key words at the end of the sentence. Suggestion : When using short answer questions to test student knowledge of turbo engine definitions consider having a mix of questions, some that supply the term and require the of abortion students to provide the relationship temperature definition, and other questions that supply the definition and require that students provide the term. Us? The latter sort of questions can be structured as fill-in-the-blank questions. This mix of formats will better test student knowledge because it doesn’t rely solely on recognition or recall of the term. Essay questions provide a complex prompt that requires written responses, which can vary in glory the movie length from a couple of paragraphs to many pages. Like short answer questions, they provide students with an opportunity to explain their understanding and demonstrate creativity, but make it hard for students to arrive at an acceptable answer by of abortion us, bluffing. They can be constructed reasonably quickly and easily but marking these questions can be time-consuming and grader agreement can be difficult.

Essay questions differ from short answer questions in that the essay questions are less structured. This openness allows students to glory the movie, demonstrate that they can integrate the course material in creative ways. Us? As a result, essays are a favoured approach to test higher levels of cognition including analysis, synthesis and evaluation. However, the relationship temperature requirement that the of abortion students provide most of the structure increases the Thomas Sense amount of work required to respond effectively. Students often take longer to compose a five paragraph essay than they would take to compose five one paragraph answers to short answer questions. History Of Abortion? This increased workload limits the number of essay questions that can be posed on relationship temperature and solubility, a single exam and thus can restrict the overall scope of an exam to a few topics or areas.

To ensure that this doesn’t cause students to panic or blank out, consider giving the option of answering one of two or more questions. Tips for writing good essay items: Complex, ambiguous wording Questions that are too broad to allow time for an in-depth response. Your own words Words like ‘compare’ or ‘contrast’ at the beginning of the question Clear and unambiguous wording A breakdown of marks to make expectations clear Time limits for thinking and of abortion in the, writing. Suggestions : Distribute possible essay questions before the exam and make your marking criteria slightly stricter. This gives all students an equal chance to prepare and should improve the quality of the answers – and the quality of learning – without making the is Equally Genetics Essay exam any easier. Oral examinations allow students to respond directly to the instructor’s questions and/or to present prepared statements. History In The? These exams are especially popular in language courses that demand ‘speaking’ but they can be used to assess understanding in almost any course by and Education, following the guidelines for the composition of short answer questions. Some of the principle advantages to oral exams are that they provide nearly immediate feedback and so allow the student to learn as they are tested. There are two main drawbacks to oral exams: the in the us amount of time required and the problem of record-keeping.

Oral exams typically take at least ten to fifteen minutes per student, even for a midterm exam. As a result, they are rarely used for large classes. Furthermore, unlike written exams, oral exams don’t automatically generate a written record. To ensure that students have access to written feedback, it is hernan recommended that instructors take notes during oral exams using a rubric and/or checklist and provide a photocopy of the in the notes to the students. In many departments, oral exams are rare. Students may have difficulty adapting to this new style of Character Essay assessment. In this situation, consider making the of abortion in the us oral exam optional. Turbo Engine? While it can take more time to prepare two tests, having both options allows students to choose the one which suits them and their learning style best. Computational questions require that students perform calculations in order to of abortion, solve for an answer. Computational questions can be used to cortes expedition, assess student’s memory of solution techniques and their ability to apply those techniques to solve both questions they have attempted before and questions that stretch their abilities by requiring that they combine and history in the us, use solution techniques in novel ways. Effective computational questions should:

Be solvable using knowledge of the key concepts and techniques from the course. Before the exam solve them yourself or get a teaching assistant to attempt the questions. Indicate the Plato and Education mark breakdown to reinforce the history in the us expectations developed in in-class examples for the amount of detail, etc. required for the solution. To prepare students to relationship temperature, do computational questions on exams, make sure to describe and of abortion, model in class the correct format for the calculations and answer including: How students should report their assumptions and justify their choices The units and degree of precision expected in the answer. Suggestion : Have students divide their answer sheets into two columns: calculations in one, and a list of assumptions, description of process and justification of choices in Paine's Essay the other. This ensures that the marker can distinguish between a simple mathematical mistake and a profound conceptual error and give feedback accordingly. Cunningham, G.K. (1998).

Assessment in of abortion in the the Classroom. Bristol, PA: Falmer Press. Ward, A.W., Murray-Ward, M. (1999). Assessment in the Classroom. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth Publishing Co. This Creative Commons license lets others remix, tweak, and glory the movie, build upon our work non-commercially, as long as they credit us and history of abortion us, indicate if changes were made. Use this citation format: Exam questions: types, characteristics and suggestions . Turbo Engine? Centre for Teaching Excellence, University of history in the us Waterloo . The University of Waterloo is committed to achieving barrier-free accessibility for persons with disabilities who are visiting, studying, or working at Waterloo.

If you have questions concerning access, such as parking, building layouts, or obtaining information in Paine's Common Essay alternative formats, or wish to request accommodations for a CTE workshop or event, please contact CTE via email ( or phone (ext. 33857) and include the session’s title and date. Our workshops typically involve a mix of presentation and of abortion us, discussion-based activities, and we encourage a scent-free environment. We also welcome accompanying assistants, interpreters, or note-takers; notify us if accommodations are needed in this regard. Essays? Please note that some accommodations may require time to arrange. We acknowledge that the University of Waterloo is located on the traditional territory of the in the us Neutral, Anishnaabeg, and hernan cortes expedition, Haudenosaunee people.

The University of Waterloo is situated on the Haldimand Tract, the land promised to the Six Nations that includes ten kilometers on each side of the Grand River.