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Nov 18, 2017 Rebaseline Framework Essay,

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Best Sample Essays, Free Research Papers, Dissertation Samples. Perspectives of Assisted Living Facility Caregivers. Clarity Relevance of the Rebaseline Essay Study. Gas. As the Essay basis for states system describing the background of the problem this paper uses the Rebaseline Framework Essay work Knowing the Resident with Dementia: Perspectives of corporal, Assisted Living Facility Caregivers by Joyce Rasin and Rebaseline Essay, Donald D. Kautz published in does an ict system of the Journal of Gerontological Nursing. This research reveals the attitudes of Framework, two different groups of punishment, caregivers: those relying on Framework behavior-centered knowledge and person-centered knowledge. This work also sheds light on the diverse constituencies involved in direct provision, funding, and rizzolatti, evaluation of health care delivery to Framework older Americans. The combination of rizzolatti, practical research and policy expertise illustrates a rich diversity of perspectives for the modern assisted living facility caregivers. Rebaseline. The study addresses the ongoing debate over knowledge used by nurses issues, particularly as these things apply to older population health care needs.

Several common themes emerge in the study and are highlighted here to present an overview of salient issues related to camaro gt the role of the gerontological nurses, choice and delivery of Framework Essay, retiree health services. We can write a custom essay on Health Care for you! Researchability of the what system consist Study Problem. This is a study about Rebaseline Framework Essay using different approaches in giacomo providing health care for retirees. One objective of this research is to evaluate several explanations for differing attitudes in health insurance services for Rebaseline Framework people with dementia in what does an ict system consist of assisted living facilities. These explanations are often complex, as illustrated by the authors of the Framework Essay study. Consist. As the debate on Framework health care for people with dementia continues, a second objective of this research is to underscore the need to Character Genetics focus on patients special health requirements. Policy discussions frequently have overlooked both the Rebaseline costs of offering appropriate health coverage fro people with dementia and the benefits of is Equally Essay, providing this type of Rebaseline Framework, health care to the elderly. Giacomo. As many experts note, the Framework elderly are caught between the pincers of reform proposals: prospective benefits legislation that certainly will affect employer willingness to continue support for expensive retiree health benefits, and Medicare changes that also may curtail benefits obtainable from the chartered uae government. Framework. The fact that these reforms often are targeted at the united dual court system of the types of medical care most often consumed by older people makes this group deserving of Rebaseline Framework Essay, special attention. The last and, perhaps, most important goal of this study is to offer new perspectives and is Equally and Environment, evaluative tools that then may be used to examine these as well as other health practices concerns.

To this end, the Essay research supplies an unusually rich combination of facts and does of, philosophical insights, derived from ethicists and academicians as well as from Framework medical and benefits practitioners. Bank Uae. These discussions should inform the public by supplying a much needed perspective on Rebaseline health care for people with dementia in assisted living facilities. Adequacy and Relevance of the camaro gt Literature Review. As with all disciplines, nursings theories are composed of concepts and the propositional statements connecting these concepts in a systematic way. As the products of Rebaseline Framework, science, they form a central part of our knowledge base. However, for standards chartered bank most of the Rebaseline Framework Essay twenty-first century nursing has been dominated by a wide array of theories from camaro gt other disciplines. Framework. Rasin and is gladiator, Kautz suggest that the Framework Essay ultimate justification for the existence of theory is to has a court consisting of give humans a view of their world which may help them describe, explain or predict events, or prescribe actions which will enable events to Rebaseline Framework occur or not. Theories are like different lenses or maps and standards, each one will offer the user a particular focus or topography. Rebaseline Framework. For instance, a map of the Character is Equally Genetics and Environment Essay underground sewer system of Paris would not be very useful if you were trying to Rebaseline find your way through the bank uae city streets.

Similarly, a pair of opera glasses would not serve your purpose if you wanted to view the night sky. Theory is Rebaseline Framework, a distinct and well-articulated system of concepts and rizzolatti, propositions rooted explicitly in a philosophy of Framework Essay, nursing and punishment uk schools, intended solely to guide nursing practice and Rebaseline Framework, research. If we accept this definition then we must be careful in standards bank uae our selection. Framework. If we choose the wrong map we may find ourselves at giacomo rizzolatti a different destination from the one chosen. Therefore, perhaps a central selection criterion is Essay, fitness for purpose in the united has a court system consisting other words, does the theory serve the purpose for which it is intended? If we accept that nursing theories have unique perspectives, then each theory will determine how nurses assess a patient, plan care, intervene and review outcomes. Furthermore, different nursing theories will have varying influences on how we perceive patients.

For instance, one theory may encourage dependence by stressing that the Rebaseline Framework Essay nurse should do everything for the patient, while another may encourage independence by stressing that the nurse should teach the patient about self-care. The authors also imply that practitioners should feel empowered by the theories they select, and they and rizzolatti, their patients should have ownership of them. Rebaseline. By using their power to impose a theory on rizzolatti practicizing nurses, managers and academics are being allowed to Rebaseline Framework define expert nursing . Rasin and Kautz argue that, without a strong orientation towards the work of corporal punishment, theorists and Rebaseline Framework, the work of practitioners, the bank uae basic requirements for a profession are missing. They state that only if we are able to prove that this link exists will we be legitimate contenders for professional status. Agreement of Purpose, Design, and Methods. Framework Essay. Interestingly, behavior-centered may challenge the camaro gt necessity of Essay, a pragmatic link between theory and practice. In a way it can be explained that some theories are not intended to standards be 100% clinically relevant. Essay. There is states has a dual, something attractive about Rebaseline Framework Essay this view. Theories are, by Character Essay, their very nature, abstract, so they originate from, and Framework Essay, can lead to, abstract thinking.

They stretch your perceptions, providing new insights and interesting and creative ways of looking at corporal punishment uk schools the world of nursing. Framework. That is part of their value. Since many are at the forefront of is gladiator true, new knowledge development, they are extending the disciplines frontiers. Rebaseline. Therefore, by definition, they cannot coincide with what is corporal, now being practiced to do so would limit their vision and Framework Essay, restrict nursing within a time warp. To make all theories clinically relevant would hamper the effects of mustard gas development of highly abstract (non-practical) ideas that might eventually prove more valuable to nursing. Rebaseline Framework. Alternatively, there is also attraction in standards bank the opposing position of Rebaseline Essay, person-centered knowledge. True. This approach illustrates that regardless of Rebaseline Essay, whether nurses work as researchers, educators, theorists, administrators or practitioners, it must be realized that they are in a practice profession with the gas client at the receiving end of Framework, that practice. Accepting this, theories should have a direct bearing on client care. If they do not, their value is open to is gladiator true question. Perhaps the true answer comes somewhere in between these two approaches.

It is possible to argue that there are two types of Rebaseline, theory, the realistic, which coincide with the views of practitioners and current practice, and the idealistic, which may appear alien to of mustard contemporary practitioners. This study reflects on the relationship between theory and Framework Essay, research. Giacomo. Authors imply that research without theory is analogous to a team of bricklayers, each making a brick in Essay isolation from other bricklayers and true, with no blueprint to follow. They throw the Rebaseline Framework bricks together into a large pile confident that, somehow, a house will emerge. Uk Schools. Without theory, therefore, nursing knowledge would be a mass of data, statistics and Rebaseline Framework Essay, observations with no coherence or understanding. Is Gladiator. Knowledge is of little use without understanding.

Knowledge is provided through research studies while understanding is gained by theory. It is a reciprocal relationship; while knowledge can increase in nursing for a time without understanding, understanding is not possible without new knowledge being developed. Rebaseline Framework Essay. According to Lorraine Walker (1971), the true result of theory being unable to keep pace with knowledge development is Rebaseline Framework Essay, stagnation of the discipline. Suitability of the Sampling Procedure and true, the Sample. Five groups of caregivers were selected with the total of 23 participants. Perhaps one of the most important aspects of the sample chosen was their clarity. Clarity may be rated as high or low. In this case it was rated high. The analyst should ask if the theory is Rebaseline Framework, written and camaro gt, presented clearly and Rebaseline Essay, if the uk schools language used is Framework Essay, understandable. This represents semantic clarity. You should ask the following questions: Are key terms defined?

Are concepts and states system consisting, assumptions implicit? If explicit, are they stated clearly? You should also note any evidence of tautology: Is there unnecessary overuse of Rebaseline Framework, words? Note too if there is structural clarity. Camaro Gt. This occurs when the Rebaseline Essay prepositional links between the concepts are clear to true the reader and any diagram representing the theory can be understood without a great deal of Framework Essay, difficulty. The United System. If you cannot make sense of the theory (and you have really tried), it has low clarity. The hypothesis should be elegant in Framework its simplicity; that is, the theorist should have chosen the simplest, most parsimonious format possible to get across the theoretical message. Chartered. If we want hypothesis, practice and research to Rebaseline Essay link appropriately, theory should be easily understood if it is to camaro gt gain the attention and commitment of the Rebaseline Framework hard-pressed clinicians.

How can anyone use a theory if they cannot comprehend it? This applies equally well to diagrammatic representations. If a theory is composed of a confusing mixture of giacomo rizzolatti, geometric lines, circles, triangles and squares, busy practitioners will not be impressed. Considering the Rebaseline Framework Essay complexity of nursing, all hypotheses cannot be presented in a simple manner. Camaro Gt. You may think a theory is Framework Essay, complex and effects of mustard, accept this fact because its concepts and Rebaseline Framework Essay, assumptions relate to very difficult issues within practice. Is Gladiator True. Therefore, you should make a judgment as to whether you think a hypothesis is excessively simple or unnecessarily complicated in its content and form. Correctness of Framework, Analytical Procedures. All the components within the hypothesis should support each other and corporal punishment uk schools, be free from contradictions. Framework Essay. As with clarity, consistency can be rated high or low.

Look carefully to note if inconsistencies are explicit or implicit. States Has A Dual Court Consisting. The following types of Rebaseline Essay, inconsistency may be identified: Inconsistency in corporal punishment terms: are definitions of concepts consistent with later assumptions? For instance, a theorist may define people as entire communities, yet the assumptions within the body of the Rebaseline theory may relate specifically to individual clients. Standards Chartered Uae. Inconsistency in interpretation: if a theory adopts a holistic stance about health care but is reductionist when describing care (e.g., having a large biophysical emphasis). Rebaseline Framework Essay. Inconsistency in what does an ict principle: a theory may highlight the Framework importance of what, clients being able to have choices yet be prescriptive in the interventions it supports. Essay. Furthermore, inconsistency in principle may be observed when a theory that has its basis in a behavioral paradigm includes concepts that are better related to a systems paradigm. True. Examining the Rebaseline Essay perspectives of true, different theories may be like looking through telescopes of varying focal lengths. Selecting a grand theory would be like looking through the wide-angled end of Framework Essay, a telescope.

Here, the selectors require a broad theory which can be used in giacomo rizzolatti many different situations with many different types of patient. Framework. While the grand theory will not specify explicit interventions, it will give them a framework for viewing the world and chartered bank uae, an assessment template for practice. Selecting a mid-range or practice theory would be like focusing a telescope on a particular nearby scene, where more detail is Rebaseline Framework Essay, observed but the surrounding landscape cannot be seen in giacomo its entirety. Here, a theory is Framework, required for an ict of a particular patient-care situation and in the case of Framework Essay, a practice theory a guideline is Genetics and Environment Essay, presented for nursing action. Currently there are more grand theories available for Framework Essay selection than there are mid-range or practice theories, but this situation is giacomo rizzolatti, changing rapidly. When selecting a nursing theory the Rebaseline Essay relevance to the united states court consisting of practice is central. She suggests that the person who is Rebaseline, choosing the theory should seek answers to the following questions: Does the theory have direct relevance for the united dual consisting of the way in Rebaseline Framework which nursing is camaro gt, practiced? Does the Framework theory describe real or ideal care? Have its assumptions and is Equally and Environment, propositions been tried and tested? Does it deal with the resources which are necessary for Framework good care? Does it guide the camaro gt use of the nursing process? Does it provide practicing nurses with good direction for Essay clinical actions? Are the concepts within the theory too abstract to is gladiator be applied in practice? Is the Rebaseline Framework Essay language of the theory easy to does an ict system of understand? The prospect of any sort of rationing in health services is particularly important to Framework Essay the elderly for many reasons. Giacomo. As a group, the elderly tend to Rebaseline Framework suffer from more chronic illnesses, which are generally incurable, than other groups.

Many chronic illnesses, like rheumatoid arthritis and standards uae, diabetes, can be managed effectively over Framework, long periods, but doing so requires an effects of mustard gas, ongoing level of Framework, expenditures. Some chronic ailments are particularly problematic because their treatment often means that those suffering from them will come to suffer additional chronic ailments that require further treatment. Also, the elderly suffer disproportionately from critical illnesses associated with old age and, ultimately, death. As a result, they consume disproportionately greater amounts of health service resources. Advances in rizzolatti medical science and the underlying demographics of the American society portend that, in the future, the elderly will need even more health services than now.

The general level of Rebaseline Framework, resources that will be available to provide medical services to the elderly and corporal punishment, the allocation of Rebaseline, those resources cannot be ignored. Before investigating why Americans feel that all medical services should be available to the united has a dual court everyone and Framework, before investigating whether this philosophy should be curtailed, it is important to assess the nature of the resource limitations giving rise to the debate over what does an ict of, health care rationing. Rebaseline Framework Essay. Remember , Remember, free essays, sample essays and essay examples on standards chartered bank uae Health Care topics are traced by Framework Essay, plagiarism detection systems. All samples online are plagiarized. Don#8217;t download them and is gladiator, submit them as your own paper for school, college or university. Why not to Rebaseline Framework get a 100% original custom essay at

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Nov 18, 2017 Rebaseline Framework Essay,

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obama thesis pdf CONTENTS OF THIS PAGE (Click on Rebaseline Framework, the bullet points to jump to the desired category): Michelle Obama's Princeton Thesis: By Michelle LaVaughn Robinson. By Michelle LaVaughn Robinson.

Michelle Obama's Essay in the Black Law Students Association Newsletter: By Michelle LaVaughn Robinson. Analyzing Michelle Obama's Princeton Thesis. By Jeffrey Ressner. February 22, 2008. By Women In The World Staff. December 16, 2016. By Charles Johnson. October 30, 2012. By Michelle Malkin.

February 3, 2010. By Michelle Malkin. October 21, 2009. By Michelle Malkin. September 30, 2009. By Trevor Loudon. By Michelle Malkin. By Chad Groening. November 24, 2008.

By Andrew C. McCarthy Claudia Rosett. November 3, 2008. By Doug Edelman. October 13, 2008. By Kenneth R. Timmerman. September 23, 2008. September 23, 2008. By Dinesh D'Souza. By Elias Crim and Matthew Vadum. By Michael Reagan. By Steve Sailer.

February 25, 2008. By Jacob Laksin. February 21, 2008. October 16, 2008. Wife of Barack Hussein Obama Attorney Views America as a racist, sexist, homophobic nation Declared in 2008, “For the true, first time in my adult lifetime, I am really proud of my country. ” The term ‘Third World’ implies[,] for Framework, us, those nations who have fallen victim to the oppression and exploitation of the Character is Equally, world economic order. This includes the peoples of color of the Essay, United States, as they too have been victims of a brutal and Character and Environment racist economic structure which exploited and still exploits the labor of Rebaseline Framework Essay, such groups as Asians, Blacks, and Chicanos, and invaded and still occupies the giacomo rizzolatti, homelands of such groups as the Framework Essay, Puerto Ricans, American Indians, and states court system native Hawaiian people.

We therefore find it necessary to reeducate ourselves to the various forms of exploitation and oppression. We must strive to understand more than just the Rebaseline Framework, basics of human rights. We must seek to understand the historical roots and contemporary ramifications of racism if Third World people are to is gladiator liberate themselves from the economic and social chains they find themselves in. A 1976 TWC document titled “Oppression breeds resistance,” stated: “The history of the peoples of the Third World, who have suffered from U.S. Imperialism, and of the Rebaseline Framework, oppressed nationalities within the United StatesAfro-Americans, Puerto Ricans, Chicanos, Asians, and Native Americans, has been a history of oppression and resistance.” On one occasion in standards chartered uae, 1973, TWC brought the Puerto Rican Nationalist and Socialist, Manuel Maldonado-Denis to Rebaseline Essay campus as a guest speaker. “I have come from a colonized country, submitted to cultural assimilation and cultural aggression,” he told the students at TWC. He accused the United States of Genetics, “dominating,” “fleecing” and “exploiting” Puerto Rico, and said “the only solution” to Rebaseline Framework the problem was “the establishment of national liberation and of mustard gas the establishment of socialism.” TWC played a key role in bringing to Princeton's campus a host of radical speakers, including such notables as Hassan Rahman, the Palestinian Liberation Organization’s deputy observer to the United Nations; David Johnson, affiliated with the terrorist group FMLN; former Jamaican Prime Minister Michael Manley, a committed socialist; William Bowen, the Rebaseline Framework, architect of uae, Princeton’s racial preference programs; Roberto Vargas, a pro-Sandinista, pro-Che Guevara poet; Miguel Barnet, a pro-Castro writer and ethnographer; Manning Marable, a renowned black Marxist; and Framework a number of rizzolatti, ACORN representatives.

“Predominately white universities like Princeton are socially and academically designed to cater to the needs of the white students comprising the bulk of their enrollments.” “[My Princeton experiences] “will likely lead to my further integration and/or assimilation into a White cultural and social structure that will only Essay allow me to remain on the periphery of society; never becoming a full participant.” “I have found that at Princeton, no matter how liberal and open-minded some of my white professors and classmates try to is gladiator be toward me, I sometimes feel like a visitor on Rebaseline, campus; as if I really don't belong. Rizzolatti? Regardless of the circumstances under which I interact with whites at Princeton, it often seems as if, to them, I will always be black first and a student second.” “Earlier in my college career, there was no doubt in my mind that as a member of the Black community I was somehow obligated to Rebaseline Framework Essay this community and would utilize all of my present and future resources to giacomo rizzolatti benefit this community first and Framework Essay foremost.” “In defining the giacomo, concept of identification or the ability to identify with the black community I based my definition on the premise that there is Framework, a distinctive black culture very different from white culture.” After graduating from camaro gt, Princeton, Miss Robinson went on to attend Harvard Law School, where she was accepted under the aegis of a minority outreach program. Framework? As one of camaro gt, her friends would later reflect, Robinson recognized that she had been privileged by affirmative action and was very comfortable with that. “The faculty’s decision to distrust and ignore non-traditional qualities in choosing and tenuring law professors merely reinforces racist and sexist stereotypes, which, in turn, serve to legitimize students’ tendencies to distrust certain types of teaching that do not resemble the traditional images.”

Also in the 1988 essay, Miss Robinson derided such books as The Paper Chase and One-L , for promoting the Rebaseline Framework, notion that law professors should be “cold, callous, domineering, old, white men who took pleasure in standards chartered, engaging their students in humiliating and often brutal discourse.” She criticized the “traditional model” of Framework Essay, law-school instruction, which relied heavily on the Socratic method. She lauded the work of bank uae, several professors who did not use that method, including such far-leftists as Martha Minow and Rebaseline Charles Ogletree. And she heaped praise upon the concept of critical race theory, which holds that because racism is so deeply ingrained in camaro gt, American institutions, classical liberal ideals such as meritocracy, equal opportunity, and colorblind justice are essentially nothing more than empty slogans. On May 10, 1988, just a few weeks before Miss Robinson received her Harvard law degree, she and Rebaseline Essay some 50 other BLSA members, carrying signs demanding an “end to racism,” stormed the office of effects of mustard, Dean James Vorenberg and occupied it for Rebaseline Essay, 24 hours. Specifically, the protesters demanded that Harvard Law School hire (and grant tenure to) 20 female or minority professors over the ensuing four years. They demanded, further, that at least seven of those twenty hires be black and that at least four of those seven be female.

Moreover, they demanded that Harvard grant tenure to camaro gt Professor Ogletree and a deanship to Professor Derrick Bell, the father of critical race theory. The truth is most Americans don't want much. Folks don't want the Rebaseline Framework, whole pie. Most Americans feel blessed to thrive a little bit but that's out of states has a dual court system of, reach for them. In order to get things like universal health care and Rebaseline Framework a revamped education system, then someone is the united states has a court consisting of, going to Rebaseline have to give up a piece of their pie so that someone else can have more. While campaigning for her husband in effects, May 2008, Mrs.

Obama said: Barack knows that we are going to Framework Essay have to make sacrifices; we are going to have to change our conversation; we're going to effects of mustard gas have to change our traditions, our history; we're going to have to move into a different place as a nation. In September 2010, a former advisor to the Obama election campaign and transition team told an interviewer the following about Mrs. Obama: She is very much the Chicago ideologue.

Nancy Pelosi is the Framework Essay, far left of the Democrat Party, right? Well, Michelle Obama might be to the left of camaro gt, Nancy Pelosi. Rebaseline Framework? She really doesn’t care for how things work in the country and effects gas she wants to see it all changed. I can respect that, though I would guess she is far too liberal even for me and I consider myself a liberal Democrat. In prepared remarks that she delivered at a December 13, 2010 news conference announcing the passage of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act, Mrs. Rebaseline? Obama said: [M]litary leaders . tell us that . more than one in four young people are unqualified for military service because of their weight.

They tell us that childhood obesity isn’t just a public health issue; they tell us that it is not just an economic threat. It is a national security threat as well. [A]ll of us - men and is gladiator true women here in this room and around the Framework Essay, world - we must do some serious self-reflection. We must look inside ourselves and camaro gt ask, do we truly value women as equals, or do we see them as merely second-class citizens? We must look around at our societies and ask, are we clinging to laws and traditions that serve only to oppress and Rebaseline Framework exclude, or are we working to become more equal, more free? At an October 2014, political rally in is gladiator, Philadelphia, Mrs. Rebaseline? Obama emphasized how vital it was for is Equally Genetics and Environment Essay, women and minorities and young people to go to the polls on election day. Republicans, she explained, counted on folks like us not to vote. I tell this story -- I mean, even as the Rebaseline Essay, first lady -- during that wonderfully publicized trip I took to Target, not highly disguised, the only person who came up to Character Genetics and Environment me in the store was a woman who asked me to help her take something off a shelf. Rebaseline Framework Essay? Because she didn't see me as the first lady, she saw me as someone who could help her. Those kinds of things happen in life.

So it isn't anything new. These incidents in the black community, this is the regular course of life. These are the challenges that we still face as a country. I thought I was undercover. I have to tell you something about this trip though. No one knew that was me because a woman actually walked up to Genetics Essay me, right?

I was in the detergent aisle, and she said I kid you not she said, ‘Excuse me, I just have to ask you something,’ and I thought, ‘Oh, cover’s blown.’ She said, ‘Can you reach on that shelf and hand me the detergent?’ I kid you not And the only thing she said I reached up, ’cause she was short, and I reached up, pulled it down she said, ‘Well, you didn’t have to make it look so easy.’ That was my interaction. I felt so good. . She had no idea who I was. Framework? I thought, as soon as she walked up I was with my assistant, and I said, ‘This is it, it’s over. We’re going to have to Genetics leave.’ She just needed the detergent. In the December 2014 People interview, Mrs. Obama also said that prior to being President, Barack Obama was a black man that lived on the South Side of Chicago, who had his share of Rebaseline, troubles catching cabs. She added that on one occasion her husband was wearing a tuxedo at standards, a black-tie dinner, and somebody asked him to get coffee. On March 28, 2015, Mrs. Obama spoke at Black girls rock! , an annual awards show that honored several prominent African-American women: Jada Pinkett Smith, Erykah Badu, Cicely Tyson, Ava DuVernay, Nadia Lopez, and Helene Gayle. Addressing an audience that included many young black girls, Obama said: I am so excited to be here at 'Black Girls Rock!' To all the young women here tonight and all across the country, let me say those words again: Black girls rock!

We rock! We rock! No matter who you are, no matter where you come from, you are beautiful, you are powerful, you are brilliant, you are funny. Let me tell you, I am so proud of Rebaseline, you. My husband, your president, is so proud of you. And we have such big hopes and dreams for every single one of the united has a dual court system, you. Now, I know that's not always the message that you get from the world. Rebaseline Framework? I know there are voices that tell you that you're not good enough.

That you have to look a certain way, act a certain way. That if you speak up, you're too loud. If you step up to lead, you're being bossy. Giacomo? I need you to Rebaseline understand that we are the women who marched from cotton fields into fields of medicine . politics . entertainment. Camaro Gt? We have found a way to march into Rebaseline Essay, a White House. You see, there are so many kids in this country who look at places like museums and concert halls and other cultural centers and they think to themselves, ‘well, that’s not a place for me, for someone who looks like me, for someone who comes from my neighborhood.’ In fact, I guarantee you that right now, there are kids living less than a mile from here who would never in a million years dream that they would be welcome in the united has a dual system consisting of, this museum. And growing up on the South Side of Framework, Chicago, I was one of those kids myself. So I know that feeling of not belonging in a place like this.

And today, as first lady, I know how that feeling limits the horizons of far too many of our young people. On May 9, 2015, Mrs. Obama was the commencement speaker at Tuskeegee University, a historically black college in Alabama. She spoke at length about America's history and legacy of racism. Among her remarks were the following: * You will follow heroes like Dr. Boynton Robinson, who survived the billy clubs and standards chartered the tear gas of Essay, Bloody Sunday in Selma.

The story of Tuskegee is full of stories like theirs -- men and women who came to this city, seized their own futures, and wound up shaping the arc of history for African Americans and all Americans. * And I’d like to begin today by reflecting on camaro gt, . the time when the Army chose Tuskegee as the site of its airfield and flight school for Framework Essay, black pilots. Back then, black soldiers faced all kinds of camaro gt, obstacles. There were the so-called scientific studies that said that black men’s brains were smaller than white men’s. Official Army reports stated that black soldiers were 'childlike,' 'shiftless,' 'unmoral and untruthful,' and Rebaseline Framework as one quote stated, 'if fed, loyal and compliant.' . [T]hey were presumed to be inferior. During training, they were often assigned to menial tasks like housekeeping or landscaping. Many suffered verbal abuse at the hands of their instructors. When they ventured off base, the white sheriff here in town called them 'boy' and ticketed them for the most minor offenses. And when they finally deployed overseas, white soldiers often wouldn’t even return their salutes. Back when my husband first started campaigning for President, folks had all sorts of questions of me: What kind of First Lady would I be?

What kinds of issues would I take on? Would I be more like Laura Bush, or Hillary Clinton, or Nancy Reagan? And the truth is, those same questions would have been posed to giacomo any candidate’s spouse. That’s just the way the Rebaseline Essay, process works. But, as potentially the first African American First Lady, I was also the the united dual court system consisting of, focus of another set of questions and Framework speculations; conversations sometimes rooted in the fears and misperceptions of others. Was I too loud, or too angry, or too emasculating? Or was I too soft, too much of a mom, not enough of effects of mustard gas, a career woman?

Then there was the first time I was on Framework, a magazine cover -- it was a cartoon drawing of me with a huge afro and machine gun. Now, yeah, it was satire, but if I’m really being honest, it knocked me back a bit. It made me wonder, just how are people seeing me. Or you might remember the on-stage celebratory fist bump between me and my husband after a primary win that was referred to as a 'terrorist fist jab.' And over the years, folks have used plenty of interesting words to describe me. One said I exhibited 'a little bit of uppity-ism.' Another noted that I was one of my husband’s 'cronies of color.' Cable news once charmingly referred to me as 'Obama’s Baby Mama.'

And of course, Barack has endured his fair share of insults and giacomo rizzolatti slights. Even today, there are still folks questioning his citizenship. And all of this used to really get to me. Back in those days, I had a lot of sleepless nights, worrying about what people thought of me, wondering if I might be hurting my husband’s chances of winning his election, fearing how my girls would feel if they found out what some people were saying about their mom. Essay? The world won’t always see you in those caps and gowns. They won’t know how hard you worked and how much you sacrificed to make it to this day. Instead they will make assumptions about who they think you are based on camaro gt, their limited notion of the world. Rebaseline Essay? And my husband and the united states has a dual court system I know how frustrating that experience can be. Framework? We’ve both felt the sting of those daily slights throughout our entire lives -- the giacomo rizzolatti, folks who crossed the street in fear of their safety; the clerks who kept a close eye on us in all those department stores; the Essay, people at formal events who assumed we were the 'help' -- and those who have questioned our intelligence, our honesty, even our love of of mustard gas, this country. And I know that these little indignities are obviously nothing compared to what folks across the Framework Essay, country are dealing with every single day -- those nagging worries that you’re going to get stopped or pulled over for absolutely no reason; the fear that your job application will be overlooked because of the way your name sounds; the agony of sending your kids to schools that may no longer be separate, but are far from equal; the giacomo, realization that no matter how far you rise in life, how hard you work to Framework be a good person, a good parent, a good citizen -- for rizzolatti, some folks, it will never be enough. And all of that is going to Essay be a heavy burden to carry.

It can feel isolating. Standards Chartered Bank Uae? It can make you feel like your life somehow doesn’t matter -- that you’re like the invisible man that Tuskegee grad Ralph Ellison wrote about all those years ago. Rebaseline Framework? And as we’ve seen over the past few years, those feelings are real. They’re rooted in decades of structural challenges that have made too many folks feel frustrated and invisible. And those feelings are playing out in giacomo rizzolatti, communities like Baltimore and Ferguson and so many others across this country. On June 9, 2015, Mrs. Obama delivered a commencement address to graduates at Rebaseline Framework Essay, Martin Luther King Jr. Character Genetics? Preparatory High School in Chicago. In the course of her remarks, she alleged that Americans across the country viewed blacks with strong families and Rebaseline Framework strong work ethics as being virtually nonexistent: “And over gas, the past six years as First Lady, I’ve visited communities just like this one all across this country -- communities that face plenty of challenges and crises, but where folks have that same strong work ethic, those same good values, those same big dreams for their kids.

But unfortunately, all those positive things hardly ever make the Rebaseline Framework, evening news. Instead, the places where we’ve grown up only bank make headlines when something tragic happens -- when someone gets shot, when the Framework Essay, dropout rate climbs, when some new drug is ruining people’s lives. Giacomo? So too often, we hear a skewed story about our communities -- a narrative that says that a stable, hardworking family in a neighborhood like Woodlawn or Chatham or Bronzeville is Framework, somehow remarkable; that a young person who graduates from high school and goes to giacomo rizzolatti college is a beat-the-odds kind of Rebaseline Framework, hero. Wherever you go next, wherever you go, you all encounter people who doubt your very existence -- folks who believe that hardworking families with strong values don’t exist on the South Side of Chicago, or in giacomo rizzolatti, Detroit, or in El Paso, or in Indian Country, or in Appalachia. They don’t believe you are real.” In a speech she delivered at a Let Girls Learn initiative in Rebaseline Framework Essay, Argentina in March 2016, Mrs. Obama discussed her own personal experiences with sexism and sexual harassment. Among her remarks:

As I got older, I found that men would whistle at me as I walked down the the united dual system, street, as if my body were their property, as if I were an Rebaseline Framework Essay object to be commented on instead of camaro gt, a full human being with thoughts and feelings of Framework, my own. I began to realize that the hopes I had for giacomo rizzolatti, myself were in conflict with the messages I was receiving from people around me. [L]ike most women, I know what it feels like to Rebaseline Framework be overlooked. Character Is Equally Genetics Essay? During her days as a student, teachers would call on the boys instead of the girls, even though the Rebaseline Essay, girls had better grades. [People] would ask my brother what career he planned to have, but would ask me what kind of man I wanted to marry. “I started to question myself. Was I too loud? too much? Was I too bossy?

Was I dreaming too big? And for camaro gt, years I would lie awake at Rebaseline, night, and those doubts would eat away at camaro gt, my heart. But eventually I just got tired of Essay, always worrying about what everyone else thought of me.” Also during that same speech, Mrs. Giacomo Rizzolatti? Obama noted that Argentina’s parliament had one of the world's highest percentages of female representatives, and that the country had already elected a woman as president and vice president. Rebaseline Framework Essay? “Milestones that my own country has yet to giacomo achieve,” she added.

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Will Kim Ng be MLB's first female GM? As the Rebaseline Essay, senior vice president of baseball operations for is gladiator true Major League Baseball, Kim Ng lives and breathes sports, which is immediately clear when you walk into her window office at Rebaseline Framework, MLB headquarters in New York. There's a baseball glove, of course. (At 46, she still plays co-rec softball in Central Park.) And a bicycle helmet. (She occasionally commutes by bike.) And even a fishing pole. (She once caught a shark off Long Island.) But the piece of sporting equipment that might have helped tee off Ng's career is her golf club. Former White Sox and Dodgers general manager Dan Evans, one of Ng's mentors, recalls a particularly revealing round she played a few weeks into her first job in baseball in the early 1990s.

It was during spring training and White Sox staffers were picking teams during a golf outing. Ng, as she has been many times throughout her career, was the only woman in the group. She was drafted by a member of our field staff. Camaro Gt? The other guys all laughed and said, 'Oh, we don't even know this girl,' Evans recalls. I was thinking, 'I know she can play golf. She wouldn't hit from the women's tee.

She only wanted to hit from the men's tee. And she held her own and played very well. A lot of people went, 'Whoahhhh!' Ng has made plenty of other people sit up and take notice in Rebaseline, the two decades since. Now the highest-ranking woman in baseball, she was the second woman to be hired an assistant general manager, first with the Yankees and is gladiator true, later with the Dodgers.

And she aspires to become a general manager, which would make her the first female to run the on-field operations of a major pro Rebaseline Essay, sports team. Joe Torre, MLB's executive vice president for operations and Ng's boss, says she has all the qualifications necessary to be a GM -- broad experience in both the boardroom and camaro gt, the negotiating room, top-notch communication skills, a deep knowledge of the Rebaseline Framework, game and the drive to dual of, handle a demanding schedule. Framework? And then there's that fire she showed on the golf course. She's very competitive,'' Torre says. Is Gladiator True? And for someone as bright as she is, she has no trouble relating to people on everyone's level. Rebaseline Framework Essay? She is there, she doesn't delegate, she does it herself.'' Ng became the first woman to chartered, interview for a GM opening when she did so with the Dodgers in Rebaseline Framework Essay, 2005, but she didn't get the job. As Evans, Torre and others will attest, she clearly has all the experience, knowledge and effects of mustard, skills necessary for the position. The question is whether a baseball team will finally allow a woman to Framework, hit from the men's tee. I want to say yes,'' Torre says.

I always talk her up at owners meetings. At some point, somebody just has to is gladiator true, ignore the fact that she's a woman and Essay, just make a baseball decision. And if they do that, then I think she will get an camaro gt, opportunity. Somewhere.'' Ng is not only a rarity in baseball's upper echelon because she's a woman. Framework? If she lands a GM job, she'll also be the states court system consisting of, first Asian to do so. Ng's father, Jin, was born in America of Chinese ancestry. Her mother, Virginia Cagar, was born in Framework, Thailand and also is of Chinese descent. Ng was born in gas, Indianapolis but grew up in Rebaseline, Queens and then New Jersey, rooting for the Yankees and Thurman Munson because, she says, he was an incredibly gritty player. Ng still has the states has a court system consisting of, scrapbooks in which she pasted new stories about the catcher's death. Ng's father was a financial analyst.

Her mother earned her MBA while also raising her four daughters and later worked as a banker for Rebaseline Framework Essay Manufacturers Hanover Trust after Jin died when Kim was 11. Working hard was obviously a big theme in is gladiator, our house,'' Ng says. It wasn't that my parents micro-managed me at Rebaseline, all as a kid. They just expected certain levels. You knew if you didn't get to true, that level you were a big disappointment for them. Perseverance was important.

From my mom, I learned not to take a backseat from anybody.'' And though her mother might have preferred Kim choose a more stable profession such as law or business, a young, baseball-obsessed Kim had other ideas. I think the best adjective for her is tenacious -- she stuck in there until she got it right,'' Cagar says. She was a very friendly kid who loved sports -- she especially loved to play softball -- and she was a good listener. And she was very analytical. She would observe, and try to see different ways of attacking the problem or the obstacle. She would look at Essay, it from all angles.''

Ng majored in public policy at the University of giacomo rizzolatti, Chicago, where she also earned MVP honors as an infielder for the softball team, and served as the Framework Essay, sports editor of the true, school newspaper and editor of the yearbook. At age 29, Ng became the Essay, youngest person -- and one of only three women -- to hold an assistant general manager position, when she was hired in that capacity by the New York Yankees. Ng calls herself a product of Title IX; in fact, she wrote her college thesis on camaro gt the landmark law. And that thesis -- as well as the effect that playing sports had on her -- played a significant role in following her passion to pursue a career in sports. The more you play sports, the more you understand about yourself, the more you get a picture of what you can do,'' she says. Essay? Everyone talks about how sports are beneficial and how they force you to test and challenge yourself, going up against adversity -- all the cliches. But they're true. And for girls to experience sports the way boys experienced it was incredibly important. It was important for their growth not just in academics, but in their work lives and effects gas, personal lives.

Playing sports has really helped me understand what I am capable of and Essay, how to bear down.'' Several months after she graduated from the University of Chicago, Ng was still looking for chartered a job when one of her coaches told her the White Sox were looking for an intern. Ng rushed over with her resume. They interviewed her on the spot. And here's where her tenacity and Framework Essay, tendency to go against the grain showed,'' her mother says. After the interview, she called them back up and pitched herself again. On top of that, she said, 'I'll work without pay.' So they said, 'OK. Effects Gas? We'll give you a chance.''' After a couple of months, Ng had impressed the organization with her knowledge of the Framework Essay, game and propensity for rizzolatti crunching numbers so much that the Rebaseline Framework, White Sox offered her a full-time job, in which she compiled statistical research for contract negotiations and gas, the Rule V draft. Pretty soon, she took over the team's salary arbitration duties too.

Analytics were starting to infiltrate the sport, and Ng was one of the brainy, technologically savvy, elite-school grads who was comfortable with computers in ways that many ex-ballplayers weren't. You could just tell that she was going to Rebaseline, make contributions to our organization,'' Evans says. Camaro Gt? And she did. She was a wonderful addition to our group.'' She quickly proved herself a skilled negotiator, too. Rebaseline Framework? One of Ng's early triumphs was arguing for the White Sox in their arbitration case with pitcher Alex Fernandez and agent Scott Boras. Going up against Boras in a salary case is a little like batting against current Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw with shadows creeping in front of the mound. Nonetheless, Ng -- who was both the youngest executive, at age 26, and rizzolatti, the first woman to present a salary arbitration case -- won.

When she stood up [to make her case], people were a little surprised, Evans said. But it was a statement that another gender barrier was being erased. It takes a special person to break barriers.'' Ng was that special person. I think one of Framework, her greatest attributes is she has an insatiable appetite for understanding why things work,'' Evans says. More than anything, it gave her the motivation to ask questions about strategic aspects of our organization. She was consistently asking questions that displayed a line of of mustard gas, thinking that was far superior to what you usually hear from an entry-level person.'' Ng rose to Rebaseline Framework, become assistant director of rizzolatti, baseball operations with the White Sox before being hired away by the American League offices after the 1997 season to Rebaseline Essay, serve as the director of waivers and records. Character Genetics And Environment Essay? At the league office, she approved all player transactions and contracts, and helped AL general managers interpret and apply MLB rules. The job allowed her to meet and network with baseball's power brokers, including Brian Cashman, who was then the Essay, Yankees' assistant GM. Cashman, who hired her a year later -- making her, at age 29, the youngest assistant GM in true, MLB at the time -- says now he offered her the job simply because she was the best-qualified person.'' She helped Cashman build a team by successfully negotiating the contracts of Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera and Paul O'Neill, among others, which won three World Series championships in Essay, four years.

Kim has an amazing demeanor,'' Cashman says. Character Genetics Essay? A lot of times people who are that smart don't play well with others or are bad communicators. She's extremely intelligent, has a complete working knowledge of Rebaseline Framework Essay, everything, and her likability factor is standards chartered uae off the charts.'' So likable, in Rebaseline Framework, fact, that even irascible Yankees owner George Steinbrenner took a shine to her. I wasn't certain how he was going to giacomo rizzolatti, respond to the recommendation of an Framework, assistant GM being a woman,'' Cashman says, but to his credit, he was open to bank, it.''

Torre says Ng fit right in Rebaseline Essay, as one of the camaro gt, guys'' from the very start. Rebaseline Framework Essay? She spoke the language, and she understood how a baseball person would look at the things she was talking about,'' he says. In 2002, Evans, then the effects gas, Dodgers' GM, lured Ng away from the Yankees to become L.A.'s vice president and assistant GM. She also served as the franchise's interim director of player development, which meant she oversaw the Essay, Dodgers' minor league system and added scouting and is Equally Essay, player development to her portfolio. She handled it deftly, too. The Dodgers were named the 2006 Organization of the Year by Baseball America. Ng still itched to help shape the game on a larger level, so she left the Dodgers in 2011 and moved to MLB's headquarters, where she oversees international operations as well as the league's scouting bureau and Essay, the fall league. She travels regularly to the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Venezuela and other countries to help develop the game -- and her influence within the the united states dual system consisting of, game continues to grow. With a club, you're sort of up to your eyeballs every day and are very focused on the daily issues and wins and losses, she says. It's been amazing to Rebaseline, see how the game has grown in just the last four years. There is Character is Equally Genetics Essay a lot more money being spent in the [Latin American] market than there was just four years ago.

We're seeing lots of building of Framework Essay, infrastructure and is gladiator true, facilities in the Dominican Republic. Teams are looking to branch out. It's an Rebaseline, exciting time.'' Phyllis Merhige, baseball's senior VP for club relations, says Ng's combination of experience at is gladiator, the club and league levels makes her uniquely qualified to Framework Essay, lead a team. Every time you break open a barrier, you open a door for other people and you give people hope,'' Merhige says.

And sometimes that's what it takes to is gladiator true, get a ball [rolling].'' Ng hasn't given up on Rebaseline Essay her goal of landing a GM job. She lost out to Ned Colletti with the Dodgers in 2005, Jack Zduriencik with the Mariners in 2008, Jed Hoyer with the Padres in 2009, Jerry Dipoto with the camaro gt, Angels in 2011 and A.J. Preller with the Rebaseline, Padres last year. Ng's baseball acumen has impressed everyone from is gladiator true Tommy Lasorda to George Steinbrenner. Rebaseline Framework Essay? She spoke the language, she seemed very knowledgeable in terms of camaro gt, how a baseball person would look at Rebaseline, stuff she was talking about, says her boss, Joe Torre. Given Seattle's performance under Zduriencik (only two winning seasons and no finish higher than third place in seven seasons) or San Diego's under Preller (another losing -- and far more expensive -- campaign this year), perhaps the Mariners and Padres are having second thoughts about passing on Ng.

While there are a handful of female GMs in the minor leagues -- including Kattie Meyer, who served in that capacity for the Rookie League Great Falls Voyagers for four years -- it's a a different job at that level, where the focus is more on consisting of business operations than acquiring and evaluating players. The challenges facing women in baseball are tough, says Meyer, who grew up a fan of the game but still had to prove her bona fides. And yet there are people within the game who are great. Our affiliate, the Rebaseline Framework, Chicago White Sox, was supportive [of me]. But some visiting teams and umpires were old school, and standards bank uae, didn't really respect what a woman has to say on the field.'' There are multiple GM openings across baseball right now, and while that role has traditionally been filled by a former ballplayer, since the Rebaseline Framework, Moneyball revolution many of the new-generation execs have been hired because of their fancy degrees and bank uae, facility with analytics. The Milwaukee Brewers filled their vacancy earlier this week when they hired former Astros assistant GM David Stearns, a 30-year-old Harvard grad who fits the new-age, number-cruncher profile. Ng fits that profile as well. There is Essay no one in the united of, the game who could question her ability to be that person,'' Evans said. If you debate that, then you have gender issues. This is a very talented, intelligent person who has won and has been part of three really good organizations.

She understands player development, she understands the complexities of the game. There is Rebaseline Essay no doubt in my mind that she has what it takes to perform those responsibilities. All she needs is the opportunity.'' So why exactly hasn't she gotten the opportunity yet? ESPN analyst and former Cincinnati Reds GM Jim Bowden doesn't think gender is the issue. I worked for Marge Schott, who was a female owner, he says.

People are people.'' Bowden, who frequently negotiated trades with Ng when he was with the Reds, calls her a solid negotiator but that her weak spot might be scouting. From what I've heard, evaluation of talent may not be her strength. That may hold her back,'' he says, adding that she would have been a great hire for the Red Sox. Effects? I hope she gets her chance.'' Or it could be simply that she simply hasn't been in the right place at Rebaseline Framework Essay, the right time -- yet.

There are only 30 GM jobs,'' Bowden notes. You go to a local fast food place and there are 30 people working there alone. Or, as Evans puts it: One of the problems with [GM] jobs is plenty of talented candidates don't get them. It's not about gender inequality, it's just about of mustard gas timing and fit.'' For her part, Ng remains philosophical -- and hopeful. There are a lot of things in this world that are a lot more unfair [than me not getting a GM job]. It's hard for me, given that fact that I've been an assistant GM for 13 years and hold the Rebaseline Framework, job that I have now, to say that being a woman has held me back,'' she says. Court Of? I think that having a woman as a GM would certainly be a novelty. Having a woman as an assistant GM was a novelty for a while. So I think it's going to take time. I've interviewed for several positions, but I can name a lot of other people who have been interviewed for the same number [of openings] or more and they still haven't gotten one.

I'm just a little different, so people tend to Framework, focus on me. If it comes, it comes; then that's great. And if not, I'll just keep plugging away.

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A First Draft of 2012 Admissions Decisions at Dozens of Universities. Now that acceptance letters are out and seniors are finalizing their college decisions, we thought we would start to put this year#8217;s admissions season in a broader context. To that end, we present our third annual listing of college admissions statistics at a range of institutions #8212; a listing based on Essay figures supplied by those colleges and universities that responded to a survey from The Choice over the last few weeks. This year, for the first time, we have included the number of effects gas students who were placed on waiting lists, as well as a more in-depth look at acceptance rates. For each entry, the overall acceptance rate provides an overview of how many students were accepted, based on the total number of applicants. This year, however, we are also including the acceptance rates of early admissions and Essay, regular admissions. Early admissions refers to the united states court system those students who applied early action or early decision. (Students who were deferred during early admissions and accepted via regular admission are included in the regular admissions rate; an Framework Essay, empty box indicates that an institution did not provide a response.) It should be noted that this list represents a rough draft, based on effects of mustard early figures, and that it is hardly comprehensive. There are more than 2,000 colleges and universities in this country; only a fraction are listed here. Our aim is to provide a sense of the admissions decisions made around the country, based on the statistics that we have received so far. Some admissions officers are still compiling their data, so please refer back to Rebaseline Essay this post for updates. Camaro Gt? (Admissions officers: If you have data for Framework Essay, you wish to the united system have published on Framework The Choice, please contact us at This year#8217;s data may provide some comfort for students who were rejected or added to a waiting list.

Just by is gladiator true looking at the sheer number of applications #8212; there were 46,030 at the University of Southern California this year, and more than 36,400 of them were rejected. With statistics like that, it is easy to see how a seemingly qualified candidate could be denied entry to the freshman class. Rebaseline Framework Essay? Many colleges have also been more selective this year. As we#8217;ve noted, many Ivy League schools are boasting of acceptance rates lower than 8 percent. If students (or parents) would like to Character is Equally Genetics Essay share your admissions decisions, please join the round-table discussion we began in late March. As always, we also welcome your thoughts on this year#8217;s admissions data in the comment box below. Rebaseline Essay? Comments are no longer being accepted. Can make chart more printer Andorra iPad friendly. Do you intend to chartered post results for Essay, seven sisters colleges such as Wellesley, Smith, Mount Holyoke, Barnard and Bryn Mawr? Useful information!

Please provide a link so that we can see the is gladiator true, entire table. Also, the table would be easier to read if it were formatted so that the top row with the headings does not scroll up. Thank you. Secondary schools need to do a better job counseling students toward a reasonable number of appropriate applications. Kids who apply to 20+ schools artifically inflate the Essay, pool and make everything more complicated. Giacomo? There#8217;s no reason any student should be applying to more than 8-10 schools. I say this as a college counselor at a Title I (i.e., high poverty) school in East Harlem, so I#8217;m not ignoring the importance of financial aid. Rebaseline Essay? I think this chart should be a real wake-up call for families as they go through the college planning process.

I have seen too many good students with a 4.0 or better and standards chartered bank, perfect test scores get rejected from Framework Essay many of the most competitive colleges. Students need to have a list of the united consisting schools to Rebaseline Essay which they apply that include at least three where their chances for is gladiator true, admission are good and where they feel they would be happy to attend. College admissions is a pretty unpredictable process. #8220;Unpredictable#8221; is a mild word! Our son got into most of the schools he applied to, including one Ivy and a smaller school that he#8217;s decided to attend on the west coast. Rebaseline Essay? But until the letters came back we had no clue as to where or whether he might get in. it was a blind lottery: send out the apps, shell out the fees, cross fingers, and true, then wait#8230;. Kids send out Rebaseline Framework Essay multiple applications due to the high degree of chartered bank uae randomness and Rebaseline, almost total uncertainty in the process. Good data. I found it difficult to search through however. The column and row headers should have been locked so that I wouldnt have to scroll all over to effects find my alma maters data points. And can you link to Rebaseline Framework an Excel spreadsheet version that allows me to manipulate the data to show best and worst extremes for each column?

Thanks! With so many rejected I wonder how much the average school charges for application fees. We went through this last year, and I can only say a year later that my son has found attending college to be much less stressful than applying to college which is sad. And in answer to a previous comment, many schools charge $50 to $100 per application. Gas? No wonder they are encouraging applicants as one of the Rebaseline Essay, help books we read pointed out, #8220;Have your son or daughter who scored 800 on the math SAT calculate 20,000 applications times $75.#8221; I think, regarding student counseling and admissions, students and parents would be well served to broaden their options from just the nation#8217;s top 30 (or so) universities. I was a student both at a small liberal arts university in Minnesota, and at an Ivy League school. I had an extraordinary education at the small university, easily equal to other schools I took classes and sought degrees at. More importantly, I found a degree of interaction and camaro gt, support from professors (thanks to a 9:1 student:faculty ratio) that I know my friends in Rebaseline, the Ivies never enjoyed. My undergraduate university falls well off the states has a dual, first page of the Rebaseline Framework Essay, U.S.

News listings for liberal arts colleges, and wouldn#8217;t probably be a first choice for students/parents obsessed with those ratings. That#8217;s a shame as the effects of mustard gas, school offered a great education, produced great men and women, and is still a good deal cheaper than a good portion of Rebaseline its competitors. I think there are plenty of great institutions that don#8217;t focus even ignore the rating systems game that good students miss as they scramble for a #8220;name#8221; institution. Had ratings been such a big deal in 1990, I may have looked elsewhere, and I believe I would have been worse off for it. While these numbers reflect one aspect of the standards chartered, admissions process and Framework, results, it is standards bank uae hardly the whole picture. In fact, I actually think it reflects the basic background information. Using the Harvard freshman book of Class of Framework Essay 2015 and going over profiles of hundreds of randomly selected students (this was not a scientific study), I am impressed by the sheer diversity of the backgrounds they represent. For a highly selective school like Harvard, they are definitely looking for and admitting students who bring #8220;something#8221; different to the student body. While certain level of academic proficiency and accomplishments are necessary (students after all have to giacomo be able to Rebaseline Framework Essay survive four years of Character and Environment Harvard), beyond certain basics, unique features of students seem to far outweigh pure academic prowess. My suggestion at least for Essay, people who endeavor to get into Harvard and the like put more emphasis on standards uae #8220;uniqueness#8221;.

A few examples: A Chinese student who grew up in Kenya and Thailand who knows Swahili. A Bulgarian Math Olympiad champion. A New Zealand math whiz who spent a couple years growing up on a medical missionary boat off the coast of Africa. A first student to attend from Zambia. A NJ student who spent some time teaching English to Palestinian kids in refugee camps in Rebaseline Essay, Lebanon under tense security conditions.

While not everyone comes such backgrounds, these are specific examples of those who are current freshmen at Harvard based on standards bank uae personal contacts. These are some of the Rebaseline Essay, #8220;competitors#8221; that the court system consisting of, applicants are being compared to. Thanks for Essay, the data. I#8217;m glad to see that so many colleges are willing to be as transparent as they have been with you. Hopefully students and their families can use the information the right way. Ok, Peter, #9, what#8217;s the dual system consisting, name of this great small school? Another vote for a reader-friendly and Rebaseline Framework, printer-friendly format. Would be nice to see this chart on a single page. If you click the #8220;view our admissions data in a new window#8221; you can copy and paste the effects of mustard gas, resulting data into an Excel spreadsheet for sortability. Admissions are a crock!

I entered college with a high school GPA of 2.23. Stupid as I was, I graduated from a top ten public university, with honors. I also discovered that where you attend is almost irrelevant at the under grad level if what you want is to educate yourself and not create a pretty resume or improve your connections. I#8217;ll be going to UChicago next year. College admissions is terrible because of how they#8217;re forcing kids to think less about Rebaseline Essay enjoying their childhood and focusing on being pre-professional as soon as they are 14 years old. Of course, this is assuming that you#8217;re shooting for is gladiator true, a top school- I honestly believe that whatever happens happens and that people end up finding their best fit. That school isn#8217;t always one ranked in the top-10 of USNWR or the lowest admit rate or whatever. But the Framework Essay, way we mindlessly seek prestige, parental/societal approval, and believe that the only way to be successful is by going to Character is Equally Genetics and Environment a #8216;top school#8217;, it#8217;s no wonder that more and Rebaseline Framework Essay, more bright and talented high schoolers are burning out before they even reach college.

I do hope you add more liberal arts colleges, such as Williams, Swarthmore, and true, Wellesley, to Rebaseline Framework Essay this list. Although these schools see a significantly smaller amount of applicants, they are just as important as the true, larger universities. This was a heart-breaking process for our daughter. She was among those with near-perfect test scores, high grades in the most challenging classes from a top private high school who was closed out Rebaseline Framework of the Ivy League. Character Is Equally Essay? Her essays were personal, funny and well-written. She had 12 consistent years of Essay extracurricular activity and service with multiple community performing arts groups, and giacomo, more than 500 service hours.

It seemed like she had the Rebaseline Framework Essay, entire package that all the most selective universities say they are looking for, and yet she was either rejected or wait-listed at all but three of the universities she applied to. She ended up at an excellent university closer to home that has everything she wants and is giving her a full-ride. Still, it#8217;s frustrating. I#8217;d like to know who DOES get into the Ivy League. Rizzolatti? Always great to see this information.

Can someone explain to me how a school like Washington and Lee, with an average class size of Rebaseline Framework Essay 450 students, can have over 2,000 applicants on effects of mustard gas the wait list? That is not a wait list it is a #8220;so sorry, but you were close though#8221; rejection letter. The problem for students applying to Rebaseline Essay the very highly selective schools is how to true know the chances of admission are #8220;good#8221;. I had thought that doing graduate work as a 16 year old high school senior would make my son a #8220;good#8221; candidate for admission to any university. Framework? This turned out to be incorrect as he was rejected by 5 out gas of the 6 universities to Rebaseline Framework Essay which he applied. I am still amazed that my son can successfully take graduate classes at the University of Chicago as a first year undergraduate, but not be admitted to camaro gt any other university.

One question on the number for denies and waitlist. Were both numbers provided or are you just deducing from the accepts and Rebaseline, other group? There tends to is gladiator be a lot of students who withdraw after being accepted ED to another school and others who don#8217;t complete an application, but are counted as an app. I think this group is Essay being added to the waitlists or denies. Vicki #8212; Your daughter sounds accomplished but not distinguished in is Equally and Environment, these applicant pools.

Being #8220;good enough#8221; is not good enough. In the end, it#8217;s important to find the right fit for Essay, your son/daughter. My son was just accepted to his first choice. It wasn#8217;t his first choice based on prestige (although it happens to be a top 10 school), but he could really see himself there. They had his major, his sport and a small school environment where he will thrive. He was rejected from 4 other schools, some not as prestigious. I do believe admissions officers take a lot of time to see if kids fit their school community. You can#8217;t be everything to everyone. I would counsel high school kids to work hard but focus on what they love.

There is a place out there for everyone and you#8217;ll be lots happier if you aren#8217;t trying to be something that you are not. I have a simple solution: Common Application needs to limit students to no more than ten colleges. Sure, students can still apply to other colleges directly, but not many are going to complete more than a few other applications. The UK limits the number of true programs students can apply to on UCAS; the US needs to follow suit. College Counselor in Massachusetts. Rebaseline Framework? It would be very very helpful if the admissions officials would reveal the criteria they use to decide who #8220;fits#8221; into their institutions community.

I think this single act could reduce the number of applications to Harvard by is Equally Genetics half, saving Harvard staff from reading 15,000 uncompetitive applications and the uncompetitive applicants a combined total of Framework Essay $1,125,000.00 in application fees.

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Nov 18, 2017 Rebaseline Framework Essay,


essay good topic Read the topic and sample essay, then study the comments. Rebaseline Essay! Click on the highlighted text for comments about academic writing conventions; click on effects of mustard, the notes in the margin for commentary on the essay. Birth rates are falling in Essay, developed countries. There is one simple reason for the united has a dual court consisting this - young people nowadays are just too selfish and too self-centred to have children. And this is particularly true of women. To what extent do you agree with this view? Support your argument with relevant readings and evidence. Countries in the developed world have seen a big shift in attitudes to population growth.

Several generations ago, it was generally believed that too many babies were being born, and that societies should try to reduce their populations. Nowadays, however, the concern is the reverse - that birthrates are falling too low and that urgent action is needed to encourage people to have more children. But what are the causes of this trend? And how much are the Rebaseline attitudes and lifestyles of effects gas, young people to blame? This essay will consider a number of explanations for Rebaseline the so-called baby crash.

My argument will be that to hold young people responsible is is gladiator neither valid nor helpful. The best explanation, I believe , is to Framework, be found in the condition of increased economic insecurity faced by the young. The birth rate has fallen dramatically in many parts of the world. To take several examples, in Europe in 1960, the total fertility rate (TFR) was about 2.6 births per female, but in 1996 it had fallen to 1.4 (Chesnais, 1998) . In many Asian countries, similar declines have been experienced. Japan now has a birthrate of only about 1.3, and Hong Kong#039;s has fallen to below 1.0 (Ichimura and Ogawa, 2000) . A TFR of below 2.0 means that a country#039;s population is not replaced, and thus there is a net population decline. This ageing of the is gladiator true population has the potential to create serious problems. Fewer children being born means that in the long term, a smaller proportion of the populace will be economically productive, whilst a larger proportion will be old and economically dependent - in the form of pension, health care and other social services.

Most experts agree that these greying societies will not be able escape serious social and economic decline in the future (Chesnais, 1998). So what are the causes of this trend and what can be done to Framework Essay, stop it? One common approach has been to lay the blame on is Equally Genetics and Environment, young people and their supposedly self-centred values. It is argued that in developed societies, we now live in a post-materialist age, where individuals do not have to be so concerned about basic material conditions to survive (McDonald, 2000a). Thus people, especially the young, have become more focussed on the values of self-realisation and the satisfaction of personal preferences, at the expense of traditional values like raising a family. Framework! A strong version of this view is put forward by Japanese sociologist, Masahiro Yamada (cited in Ashby, 2000) . He uses the term parasite singles to refer to grown children in the united states has a dual court consisting of, their 20s and 30s who have left school and are employed, but remain unmarried and continue live at home with their parents. Framework! These young people are spoilt, he says, and interested only in their own pleasure - mainly in the form of shopping.

According to of mustard, Yamada , it is this focus on self, more than any other factor, that is responsible for Rebaseline Japan#039;s languishing birth rate (Ashby, 2000). In other developed countries, there is a similar tendency for the young to remain at home enjoying a single lifestyle - and a similar tendency for older people to interpret this as selfishness (McDonald, 2000a). But is it reasonable to attribute the is gladiator baby crash to the pleasure-seeking values of the young? The problem with this view is Rebaseline Framework Essay that whenever young people are surveyed about their attitudes to standards uae, family, not only do they say they want to Rebaseline Framework, have children, they also express preferences for family sizes that are, on average, above the Character Genetics and Environment replacement level (McDonald, 2000a). As an example, McDonald quotes an Australian study that found that women aged 20-24 expected to have an average of 2.33 children in their lifetime. Findings like this suggest that the Rebaseline values of the is gladiator young are not at all incompatible with the Rebaseline idea of having a family. It seems then that, as young people progress through their twenties and thirties, they encounter obstacles along the way that prevent them from fulfilling their plans to be parents.

Some conservative thinkers believe the Genetics Essay main obstacle is the changed role and status of women (eg. Norton, 2003). According to this view, because young women now have greater educational and career opportunities than in Rebaseline Essay, previous generations, they are finding the idea of family and camaro gt, motherhood less attractive. Thus, educated middle class women are delaying marriage and childbirth or even rejecting motherhood altogether. Rebaseline Framework! It is effects of mustard claimed that women#039;s improved status - which may be a good thing in itself - has had the unfortunate consequence of threatening population stability. But there are several problems with this argument. For one, the lowest TFRs in Europe are found in Spain and Italy (around 1.2), both more traditional, male-oriented societies, which offer fewer opportunities to women. In comparison, Sweden which has been a leading country in advancing the rights of women enjoys a higher TFR (1.6 in 1996) - even though it is Essay still below replacement. Chesnais (1998: p. Rizzolatti! 99) refers to Rebaseline Framework, this contrast as the system of feminist paradox and concludes that empowerment of women [actually] ensures against a very low birth rate (my emphasis) . Another problem with trying to Framework, link improved education levels for women to low birth rates is that fertility in developed countries seems to be declining across all education and class levels. In a recent survey of Australian census data, Birrell (2003) found that, whereas the non-tertiary-educated group was once very fertile, its rate of partnering is now converging towards that of tertiary educated women.

We can summarise the discussion to this point as follows: Young people today, in spite of what#039;s said about their values, still express a desire to giacomo, have children. However, few end up having as many as they say they would like. The improved education and career opportunities for Framework Essay women does not seem to be the decisive factor in reducing the has a court consisting number of children that a woman has. These conclusions suggest that there must be something else involved.

Many writers are now pointing to Essay, a different factor - the economic condition of young people and their growing sense of insecurity. Peter McDonald (2000a) in his article #039;Low fertility in Australia: Evidence, causes and policy responses#039; discusses some of the things that a couple will consider when they are thinking of having a child. One type of thinking is what McDonald calls Rational Choice Theory, whereby a couple make an assessment of the relative costs and benefits associated with becoming a parent. In traditional societies, there has usually been an economic benefit in having children because they can be a source of labour to help the family. In developed societies, however, children now constitute an economic cost, and so, it is argued, the benefits are more of a psychological kind - for example, enjoying the status of being a parent, having baby who will be fun and will grow up to love you, having offspring who will carry on the family name etc. The problem, McDonald suggests, is that for many couples nowadays the economic cost can easily outweigh any perceived psychological benefits. McDonald (2000b) discusses another type of decision-making - Risk Aversion Theory - which he says is also unfavourable to the birth rate. According to Essay, this theory, when we make important decisions in our lives life, if we perceive uncertainty in Rebaseline Framework Essay, our environment, we usually err on the side of safety in uae, order to avert risk. Rebaseline Framework! McDonald points to a rise in economic uncertainty which he thinks has steered a lot of young people away from life-changing decisions like marriage and true, parenthood: Jobs are no longer lifetime jobs. There is a strong economic cycle of Rebaseline Framework, booms and busts.

Geographic mobility may be required for employment purposes (McDonald, 2000: p.15). Birrell (2003) focuses on of mustard, increased economic uncertainty for men. Referring to the situation in Australia, he discusses men#039;s reluctance to Framework, form families in terms of perceived costs and risks: Many men are poor - in 2001, 42 per is gladiator cent of men aged 25-44 earnt less than $32,000 a year. Only two-thirds of men in this age group were in full-time work. Framework! Young men considering marriage could hardly be unaware of the risks of marital breakdown or the camaro gt long-term costs, especially when children are involved (Birrell, 2003: p.12).

And Yuji Genda (2000) in Japan, responding to Yamada#039;s analysis of Framework, parasite singles, argues that the failure of young Japanese to leave home and camaro gt, start families is Essay not due to is Equally Genetics and Environment, self-indulgence, but is an understandable response to increasingly difficult economic circumstances. Essay! Genda (2000) notes that it is the giacomo rizzolatti young who have had to bear the brunt of the Rebaseline Essay decade long restructuring of the Japanese economy, with youth unemployment hovering around 10% and a marked reduction in secure full-time jobs for the young. Young people around the world seem to have an increasing perception of economic uncertainty and contemplate something their parents would have found impossible - a decline in living standards over their lifetime. According to a 1990 American survey, two thirds of respondents in the 18-29 age group thought it would be more difficult for gas their generation to live as comfortably as previous generations (cited in Framework Essay, Newman, 2000: p.505). Is Gladiator True! Furthermore, around 70% believed they would have difficulty purchasing a house, and around 50% were worried about their future. Findings like these suggest that the younger generation may be reluctant to have children, not because they have more exciting things to do, but because they have doubts about their capacity to provide as parents. If we accept that economics has played a significant role in young people choosing to have fewer babies, then the key to reversing this trend is for governments to take action to remove this sense of insecurity. A number of policy approaches have been suggested. Some writers have focussed on the need for better welfare provisions for families - like paid parental leave, family allowances, access to child care, etc (Chesnais, 1998).

Others have called for more radical economic reforms that would increase job security and raise the Rebaseline living standards of the young (McDonald, 2000b). It is hard to know what remedies are needed. States Dual Consisting Of! What seems clear, however, is that young people are most unlikely to reproduce simply because their elders have told them that it is selfish to do otherwise. Castigating the young will not have the effect of making them willing parents; instead it is likely to just make them increasingly resentful children. Ashby, J. (2000). Parasite singles: Problem or victims? The Japan Times. 7/04/02. Birrell, B. (2003).

Fertility crisis: why you can#039;t blame the blokes. The Age 17/01/03 p. 14. Chesnais, J-C. (1998). Below-replacement fertility in the European Union: Facts and Policies, 1960-1997. Review of Population and Social Policy, No 7, pp.

83-101. Genda, Y. (2000). A debate on Japan#039;s Dependent Singles, Japan Echo, June, 2000, pp. 47-56. Ichimura, S. and N. Ogawa (2000). Policies to meet the challenge of an aging society with declining fertility: Japan and other East Asian countries. Paper presented at the 2000 Annual Meeting of the Rebaseline Population Association of America, Los Angeles, USA. McDonald, P. (2000a). Low fertility in Australia: Evidence, causes and policy responses.

People and Place, No 8:2. pp 6-21. McDonald, P. Rizzolatti! (2000b). The toolbox of public policies to Rebaseline Framework Essay, impact on fertility - a global view. Paper prepared for the Annual Seminar 2000 of the European Observatory on Family Matters, Low Fertility, families and Public Policies, Sevilla (Spain), 15-16 September 2000. Norton, A. The United States Court System Consisting! (2003). Essay! Student debt: A HECS on fertility? Issue Analysis No 3. Melbourne: Centre for Independent Studies.

Newman, D. (2000). True! Sociology: Exploring the architecture of everyday life. Framework Essay! California: Pine Forge. Notice what the question is asking students to do - in this case saying how much they agree with the #039;view#039; in the topic. What do you think? Is this a reasonable explanation for the declining birthrate? Hint: always spend some time looking over and thinking about an essay topic before you start your planning and reading for uae it. Essay! As part of dual court of, this thinking, you should give some thought to what your position (argument) could be.

Notice how in the introduction, this student writer: introduces the Rebaseline Framework topic area in a general way (ie. declining birthrates) introduces the main issue to be covered in the essay (ie. why this is happening). Hint: there are many different ways you can begin an essay - if you are stuck, try beginning with i) and ii). In the rizzolatti last part of the introduction, the student introduces his argument. Notice how he disagrees with the explanation in Framework, the topic, and then offers an alternative explanation. Hint: in the introduction it is true always a good idea to state what you intend to argue.

In this paragraph, the student considers the first part of the topic - that birth rates have fallen. Essay! This is presented as background information. States Court Of! Notice how the student begins the Rebaseline Framework Essay paragraph with a claim (that the birth rate has fallen dramatically in many parts of the world) and then supports this with relevant evidence (statistics from Character is Equally Genetics Essay, Europe and Asia). Hint: in your writing be aware when you are making claims - be aware also of the need to support them with some evidence. After giving some background in paragraph 2, the Rebaseline Framework Essay student reminds the reader what the main issue is - why birthrates have declined?

Notice also that the student has seen the bank issue as a #039;problem#039; - and Framework, asks What can be done about it? Hint: always be aware what the main issue is you are addressing in your work. This paragraph mainly summarises the ideas of those who think young people are to blame for declining birthrates. Notice how in giacomo, the first part of the paragraph, these ideas are discussed in a general way. In the second part, the student focuses on Framework Essay, the ideas of a single writer (Yamada) as a specific example of this view. Hint: always try to find opportunities in the united states dual system consisting, your work to engage with the ideas of individual writers.

The previous paragraph was concerned with summarising some ideas. Notice how in this new paragraph, the student provides a critique of these ideas. Framework! (Recall the student#039;s argument in the introduction: . to hold young people responsible is neither valid nor helpful). Camaro Gt! Notice too that the student provides some supporting evidence for this critique - mainly from the work of Rebaseline Essay, McDonald. Hint: it is camaro gt quite OK to criticise the ideas of other writers - in fact many essay topics will specifically ask you to Rebaseline Framework, do this. But if you are going to states court consisting, be critical, you need to Rebaseline Framework, provide good reasons for your critique.

Recall that the topic suggested that young people were to blame for declining birthrates - and then went on states has a court system, to single out Rebaseline Framework Essay, women. In this paragraph, the student takes up this gender issue. Hint: aim to structure your essays so that all issues in the topic are covered - and in some logical sequence. In this paragraph the student seeks to dismiss the view that young women are to blame. (There are several problems with this argument).Notice that the student then goes on to explain these problems (For one. ; Another problem is that . ). Hint: the providing of a well-organised critique is something your lecturers will value highly in your work. Recall the is gladiator second part of the Rebaseline Framework Essay student#039;s argument stated in the introduction: The best explanation is to be found in the condition of increased economic insecurity faced by the young.

The student now elaborates on this part of the argument. Hint: remember that the argument is the key to any essay you write. In the body of your essay, you need to camaro gt, be sure that your argument comes through clearly. Providing evidence for the argument. The student is arguing that economic insecurity experienced by young people is the main reason why the birthrate is in decline. Notice how in the rest of the essay, he seeks to support this argument with various forms of evidence. Rebaseline! The student presents a range of evidence: several theories discussed by McDonald some research by Birrell comments by Genda results of a US survey. Hint: it is important to have an argument in your essay.

But it is equally important to provide support for Character Genetics and Environment what you are arguing. Your essays will be judged mainly on your ability to do these two things. There are a number of things happening in the conclusion. Framework Essay! In the first sentence, the student restates his argument - if we accept that. . He then goes on to discuss what could be done to deal with the problem. In broad terms this is giacomo rizzolatti a discussion of the implications of the students#039; argument. Notice also how the student mentions the negative implications of the blaming approach. Hint: a conclusion that only restates the argument can be a bit uninteresting. Framework Essay! You might also like to bank uae, consider the implications of your argument - but you should do this briefly.

Think: I have argued for this position - so what might follow on Framework Essay, from this. You may have noticed that this essay is quite tightly structured. Its paragraph structure can be set out thus: Introduction Background to issue Explanation point 1 - summary student#039;s critique Explanation point 2 - summary student#039;s critique Student#039;s alternative explanation - Evidence 1 - Evidence 2 - Evidence 3 Conclusion. Hint: always try to map out a structure for your essay. Do this before you do too much writing. You may have noticed that the essay is free of spelling, typographical and camaro gt, grammatical errors. Hint: always read your work very carefully before you submit it.

Avoid doing your editing on the screen. Always print out and edit from a hard copy. Note in the references section, you need to Essay, list all the texts you have referred to (cited) in the essay - not all the texts you have read, as some students mistakenly believe. Of Mustard Gas! Notice that the sample essay refers to a total of nine texts. This is Rebaseline Essay a good number, and indicates that the student has done a fair amount of reading. Hint: try to include a reference to most of the texts that you read for an essay - so that you can build up a reasonable list of references. Of course, all references have to be relevant to rizzolatti, your argument. Notice how the student uses I in his essay: The best explanation, I believe, is. And in the previous sentence, another first person pronoun is Rebaseline used: My argument is that . Some students have the impression that they are not allowed to use these words in their written work. But in fact they can often be found in academic writing.

In general, the chartered best place to use them is in the introduction - when you are presenting your argument. But if you are concerned that it is not OK to use I, you can use other expressions - which avoid self-reference, but which mean much the same thing, e.g. This essay will argue that . Remember though, that the really important issue is not the words you use to present your argument - but that your essay actually has a clear argument. Try to keep your paragraphs a reasonable length. (Most paragraphs in Rebaseline, this essay are around 7-8 sentences long.) Citations are used to indicate the giacomo rizzolatti source of the Rebaseline Framework ideas you have used in your essay. Note that there are two main citation systems: the author-date system (also known as Harvard); the footnote system (also known as Oxford). In this essay, the the united states has a dual court of author-date system has been used. (Always check which system is required in each of your subjects.) Citation 2 (Ichimura and Ogawa, 2000) Citations can be set out in Essay, a number of ways.

One method is to is gladiator, present some information and then provide the citation immediately after it to indicate the Rebaseline Framework source. These are known as #039;information-prominent#039; citations eg: Japan now has a birthrate of only about 1.3, and Hong Kong#039;s has fallen to below 1.0 (Ichimura and Ogawa, 2000). Other formats are considered further on. Citation 3 Masahiro Yamada (cited in Ashby, 2000) This citation means that the student is dealing with the Essay ideas of Yamada, but actually read about them in Rebaseline, Ashby#039;s text. Whilst you should make an effort to read ideas in their original form, this is not always possible. In such cases, use the #039;cited in#039; format. When you are summarising the ideas of standards chartered, a writer, you need to use reporting expressions like the ones used here: He [Yamada] uses the term . According to Yamada.

You use these to distance yourself from certain language. Framework Essay! eg. when you are using an is Equally informal expression, or a term used by others that you don#039;t necessarily agree with. In this paragraph, the student wants to reject the view in the topic - that young people#039;s selfishness is to blame for Rebaseline Framework Essay the declining birthrate. Notice how he does this in a careful way, by using expressions like: Findings like this suggest that . It seems then that . Being careful about the way you express your claims is a distinctive feature of academic style. When you quote an author (like Chesnais here) you need to use quotation marks, and indicate the exact page number in the citation. Sometimes you may need to change the wording of the quote slightly so that it fits into your sentence. If you need to add/change any words, use [ ]; if you need to delete words, use . (Whilst it is OK to change the wording of a quote, you must never change its sense.) Use italics when you want to emphasise a word. (When you do this in rizzolatti, a quote, you need to Rebaseline Framework Essay, indicate that it is your emphasis.) It#039;s OK to use dot points in an essay (or numbered points here), but use them very sparingly. Citation 4 Peter McDonald (2000a) . discusses.

Notice how in some citations the author can be part of the sentence: Peter McDonald (2000a) . discusses some of the things etc. Character Is Equally Essay! This is known as an #039;author-prominent#039; citation and Framework Essay, is very common in academic writing. Notice the giacomo use of reporting verbs in this citation type (discusses). Use #039;inverted commas#039; for the title of an article. Use italics for the title of a book.

Notice some of the other reporting expressions used in Framework, the student#039;s summary of Peter McDonald#039;s ideas: . Camaro Gt! what McDonald calls. . McDonald points to Framework Essay, . . which he thinks. It#039;s very important to make it clear to your reader when one paragraph ends and Character is Equally Genetics Essay, a new one begins. In this paragraph (#9), there is Rebaseline Essay some potential for confusion. Notice how the student has used indenting to make this clear. Quotes of more than one sentence in length should be separated from the main text. Notice how these are indented and bank, are in a slightly smaller font.

Again you should indicate the page number. You only have to provide a separate list of references when you use the author-date system. Entries should be set out in alphabetical order. Each entry should generally be set out in the following order and format: Author family name, Initial. (date). Title. Place: Publisher. It is becoming increasingly common for Rebaseline Framework Essay students to refer to sources from the world wide web in their essays. In addition to providing author and title of site, you need to include: the URL for the site when you accessed the site. Although web references can be very useful, you obviously need to exercise some caution - there is a lot of true, junk around. Check all sites carefully to be sure the information provided has credibility (.edu and .org sites are generally the more reliable). Problems?

Questions? Comments? Please provide us feedback.

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Nov 18, 2017 Rebaseline Framework Essay,


essay lise meitner Lise Meitner (1878-1968) helped to develop the theory behind nuclear fission, and Rebaseline became the first woman professor in Germany. The prototypical female scientist of the early twentieth century was a woman devoted to her work, sacrificing family and is gladiator true personal relationships in favor of science; modestly brilliant; generous; and Rebaseline underrecognized. In many ways Austrian-born physicist Lise Meitner embodies that image. In 1938, along with her nephew Otto Robert Frisch, Meitner developed the theory behind nuclear fission that would eventually make possible the creation of the atomic bomb. She and lifelong collaborator Otto Hahn made several other key contributions to the field of nuclear physics. Although Hahn received the is gladiator Nobel Prize in Rebaseline Framework, 1944, Meitner did not share the honorone of the more frequently cited examples of the sexism rife in the scientific community in the united states has a consisting of, the first half of this century. Elise Meitner was born November 7, 1878 to an affluent Vienna family.

Her father Philipp was a lawyer and her mother Hedwig travelled in the same Vienna intellectual circles as Sigmund Freud. Essay? From the true early years of her life, Meitner gained experience that would later be invaluable in combattingor overlookingthe slights she received as a woman in a field dominated by men. Rebaseline Essay? The third of eight children, she expressed interest in pursuing a scientific career, but her practical father made her attend the Elevated High School for Girls in dual court system of, Vienna to earn a diploma that would enable her to teach Frencha much more sensible career for a woman. Framework Essay? After completing this program, Meitner's desire to become a scientist was greater than ever. In 1899, she began studying with a local tutor who prepped students for the difficult university entrance exam.

She worked so hard that she successfully prepared for the test in two years rather than the average four. Shortly before she turned twenty three, Meitner became one of the few women students at the University of Vienna. At the rizzolatti beginning of her university career in 1901, Meitner could not decide between physics or mathematics; later, inspired by her physics teacher Ludwig Boltzmann, she opted for the latter. In 1906, after becoming the second woman ever to earn a Ph.D. in physics from the University of Vienna, she decided to stay on Rebaseline Essay, in Boltzmann's laboratory as an assistant to his assistant. This was hardly a typical career path for a recent doctorate, but Meitner had no other offers, as universities at states dual consisting of the time did not hire women faculty.

Less than a year after Meitner entered the professor's lab, Boltzmann committed suicide, leaving the future of the research team uncertain. In an effort to recruit the noted physicist Max Planck to take Boltzmann's place, the university invited him to come visit the Rebaseline Essay lab. Although Planck refused the offer, he met Meitner during the visit and talked with her about quantum physics and radiation research. Inspired by this conversation, Meitner left Vienna in the winter of has a dual court 1907 to Framework Essay, go to the Institute for Experimental Physics in Berlin to study with Planck. Soon after her arrival in Berlin, Meitner met a young chemist named Otto Hahn at rizzolatti one of the weekly symposia. Hahn worked at Berlin's Chemical Institute under the Rebaseline Essay supervision of Emil Fischer, surrounded by organic chemistsnone of giacomo rizzolatti whom shared his research interests in Rebaseline Framework, radiochemistry. Four months older than Hahn, Meitner was not only intrigued by the same research problems but had the chartered training in Essay, physics that Hahn lacked. Unfortunately, Hahn's supervisor balked at giacomo the idea of allowing a woman researcher to Rebaseline Essay, enter the is gladiator true all-male Chemical Institute.

Finally, Fischer allowed Meitner and Hahn to Rebaseline Essay, set up a laboratory in a converted woodworking shop in Character is Equally Genetics, the Institute's basement, as long as Meitner agreed never to enter the higher floors of the building. This incident was neither the first nor the last experience of sexism that Meitner encountered in Rebaseline Framework Essay, her career. According to camaro gt, one famous anecdote, she was solicited to Essay, write an article by Character Genetics and Environment Essay, an encyclopedia editor who had read an article she wrote on the physical aspects of radioactivity. When she answered the letter addressed to Framework Essay, Herr Meitner and explained she was a woman, the editor wrote back to the united states has a dual system, retract his request, saying he would never publish the Framework Essay work of a woman. Even in her collaboration with Hahn, Meitner at times conformed to gender roles. Is Gladiator? When British physicist Sir Ernest Rutherford visited their Berlin laboratory on his way back from the Nobel ceremonies in 1908, Meitner spent the day shopping with his wife Mary while the two men talked about their work. Within her first year at the Institute, the school opened its classes to women, and Meitner was allowed to roam the building. For the most part, however, the early days of the collaboration between Hahn and Framework Meitner were filled with their investigations into the behavior of beta rays as they passed through aluminum. Standards Bank Uae? By today's standards, the laboratory in which they worked would be appalling. Hahn and Meitner frequently suffered from headaches brought on by their adverse working conditions. In 1912 when the Kaiser-Wilhelm Institute was built in the nearby suburb of Dahlem, Hahn received an appointment in the small radioactivity department there and invited Meitner to join him in his laboratory.

Soon thereafter, Planck asked Meitner to lecture as an assistant professor at the Institute for Theoretical Physics. The first woman in Germany to hold such a position, Meitner drew several members of the news media to her opening lecture. When World War I started in 1914, Meitner interrupted her laboratory work to volunteer as an Rebaseline Framework X-ray technician in the Austrian army. True? Hahn entered the German military. The two scientists arranged their leaves to coincide and Framework Essay throughout the war returned periodically to Dahlem where they continued trying to discover the precursor of the element actinium. By the end of the war, they announced that they had found this elusive element and named it protactinium, the missing link on the periodic table between thorium (previously number 90) and uranium (number 91). A few years later Meitner received the Leibniz Medal from the Berlin Academic of Science and the Leibniz Prize from the camaro gt Austrian Academy of Science for Framework Essay, this work. Shortly after she helped discover protactinium in giacomo, 1917, Meitner accepted the job of establishing a radioactive physics department at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute. Hahn remained in the chemistry department, and the two ceased working together to concentrate on research more suited to their individual training.

For Meitner, this constituted a return to beta radiation studies. Throughout the Framework 1920s, Meitner continued her work in rizzolatti, beta radiation, winning several prizes. In 1928, the Association to Rebaseline Essay, Aid Women in Science upgraded its Ellen Richards Prizebilling it as a Nobel Prize for womenand named Meitner and chemist Pauline Ramart-Lucas of the Essay University of Rebaseline Essay Paris its first recipients. In addition to the awards she received, Meitner acquired a reputation in physics circles for some of her personal quirks as well. Years later, her nephew Otto Frisch, also a physicist, would recall that she drank large quantities of strong coffee, embarked on ten mile walks whenever she had free time, and would sometimes indulge in piano duets with him. By middle age, Meitner had also adopted some of the mannerisms stereotypically associated with her male colleagues.

Not the least of of mustard gas these, Hahn later recalled, was absent-mindedness. On one occasion, a student approached her at a lecture, saying they had met earlier. Knowing she had never met the student, Meitner responded earnestly, You probably mistake me for Professor Hahn. Meitner and Hahn resumed their collaboration in 1934, after Enrico Fermi published his seminal article on transuranic uranium. The Italian physicist announced that when he bombarded uranium with neutrons, he produced two new elementsnumber 93 and 94, in a mixture of Rebaseline Framework lighter elements. Meitner and Hahn joined with a young German chemist named Fritz Strassmann to camaro gt, draw up a list of all the substances the heaviest natural elements produced when bombarded with neutrons. In three years, the three confirmed Fermi's result and Rebaseline Framework expanded the list to include about ten additional substances that resulted from bombarding these elements with neutrons. Meanwhile, physicists Irene Joliot-Curie and Pavle Savitch announced that they had created a new radioactive substance by bombarding uranium by neutrons. The French team speculated that this new mysterious substance might be thorium, but Meitner, Hahn, and Strassmann could not confirm this finding. No matter how many times they bombarded uranium with neutrons, no thorium resulted.

Hahn and Meitner sent a private letter to the French physicists suggesting that perhaps they had erred. Although Joliot-Curie did not reply directly, a few months later she published a paper retracting her earlier assertions and said the substance she had noted was not thorium. Current events soon took Meitner's mind off these professional squabbles. Although her father, a proponent of cultural assimilation, had all his children baptized, Meitner was Jewish by birth. Because she continued to maintain her Austrian citizenship, she was at first relatively impervious to the political turmoil in Weimar Germany.

In the mid-1930s she had been asked to stop lecturing at the university but she continued her research. When Germany annexed Austria in 1938, Meitner became a German citizen and began to look for a research position in an environment hospitable to is Equally Genetics and Environment, Jews. Her tentative plans grew urgent in the spring of Rebaseline Framework 1938, when Germany announced that academics could no longer leave the country. Colleagues devised an of mustard elaborate scheme to smuggle her out of Germany to Stockholm where she had made temporary arrangements to work at the Institute of the Academy of Rebaseline Framework Essay Sciences under the Character is Equally Genetics and Environment sponsorship of Essay a Nobel grant. By late fall, however, Meitner's position in Sweden looked dubious: her grant provided no money for equipment and assistance, and the administration at the Stockholm Institute would offer her no help. Christmas found her depressed and court system vacationing in a town in the west of Sweden. Back in Germany, Hahn and Strassmann had not let their colleague's departure slow their research efforts. Framework? The two read and reread the paper Joliot-Curie had published detailing her research techniques.

Looking it over, they thought they had found an explanation for camaro gt, Joliot-Curie's confusion: perhaps instead of finding one new substance after bombarding uranium, as she had thought, she had actually found two new substances! They repeated her experiments and indeed found two substances in the final mixture, one of which was barium. This result seemed to suggest that bombarding uranium with neutrons led it to split up into a number of Rebaseline smaller elements. Hahn immediately wrote to Meitner to share this perplexing development with her. Meitner received his letter on her vacation in bank, the village of Kungalv, as she awaited the arrival of Rebaseline her nephew, Frisch, who was currently working in Copenhagen under the direction of physicist Niels Bohr.

Frisch hoped to discuss a problem in his own work with Meitner, but it was clear soon after they met that the only thing on her mind was Hahn and Strassmann's observation. Meitner and Frisch set off for Essay, a walk in the snowy woodsFrisch on skis, with his aunt trotting alongcontinuing to puzzle out Rebaseline Framework Essay, how uranium could possibly yield barium. When they paused for a rest on is gladiator, a log, Meitner began to posit a theory, sketching diagrams in Rebaseline Essay, the snow. If, as Bohr had previously suggested, the nucleus behaved like a liquid drop, Meitner reasoned that when this drop of a nucleus was bombarded by neutrons, it might elongate and divide itself into two smaller droplets. The forces of electrical repulsion would act to prevent it from maintaining its circular shape by forming the nucleus into standards chartered uae a dumbbell shape that wouldas the bombarding forces grew strongersever at Rebaseline Framework Essay the middle to yield two dropletstwo completely different nuclei.

But one problem still remained. When Meitner added together the weights of the resultant products, she found that the sum did not equal the weight of the original uranium. The only place the missing mass could be lost was in energy expended during the is gladiator true reaction. Frisch rushed back to Copenhagen, eager to test the revelations from their walk in the woods on his mentor and boss, Bohr. He caught Bohr just as the scientist was leaving for an American tour, but as Bohr listened to what Frisch was urgently telling him, he responded: Oh, what idiots we have been.

We could have foreseen it all! This is Rebaseline Framework Essay, just as it must be! Buoyed by Bohr's obvious admiration, Frisch and Meitner spent hours on a long-distance telephone writing the paper that would publicize their theory. At the effects suggestion of a biologist friend, Frisch coined the word fission to describe the splitting of the nucleus in a process that seemed to Framework, him analogous to cell division. The paper On the Products of the Fission of Uranium and Thorium appeared in Nature on is Equally Genetics Essay, February 11, 1939. Rebaseline? Although it would be another five and effects of mustard a half years before the American military would successfully explode an atom bomb over Hiroshima, many physicists consider Meitner and Frisch's paper akin to Rebaseline, opening a Pandora's box of atomic weapons. Physicists were not the only ones to view Meitner as an important participant in states has a court system consisting, the harnessing of Framework Essay nuclear energy. After the bomb was dropped in 1944, a radio station asked First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt to conduct a transatlantic interview with Meitner. Camaro Gt? In this interview, the two women talked extensively about the implications and future of nuclear energy. After the war, Hahn found himself in one of the more enviable positions for Essay, a scientistthe winner of the 1944 Nobel prize in chemistryalthough, because of the war, Hahn did not accept his prize until two years later.

Although she attended the ceremony, Meitner did not share in the honor. But Meitner's life after the war was not without its plaudits and bank pleasures. Framework Essay? In the early part of effects of mustard gas 1946, she travelled to America to visit her sisterworking in Framework, the U.S. as a chemistfor the first time in decades. While there, Meitner delivered a lecture series at Catholic University in Washington, D.C. In the following years, she won the Max Planck Medal and was awarded numerous honorary degrees from both American and European universities. In 1966 she, Hahn, and the united has a Strassmann split the $50,000 Enrico Fermi Award given by the Atomic Energy Commission. Unfortunately, by this time Meitner had become too ill to travel, so the Rebaseline Framework chairman of the A. E. C. delivered it to states has a system of, her in Cambridge, England, where she had retired a few years earlier. Meitner died just a few weeks before her 90th birthday on Rebaseline Essay, October 27, 1968.

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