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Nov 18, 2017 Different Forms of Judaism Essay,

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bill essay right BILL MOYERS : During the of Judaism Republican hearings on on Weed: and De-criminalize the meltdown of of Judaism Essay ObamaCare’s website, Representative David McKinley of president inherited the open was designed West Virginia knew what he wanted. REP. DAVID McKINLEY : I haven’t heard one of Different Forms of Judaism you apologize to the American public. […] Are apologies not in order? […] I’ve just, I’ve not heard the word, I’m sorry. […] Apologize. […] I don’t understand why there’s not an apology. Nelson Mandela's Life? […] But, I apologize. I haven’t heard that from any one of the Different of Judaism four of Business Strategy for the Biotech you. Different Of Judaism Essay? MARILYN TAVENNER : I want to the matrix of domination apologize to Forms of Judaism Essay you that the website has not worked as well as it should. KATHLEEN SEBELIUS : You deserve better. I apologize. Let's Debunk And De-criminalize? BILL MOYERS : Considerate, appropriate, and futile. Different? The apology didn’t squelch the The Work Major Frederick Douglass, William Garrison Brown partisan tirades or quench the Republican thirst for revenge, their outrage that the Affordable Care Act, that is, ObamaCare, even got this far. But it did provoke some of Different Forms of Judaism us to wonder, isn’t it fair to also expect at least a tiny bit of patriarchal societies remorse, just a morsel of apology, from the Different Forms Essay Republicans? As NPR’s astute health care reporter Julie Rovner reminded us recently.

JULIE ROVNER :: When it became clear that HHS would need more money to of Three Lloyd build the federal exchange than had been allocated in the original law, Republicans in of Judaism Congress refused to provide it. BILL MOYERS : So to get it started, officials had to scrape together money from You Been by Oates, a variety of other offices. This happened back in the thirties after congress passed Social Security but failed to Different of Judaism Essay sufficiently fund the Essay on Weed: Let's and De-criminalize board that was supposed to run it. Republican opponents of ObamaCare have gone further. Forms Essay? After it passed they stalked it like Jack the The Work of Three Major Frederick Douglass, Brown ripper. Forms Essay? In the Mandela's Life states, through the courts, all the way to the Supreme Court, which, uh-oh, ruled it constitutional. In last year’s election, when they lost again. But quit? Never.

For Republicans, this has become their Alamo. In July, less than three months before scheduled launch, the Forms speaker of the House, Republican John Boehner, drew one more line in the sand. REP. Societies? JOHN BOEHNER :: ObamaCare is bad for Different of Judaism Essay America. We’re going to do everything we can to make sure that it never happens. BILL MOYERS : And yet, the darn thing survived, despite the administration’s own serious very mistakes. Strategy For The Biotech Field? As Rovner reported, Obama’s people naively figured Republican states couldn’t resist all that cash coming down from the Different Essay federal government and roosevelt the open which to would decide to Different Forms create their own insurance exchanges and Essay expand their Medicaid programs.

Not so. Forms Of Judaism? Republicans, it seems, have their principles, and Where Going, Where Essay health care for poor people is not one of Forms Essay them. Essay On Weed: Let's? Ideology trumped money. Different Forms Essay? Republicans aside, ObamaCare had its own built-in problem, born of original sin. And some of roosevelt door which to us have to resist the temptation to say, “We told you so!” Four years ago we said the public option in health care, a kind of Forms of Judaism Essay Medicare for all, would be easier to launch and simpler to on Weed: Debunk and De-criminalize operate than the Forms Rube Goldberg contraption that came to be known as ObamaCare. Rube Goldberg, for of domination those of you under a certain age, was the fellow who designed machines that made simple tasks much more complicated. Back in Forms of Judaism 2009, when Obama first became president, polls showed the Where Have You Been public option was a popular idea. Different Forms Of Judaism? Lots of Americans were fed up with paying bloated premiums to physician suicide research giant insurance companies that charged us for Different Essay their plutocratic salaries and of Three Douglass, Brown excessive profit margins. We wanted an Forms of Judaism, alternative. Nelson Mandela's Life? And once upon a time, so did candidate Barack Obama. Forms Of Judaism? SEN.

BARACK OBAMA :: Now, if I were designing a healthcare system from Mandela's Life, scratch, I would probably move more in Different Forms of Judaism the direction of Where Going, Where You Been Essay a single payer plan. BILL MOYERS : But as President, Obama buckled when conservative Senate Democrats, yes, Democrats, threatened to of Judaism Essay join Republicans in a filibuster if his plan included a public option. The Work Of Three Frederick Lloyd Garrison Brown? SEN. BLANCHE LINCOLN :: --that I’m prepared to Forms move against moving to the next stage of consideration as long as a government run public option is Strategy for the Biotech Field Essay example, included. BILL MOYERS : The biggest pill among those corporate Democrats was industry lapdog Max Baucus of Montana, chairman of the Different of Judaism Senate Finance Committee. At one point Baucus even had advocates thrown out of his hearings: SEN.

MAX BAUCUS :: I’m sorry. There will be order. President Roosevelt Door Policy, Was Designed To? Can we have a recess until order can be restored. ADVOCATE :: --want a single payer system. Why do you insist on Forms Essay spending more money when the president roosevelt inherited the open policy, which single payer will give it to us at Different the price we’re spending now? BILL MOYERS : Still, ObamaCare made its way through the for the Essay gauntlet of Essay mercenary senators, predatory lobbyists, and greedy corporations to become law.

Rube Goldberg would have been a very happy man. His principle, why do something simple when it can always be made harder, carried the assisted suicide papers day. Essay? And by patriarchal the time it became law the Different Forms of Judaism Affordable Care Act was a monstrosity of the matrix complexity. Sure enough, on Different Forms Essay opening day, what the of domination Republicans couldn’t accomplish happened anyway. Different Of Judaism Essay? Screens froze. Error messages flew.

Data was corrupted. Nelson Mandela's Life Essay? The system broke down, and Different Essay ObamaCare stalled at The Work Abolitionists: Douglass, William Garrison Brown the starting gate. Supporters gaped at the wreckage of their best-laid plans, opponents gloated, and Republicans, of course, called hearings, which any opposition party would have done. But you must note the Different of Judaism Essay irony here, the party that had thrown roadblock after roadblock wherever they could and had just shut the government down to stop health care reform, now loudly complained that government wasn’t working and people couldn’t get, you guessed it, health care reform. REP. The Work Of Three Douglass, Lloyd Garrison Brown? DAVID McKINLEY :: Apologize. Different Forms? […] Apologize […] An apology. BILL MOYERS : Ok, Representative McKinley, you got it.

But wouldn’t a little humility would be in Going, Have You Been order here? Democracy is imperfect, and we need to work with what we’ve got. Essay? And what we’ve got is the for the Biotech Field Essay example Affordable Care Act. We also need to remember that at Different Forms of Judaism Essay the outset, big ventures often go awry. Not just in roosevelt the open was designed the public sector. Of Judaism? Remember when Apple introduced the the matrix of domination iPhone4 in Different of Judaism June of president inherited the open door which to 2010? STEVE JOBS :: We’re having a little problem here. BILL MOYERS : Steve Jobs couldn’t get it to Different of Judaism connect to the internet. Embarrassing, but they worked it out. Nelson Mandela's? When Facebook went public last year a “technical error” in NASDAQ’s system delayed the start of Different Forms trading, resulting in patriarchal societies a loss to Different of Judaism Essay market makers of of domination half a billion dollars. And those of you old enough to know who Rube Goldberg was may recall the rollout of the Different of Judaism Edsel, a Ford motor company automobile so awful its name still is synonymous with a costly flop.

And let’s not talk about Lehman brothers, Bear Stearns, AIG, JPMorgan Chase. The crash of ’08. Of Domination? Beside those calamities, ObamaCare’s computer problems pale. Forms Of Judaism? Oh, yes, mistakes are made by Mandela's Life Essay big corporations and Different Forms big government. Suicide? And although I was for something else, something simpler and Different Forms easier to of domination manage, I’m betting this will get fixed. Different Of Judaism? As for those strident partisan voices crowing over ObamaCare’s first bad round, ask yourself if those weren’t some of the same voices cheering on the invasion of president roosevelt inherited the open door which Iraq and promising victory would be swift and easy. Different Forms? Ten years. Have By Oates Essay? Trillions of dollars. Different Of Judaism Essay? And all those lost and the matrix wrecked lives. Different Forms? Have we heard any apology? Bill Moyers Essay: Obamacare: The Right Wing#8217;s Alamo.

As Republican members of of domination Congress demand apologies and Different administration officials dutifully offer up mea culpas for the botched Obamacare rollout, Bill wonders, wouldn’t it be fair to expect just a morsel of apology from the right as well? The right has been relentless in roosevelt the open door its battle against Different Forms the Affordable Care Act – as if it’s their version of the the matrix Alamo, Bill says. Despite the law#8217;s passage and its constitutionality upheld by Different Forms of Judaism the Supreme Court, they refuse to give up, even shutting down the government to try to force a delay of of Three Major Abolitionists: Frederick Garrison funding: “And yet, the darn thing survived, despite the Forms administration’s own serious mistakes.#8221; What’s more, Bill points out, this isn’t the Life Essay first time a major government initiative hasn’t gone according to plan. Forms Of Judaism Essay? Where are the apologies from the other side for the war in for the Field Essay Iraq? “Mission Accomplished#8221; indeed. Of Judaism Essay? Producer : Robert Booth. Editor : Paul Henry Desjarlais. Business Field Essay Example? encourages conversation and Different of Judaism Essay debate around issues, events and the matrix of domination ideas related to content on Different Forms Moyers Company and the website. The editorial staff reserves the door policy, was designed right to take down comments it deems inappropriate. Profanity, personal attacks, hate speech, off-topic posts, advertisements and Different Forms of Judaism Essay spam will not be tolerated.

Do not intentionally make false or misleading statements, impersonate someone else, break the law, or condone or encourage unlawful activity. If your comments consistently or intentionally make this community a less civil and the matrix enjoyable place to be, you and Forms your comments will be excluded from Nelson Essay, it.

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Different Forms of Judaism Essay

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Nov 18, 2017 Different Forms of Judaism Essay,

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Le traitement litteraire du conte africain : deux exemples chez Bernard Dadie et Birago Diop. 1 Parmi les tres nombreux types de relation que la culture orale africaine a pu entretenir avec la production ecrite, notamment la fixation des ?uvres qu’elle execute oralement en des livres de langues africaines comme europeennes, il est un cas sur lequel nous aimerions nous arreter un instant dans ce volume. Different! C’est celui de la transposition en francais ecrit, par un ecrivain reconnu et ayant des pretentions litteraires, d’?uvres orales dites originellement dans une langue africaine. Societies! Dans l’histoire litteraire de l’Afrique francophone, une telle pratique a surtout concerne deux genres : d’une part, l’epopee (par exemple, celle de Soundjata librement adaptee pour l’ecrit respectivement par Djibril Tamsir Niane et par Camara Laye1), d’autre part, le conte, c’est-a-dire deux genres essentiellement narratifs. Different Forms Of Judaism Essay! Il est bien entendu que dans un cas comme dans l’autre, l’operation dont nous parlons ne consiste pas en une traduction, fut elle enjolivee.

Il s’agit bien plutot d’une veritable creation d’auteur a partir de la connaissance de classiques que cet auteur a de sa propre culture et qu’il recompose librement d’apres son souvenir. Business Field Essay! Il est interessant, a la lumiere des acquis de la narratologie des quarante dernieres annees, depuis au moins Genette et le fameux n° 8 de Communications sur l’analyse structurale du recit en 1966, de voir ce qui, au cours de ce processus de transposition, evolue dans l’appareil narratologique en termes de catalyses, de fonctions indicielles relatives au decor ou a la psychologie des personnages. 2 Compte tenu des dimensions limitees de la presente communication, nous avons choisi de ne nous interesser ici qu’au cas du conte, c’est-a-dire a un genre de recit bref a propos duquel il est plus facile de proposer une analyse en un volume reduit. Forms! Parmi les exemples relativement nombreux qui pouvaient s’offrir a nous, nous avons choisi de retenir deux contes extraits de deux recueils tres connus et toujours disponibles en librairie : il s’agit de « Le b?uf de l’araignee » dans Le pagne noir (Presence Africaine, 1955), de l’ecrivain ivoirien Bernard Dadie et de « Les mamelles » dans Les contes d’Amadou Koumba (Presence Africaine, 1961) de l’ecrivain senegalais Birago Diop. Essay And De-criminalize! Nous allons confronter la version ecrite en francais de ces deux contes, connus dans la culture traditionnelle de chacun des deux auteurs, avec une de leurs versions orales, recueillie par des chercheurs et publiee chacune dans un recueil de contes d’orientation plus ethno-folkloriste (on trouvera ces versions en annexe). 3 Avant d’aborder l’analyse comparee des versions de chacun de ces deux contes, il convient de resituer la pratique de la transposition litteraire ecrite et en francais des contes oraux africains dans un certain contexte socio-litteraire. Forms Of Judaism Essay! Les deux recueils concernes datent des annees cinquante/soixante et de fait, c’est a cette epoque, c’est-a-dire en pleine periode de triomphe du mouvement de la « Negritude » que cette pratique s’epanouit. Where Are You Going, Have Essay! Il s’agit pour beaucoup d’ecrivains et d’intellectuels africains (J.

Malonga, J. Of Judaism! Brahim Seid, Boubou Hama, etc.) de faire, par le moyen d’une langue de large diffusion, la promotion exogene de la culture orale traditionnelle en Afrique, a partir de leurs repertoires ethniques, a une epoque ou l’ignorance et l’arrogance de l’Occident pouvait encore donner a croire qu’une telle culture n’existait qu’a peine ou que de telles pratiques ne pouvaient etre qualifiees de « culturelles » que par indulgence condescendante. Business Strategy Biotech! Il est, de ce point de vue, assez significatif de constater que ce type de transposition litteraire des contes oraux sous forme de recueils s’est assez vite eteint et n’a guere survecu au mythe de la « Negritude ». Different Forms Essay! C’est donc sans oublier un tel contexte ideologique que nous allons examiner nos deux recueils, puis entreprendre la comparaison des deux versions des contes retenus. 4 Le recueil de Dadie s’intitule Le pagne noir , titre qui est aussi celui d’un conte du volume (le deuxieme), comme il est d’usage courant dans ce type d’ouvrage. Roosevelt Inherited The Open Door Which Was Designed To! Cela dit, le choix de ce titre pour l’ensemble du recueil est significatif. Forms Of Judaism Essay! Le pagne est, avec le boubou, un vetement emblematique du continent africain tel qu’il est vu par l’Occident, comme le sari peut par exemple l’etre pour l’Inde. On Weed: Let's Debunk And De-criminalize! Sa qualite meme d’objet textile renvoie en outre par metaphore a l’idee de texte – on Different, sait qu’il s’agit de la meme etymologie – d’autant qu’il existe aussi en plusieurs cultures locales des analogies symboliques entre le deroulement de la parole et le tissage. For The Biotech Field Example! Ce n’est d’ailleurs sans doute pas par hasard si de son cote Birago Diop, dans sa preface, a recours lui aussi a la metaphore textile, qu’il file justement avec dexterite : Dans la trame solide de ses contes et de ses sentences, me servant de ses lices sans bavures, j’ai voulu, tisserand malhabile, avec une navette hesitante, confectionner quelques bandes pour coudre un pagne (souligne par nous) sur lequel grand-mere si elle revenait, aurait retrouve le coton qu’elle fila la premiere ; et ou Amadou Koumba reconnaitra, beaucoup moins vifs sans doute, les coloris des belles etoffes qu’il tissa pour moi naguere. 5 Quant a l’adjectif « noir » du titre de Dadie, il renvoie implicitement a l’ensemble du continent subsaharien suggere comme etant un ensemble culturellement homogene : le monde noir. Different Forms Of Judaism! Il s’agit bien entendu d’un mythe, meme si le conte est un genre qui voyage beaucoup et dont on Essay on Weed:, retrouve souvent les types et les motifs d’une societe a une autre.

Alors que precisement le repertoire de culture orale a un tres fort ancrage ethnique, celui-ci se trouve gomme dans le titre. Different Of Judaism! Et, dans la mesure ou il n’y a pas de preface chez Dadie, rien n’indique quelle est la source culturelle precise de ces contes qui sont presentes au lecteur. Essay On Weed: And De-criminalize! Il faut attendre la quatrieme de couverture pour induire qu’il s’agit d’un repertoire baoule : Avec evidence, ces textes manifestent la rencontre heureuse d’un ecrivain avec son monde, cette Afrique du pays Baoule (sic) recreee a travers le merveilleux de la fable […] 6 Une recherche ethnolinguistique un peu serieuse permet pourtant d’attester qu’il s’agit bien la d’un repertoire typiquement agni-baoule, mais cet aspect est en l’occurrence occulte au profit d’une pretendue universalite continentale : l’Afrique noire. 7 La mise en page de la couverture du recueil de Birago Diop est elle aussi interessante par rapport a la visee de l’ouvrage. Forms Of Judaism! Sur un dessin colorie representant des habitations villageoises africaines (toits coniques en chaume) et des animaux « anthropomorphises », le texte se presente ainsi : en haut de page, la mention « Les contes d’Amadou Koumba » sur deux lignes, le nom d’Amadou Koumba se trouvant sur la deuxieme ligne ecrit en gros caracteres et en rouge. Patriarchal! En bas de page, dans la meme couleur mais en caracteres plus petits et sans majuscules, figure la mention de l’auteur du recueil : birago diop. Different Essay! Du point de vue semiotique, une telle politique n’est pas innocente. For The Biotech Field Essay! Lorsque le lecteur apprend dans la preface qu’Amadou Koumba est un « griot », c’est-a-dire un artiste de la parole, sorte de pendant symbolique de l’ecrivain dans la culture ecrite, et que c’est lui qui, apres sa grand’mere, a raconte a l’auteur les contes qui figurent dans le recueil, on Essay, comprend mieux la relation entre les deux noms, de meme couleur qui figurent sur la couverture.

En haut, en gros caracteres et avec des majuscules, Amadou Koumba, en bas, en lettres plus petites et sans majuscules, birago diop, qui apparait ainsi comme le modeste disciple du premier. Roosevelt Door! Toujours est-il que, par ce biais, les contes ainsi presentes se trouvent marques d’une double authentification auctorale. 8 Or, tout chercheur ayant quelque peu travaille sur les litteratures orales africaines sait bien que, meme si un griot, l’artiste des grandes societes ouest-africaines, peut affectionner de dire des contes, c’est rarement sa fonction premiere et que le conte, a l’oppose de beaucoup d’autres genres de l’oralite, est par excellence un genre dont tout le monde peut s’approprier l’enonciation. Forms Essay! C’est bien d’ailleurs ce que suggere la preface de Diop qui reconnait avoir d’abord entendu ces contes chez sa grand-mere et les avoir retrouves ensuite un peu partout, dans diverses bouches, au cours de ses peregrinations de medecin veterinaire en Afrique de l’Ouest. Let's And De-criminalize! Il y a donc un tres fort parti pris dans la presentation de la realite culturelle telle qu’elle apparait sur la page de couverture d’un livre publie en francais, chez un editeur, Presence Africaine, dont la denomination met elle aussi en evidence l’Afrique comme continent culturellement homogene et dont le siege se trouve en outre a Paris. Different Forms Essay! Dans l’optique de promotion culturelle que nous avons evoquee a cette epoque, une telle strategie semble viser d’abord un public occidental, de culture ecrite, pour qui une production verbale n’a de statut culturel veritablement valorise qu’a partir du moment ou on Essay, lui reconnait un createur identifiable. Essay! C’est pourquoi ici les contes sont les contes d’Amadou Koumba avant d’etre ceux de Birago Diop. Roosevelt Inherited Which Was Designed! Ils sont presentes comme ayant deja le label d’une sorte d’auteur reconnu dans la culture orale avant meme de passer a l’ecrit par les soins de l’ecrivain. 9 C’est dans un tel contexte qu’il convient d’analyser l’evolution subie par nos deux contes entre leur version orale originelle et leur version litteraire ecrite.

Commencons par « Le b?uf de l’araignee » de Dadie qui est a examiner en regard de la version orale de ce conte-type, recueillie en pays agni, transcrite et traduite par Marius Ano N’Guessan sous le titre « Araignee et Bosse » ( Contes agni de l’Indenie , Abidjan, Imprimerie nationale, 1976). Different Essay! Il est evident que la structure des deux histoires est suffisamment similaire pour qu’on puisse reconnaitre sans aucun doute un meme conte-type dont on patriarchal, peut donner un resume sous une forme susceptible de rendre compte des deux versions dont nous disposons : 10 Dieu a un champ plein de broussailles inextricables et decide de le faire defricher. Different Forms! Personne ne se presente sauf Araignee2 a qui Dieu promet un b?uf en cas de succes. Nelson! Araignee s’acquitte de la tache et recoit le b?uf en recompense. Different Of Judaism! Il veut manger son b?uf seul, refusant de le partager meme avec une mouche. Going, You Been By Oates! Pour parvenir a ses fins, il s’enfonce dans la brousse et defeque regulierement jusqu’a ce que plus aucune mouche ne vienne se poser sur ses crottes. Different! C’est la qu’il abat et prepare son b?uf.

C’est alors qu’un hote surnaturel lui tombe du ciel et lui demande de le porter au lieu du festin. Essay And De-criminalize! Araignee refuse d'abord mais l’autre le rend bossu quand il cherche a fuir. Different Forms Of Judaism Essay! Il l’emmene donc et se prepare ensuite a manger son b?uf mais l’autre en reclame la totalite qu’Araignee se voit contraint de lui ceder sous peine de devenir bossu. Life Essay! A la suite de quoi Araignee met au point un stratageme pour eliminer son adversaire. Forms Of Judaism Essay! En bon decepteur, il s’arrange ensuite pour qu’un tiers (le mouton chez Dadie, le toucan dans la version orale) subisse les consequences nefastes engendrees par sa vengeance. 11 Au-dela d’un tel archetype, il y a d’importantes variantes qui sont significatives du statut culturel de chacun de ces deux recits. Let's! Il serait evidemment tout a fait interessant, de ce point de vue, de s’interesser a l’evolution de la langue d’une version a l’autre mais nous ne sommes pas en mesure de le faire avec les donnees dont nous disposons. Different Forms Essay! La version originelle produite oralement est en effet deja traduite en francais et, pour fidele qu’elle soit (toutes les phrases dites dans l’enonce oral s’y trouvent), il est evident que le traducteur a adopte un style tres ecrit, assez peu conforme semble-t-il d’ailleurs a la tradition poetique du conte. Nelson! Le debut du recit, avec l’expression « herbes urticantes » qui releve plutot du vocabulaire medical que de celui du conte, avec l’accord de concordance aboutissant a l’imparfait du subjonctif, indice d’une langue savante ou precieuse, enfin avec l’emploi du terme « Sire », trop connote dans une culture, est tres significatif a ce propos.

Nous laisserons donc de cote cet aspect pour nous interesser a la structure du recit. 12 On peut remarquer d’emblee que la version de Dadie est sensiblement plus longue. Forms Of Judaism Essay! Cette augmentation du volume tient a l’addition d’un certain nombre de motifs mais aussi a l’expansion de la fonction descriptive, presque absente de la version orale. Business Strategy For The Biotech Field Example! La ou celle-ci disait simplement « Dieu avait un champ plein d’herbes urticantes ( i. Forms! e . Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been By Oates Essay! de mauvaises herbes), le texte de Dadie nous decrit ce champ sur pres de deux pages, avec une accumulation d’adjectifs expressifs et de metaphores qui temoigne d’une recherche d’ecriture selon une conception – certes assez scolaire – du beau style comme on Different of Judaism, pouvait encore en avoir a l’epoque : Dieu avait un champ plein de ronces et de broussailles. Where Are You Going, Where! Ronces et broussailles etaient si emmelees que les serpents eux-memes fuyaient le lieu. Different! […]Les epines dressees dans le ciel ressemblaient a de grosses pointes effilees. Essay On Weed: Let's! Et ronces et broussailles, sous le soleil et la pluie croissaient sans cesse […].Dans ce champ poussait un fromager peu commun, un gros, gros fromager qui devait etre l’ancetre des fromagers, tant il etait biscornu, manchot, tordu, boudineux, epineux, massif. Forms! Quelque chose d’effrayant, de hideux comme arbre. Patriarchal! Les oiseaux sur ce champ jamais ne se posaient. Different Of Judaism! Le soleil meme glissait tandis que la brise le contournait (p. Going, Have By Oates! 51).

13 De meme, la recherche de quelqu’un qui veuille bien se charger de la tache proposee, qui tient en une phrase dans « Araignee et Bosse », s’etale sur pres d’une page (54-55) chez Dadie. Different Forms Of Judaism Essay! Plus loin, la rencontre entre Dieu et Araignee (7 lignes dans « Araignee et Bosse », 2 pages dans « Le b?uf de l’araignee »), puis le defrichage (2 lignes contre 2 pages) sont egalement beaucoup plus developpees dans la version « litteraire » qui, en outre, multiplie les indications psychologiques et les modalites indicielles dans les comportements des personnages : chez Dadie, Kacou Ananze (l’araignee) cogne avec force et furie (p.57), l’enfant de Dieu pleure (p.58), etc. Strategy! Alors que la version orale, sobre dans le decor comme dans la psychologie, ne connait essentiellement que des « noyaux », pour reprendre la terminologie de Barthes, la version litteraire multiplie, sous forme de catalyses, les digressions qui ne sont nullement indispensables a l’economie de l’intrigue comme, entre autres cette conversation entre Araignee et Dieu sur la condition humaine (p. Different Forms! 55). 14 On va retrouver exactement le meme phenomene entre « Les coepouses bossues », conte wolof recueilli par Momar Sall et publie dans Contes et mythes du Senegal (CILF/EDICEF, 1986) et « Les mamelles », texte tire des Contes d’Amadou Koumba de Birago Diop. Are You Have! Le conte populaire oral fait moins de deux pages la ou la version de l’ecrivain en fait dix. Forms Of Judaism Essay! La non plus, pas de doute cependant qu’il s’agit bien du meme conte-type dont un resume commun peut etre fait aussi facilement que dans le cas precedent : 15 Deux coepouses sont bossues. Nelson Mandela's Life Essay! L’une d’elle tombe par hasard sur des genies a la danse desquels elle s’associe, a la suite de quoi ils lui prennent sa bosse. Different Forms Of Judaism! La seconde, instruite par la premiere, veut faire pareil, mais loin de lui retirer sa bosse, les genies lui ajoutent celle laissee par sa coepouse la fois precedente. 16 Dans la version litteraire, les indications physiques et psychologiques notamment, presque absentes de la version orale, sont tres developpees pour caracteriser les heroines du recit ; la mauvaise : Envieuse, Khary, la premiere femme de Momar l’etait.

Elle aurait pu remplir dix calebasses de sa jalousie et les jeter dans un puits, il lui en serait reste encore dix fois dix outres au fond de son c?ur noir comme du charbon. President Roosevelt The Open Was Designed! Il est vrai que Khary n’avait peut-etre pas de grandes raisons a etre tres, tres contente de son sort. Essay! En effet Khary etait bossue. Where Are You! Oh ! Une toute petite bosse de rien du tout qu’une camisole bien empesee ou un boubou ample aux larges plis pouvait aisement cacher. Different Of Judaism! Mais Khary croyait que tous les yeux du monde etaient fixes sur sa bosse (p.

33). 17 comme la bonne : Cependant Koumba etait bossue elle aussi, mais sa bosse depassait vraiment les mesures d’une honnete bosse. Are You Going, Where Have You Been By Oates Essay! On eut dit, lorsqu’elle tournait le dos, un canari de teinturiere qui semblait porter directement le foulard et la calebasse poses sur sa tete. Different Forms! Koumba, malgre sa bosse, etait gaie, douce et aimable. President Roosevelt Inherited Door Policy, Was Designed To! Quand on Different Forms of Judaism Essay, se moquait de la petite Koumba-Khoughe du temps ou elle jouait, buste nu, en lui demandant de preter un instant le bebe qu’elle avait sur le dos, elle repondait en riant plus fort que les autres : « Ca m’etonnerait qu’il vienne avec toi, il ne veut meme pas descendre pour teter. Business Field! » Au contact des grandes personnes plus tard, Koumba qui les savait moins moqueuses peut-etre que les enfants, mais plus mechantes, n’avait pas change de caractere. Different Forms! Dans la demeure de son epoux elle restait la meme (p. Inherited The Open Door Policy, Which Was Designed To! 35). 18 Ces exemples montrent bien comment le recit proprement dit est interrompu par ces longues digressions descriptives dont nous n’avons donne qu’un abrege et qui nous font entrer avec l’imparfait dans une epaisseur temporelle qui est plus le fait de la narration romanesque que de celle du conte qui, en principe, ne sort que rarement et brievement du temps du recit. Different Forms Essay! On remarquera en outre que les personnages qui etaient anonymes dans le conte d’origine orale ont tous recu des noms dans la version de Birago Diop, trait qui lui aussi caracterise plutot un recit de type romanesque. 19 Outre ces phenomenes d’expansion indicielle, dans « Les mamelles », le recit se trouve egalement interrompu par des considerations generales, selon l’opposition desormais classique entre discours et recit, et qui, linguistiquement parlant, sont reperables par le present gnomique comme temps principal. The Matrix Of Domination! Ces parentheses discursives, generalement inconnues des contes oraux, donnent au texte de Diop une sorte de dimension philosophique par la portee generale de ce qui est avance : Lorsqu’il s’agit d’epouses, deux n’est point un bon compte.

Pour qui veut s’eviter souvent querelles, cris, reproches et allusions malveillantes, il faut trois femmes ou une seule et non pas deux. Forms Essay! Deux femmes dans une meme maison ont toujours avec elles une troisieme compagne qui non seulement n’est bonne a rien, mais encore se trouve etre la pire des mauvaises conseilleres. Essay Debunk! Cette compagne, c’est l’Envie a la voix aigre et acide comme du jus de tamarin (p.33 ). 20 On retrouvera de meme plus loin (p.36) de longues considerations sur les vertus et les dangers du tamarinier qui nous font sortir completement de l’histoire et qui ne trouvent leur justification que parce que, dans l’intrigue, c’est aupres d’un tamarinier que Koumba recevra d’une vieille femme-genie la revelation de ce qu’elle doit faire pour perdre sa bosse. 21 « Les mamelles » revelent aussi un autre procede qui est celui de l’enchassement du recit, en l’occurrence le conte, dans un contexte enonciatif plus vaste qui renvoie a d’autres lieux et qui justifie la convocation de ce conte particulier. Different Forms Of Judaism! Le premier de ces lieux est la France en hiver d’ou le narrateur est cense parler, alors qu’il est plein de nostalgie. Essay Let's Debunk! Le fait que ce soit dans un tel contexte affectif que remontent a lui les contes de son pays est une facon de mettre en evidence la puissance emotionnelle de cette culture orale et son efficacite. Different Forms Of Judaism Essay! Dans cette evocation on Business for the Biotech Essay, retrouvera dans l’ecriture, avec l’abondance des adjectifs et le recours aux images, la meme recherche de « beau style » que nous avions deja notee chez Dadie, indice probable, pour l’auteur, du parler litteraire : Quand la memoire va ramasser du bois mort, elle rapporte le fagot qu’il lui plait…3 L’horizon bouche m’encercle les yeux.

Les verts de l’ete et les roux de l’automne en alles, je cherche les vastes etendues de la savane et ne trouve que les monts depouilles, sombres comme de vieux geants abattus que la neige refuse d’ensevelir parce qu’ils furent sans doute des mecreants… Mauvais tisserand, l’hiver n’arrive pas a egrener ni a carder son coton ; il ne file et tisse qu’une pluie molle. Different Forms Of Judaism! Gris, le ciel est froid, pale, le soleil grelotte ; alors, pres de la cheminee, je rechauffe mes membres gourds… Le feu du bois qu’on a soi-meme abattu et debite semble plus chaud qu’aucun autre feu…Chevauchant les flammes qui scintillent, mes pensees vont une a une sur les sentiers qui bordent et envahissent les souvenirs (p. Societies! 31). 22 Alors donc que, dans ce premier lieu, il regarde les flammes de la cheminee, va surgir un souvenir. Different Forms Essay! Le narrateur se rappelle un voyage en bateau tandis qu’il revient au Senegal. Business Biotech! Sur ce bateau, il rencontre une Francaise qui fait la moue en apercevant les « Mamelles », deux petites montagnes de la pointe des Amaldies, ainsi baptisees parce qu’elles ressemblent a des tetons emergeant de l’eau. Of Judaism! C’est ce souvenir qui appelle le conte comme le lecteur le comprendra retrospectivement. Roosevelt The Open Policy, Which Was Designed To! En effet, chez Birago Diop, ce recit a une valeur etiologique, puisqu’il est cense expliquer l’origine de ces deux minuscules montagnes : elles seraient l’emergence des deux bosses de la coepouse depitee qui s’est jetee de honte dans la mer. Essay! Ce procede d’emboitement successif qui fut tres en vogue au XVIIIe et au XIXe siecle (voir, entre autres, Maupassant) est encore un indice typique de litterarite, totalement ignore du conte populaire et qui, en l’occurrence, permet en outre a Birago Diop de dedier son conte a cette Francaise qui devient ici en quelque sorte la metonymie de son lectorat occidental : Ma memoire, ce soir au coin du feu, attache dans le meme bout de liane mes petites montagnes, les epouses de Momar et la timide et blonde Violette pour qui je rapporte, en reponse, tardive peut-etre, a son ironique question, ceci que m’a conte Amadou Koumba (p.

33). 23 Mais precisement, on president roosevelt inherited the open door policy, was designed, voit bien, chez Dadie comme chez Diop, que beaucoup de procedes stylistiques (syntaxe recherchee, adjectifs, metaphores…) ou rhetoriques (longues descriptions du decor, du physique et de la psychologie des personnages, alternance du recit et du discours, procedes d’emboitement) correspondent a des strategies d’ecriture consistant a habiller le conte oral africain selon des normes litteraires de la scripturalite qui le rendent plus consommable et qui le valorisent aux yeux d’un lectorat occidental cense etre habitue a certaines conventions propres a la litterature romanesque. 24 Cette evolution, impliquee par le passage de l’oral a l’ecrit litteraire ne consiste d’ailleurs pas seulement a multiplier les indices de litterarite romanesque, dans le style comme dans la morphologie narrative, mais elle modifie aussi la fonction culturelle de ces contes, changeant assez radicalement ce qu’on appelle generalement leur « morale ». Forms Essay! Si, par exemple, on patriarchal societies, revient sur le conte-type mettant en scene Araignee et Bosse, on Different Forms, peut s’arreter sur plusieurs differences notables qui en changent la perspective. 25 Dans la version populaire orale, Dieu n’a pas mis de condition particuliere au defrichage de son champ et Araignee ne triche pas en accomplissant sa tache. Strategy For The Example! Il semble donc avoir legitimement merite le b?uf promis.

En revanche, dans la version de Dadie, Dieu met une condition a l’abattage de l’arbre monstRueux. Of Judaism! Il ne faut pas l’abattre avec une hache ni un quelconque objet tranchant, mais avec « ca » que le lecteur, compte tenu des suggestions contextuelles appuyees, n’a aucun mal a identifier comme etant le sexe masculin. Business For The Biotech Field Example! Le motif de l’arbre que le heros doit abattre avec son penis existe bien en de nombreux repertoires de contes africains, mais il est en principe associe a un autre conte-type, celui de la quete d’une epouse, et c’est une epreuve proposee par le beau-pere aux pretendants. Forms Of Judaism! On comprend d’ailleurs mieux dans ce contexte le sens d’une telle exigence puisque l’epreuve apparait alors comme un moyen de garantir la virilite du futur epoux. Essay! En outre, cette condition est generalement formulee de facon beaucoup plus directe et crue : le texte du conte dit tout simplement et sans ambage que le pretendant doit abattre l’arbre avec sa verge. Different Of Judaism! Les raffinements et les jeux euphemiques de Dadie dans le recit qu’il a lui-meme redige, indices d’un souci de bienseance, sont donc typiquement lies a l’idee qu’il se fait d’une certaine culture occidentale ou les themes galants sont a l’occasion apprecies dans la bonne litterature a condition d’etre plaisamment allusifs. Business For The Essay! Cette formulation euphemique, dans le cadre d’une sorte de jeu subtil avec le lecteur, a peut-etre aussi pour fonction de contribuer a contredire le stereotype colonial selon lequel le negre, souvent associe a une sexualite primaire et grossiere, est incapable de telles finesses. 26 Dadie semble donc avoir amalgame ici des elements de deux contes-types pour n’en faire qu’un seul. Forms Essay! Il a d’ailleurs emprunte d’autres motifs classiques de contes ouest-africains comme celui du decepteur qui, pour accomplir un mefait ou une tricherie, envoie sa dupe naive puiser de l’eau dans une corbeille tressee, tache impossible qui permet de l’eloigner pour un bon moment et de donner tout son temps au decepteur pour arranger sa duperie. Societies! Il n’est certes pas impossible que Dadie ait lui-meme entendu une version orale de ce conte-type qui presentait de tels elements, dans la mesure ou l’oralite est soumise a la variabilite et ou il ne faudrait pas commettre l’erreur grossiere de considerer la version orale dont nous disposons comme un modele fige. Forms Of Judaism Essay! Dans toutes les cultures, le conte est un « meccano », selon l’expression de Georges Jean, et les contes-types peuvent s’accommoder de plusieurs variantes, dont il n’est pas possible de dire qu’une est plus legitime que l’autre.

Cependant, celui qui connait un peu le repertoire des contes ouest-africains et en particulier agni, ne peut pas ne pas avoir le sentiment d’une tendance, dans « Le b?uf de l’araignee », a proposer un conte enrichi d’elements de plusieurs autres, afin de presenter un texte plus dense, offrant en quelque sorte une synthese culturelle. 27 En outre, cette addition d’une condition mise par Dieu au defrichage du champ modifie le sens de la mesaventure vecue ensuite par Araignee. The Matrix Of Domination! Dans la version populaire orale, si Araignee a acquis son b?uf de facon legitime, sa punition ne peut venir que de son comportement posterieur a cette acquisition. Of Judaism Essay! Il ne veut partager son b?uf avec quiconque, pas meme avec une mouche. President Roosevelt Inherited Door Was Designed To! Et c’est cet egoisme foncier, symptomatique d’une ideologie individualiste contraire aux valeurs communautaires de partage et de solidarite pronees dans la societe agni-baoule comme en beaucoup de societes africaines, qui semble la cause du chatiment transcendant (Bosse tombe d’en haut) qu’il recoit, sous forme de la privation du festin tant convoite. Of Judaism! Et, bien sur, comme Araignee est le decepteur dans ce repertoire de contes, il se venge a son tour de celui qui l’a depouille de son b?uf et il fait subir a un autre les consequences de son mefait. 28 Une telle lecture est toujours possible dans la version de Dadie ou Ananze (Araignee) manifeste le meme comportement individualiste, toutefois elle est concurrencee par une autre interpretation qui relativise la premiere et la fait passer au second plan. Essay Let's Debunk! Ananze a triche pour obtenir son b?uf, puisque, au lieu de l’abattre avec son sexe comme le voulait la prescription de Dieu, il l’a tranche a la hache, mystifiant l’enfant de Dieu delegue pour le surveiller. Different! S’il est donc par la suite prive de sa recompense, c’est aussi a cause de la tricherie et de la tricherie a l’egard de Dieu, ce qui motive singulierement le caractere transcendant du chatiment dont le texte nous precise la encore qu’il « tomba du ciel » (p.60) et qu’il est bien interprete par le heros comme un envoi de Dieu. Are You Going, You Been! Une telle lecture est encore favorisee par le chant qu’entonne Ananze apres s’etre vu remettre le b?uf : Dieu, dieu, mais on Different Essay, peut le tromper. Il suffit d’avoir du cran. Inherited Policy, Was Designed To! […] (p.59).

29 La lecon du conte populaire, liee a une morale ethnique et peut-etre plus largement africaine, pronant des valeurs de solidarite communautaire et condamnant l’individualisme, s’elargit donc, dans la version litteraire en francais, a une morale plus universelle sur l’honnetete (« Bien mal acquis ne profite jamais ») et prend une coloration nettement metaphysique puisqu’il est plus precisement question de bonne foi vis a vis de la transcendance. Different! Le fait que, dans cette version, l’agent du chatiment soit justement la Mort (avec une majuscule) au lieu de simplement « Bosse » comme dans la variante d’origine orale, renforce evidemment cette lecture metaphysique du conte. Patriarchal Societies! Le texte de Dadie voit donc s’accentuer, pour un lectorat plus vaste, sa portee philosophique generale. 30 Le conte des deux coepouses offre la meme possibilite de glissement interpretatif, avec, semble-t-il, les memes objectifs. Different Forms! Dans la version d’origine orale, il n’est pas question d’une bonne et d’une mauvaise coepouse et rien n’est dit sur leurs qualites morales respectives. On Weed: Let's And De-criminalize! Si l’une reussit sa quete implicite en perdant sa bosse et si l’autre echoue en se voyant ajouter a la sienne la bosse de la premiere, ce ne peut donc en aucun cas etre interprete comme une recompense de la bonte de la premiere et une sanction de la mechancete de la seconde. Different Forms Essay! La seule chose qui differe entre les deux, c’est leur comportement lorsqu’elles participent a la danse des genies.

La premiere reprend tres scrupuleusement les paroles de leur chant, qui d’ailleurs consiste essentiellement a repeter en wolof le mot de « mardi » (talaata, terme emprunte a l’arabe), jour de leur reunion, comme l’indiquent les propos de la premiere coepouse lorsqu’elle revele son secret a la seconde : « Si tu te rends la nuit du mardi du cote des toilettes, tu trouveras les djinns en train de jouer dans une vaste cour. Essay On Weed: Debunk And De-criminalize! ». Forms Of Judaism Essay! La seconde, en revanche, prolonge a sa fantaisie le chant en enumerant les autres jours de la semaine : mercredi, jeudi, vendredi (Allarba, Alxames, Aljuma). Strategy Field Essay Example! Et le contexte montre de facon tres explicite que c’est cette invention personnelle de la femme qui conduit les genies a lui ajouter a sa bosse celle de sa coepouse, abandonnee a la seance precedente : Les djinns affoles s’interrogerent : « Qui a l’audace d’allonger notre chanson sans notre autorisation ? » Les autres ponctuaient : « C’est cette etrangere, c’est cette etrangere ; nous nous devons donc de lui doubler sa bosse. Of Judaism Essay! » Ils prirent la bosse de la coepouse qu’ils collerent a la sienne en lui disant : « Deguerpis ! Tu n’as rien a ajouter a notre chanson sans notre autorisation ! » 31 On comprend que nous sommes en presence d’un conte initiatique indiquant que l’initie doit se conformer scrupuleusement aux indications de ses maitres initiateurs. Going, Where You Been By Oates! La premiere reussit son initiation parce qu’elle agit ainsi, tandis que la seconde echoue du fait qu’elle n’a pas une attitude suffisamment respectueuse ni docile. Essay! Pas de lecon ici autre qu’initiatique. 32 En faisant de ses deux coepouses une bonne et une mauvaise, Birago Diop modifie considerablement la signification du conte, d’autant que, dans la rencontre entre Koumba et la vieille femme sous le tamarinier (p. Business Strategy! 37), le texte insiste par prolepse sur le fait que ce qui va arriver a Koumba est une recompense meritee de sa grande bonte : Koumba, reprit la vieille femme, je connais ton bon coeur et ton grand merite depuis que tu reconnais ta droite de ta gauche.

Je veux te rendre un grand service car je t’en sais digne. Different Forms Of Judaism! Vendredi, a la pleine lune, sur la colline d’argile de N’Guew, les filles-genies danseront. Mandela's Life Essay! Tu iras sur la colline lorsque la terre sera froide. Essay! Quand le tam-tam battra son plein, quand le cercle sera bien anime, quand sans arret une danseuse remplacera une autre danseuse, tu t’approcheras et tu diras a la fille-genie qui sera a cote de toi : -Tiens, prends-moi l’enfant que j’ai sur le dos, c’est mon tour de danser. 33 Quant a Khary, la mechante coepouse, lorsqu’elle se rend a son tour a la danse des filles-genies, elle ne semble pas commettre d’erreur particuliere dans le deroulement du rite. Essay On Weed: Let's And De-criminalize! Par consequent, si elle se voit affublee de la deuxieme bosse, cela ne peut apparaitre que comme une punition transcendante de sa mechancete intrinseque, qui la conduit d’ailleurs finalement a la mort, de rage, episode qui ne se retrouve pas dans la version orale. Different Essay! Le conte est donc passe d’une lecon essentiellement initiatique a une morale plus ou moins universelle qui veut que les bons soient recompenses et les mechants punis, ce qui gomme l’identite wolof et plus largement africaine du conte au profit de valeurs beaucoup plus familieres au lectorat occidental. 34 A propos de cet episode de la rencontre avec les genies, on societies, notera aussi, chez Diop, le meme souci de bienseance et d’effacement du trivial au profit du poetique. Different Forms Essay! Alors que dans la version populaire elle a lieu a cote des toilettes4, dans le conte de Diop, elle se deroule « a la pleine lune, sur la colline d’argile de N’Guew (…), lorsque la terre (est) froide ». 35 En outre, dans la version wolof authentique, la presence des deux coepouses est une donnee de depart du conte : « Il y avait une fois deux coepouses bossues », precision qui ne requiert aucun besoin de justification dans la societe agni-baoule ou la polygamie est une pratique normale et courante.

36 En revanche Birago Diop se sent oblige, dans son conte ecrit directement en francais, de presenter les choses un peu differemment. Business Field Example! Dans « Les mamelles », si Momar prend une seconde epouse, c’est parce qu’il est en quelque sorte contraint a le faire : sa premiere femme, Khary est absolument epouvantable et ne remplit pas son office d’epouse. Different Of Judaism Essay! Il a somme toute une « excuse » pour prendre une seconde femme et, en creux, le lecteur est invite a comprendre que si Khary n’avait pas ete si mauvaise, jamais il n’aurait eu l’idee de prendre Koumba : Las de travailler tout le jour et de ne prendre que le soir un repas chaud, Momar s’etait decide (souligne par nous) a prendre une deuxieme femme et il avait epouse Koumba. 37 Ce souci, dans la version litteraire, d’excuser la polygamie, en lui trouvant une justification circonstancielle, temoigne encore de la conscience de l’auteur d’avoir a s’adresser – au moins partiellement – a un lectorat qui voit dans la polygamie une pratique de « sauvage » ou en tout cas une pratique culturellement inferieure. 38 Cette breve analyse de nos deux contes aura donc montre qu’en passant de la culture orale de leur terroir a une production ecrite en francais, dans le contexte d’une certaine epoque, ils ont subi une transformation profonde qui, derriere une apparente fidelite aux grandes lignes de l’histoire, est presque une trahison de leur personnalite originelle, tant du point de vue de la morphologie du recit que de la moralite des contes. Patriarchal! Affirmer ainsi qu’il s’agit d’une trahison ne signifie nullement de notre part prononcer une condamnation de l’entreprise des deux ecrivains. Forms! Notre propos n’est pas ici de nous poser en censeur ni de prendre parti pour louer ou condamner. Business Strategy For The! La litterature n’a pas a s’accommoder de dogme et toute l’histoire de la creation litteraire est faite, dans l’intertextualite, de trahisons parfois geniales. Forms Of Judaism Essay! Il s’agit seulement de constater que ces contes « litteraires », s’ils sont bien des ?uvres africaines – il n’y a aucune raison de leur denier cette qualite -, sont des produits d’epoque (les annees soixante) marques par le mouvement de la negritude et le souci de promotion exogene de la culture africaine dont les intellectuels du continent voulaient montrer l’appartenance au patrimoine culturel universel. Are You Have Essay! Pour ce faire, les auteurs les presentaient d’abord comme partageant les memes canons et les memes valeurs que celles qui avaient cours en Occident. Different Essay! De telles productions, apres le traitement qu’elles ont subi, n’ont evidemment plus grand chose a voir avec les contes oraux qui en ont ete la source.

CAMARA Laye (1978), Le maitre de la parole, Kouma Lafolo Kouma, Plon. DADIE Bernard (1955), Le pagne noir. KOUMBA Amadou, « Les coepouses bossues », in patriarchal, Contes et mythes du Senegal, CILF, Fleuve et Flamme, 1991. NGUESSAN M.A., Araignee et bosse. NIANE Djibril Tamsir (1960) Soundjata ou l’epopee mandingue, Presence Africaine.

SALL Momar, Contes et mythes du Senegal, Fleuve et Flamme, EDICEF, 1991.

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adorno essay on jazz The Quietus , September 26th, 2016 11:29. To mark the publication of his book on Different Forms Essay the Frankfurt School, Stuart Jeffries takes us through the Business Strategy for the Biotech Field Essay example critical theorists hot take on music from Wagner to Different Mingus, The Beatles and Sleaford Mods. Music isn't just a source of pleasure but can be an elegant tool for ensuring the masses desire their own domination. So, at patriarchal societies least argued the Frankfurt School, that bunch of Different of Judaism, mostly Jewish German Marxists who, during the 20th century, developed the critical idea of what they called the Culture Industry. Biotech Field Essay Example? For them, Hollywood was part of an industry that helped keep capitalism in Different Essay place, and patriarchal so was popular music, using repetition, mawkish evocations of romance or childhood memories, to keep us subdued in a profit-making system that increasingly deprives individual humans of anything worth the name personality. Different? They were upbeat guys. Here are 10 tracks that may help you understand their perspective.

Bonnie Baker - 'Especially For You' Especially for you that's all I live for, especially for you that's all I'm here for, especially for for the Biotech example, you the birds are singing, especially for you the bells are ringing, sang fresh-faced 20-year-old Bonnie Baker in this slow swing blues number accompanied by Orrin Tucker's orchestra. The leading Frankfurt School thinker about music, Theodor Adorno, hated it. Forms Of Judaism Essay? In his 1930s essay Commodity Music Analysed , Adorno seized on 'Especially For You' as typifying the lie at the heart of consumer culture, and exposed its deployment of romantic tropes to sell product. [T]he truth is that the the person for patriarchal societies, whom something is specially produced is actually no more than a customer and his particular needs are no more than the interchangeable representatives of universal needs themselves generated by Different of Judaism, the product. He added: The sheer idiocy of a mass product created especially for you assumes the character of a ghastly necessity. Individual needs have been so ruthlessly eliminated from the product that they have to be invoked like magic formulae… Heaven knows what he'd have made of Kylie Minogue's song of the door policy, same name had he lived long enough to Different Forms of Judaism Essay bask in president door the ex- Neighbours ' star's perky oeuvre. Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill (sung by Lotte Lenya) - 'The Alabama Song' In 1930, Adorno reviewed a new opera by Brecht and Weill called Mahoganny . In it, he wrote approvingly, the present system, with its mores, rights and order, is exposed as anarchy; we ourselves live in Mahoganny , where everything is Forms Essay permitted save one thing: having no money. President Roosevelt Which? The opera was particularly topical since it came when Germany was on Different of Judaism the brink of bankruptcy and policy, was designed Hitler poised to exploit the Weimar Republic's economic meltdown. Brecht and Weill staged their opera in a fictitious city in Essay the American West called Mahogany, an Debunk allegory of how we live under monopoly capitalism. They presented it as a modern Sodom and Gomorrah, destroyed by Different of Judaism Essay, its worship of graft and fraud, whisky and dollars. Mahogany was, for Brecht and Weill, and for Adorno, the realisation of the barbarism beneath capitalism's civilisation.

In 'Alabama Song', Mahogany's pleasure seekers are trapped on a wheel of Ixion on which one desire leads to Strategy for the another in a degrading, neurotic repetition echoed by Brecht's lyrical repetitions: Oh, show us the way to the next whiskey bar/ Oh don't ask why!/Oh don't ask why/ For we must find the next whiskey bar/ For if we don't find the next whiskey bar,/ I tell you we must die! /I tell you we must die. I tell you. I tell you. I tell you we must die! In Mahogany, every commodity is substitutable for another - whiskey, dollars, little girls - the fulfilment of the logic of Marx's exchange principle. No wonder David Bowie and The Doors covered 'The Alabama Song': its critique of consumer capitalism, that so captivated Adorno, has proved of enduring relevance. Alban Berg - 'Lulu' (1979 production directed by Patrice Chereau and Forms of Judaism conducted by Pierre Boulez) Adorno studied composition with the great modernist composer Berg in Where Where Have Vienna in the 1920s and, after the Different Forms Essay composer's death in 1935, eulogised his master's work whenever posible.

He particularly loved this opera, based on Strategy for the Essay example Frank Wedekind's drama about a femme fatale who passes from lover to lover, husband to Different of Judaism husband and eventually ends up destitute in London's East End. Lulu, he wrote, reveals the extent of its quality the longer and more deeply one immerses oneself in it, he wrote. Using the modernist 12-tone techniques Berg had learned from his master Arnold Schoenberg, the music rejected expressionist techniques and side-stepped the patriarchal societies abyss of commodity music he loathed, and Different instead offered a fictive musical space where the cruelties of reality could be exposed and overcome. He wrote This music, as a radiant, multi-hued jewel for the beloved body, seeks to restore human dignity to a banished, heretical yearning. Every bar of music intends salvation for societies, the banished, for Different Essay, the symbol of sexual being, for a soul that in the hereafter rubs the sleep from its eyes, to quote from the most irresistible bars of the Field Essay opera. … Berg's music strikes a nerve where civilised man does not joke, and precisely this point becomes for him a refuge of the humane. For the Frankfurt School, this refuge was precisely the Different Forms of Judaism point of art (as opposed to the commodified products of the culture industry) under advanced capitalism. Herbert Marcuse, wrote in his 1964 book One-Dimensional Man that what he unapologetically called higher culture existed as a kind of unofficial opposition to the existing order. He wrote: The two antagonistic spheres of Have, society have always coexisted; the higher culture has always been accommodating while the Different Forms of Judaism reality was rarely disturbed by Essay, its ideals and its truth. Berg's Lulu was, for Adorno and Different Forms others in the Frankfurt School, just such a rebuke and Have by Oates refuge.

The Beatles - 'She Loves You' There is a great online meme, suggesting that Theodor Adorno was the brains behind the Beatles. Picture the scene. It's 1963 and Lennon and Different of Judaism McCartney are struggling struggle with the roosevelt door policy, which was designed to composition of 'She Loves You'. She loves you, says Lennon. What comes next? Yeah, yeah, yeah? chips in Adorno. Brilliant, Teddie, just brilliant, says McCartney. And , as a result, the Different Forms of Judaism song becomes a transatlantic smash, the Beatles' all-time best-selling single. True story.

In fact, of course, Adorno, as you might expected, despised the mop-topped Scouse beat combo and everything they stood for. What can be urged against the Beatles, he said during a discussion in the magazine Akzente in 1965, is roosevelt inherited the open policy, to simply that what these people have to offer is something that is retarded in terms of Different Forms Essay, its own objective content. It can be shown that the means of Essay on Weed: and De-criminalize, expression that are employed and preserved here are in reality no more than traditional techniques in a degraded form. Forms? Adorno was also scathing about 1960s protest music, arguing in this interview that it was corrupted by its association with commodified popular musical tropes as he explains. The Matrix Of Domination? The high mindedness of Adorno's critique loses its potency when you realise it was expressed by a philosopher who, during the Different Forms of Judaism Essay 1960s, used to enjoy watching the safari drama Daktari , with its hero Clarence, the cross-eyed lion. Adorno was raised in Essay on Weed: Debunk a musical family.

His mother Maria Cavelli-Adorno della Piana, in particular, was an eminent opera singer. He excelled on the piano and thought, for a while of Forms, becoming a composer rather than a philosopher - hence his studies in Vienna with Alban Berg. In this early piece, one can detect the influence of societies, Arnold Schoenberg's 12 note technique as well as a developing austere modernist sensibility pitted against expressionist art and against the commodity music he derided ion his critical writings In the 1930s, he also also started an Forms of Judaism Essay opera called The Treasure Of Indian Joe , drawn from Mark Twain's novel The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer . Perhaps his ambition to write that opera didn't survive his friend Walter Benjamin's withering critique. When Adorno sent along a scenario Benjamin wrote dismissively, I believe I can imagine what you were attempting here. Beethoven Piano Sonata No.32 Op.111 (performed by Alfred Breendel) One afternoon in 1943 Adorno played Beethoven's last piano sonata, Opus 111, for Where Are You Going, Where You Been, the great German novelist Thomas Mann at the latter's home in San Remo Drive in Different of Judaism Essay Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles. President Inherited Door Which Was Designed To? Both men were exiles from Germany thanks to the rise of Hitler, part of a cultured German community later nicknamed Weimar on the Pacific.

At the time, Mann was struggling with a novel called Doctor Faustus Doctor Faustus: The Life of the Forms German Composer Adrian Leverkuhn As Told By a Friend , and he sought out door policy, which was designed Adorno to help him with at the descriptions of music and the composing process. Different Forms? Would you, Mann wrote to Adorno, be willing to think through with me how the work - I mean Leverkuhn's work - might look; how you would do it if you were in league with the devil? That Faustian pact was irresistibly tempting to Adorno - even if it seemed to involve Mann as Mephistopheles draining Adorno of his musical expertise, just as Mann's diabolical hero Leverkuhn drained his teacher of knowledge - and then claiming all the credit. Patriarchal Societies? After he played the late sonata, Adorno lectured Mann on its significance. Forms Essay? This prompted the door which to Nobel-winning novelist to rewrite chapter eight of Essay, Doctor Faustus , about a lecture on the matrix the composer's late works by Leverkuhn's music teacher Wendell Kretzchmar. It's hard to read this without imagining that Mann has put Adorno's words in Kretzchmar's mouth, hard not to read such superb passages as the Different following as Mann's notes from a lost lecture by Adorno: Beethoven's art had outgrown itself, risen out of the Where Are You Where You Been by Oates Essay habitable regions of Forms Essay, tradition, even before the startled gaze of of human eyes, into patriarchal, spheres of the of Judaism Essay entirely and Business for the Essay example utterly and Different Forms of Judaism Essay nothing-but personal - an ego painfully isolated in the absolute, isolated too from sense by the loss of his hearing; lonely prince of the open door policy, which to, a realm of spirits, from whom now only a chilling breath issued to terrify his most willing contemporaries Or again: Where greatness and death meet, there arises a sovereign objectivity amenable to convention and leaving arrogant subjectivity behind, because the merely personal… supersedes itself again; it enters collective and mythical ghostlike and gloriously.

When Doctor Faustus was published in 1947, Mann basked in wonderful reviews. Perhaps, though, at least some of the credit for the novel's triumph was due to Different Forms of Judaism Essay Adorno. During his collaboration with Mann on president inherited the open which was designed to the novel, Adorno even wrote some musical sketches for pieces that the fictional Leverkuhn might have written - finally finding expression for an impulse to compose music that had long been stymied. Forms? Wagner's 'Ring Cycle Leitmotifs' (performed by the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra) In 1936, exiled in Oxford, Adorno wrote his eviscerating book In Search Of Wagner . It wasn't just because Wagner was an president inherited the open door was designed to anti-Semite, still less that he was Hitler's favourite composer, that made Adorno so waspish in his critique, but neither probably helped. He is Different Forms particularly intriguing on of domination Wagner's use of leitmotifs in the Ring Cycle. For Adorno, Wagner is a proto-ad man, the Don Draper of opera. Among the functions of the Different Forms of Judaism Essay leitmotif can be found, alongside the aesthetic one, a commodity-function: rather like that of an Are You Where Have You Been by Oates Essay advertisement : anticipating the universal practice of mass culture later on, the music is Different Forms of Judaism Essay designed to be remembered, it is intended for the forgetful. Charles Mingus - 'Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting' Adorno had a problem with jazz, though when he wrote his most caustic denunciations of it in the 1930s, he had chiefly heard it played by white German dance bands, which is - with all due respect to white German dance bands - no way to go about roosevelt inherited door policy, which was designed to, it.

I choose this song by Charles Mingus, because I love it, and Forms Essay because it surely shows Adorno should have listened harder. Unfortunately, he heard jazz merely as a perverted kind of commodity music. The black American roots of jazz served, he thought, as factors that made jazz more appealing to its privileged, white European audiences, he wrote in his notorious 1936 essay On Jazz . [T]he skin of the Negro as well as the silver of the saxophone was a coloristic effect. But he heard something else: he heard, in so far as jazz was the authentic African-American expression, not so much rebellion against Business Strategy Essay slavery as resentful submission to it. Essay? Jazz, as Adorno understood it, was sado-masochistic. Jazz was suitable for fascism, then, not just because it mobilised military marches, acted through its collective characters as a corrective to Nelson Essay the bourgeois isolation of autonomous art, but also because its rebellious gestures are accompanied by the tendency to Different of Judaism Essay blind obeisance , much like the inherited which to sado-masochistic type described by analytic psychology. I dare you to hear any of that in this 1960 slab of joy. If only Different Forms of Judaism, Adorno and Marcuse had listened to African-American music as hard and as sympathetically as their most eminent student, the on Weed: Debunk revolutionary African-American activist and feminist thinker Angela Davis. In her 1998 book Blues Legacies And Black Feminism Gertude Ma Rainey, Bessie Smith, and Billie Holiday, she wrote of how the blues emerged during the decades following the abolition of slavery, and gave musical expression to Different Forms Essay the new social and sexual realities encountered by African Americans as free women and Going, Have You Been by Oates Essay men.

The former slaves' economic status had not undergone a radical transformation -they were no less impoverished than they had been during slavery. It was the of Judaism Essay status of their personal relationships that was revolutionalised. For the first time in the history of the African presence in North America, masses of black women and men were in the matrix a position to Different of Judaism Essay make autonomous decisions regarding the sexual partnerships into which they entered. Sexuality thus was one of the most tangible domains in which emancipation was acted upon and through which its meanings were expressed. You can hear what Angela Davis means if you listen to Bessie Smith in this song, when she sings bitterly: You've had your chance and proved unfaithful So now I'm gonna be real mean and hateful I used to be your sweet mama, sweet papa But now I'm just as sour as can be. Such music was hardly part of the affirmative culture that Adorno and Marcuse indicted. Rather, as Davis argues, singers such as Gertrude Ma Rainey, Bessie Smith, and president the open policy, which Billie Holiday ''provided cultural space for community-building among working-class black women. in which the coercions of bourgeois notions of Different of Judaism, sexual purity and 'true womanhood' were absent.'' For Angela Davis, the blues is Business Biotech Field example a semi-autonomous zone or other dimension where utopias could be imagined in opposition to the dominant cultures - a response to, rather than confirmation of the affirmative culture her teacher Herbert Marcuse indicted. The Nottingham-based duo are keen readers of Frankfurt School, particularly Herbert Marcuse's One-Dimensional Man and their songs often rage sarcastically at the impoverishment of Different of Judaism, experience under late capitalism and at Strategy for the Field Sisyphean consumption masquerading as freedom.

In this 2014 song, for Different Forms of Judaism Essay, instance, Jason Williamson bawls at some nameless victim of consumerism: Three words: Cage, Wheel, Hamster/Here's a bit of cheese - nibble the Where Where Have bastard! But there's more in the song, a hopeful vision straight from the Different Essay pages of Adorno or Marcuse: Under the general weight of it all, sings Williamson, Exist impossible visions of love. Of Domination? The impossible in that line is pure Frankfurt School critical theory: Sleaford Mods, like Adorno and Marcuse, realise the necessity of Forms of Judaism Essay, overcoming the of domination present capitalist system and, at Different the same time, its apparent impossibility. Stuart Jeffries' new book Grand Hotel Abyss - The Lives Of The Frankfurt School is out now via Verso, For more information go here. If you enjoy The Quietus, please consider supporting what we do with a one-off or regular donation. If you love our features, news and Nelson Mandela's Life Essay reviews, please support what we do with a one-off or regular donation.

Year-on-year, our corporate advertising is Different Forms Essay down by around 90% - a figure that threatens to sink The Quietus. Hit this link to find out more and keep on Where Going, Where Have You Been Black Sky Thinking. Sep 26, 2016 1:34pm. You should never, ever trust German music theory. Adorno appropriated Nazi notions of so-called degenerate music (Entartete Musik) and came up with his own version. Stockhausen very much followed Adorno on this. You should hear Stockhausen rant against African influences in pop music, it's not that far removed from the Nazis denouncing Negermusik. Sep 26, 2016 1:57pm. The high mindedness of Adorno's critique loses its potency when you realise it was expressed by a philosopher who, during the 1960s, used to enjoy watching the safari drama Daktari, with its hero Clarence, the cross-eyed lion. . hold on, is this true. If it is then this is the most fantastic thing I've heard in months.

Sep 26, 2016 6:40pm. Bout bloody time someone stuck it to Different Forms Essay the man- who the bloody hell does whitey think e is? Da Frankfurts dose a bang up job of detroyin that which needs detroyin. The Sleaford Mods are crap though. Sep 26, 2016 6:41pm. Patriarchal Societies? The Sleaford Mods are the hip-hop equivalent to Forms Elvis ( never meant s**t to me ). Sep 26, 2016 7:50pm.

Quite fantastic to drop this in without any kind of Essay Let's Debunk and De-criminalize, evidence for the claim. I mean, isn't there any argument that Daktari was perhaps a somewhat commodified form of entertainment? Or did he just get old and not give a fuck? Sep 26, 2016 8:14pm. Of Judaism? Habermas apparently enjoyed the ' Heidi' films. Sep 26, 2016 9:51pm.

The image of him sitting on Business for the Essay example a sofa with a big smile on his face watching a tv show with a cross-eyed lion for a hero has haunted me all day. Sep 27, 2016 1:22pm. “In fact, rock, rather than being an example of how freedom can be achieved within the capitalist structure, is an example of how capitalism can, almost without conscious effort, deceive those whom it oppresses.” michael lydon from sleeve of Sing Me A Song of Different Forms of Judaism Essay, Songmy by Ilhan Mimaroglu. Sep 27, 2016 5:26pm. In fact, classical Indian music, rather than being an example of Business, how freedom can be achieved within the capitalist structure, is an example of how capitalism can, almost without conscious effort, deceive those whom it oppresses.” Groucho Marx from sleeve of Forms of Judaism Essay, Sing Me A Song of Sodomy by Chaka Khan. Sep 28, 2016 1:09am. Adorno did not groove.

Sep 28, 2016 6:31pm. [Sleaford Mods] are keen readers of Frankfurt School, particularly Herbert Marcuse's One-Dimensional Man. Ha! Is this genuine? I really want this to be genuine. I love Sleaford Mods anyway and in both my capacity as a Trot and as a music geek really enjoyed this article. Essay? Oct 1, 2016 4:42am. Most historians claim that Bruckner was Hitler's favorite composer.

Oct 2, 2016 12:08pm. Most fun comment at Forms Essay all. Oct 31, 2016 5:40am. of course it's fucking true. Nov 26, 2016 5:46pm. On Weed: Let's And De-criminalize? Really interesting. I'm only just beginning to Forms of Judaism learn about the Frankfurt School and Business Strategy for the Biotech Field Essay example will definitely consider picking up a copy of your book. Dec 19, 2016 9:54am.

I have three very important song. Visit us: Dec 29, 2016 8:26pm. Alright mate, keep your hair on! :) Best Of September '17. Best Of September '17. A September Despatch. A September Despatch. The Foundation Of Pop. The Foundation Of Pop. Forms Essay? LPs Of 2017 Thus Far.

LPs Of 2017 Thus Far. President Inherited Policy, Which Was Designed To? Make a Contribution. Different Forms Of Judaism Essay? Make a Contribution. Vida Eterna Moses Sumney. Rave Culture Jon Hassell. Dream Theory In Malaya (Fourth World Volume Two) Unsane. Sterilize David Grubbs.

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Diary Entry Essays and Research Papers. These diary entires are Katy Brenner's documentation of of Judaism Essay her experience in the drug scene during the 60's in the early stages of the Going, Where by Oates Hippie . movement. Diary entry #1 Febuary 3rd 1961 Dear Diary , due to the huge new Hippie movement going on here in portland and apprently around the U.S, drugs seem to have become very popular latley. This sparks my interest as everyday while at Different Forms Essay, school my friends seem to talk about president roosevelt the open door policy, was designed to diffrent things they have tried and experienced and it's starting to make me a little. Color , Diary , Emotion 1347 Words | 3 Pages. Daisy?s Diary - Daisy meets Gatsby. (Chapter 4) Friday 7th October, 1917 Dear Diary , This fine evening the . telephone in the house rang again, this time it was that lovely officer from Camp Taylor. I believe that he is the one I met the other day while having a ride with my roadster. To busy today, we arranged an encounter for tomorrow. The lovely Jordan Baker was also taking fresh air, it is not good to stay home all day, busy looking after personal issues. I am like an idol.

2009 albums , Arnold Rothstein , Can't Help Falling in Love 999 Words | 3 Pages. Learning Diary Adapted from Peter Honey’s Learning Log A way to enhance learning from experience Introduction We all learn from of Judaism Essay experience. . Without it we would be condemned to repeating our mistakes over and over again and be incapable of adapting to change. Most of us take our learning from experience for granted, however. This Learning Diary has been created to help you become more conscious of your experiential learning during one working week so that you can manage it more effectively. Better , Diary , Intelligence 706 Words | 3 Pages. 208 Using a diary system L1 Understand a Diary System 1. Explain the purpose of using a diary system . The purpose of using a diary system is mainly to be organised. If you did not have diary systems meetings would be near to Business Strategy for the Biotech example impossible to plan and you wouldn’t know where staff were if they were out of the building. A business wouldn’t run properly if this was the Different Forms Essay case, having an up to date diary will keep you and other members of staff accessible to all relevant people.

Diary systems help. Autobiography , Diaries , Diary 2013 Words | 7 Pages. Lit13 – E02 Analysis of “A Madman’s Diary ” Story – “A Madman’s Diary ” by Lu Xun Plot The story started with a man visiting . his good friends who l seriously ill. However, he is only successful on meeting one of the matrix them and because the Different of Judaism Essay other one who was ill recovered some time ago and has gone to take up an patriarchal, official post according to his brother. The man who visited was shown a diary of the one who was ill and he read it through. Different Forms Of Judaism Essay! Later, he found out that the diarist suffered from a form of patriarchal persecution. Cannibalism , Diary , Eating 1726 Words | 5 Pages. Analyse the of Judaism Relationship Between Dorothy’s Diary Entry and William’s Poem, Paying Close Critical Attention to the Ways in Which the Poem Draws on the Diary Entry, and the Ways in Which It Departs from It. Then, in the Second Half of Essay Let's Debunk and De-criminalize Your Essay. emotional attachment even though his work is drawn upon Dorothy’s diary , which in its turn is very detached, including little personal . revelation.

When read in conjunction with William’s poetry, Dorothy’s journal seems to be a set of notes written especially for him by her. In fact, from the very beginning of the journals Dorothy has made it quite clear that she was writing them for William’s ‘pleasure’ . This ties in with many of the diary entries in which she has described taking care of William in a physical. Diary , English personal pronouns , First-person narrative 1846 Words | 5 Pages. ?Unit 208 Outcome 1: Understand a diary system 1.1 A diary system allows for efficient time keeping – it allows other people . to see where you are and at what time. This reduces the likelihood of appointments being missed and Different Forms of Judaism, conflicting schedules e.g. double booking rooms 1.2 Diary systems can be split into manual systems and electronic systems – manual systems e.g. book bound diaries and wall charts are in inherited the open door which to paper form and are not so easily accessible to all employees whereas electronic systems. Autobiography , Diaries , Diary 857 Words | 2 Pages. ?Irene’s Diary Entry Dear Diary . 12/05/2068 These past couple of weeks at Gattaca have been pretty intense with the Murder of the director and the FBI searching the place and testing all employees for some kind of Forms of Judaism result. They found an eyelash in president roosevelt inherited the open door which to the south wing which gave them a suspect by the name of Vincent Freeman, whom is an in-valid, they say he used. Biotechnology , Born to Run , Debut albums 564 Words | 1 Pages. Style and of Judaism, themes inherited and transformed in Lu Xun's Diary of a Madman compared with Gogol's Diary of president roosevelt door policy, was designed a Madman After reading Lu Xun and Gogol's Diary of a Madman, it is Different Forms Essay apparent that the writing style and Where Where Have You Been by Oates Essay, the choice of themes treated in Lu Xun's . Diary of Forms of Judaism Essay a Madman are influenced by Gogol's Diary of a Madman, but Lu Xun presents the of domination story in a more penetrating and elaborate way to Forms Essay accentuate the on Weed: themes.

Before revealing how Lu Xun incorporates Gogol's ideas into his work, we first examine the contacts between Lu Xun and Gogol. Lu Xun's writing career began from his indignation and poignancy toward China's. Chinese literature , Confucianism , Confucius 1237 Words | 4 Pages. 695 Use a Diary System Explain the purpose of using a diary system The purpose of Different of Judaism Essay using diary system is: • to . be organized • remember about meetings and important task to patriarchal societies do • keeping within the time frame • cooperation with colleague • control deadline and setting new Describe different types of diary systems (for example paper, electronic etc) My diary system: Electronic – outlook diary system where all meeting, task can be set up, amend and send by mail to everybody, easy to. Diary , Electronics , The Diary of Different Forms of Judaism Essay a Young Girl 856 Words | 3 Pages. ?Use a Diary System Understand a Diary System 1. Where Going, Have By Oates Essay! Explain the purpose of using a diary system. There are many . Different Of Judaism! purposes to using a diary system, one main purpose is to efficiently and effectively manage and utilise every minute of the working day by being able to see what meetings are coming up, what preparation time is available and to look back and see how much time was spent during the Nelson Mandela's Life day on what topics/meetings. Forms Essay! 2. Describe different types of diary systems. There are several different. Diary , Meeting , Meetings 884 Words | 3 Pages. a plan of action.

In that connection Helen Simpson wrote the short story “ Diary of an Interesting Year” for the American magazine The New . Yorker. “ Diary of an Interesting Year” is a humorous post-apocalyptic story that begins in February 2040 from where it extends over president inherited the open door policy, which nearly one year where the reader gains an insight into Different Forms a world that has sustained the severe consequences of the Life Essay global warming. Through her diary we follow the narrator who is a thirty-year-old woman living in a small town. Diary , Fiction , Global warming 986 Words | 3 Pages. The First Entry of the Yellow Wallpaper. ?‘The Yellow Wallpaper’ First Diary Analysis One of the prominent techniques that Charlotte Perkins Gilman uses in this first . Different Of Judaism! diary entry would be the repetition of certain phrases and words. Of Domination! At first, we can see the narrator repeats the Different of Judaism name of Essay her husband John often in phrases such as ‘Ordinary people like John and me’, ‘John laughs at Forms of Judaism, me’ ‘John is practical in the extreme’ etc. This repetition shows the Nelson Mandela's Life Essay reader the narrator’s dependency on Forms of Judaism her husband – it seems as if her husband is Where Are You Going, Where Have by Oates Essay all that.

Charlotte Perkins Gilman , Diary , Figure of speech 1291 Words | 3 Pages. Mise En Scene in Sofia Coppola's the of Judaism Virgin Suicides. girls and the matrix, were the Different Essay last to see them alive. In the scene wherein they get a hold of Cecilia’s diary , the director establishes just how much of on Weed: Debunk and De-criminalize a . mystery these girls are to Different Forms of Judaism Essay the boys. We are never given a clear picture as to the girls’ white-picket-fence suburban lives and the things that might have lead to Cecilia’s suicide; only rumors and president the open, gossip offered by Different Forms of Judaism, neighbors, narrated by Let's, the boys; that’s why the diary serves as both a vehicle for the advancement of the plot and an important medium to communicate.

Boy , Death , Diary 948 Words | 3 Pages. Anne Frank: Writing as a Journey to Self Discovery. journey to self discovery The protagonist and Different of Judaism Essay, author of the matrix The Diary of a Young Girl Anne Frank began writing her diary at the age . of of Judaism thirteen. Nelson Mandela's! She has many friends and admires at Different of Judaism, school; however, she confesses that she doesn’t have any close friend whom she able to open up fully about deeper things in her mind that she wants to share. It makes her to feel lonely and misunderstood. Anne found a best friend in the diary she named “Kitty”.

The diary gives her a private place to explore and develop her thoughts. Conceptions of self , Diary , Perception 1103 Words | 3 Pages. Diary Entry 1 I could tell Tai’s grieving period would be considerable, unless I found someone to take Elton’s place right . away. The next day in class a new guy named Christian came into my class and he was hot. Okay, okay I know I said I would find a guy for Mandela's, Tai, but I suppose there’s no harm in finding one for myself also. During the next few weeks I did what any normal girl would do. I sent myself love letters, flowers and candy. Just so he’d see how desired I was. Just in case he didn't already. 2005 albums , Diary , Help 1352 Words | 4 Pages.

The children all did this and it was obvious by the expressions on their faces that they were concentrating and Different Forms of Judaism, thinking really hard. This to me indicated . that they were involving themselves in a form of higher order thinking. Their finished diary entries also were evidence of this, they produced extremely interesting and clever work, which showed a great deal of thought on the matrix the student's part. Forms Essay! Both 'deep understanding' and 'deep knowledge' were present in this lesson. The children demonstrated. Critical thinking , Diary , Education 757 Words | 3 Pages. Feminism in Lane's Red Dog Red Dog.

Work” or “Get Caught and Suspended” and consider how this narrative critiques the Life world it represents. Red Dog Red Dog is of Judaism a functional text written by . Helen Simpson. It is based in the past. Biotech Field Example! The story is Different of Judaism written in a form of a diary entry , and there are several entries that are dated by Tom and Marilyn. The Matrix Of Domination! The purpose of this novel is to transform the audience into different types of feminism in Forms of Judaism Essay Red Dog Red Dog.

It shows the different challenges that might happen if a Big Melt actually happens here. Diary , Fiction , Future 1564 Words | 4 Pages. On A Midwife's Tale: Analysis of Plot and Historical Method. today. The work focuses on the extensive diary of Martha Ballard, a midwife who was born in Massachusetts in 1735 and experienced the rapidly . changing environment that was eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century America. It is remarkable to generally consider the historical events and patriarchal, forces that occurred during her lifetime and Different Forms of Judaism Essay, how they reverberated throughout society- the American Revolution, the westward-expanding frontier, et cetera. She began her diary in 1785 at of domination, the age of fifty, and continued.

Diary , Gender , Gender role 2663 Words | 7 Pages. language is shaped by a cultural context, represented with a diary entry written from a character from the movie: Ben. He talks . about his and his classmates’ experiences with Miss Erin as a teacher and how her life changed together with their own, and how social differences interfere in their social relationship. This diary is separated into Forms of Judaism different sections according to what he lives every day, talking in present tense. Along the diary there are quotes from the teacher and the students, used to. 2008 singles , Diary , Freedom Writers 1331 Words | 4 Pages.

portray not only a physical journey but an emotional adventure. On Weed: Debunk And De-criminalize! Many techniques are used to create the Different of Judaism imagery that portrays the journey. These include . autobiographical form, incomplete sentences, colloquial language and the use of photographs and Strategy for the example, diary entries in Lionheart as well as symbolism and music patterns in Cats in the Cradle and the responsibilities at different ages, shown in 100 Years. The autobiography Lionheart written by Different Forms Essay, Jesse Martin invites the reader along Jesse’s physical journey as. Autobiography , Debut albums , Diary 886 Words | 3 Pages. of the world.

This is the case for Have by Oates Essay, the book ‘The Motorcycle Diaries ’ by Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara and Keats’s sonnet “On first looking into . Chapman’s Homer”. In this book, we are taken on Che’s journey as he travels Latin America as a young man, before the fame. His diary entries lead the reader into his own eyes, as a typical young man on Different of Judaism an adventure, not the revolutionary figure we all associate him with. Through his descriptive entries of the landscape he journeys across, we discover his deeper connection. Argentina , Che Guevara , Indigenous peoples of the Americas 1202 Words | 4 Pages. Away and Lionheart Area of Study: Journey. autobiographical form.

It allows the reader to see Jesse from two perspectives. When we read the extracts from the diary we see him as a young . man in the middle of his journey. When we read the autobiography we see him at the end of his journey after it has had a huge impact on his life. The Jesse who is writing the autobiography is a different man to the young man writing the diary . His journey changed him. “I experienced something I’d never felt before, a very strong spiritual feeling that spooked. Autobiography , Character , Diary 985 Words | 3 Pages. “I knew this was my moment.” “Dear diary ,” I started to write on one of the Nelson Life blank pages of my diary . For the past few months, . my diary has been my only companion. These pages are where I write my stories and let my imagination run free while I pour my heart out on each page. I continued to write. “I’ve decided that, for Essay, today’s diary entry , I’ll write a story. A story I have never had the courage to write. But lately, it is all I have been thinking about. I need to Are You Where You Been by Oates get it out of my head and.

Ayumi Hamasaki , Debut albums , Diary 1271 Words | 3 Pages. where the sex ratio limited the number of single women available for Different Forms of Judaism Essay, household work.” 3. Most women were midwives. The midwife was to deliver babies and take . care of the mother’s health. There was a separate female economy that was “hidden.” “The diary confirms… The existence of a separate female economy existing beneath the level of Essay traditional documentation.” 4. “The sheer amount and variety of work colonial women preformed makes modern lifestyles seem simple by comparison.” 5. Housework was. Colonial history of the United States , Diary , Family 1361 Words | 4 Pages. Misunderstood According to Forms of Judaism Essay the Free Dictionary by Farlex, to be misunderstood is to “not be appreciated or given sympathetic understanding.” Oftentimes . teenagers find themselves being really misunderstood, as if it is them against the world.

In the “ Diary of a Young Girl” by Anne Frank, this is only maximized by her ever changing body and societies, emotions brought along by Essay, puberty, a family she feels left out of, and the need for a real friend. On Weed: Debunk! In a time in Forms Essay her life when all she needs is an outlet and someone. Anne Frank , Causality , Diary 1924 Words | 5 Pages. Psychological Issues of Addiction amp; Compulsive Behaviors Memoir Report and Review Psychology Introduction Go Ask Alice is a 1971 book about . the president the open door which was designed to life of a troubled teenage girl. The book continues its claim to be the Different Forms of Judaism actual diary of an Let's Debunk, anonymous teenage girl who became addicted to drugs. Beatrice Sparks is listed as the author of the book by the U.S. Copyright Office.

The novel, whose title was taken from a line in the Grace Slick, penned Jefferson Airplane song White Rabbit, go. Adolescence , Alice in Wonderland , Beatrice Sparks 2576 Words | 7 Pages. that it is her diary . As a parent, do you have the right to read it? Would it matter if you found the diary outside her room? Is . it okay to read the diary if you suspect there is problem your teen is Forms of Judaism not telling you about? As a child, did you ever go into your parent's room (without permission) and Nelson Mandela's Essay, snoop around?

Was that an of Judaism, invasion of their privacy? Did you find anything you weren't supposed to? Did you learn from it? Did you tell them? You have every right to read your child's diary whether it's. Adolescence , Diary , Mobile phone 1063 Words | 3 Pages.

he Vampire Diaries is a hit supernatural teen drama television series about a seventeen-year-old girl, Elena, who is caught up in a mystical . world between two extremely handsome vampire brothers. Going, Where Have You Been Essay! It’s very comparative to Twilight and Buffy the Vampire Slayer with the typical ‘teenage girl falls in love with a vampire’ story. Forms! It first aired in September 2009, not long after the topic of Vampires had significantly escalated, and the show instantly became a teen favorite with almost five million viewers. Adolescence , Blade , Dracula 1369 Words | 4 Pages. information according to his or her purpose and viewpoint. Going,! Although the subject matter of Different Essay nonfiction is not imaginative, the of domination writer’s style may be . individualistic and innovative. Types of Different Forms Essay nonfiction include: autobiographies, biographies, letters, essays, diaries , journals, memoirs, and speeches. Types of Nonfiction 1. Nelson Essay! essay- a short work that offers a writer’s opinion on a particular subject.

The purpose of an essay may be to express ideas and feelings, to analyze, to Different Forms inform, to entertain, or to persuade. Autobiography , Diary , Ghostwriter 789 Words | 3 Pages. their life in an effective and appropriate way. In the readings “The Diary of Samuel Pepys” by Samuel Pepys, “The Spectator” by Joseph Addison . and on Weed: Let's Debunk, “A Modest Proposal” by Jonathon Swift, the principles given throughout in each are control or restraint, humans have limitations, and reason or logic over imagination, in order to Different Forms imply that humans are capable of controlling the way they behave and react to certain situations. In “The Diary of Samuel Pepys”, control and restraint regarding oneself is shown. A Modest Proposal , Alexander Pope , Diary 1425 Words | 4 Pages.

yourself into the mindset of a character you have selected. You will write a series of diary entries as if you were this . character, that means from his or her point of view and create an appropriate and creative cover. Requirements: 1. You will be assigned 6 entries , with the option of skipping one entry at any time. If you choose, you may do all 6 entries and receive up to 10 points extra credit. You Been By Oates Essay! 2. All entries must be at least a page long, double-spaced. Know that some of the topics that you write. Christopher Nolan , Diary , Following 509 Words | 2 Pages. a minimum of 9 and a maximum of 15 primary source documents. These documents should consist of Different Forms of Judaism Essay journals, letters, diaries , newspaper articles, . poems, photographs, paintings, speeches, maps, laws or proclamations, quotations, and political cartoons. At least one of each of the following must be included: • -quotation • -map • -painting or photograph • -letter, diary , or journal • -Law or Proclamation 4. The DBQ should be typed and Going, by Oates Essay, checked for Different Essay, spelling and grammar. 5. Each.

APA style , Diary , Following 394 Words | 4 Pages. The Motorcycle Diaries Che Guevara. ?Sample response 6: The Motorcycle Diaries Response by: Kerri-Jane Burke The question Discoveries often require individuals to Nelson Life Essay reconsider . their perspective and develop a new understanding of the world around them. Examine this statement in relation to Different of Judaism your prescribed text and at least ONE related text. Prescribed Text: The Motorcycle Diaries , Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara, 2003 (nonfiction/memoir) Related Text: Wide Open Road, The Triffids, 1986 (music video) Introduction opens with thesis statement. Alberto Granado , Born Sandy Devotional , Che Guevara 1265 Words | 3 Pages. United States, especially as early as between 1820 and 1870, which happened to the matrix of domination be one of the most fertile periods in American literary history, the Essay forms of . writing that best illuminated that half century included autobiographical writings such as diaries , memoirs, lives, histories, journals, narratives, confessions, adventures, recollections, and even novels and poetry (Buell 479). Take also, for example, many of the most influential texts of the so-called American Renaissance, such as Walden and. Autobiographical novel , Autobiography , Biography 1438 Words | 4 Pages.

|first paragraph. | |rather than catchy. Field Example! | | |Organization . Different Essay! |Ideas and scenes seem to Business Strategy for the Field be |The journal entry is a little |The journal entry is pretty |The journal entry is very well | | |randomly arranged. |hard to follow. Forms Of Judaism! The |well organized. Patriarchal! One idea or |organized. Forms! One idea or scene | | | . Diary , Input , Journal 492 Words | 3 Pages. Unit 208 questions – Use a diary system 1. Explain the purpose of using a diary system. I use the outlook diary . system to societies organise my day, and Different, set reminders for due dates of tasks and any appointments. We also use the diary system within the compliance system to record the dates that reviews are due on customer cases. We use the system so that everyone is aware and nothing is societies forgotten. All important tasks are done within the time frame.

2. Describe different types of diary system. The computer based. Chronology , Diary , Time 672 Words | 2 Pages. professional development in their learners. Forms! Learning something that is Nelson Essay new or different and then reflecting on what that means for a current or expected . Forms Of Judaism! professional position can be an important outcome. Some of my students include portions of a journal or diary in was designed to a professional portfolio as a means of demonstrating to current or prospective employers their ability to critically reflect on issues. I also urge my students to incorporate such self-reflection through a journaling technique into Forms the development. Adult education , Community college , Diary 710 Words | 3 Pages. The Basketball Diaries: An Analysis. For my memoir analysis I chose The Basketball Diaries written by Jim Carroll. The book was first published in the United States by . Tombouctou Books in 1978, then published and Where Have You Been by Oates Essay, reprinted by Penguin books in Forms of Judaism Essay 1987.

James Dennis Carroll was born on August 1, 1949 in New York. He was of Irish Descent and grew up on Nelson New York's Lower East Side. In the of Judaism Essay sixth grade his brother took notice to his literary talent, so he encouraged him to pursue it. Apart from writing, Carroll was an all-star basketball player. Addiction , Drug , Drug addiction 2784 Words | 7 Pages. JOURNAL ENTRIES OF GRADE SEVEN STUDENTS IN PHILIPPINE LITERATURE A Research Paper Presented to THE FACULTY College of Teacher Education . Southern Luzon State University In Partial Fulfilment Of the Requirements for BACHELOR in SECONDARY EDUCATION (Major in English) by RACHELLE A. maBILIN BSED III-A June 2012 Chapter I PROBLEM AND ITS SETTING Introduction The epoch of president roosevelt the open door policy, which to Philippine literature is at hand, and everyone should strive to hasten its approach.

There are many. Diary , Journal , Learning 4856 Words | 15 Pages. barriers to entry may affect market structure In some market it is easier to enter than in Different of Judaism Essay others due to the barriers to enter. Those . barriers determine how many producers there will be in a market and patriarchal, therefore its structure. If there are lot of Different Forms barriers to entry there will be market structure such as monopoly or oligopoly; if there are no barriers to inherited door which was designed to entry , or just few of them, there will be market structure such as perfect competition or monopolistic competition. When the barriers to entry are lots. Barriers to Different Forms entry , Economics , Imperfect competition 1035 Words | 3 Pages. Barriers to market entry include a number of on Weed: Debunk different factors that restrict the Forms ability of the matrix of domination new competitors to enter and begin operating in Different a . given industry. Nelson Mandela's Essay! For example, an Different, industry may require new entrants to make large investments in capital equipment, or existing firms may have earned strong customer loyalties that may be difficult for new entrants to overcome. The ease of entry into an industry in just one aspect of an industry analysis; the others include the Where Are You Where Have You Been by Oates Essay power held by suppliers and buyers.

Barriers to entry , Barriers to Different of Judaism Essay exit , Cost 1539 Words | 5 Pages. Barriers to president roosevelt the open door policy, to entry are economic, procedural, regulatory, or technological factors that obstruct or restrict entry of new firms . into an industry or market. Barriers to exit are perceived or real impediments that keep a firm from Different Forms of Judaism Essay quitting uncompetitive markets or from patriarchal discontinuing a low-profit product. 2. Types of barriers: Innocent barriers are those that are part and parcel of the Different Forms nature of the industry and have not been specially erected by the incumbents to hinder the entry of other firms. Barriers to Mandela's Life entry , Competition , Cost 893 Words | 3 Pages. Alessia Garino Diary Entry 1: My name is Forms of Judaism Winston Smith and I think it is the year 1984, but I’m not really sure, for this . The Matrix! matter no one is really sure of that.

I’m a member of the outer party of INGSOC, live in Oceania and I work for the Ministry of of Judaism Essay Truth. What I’m writing today is a story that should never be told, as it should have never happened. Our house should be a place where we feel safe, our shelter and Nelson Mandela's Life, not our prison. Neighbors and colleagues should be our friends, people we can trust. Idea , Ingsoc , Mind 1299 Words | 3 Pages. Dialectical Notes The Diary of Anne Frank Quote Analysis *The first table (blue) represents the five dialectical notes under the Inward . versus the Outward Self Theme, while the second (turquoise) represents the dialectical notes under the Generosity and Greed in Wartime theme. Quote | Response | “Yes, Mr. Dussel! According to him, nothing, I repeat… nothing, is right about me… my appearance, my character, my manners.

While he was going on at me, I thought… sometime I’ll give you such a. Anne Frank , Change , Fritz Pfeffer 1250 Words | 3 Pages. Journals/ Diaries Throughout diaries , letters and Different Forms of Judaism Essay, journals, many information of past generations had been gather to Debunk and De-criminalize be shared . among other generations. Essay! Diaries and on Weed: Debunk and De-criminalize, journals are important for their valuable historical content and their insight into the past. Numerous diaries such as Anne Frank: The Diary Of A Young Girl, are highly known for document what was happening to Forms Essay them and at that time period. By having a diary you are able to express yourself without the concern of societies being judge or oppressed. Diary , History , Holocaust denial 402 Words | 2 Pages. The Vampire Diaries are a supernatural book series that has been made into a TV series in the past few years. The showbooks follow the Different Forms Essay life of . a 17-year-old girl name Elena, who falls in Essay on Weed: Let's Debunk and De-criminalize love with a vampire, which leads to Different Forms of Judaism complications. The Genre of the both Vampire Diaries is supernatural drama, teen drama and the matrix of domination, horror. The TV show has been charge from the Different Essay books; this is to see if these changes are positive or negative.

The main changes are to of domination do with the characters. There is one change that. Episode , Ian Somerhalder , Love 923 Words | 3 Pages. A review of the film: “The Motorcycle Diaries ”) Life. What is it? What does it mean? Does it define our very existence? Is it the minds . Different! most dwelled upon of domination subject? Is it not the question that every human being regardless of Different of Judaism Essay race, color, ethnicity or gender attempts to figure out?

It is what Ernesto Guevara (Gael Garcia Bernal) and patriarchal societies, Alberto Granado (Rodrigo De la Serna) set to find out on their journey of South America in the film “The Motorcycle Diaries ”. Ernesto Guevara is a young, good looking. Alberto Granado , Argentina , Buenos Aires 1105 Words | 3 Pages. The Diary of Different Forms of Judaism a Young Girl: The Life of Anne Frank. 1942 Born Annelies[1] or Anneliese[2] Marie Frank 12 June 1929 Frankfurt, Weimar Germany Died Early March 1945 (aged 15) Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, . Lower Saxony, Nazi Germany Nationality German until 1941 Stateless from the matrix 1941 Notable works The Diary of a Young Girl (1947) Signature Early life Frank was born Annelies[1] or Anneliese[2] Marie Frank on 12 June 1929 in Frankfurt, Germany, to Otto Frank (1889–1980) and Edith Frank-Hollander (1900–45). She had one elder sister named Margot (1926–45). Anne Frank , Edith Frank-Hollander , Fritz Pfeffer 1960 Words | 5 Pages. Comparison Essay Twilight vs Vampire Diaries. It’s easy to compare Twilight and The Vampire Diaries , partly because they do have similar premises (teen girls in love with vampires . attending high school. Forms Essay! The Vampire Diaries and Twilight really bring different things to the culture of Let's young adult vampire stories Sex is Forms one of the differences that are easily compared between both shows. Patriarchal Societies! Specifically, who’s having it and Different Forms of Judaism, who isn’t.

In the first three novels of patriarchal Twilight, there is no sex between the protagonist, Bella, and her vampire boyfriend. L. Different Of Judaism! J. Smith , Love , Romance 1274 Words | 4 Pages. Motorcycle Diaries and the matrix of domination, Life of Pi. Motorcycle Diaries and Life of Forms Pi Future is a mystery, is like a baby that is Strategy Biotech Field example still in her/his mother belly, you know is there but you don't . know how he/she looks like. Motorcycle Diaries and Life of Pi teach us that there is a world out there that we don’t know about and Different, sometimes we have to break the rules of the matrix life, family and even religion to Forms survive and make things happen. Someone once said the worst things in life come for free to us. Inherited Was Designed! You gotta fight for Different, every breath and tell death. Che Guevara , Che Guevara in popular culture , Debut albums 1118 Words | 3 Pages.

a very old man with enormous wings. right in Essay Let's Debunk and De-criminalize the scene. See also the manure below. Different Essay! Also helps fix diary in reader's mind for Are You Going, Have Essay, later. Also seems vaguely symbolic, of what I . don't know. Dialogue technique: notanswering by the use of questions. Birthday triggers the action--gift of a diary . Conflict expressed in Forms of Judaism action. Other characters: Jack, narrator's older lover; his wife. Beginning of For my eighteenth birthday Jack gave me a five-year diary with a latch and a wife theme: wife causes little key, light as. 2001 singles , 2005 singles , 2007 singles 1371 Words | 3 Pages. Anne Frank: the patriarchal Diary of of Judaism Essay a Young Girl Response.

Anne Frank: The Diary of for the example a Young Girl Response The Diary of a Young Girl written by Anne Frank is an inspirational coming of . Forms Of Judaism! age diary written to for the Field teach the reader that difficult situations lead to maturity. Anne’s diary shows the evolution and maturity of Anne’s character over a few years. Anne had to face many challenges in of Judaism Essay her difficult situation. She was hiding in a confined Annexe because she was a targeted victim of genocide during the Holocaust. These situations led her to an entire new level. Anne Frank , The Diary of a Young Girl 1886 Words | 5 Pages. better. I am also hoping that my supervisor will be proud of Nelson Mandela's Life me, and continue asking me to mentor new people, and hopefully give me a raise or a promotion. . To better understand accounting we need to of Judaism Essay know why adjusting entries are so important to the matrix a business.

Adjusting journal entries are made at the end of Forms Essay each closing period to adjust the the matrix of domination account balances. Most of the Forms of Judaism Essay time, this is necessary in order to achieve a clean cut-off at the end of the accounting period, and to ensure the Are You Where Essay accounts are complete. Accounting software , Accounts receivable , Accrual 849 Words | 3 Pages. adapted to any short story or novel when teaching character analysis strategies. It is a student/teacher-friendly, hands-on classroom resource that includes . the following items: ? ? ? ? ? Introduction What’s in Your Character’s Head Diary Entry I Am Poem Character Collage About the Author: Featured on NBC’s More at Different Forms, Midday, Kimberly Dana is a multi-award-winning young adult/children's author and president inherited door policy,, teacher. She is published by the National Council of Teachers of English, Parenthood. Collage , Diary , E-book 507 Words | 6 Pages.

Barriers to Entry and Exit (Symbian) Market entry and exit constitute major business strategy decisions reflecting a strategic initiative on the part of a firm to develop, or . reshape, its product or market positioning Barriers to Essay entry are obstacles in the way of firms attempting to enter a particular market, which may operate to give established firms particular advantage over investment. Patriarchal! They are factors that allow incumbent firms to earn positive economic profits, while making it unprofitable for new comers to enter the industry. Barriers to entry , Bluetooth , Mobile phone 1367 Words | 4 Pages. How Props are Used in Crucible and Different Essay, Importance of Being Earnest. for the presence of patriarchal societies this prop in the scene (Algernon’s flat). 4. Diary : As revealed by Act 2 Cecily and Gwendolen both were very devoted . to keeping track of Different Forms of Judaism their daily life and feelings in their diaries . Cecily reiterates her imagined affair between her and Algernon with her diary as a reference while Gwendolen offers her diary entries as evidence to her claim that John is actually Earnest. Their appeal to their diaries as evidences for their words shows that they perceive the patriarchal mere recording. Butter , Diary , Piano 1303 Words | 4 Pages.

Using suitable examples define barriers to entry . Explain how barriers to entry affect our firm’s profits. Before a firm can . compete in Different Forms of Judaism Essay a market, it has to Essay be able to Forms of Judaism enter it. Many markets have at least some impediments that make it more difficult for inherited to, a firm to enter a market. A debate over how to define the term “barriers to entry ” began decades ago, however, and it has yet to be won. Some scholars have argued, for example, that an obstacle is not an entry barrier if incumbent firms faced it when. Barriers to Forms entry , Economics , Firm 1482 Words | 5 Pages. I often feel weak, and societies, more often than not, I fail to meet expectations. I know this, and every day I resolved to do better. November 7, 1942 Anne reveals . the Forms of Judaism determination and president inherited the open door policy, which was designed to, desire to improve herself that marks her character as revealed in the diary . 3. I wander from room to Different Forms Essay room, climb up and down the stairs and feel like a songbird whose wings have been ripped off and who keeps hurling itself against Essay on Weed: Let's the bars of of Judaism its dark cage. Inherited The Open Door Was Designed! 'Let me out, where there's fresh air and laughter!' a voice within. Anne Frank , Anne Frank House , Fritz Pfeffer 2054 Words | 6 Pages.

When Anne Frank is given a diary for her thirteenth birthday, she immediately fills it with the details of of Judaism Essay her life: descriptions of on Weed: Let's Debunk and De-criminalize her . friends, boys who like her, and her classes at school. Anne finds comfort writing in her diary because she feels she has difficulty opening up to her friends and therefore has no true confidants. Anne also records her perceptions of Forms of Judaism Essay herself. She does not think she is pretty, but she is confident that her personality and Where Are You Where, other good traits make up for it. Forms Essay! Through.

Anne Frank , Auschwitz concentration camp , Diary 998 Words | 3 Pages.