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Brazil And Caribbean Culture Essay. Choosing Laptops! Sugar cane was brought to the new world by Christopher Columbus on his second voyage in 1493 (Umbilical 99). The introduction of this new crop would bring about dramatic change the Caribbean. During the 1600's the Caribbean sugar industry thrived. The Moral Argument For God! The native people of Africa's show more content There are several versions of the origin of calypso which emerged as an identifiable genre towards the end of the nineteenth century. Calypso represents a mixture of several folk songs in African tradition (history of choosing laptops Carib music 1). A Disease! There are a few theories to where the choosing laptops, word calypso originated. Reading Reflection! The Carib word caieto meaning a joyous song and the French patois carrousseaux from the archaic French word carouse meaning a drinking party or festivity (Trinidad Calypso 8).

The calypso style of music began around the time of the French settlement in Trinidad during the late 18th century. Choosing! At this time this type of music was not yet pronounce calypso. In a good calypso song the lyrics would grasp three main dimensions. The History Of The And Periodic Table Essay! The first is extempore. If the individual could produce lyrics at the spur of the choosing laptops, moment it was greatly admired by the painted bird the listeners. Second, added comments of social and choosing laptops political issues were slid into a verse. Ts Eliot Analysis! Thirdly the choosing, calypso singers would trade insults. This would later lead to what would become known as calypso wars. Today the reading reflection, lyrics of calypso contain so much information on political Caribbean Culture and the Way it Formed Essay. region while Mintz sees the effects of the Plantations as a negative on the people of the choosing, region. The existence of the plantations is what caused the present state of the Caribbean, I think that the arrival and proliferation of the plantations is the most important historical phenomenon to have come about in the Caribbean, to the extent that if it had not occurred the islands of the the painted, region might today perhaps be miniature replicas-at least in laptops, demographic and pokemon cartoon ethnological terms-of the European Research: How did Cuba and choosing Brazil Affect Popular Music, Culture and Dance in the 1940s and 50s?

Question: How did Cuba and Brazil affect popular music, culture and dance in argument, the 1940s and 50s? A. Plan For Investigation How did Cuba and laptops Brazil affect popular music, culture and dance in the 1940s and the painted bird 50s? In this investigation I am going to establish what affects Cuba and Brazil had on choosing, popular music and reading dance. The first thing Im going to do is choosing laptops discover how the music from Cuba and for god Brazil spread to America, the laptops, center of music. A Monodrama! While doing my research I will be looking at what types Brazil and choosing Mexico Comparative Analysis Essay. A Disease! regulatory laws pose significant barriers for start-up businesses. In Brazil, the choosing, average time needed to start a business is 120 days, compared to a regional average of 56.7 days. Furthermore, it takes an average of 14 days to register property in Brazil, while the regional average is prelude ts eliot 6.8 days. This means that on average, starting a business and registering property in Brazil takes twice as long as it would in other Latin American and Caribbean states (Datamonitor, 2011a).

Brazil's implementation of the VAT As the result of this shift in laptops, language, the new types of the languages were introduced in a disease, Caribbean. In late twentieth century, u.s. Laptops! influenced Caribbean like no other nation has ever done before. Not only by The History the means of military but by the culture and economically. Which influence directly to the lives of Caribbean. As it was mentioned earlier, Caribbean encountered much different kind of languages. Laptops! Before the colonization of the great European countries, languages of the Amerindians were except for the moral for god rhythm, there is choosing no common theme in the islands of Caribbean as far as culture goes. The incentive/ motivation for The History of the Elements and Periodic Table utilizing imagery is at laptops the other end of the spectrum of us withdrew from Cliffs motivation. Cliffs motivation is to communicate to laptops, the reader how it is to live in the Caribbean. She is not writing to is adhd, analyze or make sense of how it is, though her use of choosing historical background offers some clues as to the development of the Caribbean society. For example, the following is a description of did the us withdrew from a funeral Brazil: A Country of choosing Diversity Essay. Brazil: A Country of a disease Diversity Part One: Country Profile The Federative Republic of choosing laptops Brazil is the largest country in South America.

It also has the most diversity in people and in geography. Pokemon Cartoon! The Capital is of Brazil is Brasilia (Brazil Background). The geography ranges from dense rain forest to sandy beaches. Choosing Laptops! The majority of the the painted bird book, people live in the southern part of the country. They have began to take advantage of their natural resources and choosing laptops most of their economy is analysis extractive (Brazil Background) Moreover, this hierarchy of choosing laptops shade suggests that whiteness is equated with prestige, power, and wealth while blackness is equated with a lack of culture, a lack of pokemon cartoon identity, and essentially a lack of autonomy. Choosing Laptops! Cliff, by means of her literature, attempts to unearth the prelude analysis, reasons why many of choosing laptops us became light skinned very fast traced ourselves through bastard lines to pokemon cartoon, reach the choosing, duke of reading reflection Devonshire, the choosing laptops, earl of Cornwall. Thus, in an almost disgusted tone, Michelle Cliff discusses the advantages of prelude analysis 19) Mintz actually wants to take this severe classification even further to choosing laptops, emphasize on the societies of the the moral, islands themselves. Mintz explains that the societies of the choosing laptops, islands are very similar in pokemon cartoon, structure.

He refers to choosing, the nine features of Caribbean regional commonality. This list, while somewhat condensed here, is a monodrama essential to Mintzs argument: 1) lowland, subtropical, insular ecology; 2) the swift extirpation of native populations; 3) the early definition of the choosing, island and a sphere of Colonialism in the Caribbean Essay. reason, we did not have the emergence of the same creole culture on islands colonized by the British, French or Dutch. Mintz points out that the British and the moral Dutch lacked strong overseas control over local decisions affecting the slaves, hence enabling local holders of choosing power to exercise harsher and maud more arbitrary domination of slave populations, which also slowed acculturation (Mintz 35). Although there was a development of a Jamaican culture it more homogeneous than a Puerto Rican one being that Essay about choosing laptops, Caribbean Integration. A Monodrama! Exchanges of laptops skills and pokemon cartoon technology, and a division of choosing labour among Caribbean states in The History of the Elements, the production of various commodities and specialised services, could increase economic efficiency and the quality, range and value of what the laptops, region produces, both for local consumption and for export. Factors Encouraging Integration. #61607; a common history (slavery, exploitation, colonialism, etc.) #61607; similar political institutions and ts eliot ideology (Westminster) #61607; similar social

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Herodotus Essays and Research Papers. Herodotus c.484 B.C-c.429/425 B.C. Greek historian. INTRODUCTION Called the laptops father of history by the Roman philosopher Marcus Tullius . Cicero, Herodotus is The History and Periodic Table Essay best known for his long and compelling prose account of choosing, life in pokemon cartoon Greece, Asia Minor, and Egypt which focuses on the causes and laptops events of the Greco-Persian Wars. Did The? For Herodotus , history (historiai) meant inquiry, and his attentions in the History are devoted not just to epic moments in choosing laptops the past, but also to when did the us withdrew, geography, ethnology, and myth. Achaemenid Empire , Battle of Plataea , Battle of Salamis 1377 Words | 4 Pages. Herodotus : The Father of History Many students today propose the question, why do we study history, what does it have to do with us? This . question is not a new idea; in fact, the laptops Greeks didn't concern themselves with true scientific history until after 500 B.C. Up until this point the Greeks focused mainly on myths and legends that explained how to please their many gods. It wasn't until the time of Herodotus that any emphasis was placed on recording a true account of the past. In Herodotus ' writings.

Ancient Egypt , Culture , Greeks 1033 Words | 3 Pages. Cultural Bias and Structure in Herodotus. Herodotus ' writes his Histories for Greeks. Specifically for Greeks living in Herodotus ' own time. The statement of pokemon cartoon, purpose which . begins the work seems to contradict this hypothesis. Herodotus claims to wish to prevent the laptops traces of human events from being erased by prelude ts eliot time, and to preserve the fame of the important and remarkable achievements [ Herodotus , 1.0]. The underlying assumption here is choosing that the author is preserving these events and achievements for future generations and prelude ts eliot perhaps even future. 5th century BC , Greco-Persian Wars , Greece 753 Words | 3 Pages. Styles of laptops, Historiography: Herodotus vs Einhard. The Styles of Historiography: Herodotus vs.

Einhard Herodotus and Einhard write history in prelude analysis two completely different . Laptops? styles. Einhards style is about giving specific details, while Herodotuss style is about giving his own personal opinions and information that he has from secondary sources. The biggest effect of the difference amongst the two historians style of writing is the fact that Einhards history of Charlemagnes life gives information that makes it seem as if the events were. Belief , Charlemagne , Einhard 940 Words | 3 Pages. With Close Reference to the Issues Raised by when us withdrew from Munslow, Critically Evaluate the Role of the Historian in choosing the Construction of History Support Your Argument with Reference to at Least Two Sources You Have Studied. will ultimately allow an historian to construct a credible and accurate representation of the past.

An important aspect of constructing or creating history . is using relevant sources to create an is adhd a disease accurate and credible representation of the past. Herodotus , known as the father of history, is heavily criticized for his fabrication of evidence and sources and for being profoundly influenced by Homers works - Iliad and the Odyssey. Munslow, however, argues that sources are manipulated and moulded in. Critical thinking , Herodotus , Historian 1295 Words | 4 Pages. The aims and purpose of history can be evaluated through the study of historians and choosing their audiences. The differing methods of collecting and using sources . and is adhd evidence has caused countless debates between historians and other academics from Herodotus , the 'Father of History' to G.R Elton and his views on choosing laptops objective truth. Similarly Stuart Macintyre's The Historian's Conscience debates and discusses the issues surrounding evidence, time and motives of historians.

The aim of history according to. Herodotus , Historian , Historiography 914 Words | 3 Pages. Extension History Historians Quotes. classical scientific It will be enough if it is is adhd a disease considered useful by those who wish to choosing laptops, judge clearly both what has happened and what will come about again . in the future, in the same or similar fashion, given the nature of man. Herodotus classical literary Herodotus of Halicarnassus, here displays his inquiry, so that human achievements may not become forgotten in time and great and marvelous deeds Karl Marx History does nothing, possesses no enormous wealth, fights no battles. It is when did the us withdrew rather. Herodotus , Historiography , History 515 Words | 3 Pages. Battle of Salamis and Xerxes Military Decision. hostilities were quite extreme, due to Xerxes military decision to acquire Greece, there were few written sources which were not composed by his opposition . or heavily influenced by the bitter relationship.

Despite accounts, by composers such as Herodotus and Aeschylus, there has been recent attempt to consider both ancient and modern sources to balance his image. In the endeavor to reevaluate a reign that has much maligned throughout history and to reconsider a personality who has been at the mercy. Achaemenid Empire , Aeschylus , Battle of Plataea 1666 Words | 5 Pages. ?QUESTIONS FOR HERODOTUS THE HISTORIES I. Who is Herodotuss intended audience? Why was it written? A. His intended audience was the . Greeks. Laptops? B. It was written to tell the story of the Pelopensisan War C. Written to cover the conquests of Cyrus as he takes over much of the known world by ruling the when from vietnam Persian Empire. Laptops? D. Herodotus was half Greek and half Persian E. He intended his work to undermine Hellenic ethnocentricity -- to open the Greek mind to to the rich diversity of the surrounding.

Ancient Egypt , Ancient Greece , Democracy 1497 Words | 5 Pages. Behind Olivia Crooker Ancient Medieval, Orange 7-8 January 7th, 2014 Cyrus the Great, one of the most . insightful leaders of reading, his time, according to Ancient Greek historians such as Xenophon and Herodotus it was because of his ability to create a lasting empire. He was able to use political, military, and trade powers to establish stability within his rule. Historians have recognized this and his tactics are still used to this day. Choosing? Cyrus was able. Achaemenid Empire , Ancient Greece , Babylon 2247 Words | 7 Pages.

Sparta by the name of Demaratus, stating that in Sparta it was customary for the first born son after the father came to reading reflection, the throne would be the heir. . Herodotus account states that Atossa had an influence on Xerxes coming to the throne. Choosing Laptops? Xerxes, that he was son of the moral for god, Cyrus daughter Atossa and that it was Cyrus who had won Persians their freedom. Herodotus , 3.7.2. However, according to modern historian, Russel Granger, this seems unlikely, as Xerxes had not once acknowledged Atossa in any of the choosing monumental. Achaemenid Empire , Battle of Thermopylae , Cambyses II 1146 Words | 4 Pages. decision to live on the edge of the Nile River, by doing so it assisted in The History Elements maximizing the choosing amount of fertile land that was used for planting crops. This . further proves just how significant the Nile River was for Egyptian society. The Greek historian Herodotus stated that Egypt constantly relied on the Gift of the Nile5, with all aspects of life. Pokemon Cartoon? An unknown ancient writer also reflects quite positively on the Nile through a hymn.

This hymn states to thee, O Nile! Who manifests thyself over choosing laptops this land. Ancient Egypt , Ancient history , Egypt 2470 Words | 14 Pages. and many passageways and roads follow its course. To both sides, you see plantations of agricultural land where the people work and live. Since ancient . When From Vietnam? times, this soil was made fertile by the yearly overflow of the river, the laptops gift of the Nile, as Herodotus once said. The Moral Argument? In the Gifts of The Nile Valley it states, for ten miles on either side of the river it actually fertilizes the desert with its rich topsoil(A-V). Yes, Egypt would be nonexistent without the choosing Nile River. Ancient Egyptians recognized. Ancient Egypt , Cairo , Drainage basin 844 Words | 3 Pages. they stood against the force of the Persians.

But what is the real story about Leonidas and his 300 soldiers. The Moral Argument For God? Little is known about laptops Leonidas other then . stories about ts eliot analysis him that was written. Choosing? According to pokemon cartoon, the ancient Greek historian Herodotus in The History of Herodotus , Leonidas was in command of the laptops now famous 300 Spartans who were sent, in advance of the reading reflection main Spartan body of troops, to engage the Persian horde in laptops order to arrest and defeat its intended invasion of Greece. The Spartan troops of only. 300 , Ancient Greece , Battle of Thermopylae 1496 Words | 4 Pages. it was said by Herodotus ;an ancient Greek historian who's regarded as the Father of Essay, History in choosing laptops Western culture.. he saidEgypt is the gift . of the Nile admiring the Nile river as God's gift for the Egyptian people,as without the Nile river;Egypt would have been desert.. Elements And Periodic Essay? The Nile was the lifeblood of Egypt. Their civilization depended on it (just as in every other river-valley civ.) Egypt was a glorious civilization, which contributed in many ways to two modern-day civilizations: the West and. Ancient Egypt , Blue Nile , Cairo 1477 Words | 3 Pages. To What Extent Is There Conflict Between Academic and Popular History?

focused on professionalism, and discarded generating a dialogue (Conrad) with their contextual audiences. The substantial dissolution between academic . and popular historians is evident in a range of sources, essentially from Michelle Arrows to Herodotus and laptops Thucydides to Bury. Inaccuracies continue to plague populist histories, and as such those within the academic field continue to rebut their rivals with these flaws. They argue that these, as Margaret Conrad states, producers of historical. Academia , Herodotus , Historian 1021 Words | 3 Pages. further information on the Persian wars was Herodotus . Herodotus himself was of an Ionian Greek descent and is adhd a disease is one of the few . secondary ancient sources used to gain further information and a firsthand account of the Persian wars in particular the Second Persian War (University, 2010). The motive of Herodotus was remember what happened and to explain the cause of the Second Persian Wars as he states This is the showing-forth of the inquiry of Herodotus of Halicarnassus, so that neither what has come. Achaemenid Empire , Ancient Rome , Carthage 3423 Words | 8 Pages.

discipline of history.[8][9] Events occurring prior to written record are considered prehistory. Herodotus , a 5th-century B.C. Greek historian . is considered within the Western tradition to be the father of history, and, along with his contemporary Thucydides, helped form the choosing laptops foundations for prelude analysis the modern study of choosing laptops, human history. Their work continues to be read today and the divide between the culture-focused Herodotus and the military-focused Thucydides remains a point of contention or approach in modern historical. Centuries , Essay , Herodotus 361 Words | 2 Pages. Xerxes lived from 520 to 465BC. He was the grandson of Cyrus and son of Elements and Periodic Essay, Darius. Xerxes was put into succession according to the ancient Greek historian . Choosing? Herodotus , as Xerxes was the first son of is adhd, Dariuss wife Atossa. Xerxes father Darius 1 died in 486BC, and this is where Xerxes took over for his father and became king.

Xerxes continued his father strategy of laptops, consolidating and tightening control of the empire, particularly in Egypt, Babylon and Asiatic Greece. Xerxes felt he needed to invade Greece. Achaemenid Empire , Darius I of when from vietnam, Persia , Greece 659 Words | 2 Pages. fifth river to flow from the Ethiopian highlands. In the choosing desert west of the Nile a canyon now dry represents and ancestral Nile called the Eonlile that . flowed during the late Miocene era (23-5.3 million years before present). The Greek historian Herodotus wrote that Egypt was the gift of the Nile. The History? As a unending resource of sustenance, it had a crucial role in the development of Egyptian society. Silt deposits from the Nile made land fertile and allowed ancient Egyptians cultivate wheat, flax, papyrus. Ancient Egypt , Egypt , Ethiopia 448 Words | 2 Pages.

facts and not small detail (the obvious history) Case Study: Herodotus The historian Born at Halicarnassus (485 BC 425 . BC) Exiled due to conspiring against choosing, Persians Merchant and traveller Greek Historian Cannot be free form bias (critical judgement) Educated (upper class) Harnessed ill feelings towards Persian Motive and Purpose for Writing These are the researches of Herodotus of Halicarnassus, which he publishes, in the hope of thereby preserving from decay. Herodotus , Historian , Historiography 1129 Words | 8 Pages. The accounts of Scythia in Herodotus The Histories are organized in concurrence with the timeline of the Persian invasion of Scythia, led by . King Darius, where as the invasion progresses Herodotus repeatedly digresses about the history of Scythia until the Persians and the moral for god Scythians meet, at choosing laptops, which point the apparent essence of the accounts of Scythia in The Histories, the Persian invasion, is ts eliot analysis concluded. Choosing Laptops? Although Herodotus description of Scythia seems to be a byproduct of the accounts of King Darius. Assyria , Cimmerians , Crimea 1103 Words | 4 Pages. Caitlin Beaumont C3164428 Passage 2 Herodotus : The Writer and Historian Herodotus the writer, from the later fifth . century, is prelude ts eliot considered to be one of the choosing laptops first ancient scholars who had invented historiography. He was a known traveller, who journeyed to many different places such as Egypt and argument for god Babylon and Greece and laptops he is for god most famous for his tremendously systematised work and astonishing literary excellence. Choosing? What is most intriguing about Herodotus is his reputation of being the father of. Ancient Greece , Ancient Olympic Games , Athens 1312 Words | 4 Pages. The Role of is adhd, Women in Herodotus The Histories.

Women in Herodotus The Histories From Helen of Troy to Candaules queen, historians have documented many quarrels over women. Choosing Laptops? One . Pokemon Cartoon? historian in particular, Herodotus , wrote often of the implications women had on choosing laptops the history before him. Women over reading history played largely a secondary role in almost everything, from politics to simple household decision-making. Women also were married off in laptops order to the moral, gain land and status for their families, especially their fathers. Yet wars, both civil and foreign. 1070 Words | 3 Pages. Herodotus, The Histories - Book 2.86. ?Commentary Essay Herodotus , The Histories. Book 2.86 Book two of Herodotus The Histories contains his account of Egyptian . culture, traditions and relations to Greek religion.

In particular, passage eighty-six describes the practice of an ancient ritual that has fascinated people for millennia. In this passage, Herodotus describes the ancient Egyptian method for mummification. Choosing? Being one of the earliest known records, this account of the mummification process immediately retains merit. This. Ancient Egypt , Coptic language , Culture of Egypt 1895 Words | 6 Pages. Michael Beers History 106-01 Mr.

Horlor July 12, 2013 The Life and Works of Herodotus and Sima Qian A Research-Based Commentary Thesis . In the reading reflection book Herodotus and Sima Qian (2010), Thomas R. Martin contests of the Greek Historian and the Chinese Historian Sima Qian. Choosing Laptops? Martin displays that though the historians politics, cultures, and time periods were different, both historians had the innate desire to record their subjective view of history as objectively as possible. Did The Vietnam? Though they were not. Achaemenid Empire , Battle of Plataea , Battle of Salamis 1967 Words | 6 Pages. these scholars have contributed to the knowledge we all know of laptops, today that play a part in knowing how and when to travel.

Today, we are going to focus on . Prelude? two scholars who were a vital piece in the field of geography, Herodotus and Strabo. Often called the father of choosing, history, Herodotus was a greek historian who is referred to as one of the reading reflection most reliable sources of history in choosing the era of the 5th century that also revolutionized the world geographically. Not much is known of his youth but what made him. Earth , Ecosystem , Geography 1570 Words | 4 Pages. Herodotus wrote a history like no other. Through the pages of On the War for Greek Freedom we read a philosophy that is very similar to our . own. We read about what it means to be a king, a warrior and a Greek or Persian of ancient times. Yet, more specifically, we read about what it meant to be simply a human being. The History Of The And Periodic Table Essay? There are philosophical ideas throughout the book that can be linked to our own ideas within modern day.

The life of a human was hard to laptops, live then. They were shot down by prelude ts eliot the gods if. Croesus , God , Human 940 Words | 3 Pages. Living the Good Life: Herodotus V. Laptops? Epicurus. What is considered a good life? Herodotus and Epicurus presents readers there depiction of a good life in their works, Persian Wars and Letter . to a Friend, respectively. The ideas of a good life presented by Herodotus in Persian Wars and by Epicurus in Letter to a Friend both share identical aspects of a good life, but at the same time both works are distinct from one another. One similarity between the two writers idea of a good life is that one must have respect for ts eliot the divine whether it. American films , God , Happiness 882 Words | 3 Pages. The Battle of choosing laptops, Thermopylae from Herodotus the Histories.

Western Civilization February 8, 2009 The Battle of Thermopylae From Herodotus . The Histories The Battle of Thermopylae, which Herodotus recorded in his writing The Histories, was one of the most arduous and notable battles of western history. Herodotus was an extremely significant historian who lived during the 5th century B.C. In this primary source writing, he portrays how Xerxes was superstitious and the moral for god tyrannical, how the choosing laptops battle. Achaemenid Empire , Ancient Greece , Battle of Salamis 1140 Words | 3 Pages. Herodotus and Voltaire: Two Historians Accounting for Their Contemporary Society. kings and reading reflection famous personalities. It is instead the laptops investigation of the past intended in ample sense; and is adhd a disease it comprehends the laptops study of the moral, culture, thoughts, . habits, political institutions and choosing many other aspects of society. This concept was very clear to Herodotus and Voltaire, two historians that, although lived a totally different period and is adhd contest, share some affinities in the way in which they write about the past.

They both were interested in the cultural history, in the usefulness of history in the. Ancient Egypt , Anthropology , Civilization 1152 Words | 3 Pages. The Role of Oracles and choosing laptops Dreams in ts eliot Herodotus' the choosing History. usChristina Bramanti October 5, 2012 CLAS 20105 The Role of Oracles, and Dreams in Herodotus The History Throughout . Herodotus The History, Oracles, and dreams play an important role. While the gods have almost no presence throughout the prelude ts eliot book, the choosing laptops Oracles and/or dreams are linked to did the us withdrew from vietnam, many of the choosing laptops major events. We first encounter the Oracles in Book I, when Croesus asks the Oracles at Delphi if he should attack the reading reflection Persians, the Oracle replies telling him (in a very ambiguous way) that if. Aeschylus , Apollo , Battle of Salamis 1654 Words | 5 Pages.

Herodotus: Many Customs of the Persians. In the document given, Ancient History Sourcebook; Herodotus , it tells of the laptops many customs of the Persians around 430 B.C.E. The author of this . document is a man named William Stearns Davis. The review given was written by Joshua J. The Moral Argument? Mark. In it, it speaks of similarities and imitations from other nations that gave way to the many customs that the Persians adopted and modified. The author of the primary source is, William Stearns Davis (April 30, 1877-February 15, 1930), was a college professor. Education , Harvard University , Radcliffe College 872 Words | 3 Pages. Does Herodotus Offer Adequate Explanations for Colonisation in the Greek Archaic Period. Does Herodotus offer adequate explanations for Greek colonisation in the archaic period? Herodotus gives all ancient . historians invaluable insights into colonisation in the archaic period, despite having his well known limitations.

We must overall regard his work The Histories as an equal to archaeological evidence and Thucydides work when it comes to laptops, studying colonisation in this period. Before I begin this essay, however, I must first quickly define two crucial terms. The term colonisation. Ancient Greece , Apollo , Archaic Greece 2008 Words | 6 Pages. Herodotus , Herodotus : The Histories. London: Penguin Group, 2003. In the start of the fifth book, Herodotus tells . of the beginning wars between the Persians and the Greeks.

The reader can find Herodotus to be somewhat messy with his writing in the beginning of this book because it gets confusing. Herodotus seems to favor Histiaeus of Miletus by calling him kind and honorable. One of Herodotus main themes is the Persians conquest and we learn of how the govern and take over land. Later in. Battle of Thermopylae , Cyprus , Greek language 658 Words | 2 Pages.

A Comparison of Herodotus and Thucydides. A Comparison of Herodotus and Thucydides The Persian and Peloponnesian wars were both significant conflicts that tested independence. From Vietnam? . Documenting these wars was obviously hard at this point of civilization, but two men did, and are now known as the great writers of their time. When analyzing the choosing laptops writings of Herodotus and Thucydides, the authors must be compared and argument for god contrasted. Laptops? Though it is almost impossible to know the complete accuracy of their accounts, analyzing the writing style will give. Critical thinking , Greco-Persian Wars , History of the Peloponnesian War 611 Words | 2 Pages. Clas 2215 | Assignment 1 | How does the portrayal of the Spartans in Herodotus account of the Battle of Thermopylae relate to the Spartan . Mirage? | | Mohammed Hasan B00524306 | 2/14/2013 | To fully understand how Herodotus portrays the Spartans in the battle of Thermopylae with relation to the Spartan Mirage, we must first completely understand what the Spartan Mirage means. Spartans were known to be the military power of Greece; their sole purpose was towards military strength.

Ancient Greece , Battle , Battle of pokemon cartoon, Thermopylae 943 Words | 3 Pages. an accurate, respectable account of history is written by Herodotus . This compilation of stories contains facets of choosing, family lineage as well as . the general progression of time. Herodotus is not philosophy. Although the stories in Herodotus do initially have the presence of a higher power, logic eventually takes over, and the majority of mythical characteristics can be and are manipulated by man kind. Also, exploitation is allowed in Herodotus . Is Adhd A Disease? Contrastingly, in the Old Testament's book of Samuel, God's. Art , Books of Samuel , God 863 Words | 3 Pages. Foundation of Cyrene: What could the Greek do well, and not so well? It is widely understood through both archaeological evidence and choosing laptops . Herodotus writings that the Foundation of Cyrene was established in pokemon cartoon 630 BC by a settlement of Greeks who originated from the island of choosing laptops, Thera (modern day Santorini) and us withdrew vietnam were lead by a Theran named Battos. However, it is choosing laptops Herodotus who gives all ancient historians invaluable insights into the colonisation practices of the ancient Greeks in the archaic period, and despite. Ancient Greece , Apollo , Archaic Greece 1618 Words | 5 Pages.

How Xerxes Dealt with the Revolts. that the removal of skilled workers, and a corrupt method of Persian administration led to ts eliot analysis, the revolt. Irrespective of the choosing laptops cause, Herodotus . Did The Us Withdrew From? accounts for Xerxes quelling of the revolt, noting that: Xerxes sent in an army, crushing the rebellion, reducing the country to a condition of worse servitude than before and mentions his brother's appointment as Satrap. Herodotus says that the Egyptians were heavily punished, and choosing evidence can be seen from this coming from the Satrap Stella (311BC), describing. Achaemenid Empire , Ancient Egypt , Babylon 911 Words | 3 Pages. marriage and public roads. The History Table Essay? * The kings played roles in making important judicial decisions. Quote: Herodotus any man desires to adopt a . son he must do it in the presence of the king. Religious: * Chief Priest, overseeing religious festivals, making sacrifices. * HERODOTUS STATES THAT AT THE FESTIVALS THE KINGS WOULD BE GIVEN AN ANIMAL TO SACRIFICE TO THE GODS. Choosing Laptops? * HERODOTUS also states that a privilege which came with their religious roles was that they were able to sit first.

Ancient Greece , Army , Battle of Thermopylae 771 Words | 4 Pages. Themistocles naval policy it had significant outcomes to each battle in a certain way. Themistocless naval policy was the foundation for future . superiority for the Athenians, for analysis these reasons the choosing laptops Athenians depended on reading the sea to be a trading power. As Herodotus stats: Athens future lay on choosing the sea as a trading power. As a result, this lead Themistocles to plan the improvement of the harbours in Athens for the trireme building programs, which will enable the Greeks to have a larger Navy consisting of is adhd a disease, triremes. Battle of Artemisium , Battle of Marathon , Battle of Mycale 1648 Words | 5 Pages. The Theme of Punishment in Herodotus's The Histories. Histories, written by Herodotus , have the theme of punishment scattered throughout. Many of the stories are based upon punishment and cruelty, . partly because this book tells the story of how the choosing Greek city states fight off the prelude ts eliot analysis Persians time and time again. However, it is not only in battle it cruelty and punishment seen; the idea of laptops, punishment and the moral argument for god cruelty for power, revenge, and control is seen throughout the entire work. Laptops? Among the stories of The Histories, the punishments that Herodotus includes are astonishing.

Ancient Egypt , Attack , Core issues in when did the us withdrew from ethics 1432 Words | 4 Pages. Points of choosing laptops, Argument on the moral the Settlement of Cyrene. various inscriptions, such as Herodotus . Having been written by people of the epoch, influenced by oral tradition as well as political and . Laptops? social climates, and when did the not as historical research, these writings should not be taken literally. And some, like Osborne, would say are automatically disqualified as historical evidence. Choosing Laptops? When examining the case of the foundation of Cyrene, we must first assess the is adhd quality of our main source of information on the subject - Herodotus . Herodotus , who wrote in the 5th century.

1st millennium , 5th century BC , Battus I of Cyrene 1048 Words | 3 Pages. Religion, Death and Burial in Spartan Society. their religion very seriously. For example, Herodotus recorded that in 480 BC, King Leonidas lead a small army consisting of choosing laptops, 300 Spartans (with . several thousand other Greek soldiers), who were to confront the powerful Persian army in a battle which is now known as the Battle of when did the us withdrew, Thermopylae. The reason that Sparta only sent forth 300 soldiers to the battle because Sparta was in the middle of the religious festival of the laptops Karneia, and according to Herodotus , the Spartans would only prelude march with all the.

Achaemenid Empire , Ancient Greece , Battle of Thermopylae 989 Words | 3 Pages. was executed, a step toward him. (Allexperts, 2009) The Spartans at the battle of Thermopylae did not fight alone, there were many other Greek City . Choosing Laptops? states that aided the Spartans in the battle, and this is stated in the following excerpt from Herodotus book seven. The Moral Argument? The Greeks who awaited the coming of choosing, Xerxes were the The History of the Elements and Periodic Table Essay following: From Sparta, Three hundred men at arms: from laptops Arcadia, a thousand Tegeans and Mantineans, five hundred of each people; a hundred and twenty Orchomenians, from the Arcadian. Ancient Greece , Battle of Plataea , Battle of Thermopylae 1303 Words | 4 Pages. Greek Victory in Second Persian Wars. superior leadership from commanders such as Themistocles and Leonidas, the effective Greek strategy and the cooperation of all the Greek city states to unite . against a common threat. Ancient historians such as Aeschylus in his play The Persians and Herodotus attribute the Greek victory to the so called hubris or extreme confidence and arrogance showed by prelude ts eliot Xerxes. Laptops? All these reasons played a crucial role in the Greek victory over the Persians in a disease the Second Persian War. The leadership showed by men such. Battle of Marathon , Battle of Plataea , Battle of Salamis 1276 Words | 4 Pages. against the Persians in the years 490BC-479BC.

The three main points of view on the matter is that they were not united at all, which can be seen from the . accounts of choosing, Herodotus , that they were united, which can be seen in us withdrew from vietnam the Themistocles Decree and that it was Themistocles himself that made them unified. It is on the research of Herodotus that we rely most heavily on for our information of the Persian War period. He is often criticised for his inaccuracy, bias and laptops failure to a disease, evaluate events properly. Battle of Marathon , Battle of choosing laptops, Plataea , Battle of Salamis 1772 Words | 6 Pages. the Egyptology theory, is a statement made by Greek historian Herodotus upon for god a visit to Egypt during the 5th Century BCE. To build the pyramid . Laptops? it took twenty years according to (Estensen, M.: 1997: 82).

The think we can add is that Herodotus had waiting long after construction before visiting the pyramids. Herodotus gained his knowledge after take look about how the pyramids were built. The statement must be dismissed by Herodotus if the idea from Egyptian nationalism is correct. In trying to. Ancient Egypt , Egypt , Egyptian pyramids 956 Words | 3 Pages. Modern and Ancient Interpretations of Xerxes. portraying Xerxes in The History Essay a positive light. Herodotus Herodotus was an ancient historian born just after the reign of Xerxes. In . his book The Histories, Herodotus doesnt attack Xerxes but describes him in two ways. Firstly, a typical King whose subjects feared him and secondly, a ruler punished by the gods for his arrogant use of power. Herodotus uses the bridging of choosing, Hellespont and destroying the of the and Periodic Table Essay Greek temples as examples of Xerxes arrogance.

Herodotus also writes about instances of choosing, Xerxes being. Achaemenid Empire , Battle of Salamis , Battle of Thermopylae 997 Words | 3 Pages. Solonian reorganization of the argument for god constitution had not eliminated bitter aristocratic contentions for control of the choosing archonship, the chief executive post . (Plutarch, 30). At this point in time there consisted of three major factors and according to is adhd, Herodotus the political landscape was about territorial divisions in Attica. There were the men of the choosing Plains, led by Lycurgus, the men of the Coast, led by Megacles and the men of the hills. The hills were the least politically influential and the poorest. Acropolis of reading, Athens , Ancient Greece , Athenian democracy 2149 Words | 6 Pages. allow the tyrant to build a 100 ship naval army to which would benefit both the Egyptian king and Polycrates. But after the king of Persia, Cyrus died, . Polycrates suddenly changed sides and joined the new Persian king Cambyses. This is recorded by choosing Herodotus : Without the knowledge of the Samians, Polycrates sent an envoy to Cambyses the son of is adhd, Cyrus (who was gathering an army to attack Egypt) and asked him to send a messenger to him in Samos to choosing laptops, ask for an armed force.

When Cambyses heard this, he sent. Achaemenid Empire , Ancient Greece , Darius I of Persia 1065 Words | 2 Pages. Similarities in the failures of pokemon cartoon, Xerxes invasion of Greece and the Sicilian Expedition. solidify his place in the great line of Persian kings, who all made their name as conquerors. In his book, The Histories, the famous chronicler, . Herodotus states, Xerxes pride in his lineage made him blind against any danger ( Herodotus 7.11.2). He sought an absolute decision. Either the Persians would rule over the Greeks or the other way round ( Herodotus 7.11.3). When Xerxes was planning his invasion of Greece, he decided to focus his attention on the superiority of his navy, and thus, most of.

Achaemenid Empire , Aeschylus , Ancient Greece 1641 Words | 6 Pages. Historical Causation in Ancient Texts. the cause means. Herodotus , the so called father of history, has stark contrast to Thucydides, the so called father of Realpolitik, on . the way of how they interpret the historical causation. In general, Herodotus involves an extensive amount of theology to manifest his moral pedagogy; in contrast, Thucydides contempts on the unreasonable exaggeration of the function of the gods, and sticks to the scientific facts and forms the laptops model of truthful history.

Herodotus emphasizes the significance. Apollo , Delphi , History 1188 Words | 4 Pages. Battle of Salamis and Themistocles. an army by sea to defend the pass10 000 Greek hoplites assembled at Tempe. Reflection? The Athenians were commanded by Themistocles Herodotus The . Histories. By making Themistocles a commander, Historians can recognise his ability as a leader and tactician through his utilisation by Athens. Themistocles ability as a tactician was not fully recognised until he, according to Herodotus gave Eurybiades a bribe to induce him to choosing, stay at Artemisium and defend Euboea. The decision in ensuring the Greek forces. Battle of Marathon , Battle of the moral, Plataea , Battle of Salamis 1895 Words | 5 Pages. Speech Comparison of Xerxes Themistocles.

influential person to Xerxes believed Xerxes was the most deserving to become his heir. Herodotus records that the Persians accounted Darius . Choosing? a merchant for his great achievements on when us withdrew vietnam setting the empire onto a sound financialfooting. Persians foreigners also called him Lawgiver for his enforcement of the law. On the other hand, Themistocles was so greedy he stooped to dishonest actions such as according to laptops, Herodotus he took a bribe of 30 talents to did the from vietnam, arrange the Greek fleets to stay longer in Artemesium. Achaemenid Empire , Aeschylus , Battle 661 Words | 3 Pages. Ancient History Hsc: the Greek World 500-440bc. Themistocles played a great role in Greek victory. At Artemisium and Salamis, Themistocles played a key role.

The Battle of Artemisium was a battle which . contained 271 Greek vessels controlled by Eurybiades and choosing 1200 Persian vessels, according to Herodotus numbers. There was a 3 day storm which inflicted major damage to the Persian fleet, but the Greeks were able to ride out the storm safely. Xerxes then ordered his fleet to take on the Greeks at Cape Sepias in order to bring supplies, resulting in. Battle of Artemisium , Battle of Marathon , Battle of Mycale 1448 Words | 4 Pages. supports the Egyptology theory, is a statement made by a disease Greek historian Herodotus upon laptops a visit to Egypt during the 5th Century BCE., it took . ten years to build the track along which the is adhd a disease blocks were hauledTo build the pyramid itself took twenty years (Estensen, M. : 1997: 82). Laptops? One fact that is so easily overlooked, however, is that Herodotus did not visit Egypt until long after the construction of the pyramids. Herodotus gained his knowledge by querying local Egyptians in relation to how.

Ancient Egypt , Egypt , Egyptian pyramids 1028 Words | 4 Pages. and teeth ( Herodotus 225). Is Adhd? These men fought valiantly until the very end, and never gave up. The most disgraceful thing a Spartan soldier can . Choosing Laptops? do is retreat from battle, they preferred to did the us withdrew from, die bravely rather than to live shamefully (Diodorus 11). Ephialtes of Trachis, the betrayer of the Spartans and other Greeks was stirred by the hope of receiving a rich reward at the kings hands, and had come to tell them of the laptops pathway which led across the mountain to Thermopylae ( Herodotus 213). By disclosing. Achaemenid Empire , Battle of Marathon , Battle of Salamis 1396 Words | 4 Pages. History. New York: Penguin Group, 2010. This book provides an excellent overview of Aristagoras rule of Miletus and the subsequent rebellion that . resulted in the war between the Persian Empire and the Greeks and how his actions changed history. Herodotus , The Histories, Revised.

Trans. Aubrey de Salincourt. Ed. John M. Marincola. New York: Penguin Books, 2003. The only when us withdrew vietnam existing primary source, this edition also includes editorial comments to aid in understanding of the text, a glossary, timetable.

Achaemenid Empire , Ancient Greece , Battle of choosing laptops, Thermopylae 1436 Words | 5 Pages.

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The Student's Practical Guide: Writing Term Papers for Anthropology (and Related Subjects) (originally written in choosing 1981, with various updates since then. Reading Reflection! ) rendered into html with occasional comments by. (whose own two cents on this topic is summarized here) Dictionaries and encyclopedias. Indexes and choosing abstracts. Yearbooks and review literature. You have not even started the paper -- somehow you have not managed to did the us withdrew from find the time for it. Other things always seemed more important or more fun. But you can't put it off any longer. You have to start right now.

You have to laptops get it done as quickly and efficiently as possible -- and obviously you don't want to suffer any more than is is adhd a disease necessary. Also, you don't want to take any chances with your GPA, so you want to write a good paper. But the whole project seems confusing, dreary, and a little overwhelming. It doesn't have to be that bad. Laptops! That is what this Guide is all about -- making the writing of anthropology term papers easier. There are ways to save time and effort. There are procedures and strategies that enable you to negotiate the necessary -but often tedious- process of finding the ts eliot analysis, material you need in choosing the library quickly and effectively. After finding the material you need, it is the moral for god important to know the best way of organizing it in your paper. Learning these techniques and laptops skills frees you to reading reflection concentrate on the quality of the paper--or maybe on the beach. This Guide is no substitute for choosing laptops, your own effort and commitment. (Obviously we are not about to recommend that you wait six weeks to begin your paper.) Certainly there is no way to guarantee success or scholarly ecstasy; writing a term paper may never be as much fun as mountain climbing, or reading Russian novels, or whatever your idea of fun is.

And there is no final or definitive answer to the question of what a professor wants in a paper. But this Guide will inform you of the moral, some of the laptops, basic features of an anthropology paper which you can be sure your professor will want you to know. And it shows you how to make your paper a more polished and expert product. You may already have taken a writing course. The skills learned there will be useful in writing papers for anthropology. The ability to organize ideas effectively and express them clearly is an important survival skill in the university environment. Mastering this skill early in pokemon cartoon your academic career can greatly increase your enjoyment of laptops, university life 2 . However, you probably did not learn the citation and bibliographic format used by anthropologists. Reading Reflection! One of the goals of the Guide is to choosing laptops introduce you to that format. Reading Reflection! A word of warning: you should set aside any ideas you have about using footnotes for documentation. (Documentation refers to methods of acknowledging the use of someone else's work.) You may also find that the writing style required for research papers is not the same as the style you learned in your writing classes. The style for research papers emphasizes the unambiguous, easily understood presentation of choosing, information and ideas, rather than the expressive use of evocative, complex, and richly ambiguous imagery and symbolism. In other words, research papers require an expository, not a literary, style.

THE STYLE AND ORGANIZATION OF TERM PAPERS: A QUICK REVIEW OF THE ESSENTIALS. Then what is a term paper? Like a report, a library research paper presents data and ideas (which are, however, typically drawn from several sources). Unlike a report, a research paper presents your analysis and interpretation of the data and ideas found in a survey of the anthropological literature relevant to the topic of your paper. Analysis is the process of organizing and summarizing the data and ideas in order to answer a question.

Interpretation refers to a discussion of the meaning and implications of your answers for the issues, ideas, and problems that your paper addresses. Eight Magical and Wise Rules for Writing Term Papers. Kolb, Harold H. 1980 A Writer's Guide: The Essential Points . New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich. Strunk, William, and E.B. White 1979 The Elements of Style . 3rd ed. New York: Macmillan. Turabian, Kate 1976 Student's Guide for reflection, Writing College Papers . 3rd ed. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. You should be able to find them all at choosing, the University Bookstore. Magical and Practical Rule Number 1: A paper should be organized around a clear problem. The problem is formulated in the course of exploratory reading in the anthropological literature.

First, you should choose an a disease appropriate topic and check it for feasibility by doing some preliminary research in the library and by consulting with your TA or professor. Laptops! This exploratory reading helps you formulate a problem (or thesis) regarding your topic. The problem you select then becomes the focus of your paper; it directs and limits your efforts. A good problem immediately raises certain questions and implies significant issues. You use your library know-how to find the data that answer these questions and to find the ideas of the and Periodic Table, scholars who have discussed these issues.

You should use only the data needed to laptops answer your questions. Otherwise your paper will lack coherence and unity, and you will have done more work than you needed to. And, worst of all, you may not get your paper in on time. Pokemon Cartoon! The professor may then never get a chance to read it, because he has flown off to some delectable Pacific island, and you may be stuck with an Incomplete. So subordinate your reading and note taking to a clear, well defined problem (or controlling idea), formulated in your exploratory reading. Magical and Logical Rule Number 2: After you have selected a problem and become acquainted with some of the laptops, literature on it, make a well thought out and is adhd a disease fairly detailed outline . As you reading progresses, ask yourself what ideas and information are necessary for understanding your problem, and in what order they have to be presented, in order to have a logical and coherent presentation.

Start out with a crude outline. Then revise and elaborate it as needed. A good outline is indispensable; it helps you figure out what information you need as you carry out your research and in what order that information should be presented. A few superstars can juggle complex ideas and choosing quantities of data in their heads, but for ordinary mortals the use of an outline makes sense. (It is ts eliot analysis wise to figure that you, like Socrates, are an ordinary mortal.) Magical and choosing laptops Effective Rule Number 3: A term paper should be conceived of as a whole. It should have thematic unity and an integrated structure. If you stick to your problem and did the us withdrew vietnam your outline, you should have no trouble writing a unified paper; unity just means sticking to the central idea of your paper and your plan for discussing it.

Structure refers to the organization of the parts of choosing, your paper. Reflection! A paper consists of three main parts: an opening or introduction, the body, and a conclusion. But these parts must be tied together, and subordinated to the main purpose of the paper, which is to tell someone about your analysis and interpretation of the choosing laptops, problem you have formulated and researched. You want to make the paper as easy to prelude ts eliot understand as possible. So first you tell them what you're going to say. The introduction clarifies the nature of your topic; it states your research problem and your strategy for understanding this problem. Your opening ideally puts the reader in the mood for reading the paper; it serves to spark some interest.

But mainly it prepares the reader intellectually for choosing laptops, your main effort--the body of the paper. The best introductions are often written after the body of the paper is already drafted, so that they can lead to it as effectively as possible. Remember: one way to bomb on The History Table Essay a paper is to choosing laptops promise one thing and deliver something else. The body of the paper carries out your strategy or plan for analyzing and interpreting your material. This part of the the moral for god, paper goes into details: it lays out choosing laptops all the necessary information and ideas in a logical order (that is, in the sequence in argument which the reader needs to know them in order to understand you). The body is organized in choosing laptops terms of answers to is adhd questions, cause and effect, comparison and laptops contrast; it supports generalizations with data, or derives generalizations from data. . and then you tell them what you've said.

The conclusion wraps things up. It reminds the reader of the nature and when us withdrew significance of the problem you set out at the beginning, and sums up the meaning and implications of your analysis. It tells the reader what has actually been discovered and what it means. Choosing Laptops! The conclusion concisely restates your intentions and plans, and pokemon cartoon tells the reader succinctly what happened when you carried out that plan. In other words, it summarizes and synthesizes the progression of your understanding from the opening statement of your problem through the detailed development of the choosing, problem in the body of the when vietnam, paper. Magical and Essential Rule Number 4: Write with your readers in laptops mind. Prelude! Be clear and explicit so that they can follow your argument. Be concise and yet complete. You are writing something that will be read and choosing evaluated by someone.

Keep in mind that all your readers can know of your thoughts is what you put down on paper. Telepathy is rare even among anthropologists. So be explicit. Don't refer or allude to ideas or information not contained in reading your argument, unless you can reasonable expect the readers to be familiar with that material. Make sure that the choosing, readers have all the information they need in order to pokemon cartoon follow you from point A to point B in your discussion. If your roommate doesn't understand how you argued your way from choosing, point A to point B, your TA or professor probably won't either. And choose your words with care. You don't want to obscure your reasoning by putting it into the wrong words. Us Withdrew From Vietnam! A brilliant logical argument can be lost for want of precise words 4 . Your outline will help you make the logical connections in your paper explicit.

You may even want to use some subtitles in choosing laptops your paper (one or two per page) which serve up the points made on that page. These subtitles will correspond to a disease your outline--or at least they will if you stick to it. Choosing! Using subtitles can alert you when you start to stray from your plan. Subtitles also have the advantage of reminding the weary reader (who has just read 137 term papers before starting yours and has 79 yet to go) where he has got to in your argument. (They also make fuzzy stuff look organized, keeping the opposition off guard.) However, if you allude extensively to material not included in your paper, or ideas not explained in your paper, or do not choose your words with some care, then even subtitles won't save you. You want to be clear, explicit and complete, but you don't want to ts eliot bore your reader (or not very much anyway--not more than is necessary). So don't belabor the obvious. Put things in your paper because they're important in terms of your argument, not because you feel you should explain everything--twice. Be as concise as you can, while still being clear, explicit and laptops complete. So, it is important to be clear and complete, but on the other hand, it is important not to The History Elements and Periodic Essay be boring or obvious. That sounds a little like look before you leap but he who hesitates is lost!

And yet these points are not as contradictory as they may seem. It's a question of balance, which, in writing term papers, as in choosing laptops learning to ride a bicycle (and practically everything else), is only learned through practice--by doing it until you don't fall down. Too much explanation and qualification of your argument can distract the did the us withdrew from vietnam, reader from the essential points you are trying to make. Too little explanation and elaboration makes a paper vague; the reader doesn't have enough information to judge the essential points of your argument, or see how they are connected--or even, sometimes, see what they are. When in choosing doubt, it is better to bore than to be vague. If you're boring, the professor may fall asleep, but at least you'll get credit for the work you did. If you are vague, on the other hand, you leave the reader with no way of knowing what you meant. In this second case, there is nothing to base a grade on, except the creeping suspicion that you haven't said anything. Vagueness is generally pretty boring anyway. It is better to work on being both clear and interesting; with practice and commitment, it is possible to be both. Magical and Reasonable Rule Number 5: The paper should reflect the theme of the course.

You should be sensitive to is adhd the point of view the professor is trying to choosing laptops present and to the scope of the course. A good paper should reflect the theme of the course in some way, even if you do not agree with the professor's approach. 5 Consult your TA or professor before you invest a lot of time and energy investigating a topic that might not be appropriate. For example, when you are writing for a class that focuses on some aspect of cultural symbolism, and you find yourself discussing astrology, King Tut, and holistic hang gliding, then you're stretching the The History Elements, boundaries of the choosing, course. Pokemon Cartoon! You will probably find that you are stretching the choosing, boundaries of your GPA too. More realistically, if your professor has been talking for weeks about a disease political conflict, then a paper in choosing which you marvel at the harmony and smooth integration of culture--and by implication deny the reality or significance of conflict--will probably raise some eyebrows, but not your grade. Did The Us Withdrew From! But a paper about the laptops, problems of pokemon cartoon, political leadership in Arab villages in territory occupied by Israel, or about lineage feuding in classical China, would more appropriately reflect the theme of the course. Magical and Indispensable Rule Number 6: Revise, Rewrite and Proofread. You should always plan on doing some revision and rewriting. But how much? And how do you know when it is necessary?

Here again, if a friend (or enemy) has trouble understanding your paper or any part of it, you need to do something about it. You need to rewrite the foggy and fuzzy sections. And even if your paper is more or less comprehensible, revision and rewriting will nearly always improve it. Basically, a sense of choosing, when and what to revise, what to throw out, and what to rewrite is developed through the practice of writing and through receiving feedback on your papers. With your research problem, outline and the limitations of readers firmly in mind, go through your outline with a certain ruthlessness. Cut out any jumbles of excess or imprecise words. Don't be afraid to throw away sentences and whole passages which don't do the job of communicating your ideas. Clean up the grammar.

Rewrite as necessary. Now you can type or print your final draft. And then you should proofread it. You don't want to leave any little but distracting errors or typos uncorrected. (A typo can change the comment Kroeber's theory is not considered adequate into Kroeber's theory is now considered adequate. But any type can eb distracting.) 6 Most word processing programs will check the spelling, and even simple grammar, automatically if you ask, so use these features. However, always read the paper yourself before you print the final copy--the Kroeber typo cited above is prelude neither misspelled nor grammatically incorrect, but it is a mistake that will be noted. Magical and Risk Avoidance Rule Number 7: If you use a computer, save your files often and make multiple backup copies. Nothing is so debilitating as following the choosing laptops, first six rules and then losing the whole work to a cyber-space demon.

Saying you lost your work to the computer, or that it will not print out, now runs well ahead of dogs eating homework in The History of the Elements and Periodic the excuse category. Laptops! It may be true, but it is is adhd a disease very difficult to prove and, if the TA or professor is on laptops a tight schedule to turn in final grades, you may not get the is adhd, benefit of the laptops, doubt. Save your files regularly, especially after making extensive revisions, and when you are finished be sure to copy your files onto a separate disk that can be stored in a drawer and moved to another machine if disaster strikes. Magical and Unwritten Rule Number 8: Make a rule to fit in this space. This is a freebie. Experience is the best teacher, so develop your own. Sound like a lot of work? You're right. Argument For God! But in grade points per hour the magical rules are the laptops, best term paper bargain going.

THE CITATION FORMAT OF ANTHROPOLOGY PAPERS. I think this format is easier to use than other formats. Once you familiar with it, I think you'll agree. Anthropologists document the use of other people's work--the sources of ideas or data used in a paper--by placing citations in the text of the paper. Documentation , for our purposes, means providing bibliographic references to sources. A citation is a bibliographic reference to a specific source--a book, an article, or other source of information. In-text citation simply means placing citations in the text of the paper, instead of in footnotes. In-text citation documents the use of sources of data and ideas, just as reference (bibliographic) footnotes do, but in-text citations are used instead of when did the us withdrew from, such footnotes in anthropology. You do not use reference footnotes or endnotes when you write a paper using the in-text citation format. You were probably taught to use reference footnotes to document your use of sources, and the world is full of laptops, people who say footnote when they mean citation.

Hang in there; things will become clearer as we go along. For now, do the best you can to forget about using footnotes as a method of documentation. 7. The important thing to and Periodic Table Essay understand, then, is that in-text citation replaces reference footnotes . Here's what in-text citation looks like: The evidence for choosing, this hypothesis is when us withdrew vietnam suspect (Burns 1969:32). Tonkinson (1978:27) notes that the Aborigines of the choosing laptops, Western Desert. As you can see, the in-text citation supplies, in parentheses, the name of the author, the year of publication, and the page(s) on Essay which the material cited can be found [NOTE ADDED BY JM: when citing journal articles in the natural sciences, page numbers are usually omitted unless it is laptops a direct quotation--most articles are short and if the reader wants to find the pokemon cartoon, item, s/he can read the article.

Not true for a 300 page book. ]. Note the punctuation: this is exactly how it should appear in all your anthropology papers. Also note that when the laptops, name of the author is used as part of the text, as in the second example, only the year of publication and page numbers are placed within the parentheses. Now, if I'm your inscrutable TA and I'm interested in finding out more about something I read in your paper (because it is just so bizarre or wonderful that I have to know more about it), then I turn from your citation to your reference list at the end of your paper. This list of reflection, all the works cited in laptops your paper provides information needed to locate sources in the bookstore or library. The citations and the reference list make it possible for the reader to track down material that may be useful. Pokemon Cartoon! As your TA, I can find interesting stuff simply by tracing your citation back to your source.

In that source are more citations, leading me back to your source's sources (squared as it were). These in laptops turn have citations and reference lists leading to pokemon cartoon their sources (sources cubed?). Your paper becomes a link in a citation chain when you cite from publications connected in this way. (TAs have funny ideas about how to laptops spend their time.) The citation format used in anthropology is reading less work than the laptops, footnote format because you only have to type out the The History and Periodic Table Essay, complete bibliographic information for a source once--in the reference list. (Complete bibliographic information includes titles, publisher, place of choosing laptops, publication, and so on. We'll get to that.) In a paper using reference footnotes, you have to type that information twice--once in the footnote itself, and then again in prelude ts eliot the reference list. This seems like extra work to me. I would rather not be typing footnotes when I could be out hang-gliding or otherwise exercising my hormones. I think in-text citations are quicker and choosing easier than reference footnotes, and they do exactly the same thing in terms of documenting the use of a source and prelude providing access to that source. Since anthropology term papers do not use reference footnotes, you never have any reason to use Latin abbreviations such as ibid or op cit.

In the laptops, footnote format, you use these expressions when you refer more than once to a single source. But when you use in-text citation, you give the ts eliot, same information every time that you refer to choosing a source: the author's last name, year of publication of the work cited, and the page(s) on which the idea or data you use appears. What if you refer to two different books or articles by the same author? How do you let the reader know that two different publications are being cited? You simply use the year of publication to distinguish them. They will be listed chronologically under the author's name in the reference list. Us Withdrew Vietnam! What if they were published the same year? Then you can add lower case letters after the publication date.

(Stone 1979a) (Stone 1979b) What happens if two authors have the same last names? In that case, you use the initials of their first names, or their full names if they have the same first names, so that it is choosing laptops clear in your text which author you mean. So, if you cite both Karl Marx and Groucho Marx, you would use the initials of the prelude ts eliot analysis, first names in the citations, even though the years of publication are different. (K. Marx 1853:334) (G. Marx 1949:24) If two sources have the laptops, same first and last names, then you may have to use middle initials, if available. The general rule is always to try to give enough information so that the reader will know exactly what individual or publication in the reference list you are referring to. If there are two authors for a publication you wish to cite, you cite them this way: (Stone Burns 1956)

If there are more than two authors, then you can probably get away with using the name of the senior author--the one whose name appears first in an article, or under whose name a book is cataloged--followed by when did the us withdrew from, et al. which means and others. Smith, Burns, Garcia, and Sullivan 1980:87 can be cited as (Smith et al. 1980:87). Smith is the senior author; do not use the alphabetical order of choosing laptops, authors' names in is adhd deciding what names to use in a citation. (Note: American Anthropologist , a major journal, now prohibits the use of et al. in the text, because it is undemocratic. I recommend the use of et al. --not because I'm undemocratic, but because it seems to choosing laptops me that a citation with three or more names interferes with the ease of reading the text, and I do not believe many instructors would object to this use of et al. in term papers. In your reference list, you must use the pokemon cartoon, names of all the authors.

Unless you are undemocratic.) An Exception to the Ban on Footnote: Multiple Citations. There is an exception to the rule against choosing using reference footnotes for citing your sources. If you have many citations for one sentence (in other words, many sources for reading reflection, one piece of choosing, information), then you may use a footnote to avoid cluttering the text and disrupting the reader's attention to your reasoning. Beagles are fond of bagels (Collins 1967:67; Crenshaw 1934:98; Morton 1978:81-89 1979:97). This means that. Beagles are fond of bagels. 1 This means that. 1. see Collins 1967:67; Crenshaw 1934:98; Morton 1978:81-89 1979:97. Using the reference footnote makes this easier to read without losing the sense of the text.

The idea is to avoid doing anything to distract the reader's attention from what you have to say. Unless an idea is very complex or profound --like Beagle bagelphilia- or the data very technical or surprising, you rarely need to use many citations for one particular chunk of Elements, information. A single citation will generally do. Sometimes you may wish to use several citations in order to laptops direct the reader to a particular literature or to important examples of something. A footnote is appropriate in such cases. For example, for the statement Beagles are fond of bagels, you might use this footnote:

1. The best references on Beagles and. bagels are Collins 1967, Crenshaw 1934, and Morton 1978 1979. Footnotes should go at the bottom (foot) of the page. Some publishers put them at prelude analysis, the end of the book. They claim this saves typesetting money (although with computerized typesetting that is no longer true). The real reason is choosing that they hate readers. In any event, term paper footnotes should go at the bottom of the The History of the Table, page. Choosing! It not only when did the us withdrew vietnam, keeps the professor from cursing your future posterity as he fumbles his way to the back in search of a note, it also improves the chances that he will actually pay attention to them. Choosing! (Nothing is is adhd a disease more infuriating, by the way, than to laptops make one's way to the back of the book in search of footnote 73 from chapter fourteen only to find that it says op cit in a disease reference to choosing something last discussed six chapters earlier.)

Cite corporate authors (organizations or groups) by their corporate names. (National Anthropological Institute 1989) A very long corporate name may be abbreviated. The National Institute of the moral, Mental Health can be cited in the text as NIMH. Laptops! However, the full corporate name must be used in the reference list. And you must be sure that you always provide enough information that a reader can find the source in the reference list without problems. If an individual can be identified as the author, the person rather than the organization should be cited. Occasionally, you will run across a work that has neither a personal nor corporate author. In that case you can use a few identifying words from the title of the source, which are placed in the author position in the entry in the reference list. There are as yet few employment opportunities in the field of reflection, Martian anthropology (Martian Anthropology 1986:569).

This citation corresponds to the following reference list entry: Martian Anthropology: An Overview of a Non-field. 1986 Encyclopedia of the Inner Planets. Abridged. Space City L-5:L-5 Publishing Matrix. Other people's exact words must be placed within quotation marks, or set off from the text by indentation and single spacing. Laptops! A citation must be placed near the the moral, beginning or at the end of the quotation, so that it is clear who is being quoted. Choosing! You could acknowledge a quotation from Clifford Geertz as follows: Culture is the fabric of meaning in argument terms of which human beings interpret their experience and guide their action; social structure is the form that action takes, the choosing, actually existing network of social relations (Geertz 1957:533). Here's another way to cite this quotation:

In an reflection article critical of functional analysis, Geertz (1957:533) distinguishes between culture and social structure: Culture is the fabric of meanings in terms of which human beings interpret their experience and guide their action; social structure is the form that action takes, the choosing, actually existing network of is adhd, social relations. Note that no citation is needed at the end of the quote. Finally you might choose to incorporate Geertz's works into your text in the following manner: According to Geertz, culture is the choosing laptops, fabric of ts eliot, meaning by choosing, which people interpret their experience and guide their action (1957:533). Note: when you put somebody's words inside quotation marks, be sure to ts eliot quote exactly--spelling, grammatical errors--everything must be just as it is in the original. Paraphrase or Summary. Even when you put other people's ideas or information into your own words, you must cite the source of the idea and laptops date. For example, suppose that for analysis, a paper on socialization or cultural transmission I want to use T.R. Williams' idea that children take an active part in their own socialization into society. Williams calls this the choosing laptops, generative function of socialization. He defines this as.

comprising all of the ways children reflect upon, think about, and sort out the content of analysis, culture, in order to laptops develop for themselves a cognitive map of adult culture (Williams 1972:224). I don't want to argument for god quote him, though, because I know using too many quotations is a cheap trick. It's my paper, after all, so I paraphrase him as follows: Williams (1972:224) notes that children are active agents in their own socialization. They do not merely absorb the laptops, norms and values of adult behavior in a passive manner. Rather, they think about their experience of cultural behavior, and develop their own theories about their position and pokemon cartoon roles in the system of social interactions that surround them. Data and Specialized Knowledge. All specialized knowledge--anything that cannot be considered common knowledge in the field in which you are writing--must be documented.

Data from a source must be cited. Naraun society is divided into laptops three status classes. The highest rank (temonibe) consists of descendants from the eldest daughter of the woman who founded the clan (Alkire 1972:44). Data from an reading ethnography on a group is often specialized knowledge --anthropologists are specialists on the people they study. How do you know if something is common knowledge? There are fuzzy areas, of laptops, course. Generally, though, you can rely on common sense. Pokemon Cartoon! You don't have to document the fact that the choosing laptops, Plains Indians hunted buffalo on horseback in the nineteenth century. But if you describe the life of the Sioux before they got horses or moved onto the Great Plains, or describe a fight the Pawnee had with the Sioux while on a buffalo hunt in 1858, then you need to provide a citation referring the reader to the source of your information. Common knowledge means common in the field in argument for god which you are writing. (That anthropologists are mostly geniuses is common knowledge--among anthropologists.

Others may disagree--but they don't know the field.) Most anthropologists know what clans, lineages, cross cousin marriage, and classificatory kinship are, but only laptops, specialists can be expected to know the Essay, difference between Aluridja and Kariera type kinship systems, and choosing so if you write a paper on how a particular group of Australian Aborigines combine features of both, a reference citation is argument called for, such as: A pretty good rule of thumb is that if you knew it before you started your research, you probably don't need to choosing laptops provide a citation, unless you read about it recently. But if you learned it in the moral argument for god the course of your research you'd better cite it. 8 When in doubt, go ahead and cite. A citation must identify quotations. This can be done in several ways. Short quotations can be incorporated in a paragraph by using quotation marks and a citation. Choosing Laptops! If you have more than a couple of lines, you can show that you are quoting by indenting and using single spacing. Here is an example of a longer quotation in a sample text: Language requires and reinforces shared understandings. Is Adhd A Disease! There has to be some level of agreement concerning the meanings and use of words and sentences in order for communication to be possible.

So it is reasonable to assume that language in choosing laptops some sense standardizes the understandings of is adhd a disease, individuals. However, Sapir, for one, notes in this context that although language acts as a socializing and laptops uniformizing force, it is, rather paradoxically, at the same time the most potent single factor for did the vietnam, the growth of individuality (1933:27). Remember, using citations is just like so many other things; it takes some practice. So don't worry if it doesn't feel right at first. You'll get the hang of it, and soon you will be doing it automatically. Now what about choosing paraphrases? A paraphrase is a rewording of someone's ideas or information.

Suppose I want to use some information I find in Tools for Thought by C.H. Is Adhd A Disease! Waddington, for a paper describing the choosing, impact of the information explosion on anthropological research. The History Elements! In a section of Waddington's book entitled Complexity of Information in the Modern World, he discusses the number of choosing laptops, scientific journals published as an index of is adhd a disease, complexity. Here is the passage I'm interested in. The first two journals wholly devoted to science-- The Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London and the French Journale des Savants --were both started in 1665. A number more were started at regular intervals during the next century.

The process really got under way in earnest around 1760; since then the number of new journals established has doubled every fifteen years. By now well over 100,000 scientific journals have been founded. Not all have persisted, and nobody knows quite how many journals are being published at the present time. As long ago as 1938, Bernal estimated that they were some 33,000 current scientific publications. Another estimate in the late 1960's put the number at 50,000, containing about 1 million separate scientific papers per year.

One attempt to handle this mass of material has been the laptops, foundation of secondary journals, whose function it is to reflection summarize and abstract the choosing, papers published in the primary journals. Is Adhd A Disease! The first of these appeared as long ago as 1714 in choosing Germany. When! By the time there were enough of them to laptops form a representative sample, they also started to multiply, at the same exponential rate as the primary journals, doubling in analysis numbers every fifteen years, and reaching a total of choosing, 1,900 by the mid 1960's. By this time there had been developed a tertiary level of periodical publications, giving information about the abstracting journals (Waddington 1977:32- 33). I want to use some of these facts in a paper on how this flood of information affects anthropological research. Prelude Analysis! First I make a point and then I paraphrase Waddington in support of that point. Then I go on to cite another source. The library is laptops a sophisticated information retrieval system. It is designed to did the vietnam give us access to laptops the information we need.

But we have to learn how to use it strategically, not haphazardly. This is especially true in anthropology, where the literatures used are both extensive and diverse. The general need for sophisticated library research strategies becomes apparent when we consider the volume of prelude, information that confronts us. Waddington reports that the first scientific journals were established in 1665. Since 1760 over 100,000 journals have been established; it was estimated in laptops the 1960's that as many as half of that number were still being published. These 50,000 surviving journals publishsomething on the order of one million papers a year.

Efforts to manage this flood of information include the use of secondary journals to condense and make accessible the contents of the primary journals. By the 1960's there were at least 1900 of these secondary journals (Waddington 1977:32-33). The situation in anthropology is the same. In 1875- 76, the library of the Peabody Museum, perhaps the first specialized anthropological library in the United States, had less than 1000 publications in reflection its collection; by 1975 it had 130,000 (Currier 1976:16). The third edition of Murdoch's Ethnographic Bibliography of North America, published in choosing 1960, contained 17,3000 entries for books and articles; the fourth edition, published in 1976, contains an additional 28,000 entries for books and articles published between 1959 and 1972 (Currier 1976:27). Note how the did the us withdrew vietnam, citations identify the source of the information.

A citation is not needed for every sentence; a series of sentences (or passages) may only require a single citation, as in the paraphrase of Waddington above, if it is clear that the information contained in the entire passage is from a single source (and from only a few pages of the choosing, source). If you pull together information from The History and Periodic Table, different places in a book or long article (as I did from the article by Currier), then you need to use a citation within the paraphrase to indicate the different pages in the source where the material you used can be found. Transitions from one source to another obviously require you to position a citation in such a way that the reader can see that you have switched from one source to another. Laptops! The crucial thing is that it must always be clear what ideas came from where. If it is the moral for god not clear, then it is wrong. When discussing a single book at length, you do not have to acknowledge the general concepts, concerns, or themes in it each time you mention one.

But it must be clear to the readers that you are in fact discussing an idea or theme from that particular book. You must, of course, cite the pages where more specific data or concepts are found, when you use them, so that the reader can find them. For example, you don't have to cite page numbers every time you state or imply that Frederik Barth, in his book Political Leadership among Swat Pathans , is interested in political leadership and choosing laptops authority, because that is the grand theme of the book. It runs all through it. Prelude Ts Eliot! Therefore, you don't have to cite specific pages when you say something non-specific about Barth's book. Barth shares this concern about the problem of political leadership. His study of the Swat Pathans (1959) is a good early example of an choosing approach to politics developed within social anthropology.

Once you have clearly established that you are discussing Barth's 1959 study of the Swat Pathans, you can drop the (1959) --as long as the reader knows you are referring to Barth's general theme or conceptuali- zation. But as soon as you go on when did the us withdrew from vietnam to discuss Barth's specific formulations, then you have to laptops provide the reader with page numbers. Barth states that among the Swat Pathans, Politically corporate groups are created by the actions of leaders (Barth 1959:72). These corporate groups are person-centered. The leader is the focus of the group; the group only exists in terms of and by virtue of his authority. The group includes anyone the leader can get to join him in collective action in response to threat, crisis, or conflict. Note that since the quotation and paraphrase come from the same page, one citation is adequate to identity both. Compare the paraphrase with the argument, original: Politically corporate groups are created by the actions of leaders. Any such group consists of all the persons whom a leader is able to mobilize in laptops the event of conflict. Its limits are undefined except in relation to the leader, and its solidarity derives from the latter's authority (Barth 1959:72).

In theory, if you are not indebted to someone for an idea or date, you do not have to cite him or her, even if you come across their statement of that concept or information. However, in practice, it is reading reflection usually better to go ahead and cite such a source, if the material is pertinent. If nothing else, you strengthen your argument by indicating that reputable scholars have made the same point. Laptops! Besides, citing a source entitles you to list it in your bibliography and shows the professor how hard you worked. You don't want the professor to think you have done a slap dash job of research because you have failed to use a significant source.

Also, you don't want to prelude ts eliot risk an unfair suspicion of plagiarism--more on that in the next section. Plagiarism is the laptops, use of someone's work without acknowledgment, as if it were your own. If in your term paper you were to use someone's dates, ideas, or words without documenting that use with a citation, then you would be guilty of plagiarism. Plagiarism is cheating. The penalties for plagiarism include an a disease F on a paper, failing the class, and probation or suspension from the university. To avoid plagiarism, you have to know how to document your use of choosing, other people's work. The History Of The Elements And Periodic Essay! This is what we went over in laptops the last section; in-text citation is the prelude, system of documentation used in anthropology. Documentation is more than a good thing to know--it is your responsibility to know how to document your use of sources, and to make sure that you do so in every paper that you write, whether you use in-text citation for an anthropology paper, or reference footnotes for a literature paper. It is pretty easy to tell when a student has plagiarized.

Professors and TAs are not dummies (or anyway not total dummies, or anyway not always total dummies). 9 They've had lots of choosing laptops, experience in reading student papers, and they know what to expect. It is not always easy to tell whether a student meant to cheat (although some cases are so outrageous that there can be no doubt) but most professors and TAs can tell whether he did cheat. Read this section and prelude ts eliot analysis the section on the use of citations with care, so that you never unintentionally fail to document the source of material you use in your papers. Choosing Laptops! It is not all that hard to avoid plagiarism once you know what is involved. Reflection! I'll advise you on how to avoid unintentional plagiarism.

The main thing is to choosing know how to document any use of sources correctly. A quotation, the use of someone's words, not only requires a citation, but must be set off from your writing by quotation marks or by indentation and single spacing. This is did the vietnam true of phrases as well as of choosing, whole sen- tences and passages. Consider the following example from African Religions of Brazil by Robert Bastide. The original is: All religion is a tradition --a dual tradition of stereotyped actions and rites and of mental images and myths. It has often been claimed that the two elements are inseparable, myths being a definition or justification of the ceremonial action (Bastide 1978:240). And here is the same passage plagiarized almost word for word in student paper. (The paper is a disease hypothetical. If a student did this, he would find his graduation getting pretty hypothetical too.) This religion is a dual tradition, like any other; a tradition both of stereotyped actions and rites and of psychological images and myths.

The two elements are inseparable, with myth being the laptops, definition of ceremonial action. Only a few, very minor, changes have been made; essentially it consists of Bastide's words. Here is an example of how to use this passage properly: According to Bastide, all religion is a tradition and as such consists of stereotyped actions and rites and mental images and myths. He notes that it is possible to when did the from vietnam view ritual and myth as a unitary phenomenon in which myth is a statement of the purpose or meaning of ritual (Bastide 1978:240). It is clear that Bastide is being quoted, so a single citation at the end of the passage does the trick. Remember: it is still plagiarism even if you put someone's thoughts or data into your own words (in a paraphrase or summary) and do not acknowledge that use with a citation. Plagiarism occurs whenever a citation is required, but is not given, whether for quotes or paraphrases, ideas or data. Besides confusion about the purposes and methods of documentation, the major cause of unconscious plagiarism is probably lousy note taking. Whenever you take a note you should record whether it is a quote, a paraphrase, or summary.

You should also immediately take down all the bibliographic information you will need, should you later decide to choosing laptops incorporate that material into your paper. If you don't do this, and you need to use that material, you'll have to haul yourself kicking and screaming back to the library to get this information. That will look pretty silly. Reading! (You would be wise if you also wrote down the call numbers of library materials you use, so that you can find that stuff again without having to look it up in the computer card catalog.) If you photocopy pages from something, you should immediately write down complete bibliographic information on choosing the copy or, better yet, photocopy the title page. Otherwise in analysis a couple of weeks you may want to choosing use it, but have only The History Elements Essay, a vague notion of where it came from. Choosing! And so you won't be able to use it, until you go back to the library and reading get the information you need to document your use of it. 10. The Bibliographic Format of Anthropology Papers: THE REFERENCE LIST. A reference list is not a real bibliography in the sense of seeking either to cover a subject comprehensively, or to identify sources which share certain special qualities (as in a select bibliography).

A reference list is laptops less ambitious; it is an inventory of sources actually used rather than of a disease, all sources or selected sources. (Some people refer to choosing laptops reference lists as bibliographies, and reflection others don't. Personally, I don't think it matters what you call it as long as you know how to construct one.) A reference list gives the necessary bibliographic information in laptops a particular format. Table Essay! The bibliographic format presented here is derived, for the most part, from the journal American Anthropologist and from the laptops, International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences . The format may be somewhat different in other journals, and still more different in other disciplines. The reference list follows the text of the paper.

It can be headed at the top of the page References Cited or Works Cited. The entries in the list are organized alphabetically by the last names of the authors. Here is what an entry for a book looks like: Geertz, Clifford. 1973 The Interpretation of Cultures . New York: Basic Books. and for a journal article: Keesing, Roger 1979 Linguistic Knowledge and Cultural Knowledge: Some Doubts and Speculations. American Anthropologist 81 :14- 36.

The above examples give the general form for entering sources in a reference list. Elements Table Essay! You should use the same layout and punctuation. Start typing from the regular margin. Notice what bibliographic information is required: 1. Last name of author, then first name (and middle initial). [NOTE ADDED BY JM: In the natural sciences (that goes for BioAnthro), first names are not generally used, just initials. There are about a gazillion nuances and choosing styles; in general, use the style that is used by most of the sources you are citing--i.e., pay attention to your sources and the moral for god do like they do .] 2. Date of publication. 3. Title. 4. Information about the choosing, publisher or periodical, or other information about the reading, source of the publication. a. If a book, then the laptops, city of did the us withdrew from, publication and name of the publisher. b. If an article, then the name of the periodical, volume number, and pages on which the article appears. (Note: if the journal or periodical does not number pages consecutively for the entire year, you also need to give the choosing, issue number.

See point 7 below.) The above form will work for most entries. But there are a variety of little details and special problems that you will encounter from time to time. Let's consider these one by one. 1. Book, single author. Include complete subtitles.

Tonkinson, Robert. 1978 The Mardujara Aborigines: Living the Dream in Australia's Desert . New York: Holt, Rinehart, and Winston. 2. Book or article, more than one author. Only the name of the first author is reversed. Berger, Peter, and Thomas Luckmann. 1966 The Social Construction of Reality . New York: Doubleday. Harrison, G.A., J.S.Weiner, J.M.Tanner and N.A. Barnicot. 1977 Human Biology: An Introduction to Human Evolution, Variation, Growth, and reading Ecology . 2nd ed. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Remember that it is choosing laptops (usually) acceptable, in a reference such as the one above, to use the principal author's name followed by et al in your in-text citation, but that you must give all of the authors' names in the reference list entry.

3. More than one publication by the moral, same author. In this case, you list the works chronologically (by date of publication). The earliest work is cited first. Bailey, F.G. 1963 Politics and choosing Social Change . Berkeley: University of California Press. 1969 Stratagems and reading Spoils: A Social Anthropology of Politics . Oxford: Blackwell. If more than one work was published in the same year, list them alphabetically and use lower case letters to distinguish them, as in the in-text citation (1963a, 1963b). 4. City and State of choosing laptops, Publication.

If a book was published in some little known city or town--Tuba City, Arizona, or Weed, California, for example--then you should note the state, as well as the city, of publication. Rosenberg, G. and pokemon cartoon D. Anspach 1973 Working Class Kinship . Lexington, Massachusetts: Lexington Books. Place of publication is not required for choosing, periodicals, except to avoid confusion, as when journals with the same of similar names are published in the moral argument different places. 5. Editor or compiler. Hunt, Robert, ed. 1967 Personalities and Cultures: Readings in Psychological Anthropology . Austin: University of Texas Press. 6. Chapter or article in book. Williams, T.R. Choosing Laptops! 1972 The Socialization Process: A Theoretical Perspective. In Primate Socialization . Frank E. Poirer, ed. Pp.

207-260. New York: Random House. Notice that in is underlined (or italicized in print). This is to make sure that no one thinks it is part of the title of the book. Also, note that the name of an editor, when not in the author position, is not inverted. 7. Journal Articles. If the periodical has continuous pagination, you omit the issue numbers. Singer, M. 1980 Signs of the Self: An Exploration in Semiotic Anthropology.

American Anthropologist 82 : 485-507. Nowadays, most scholarly journals do not start off each issue with new pagination; rather, pagination is continuous throughout a volume, so providing an issue number would be superfluous. However, some periodicals start each issue with page one, in which case you must give the issue number in is adhd your entry. Whenever you are not sure whether pagination is continuous, provide the issue number, in parentheses, after the volume number. Washburn, Sherwood L. 1978 The Evolution of Man. Scientific American 239(3) :194-211.

If you read Helen Sebba's translation of laptops, a book by when did the from, Roger Bastide, the complete entry would be as follows: Bastide, Roger 1978 The African Religions of Brazil: Toward a Sociology of the Interpenetration of Civilizations . Helen Sebba, trans. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press. (Original: Les Religions Afro-Brasiliennes: Contributions a une Sociologie des Interpenetrations de Civilisations, Paris, 1960). All of the above information is not always available, in choosing laptops which case you have to make do with what is available. There are also variations in what is done.

For example, sometimes the is adhd, language of the original is given: Translated from the Nahuatl by. . 9. Corporate Author. Laboratory of Comparative Human Cognition 1978 Cognition as a Residual Category in Anthropology. Choosing Laptops! Annual Review of Anthropology 7 :51-69. 10. Reprints of Older Works.

You should give the original publication date in brackets, if available, as well as the date of the reprint. Smith, Arthur H. Prelude! 1971 [1899] Village Life in China . Boston: Little, Brown. You probably should cite this in the text by both dates, at choosing laptops, least on its first use, so the reader will be aware of the historical context of the source. Your page citation should be to the edition you used. Blom, Frans and Oliver LaFarge 1926 Tribes and Temples . New Orleans: Tulane University Press. Collier, Jane F. 1973 Law and Social Change in Zinacantan . Reflection! Stanford: Stanford University Press. 1974 Women in Politics. In Women, Culture and Society . M. Rosaldo and L. Lamphere, eds. Choosing Laptops! Pp. And Periodic Table Essay! 89-96.

Stanford: Stanford University Press. 1977 Political Leadership and Legal Change in Zincantan. Law and Society Review 11 :131-163. Emerson, Richard 1962 Power-dependence Relations. American Sociological Review 27(1) :31-40. Levi-Strauss, Claude 1975 La Voie Des Masgues . 2 vol.

Geneva: Editions Albert Skira. Strickmann, Michel 1974 Taoism, history of. The New Encyclopaedia Britannica . 15th ed. Chicago: Encyclopaedia Britanica. Laptops! Vol. 17. Pp. 1044- 1050. Part of and Periodic, what makes a library confusing is the laptops, fact that it has to reflection organize tons of choosing, different kinds of stuff-- books, magazines and journals, government publications--from all over the world, about everything from the anthropology of art to zymurgy, in a way that can be used efficiently by everyone from anthropology students to zymurgists. Anthropology uses an extremely wide range of library materials. Ts Eliot! If you go into the library blind, you won't find most of laptops, them.

To use the library effectively for anthropological research, you have to know the functional relationship between critical reference works (that is, various indexes and bibliographies) and the anthropological literature. And, of course, you have to is adhd a disease know how to use each individual reference work, when you find it. Using a reference work, such as the choosing laptops, Social Sciences Citation Index , is not simple. But with practice it becomes automatic. Pokemon Cartoon! Librarians are not uniquely gifted superstars; they have simply taken the time to learn how the library works. If you take a little time, you can become fluent at using the library too (not as good as the librarians, but pretty good). 11 This Guide will get you started, and will, we hope, be something you can refer to as needed, whenever you do research in the University Library, for anthropology or allied disciplines.

The Library: How to Get Started. So you walk into the library. Laptops! What do you do first? Encyclopedias are good places to begin your exploratory reading, if you have some idea for a topic. (But term papers are never based solely on encyclopedia articles.) I suggest you go either to the Encyclopedia Britannica , 15th ed., or to the International Encyclopedia of the is adhd a disease, Social Sciences , or to a specialized area or subject encyclopedia, if one is available for choosing laptops, your topic. (See the next section for descriptions of reflection, individual reference works, including the ones mentioned here, plus directions on how to find them in the reference areas.) Encyclopedias and choosing laptops handbooks are the best way to get a quick introduction to a topic--to see if it really interests you and to check it for feasibility. And you can use their reference lists to identify good sources. When you find a source in a reference work you then have to go to pokemon cartoon the computer card catalog (a now archaic reference to the time when you actually consulted the paper cards directly) and find its call number, so that you can locate it in the stacks. The stacks are all those shelves of books that really make up a library. The reference area is a kind of choosing laptops, map of the stacks. Using the pokemon cartoon, reference works shelved in the reference area enables you to find that dingy brown book on the far end of the bottom shelf on the east side of the sixth floor which is just what you need for your paper. (It beats starting with the first book on the first floor and flipping through every book until you find the one you need.) After you have a call number, you can go find the book you want. When you find it--or the place where it would be if it were on the shelf--take time to look at choosing laptops, the books next to pokemon cartoon it on the shelf.

Since they are in the same call number sequence, they may be relevant to your topic. This kind of choosing, browsing (by call number sequence) is often an effective way of finding useful sources. The same type of browsing is also possible to do electronically, but then you can't actually flip through the books themselves. Once you lay your hands on one good source, you can use its citations and reference list to identify additional sources. These sources will lead you on for god to their sources, and so on--this is the method of pursuing a citation chain, which was mentioned earlier, in laptops the section on the use of citations. (Incidentally, many sources will use old fashioned reference footnotes instead of in-text citations, and is adhd may omit a reference list on the theory that the information was already given in footnotes. That is a pain, and we are inclined to think dark thoughts about choosing laptops their ancestry, but we're not so prejudiced that we'd pass up a good source on the moral argument for god that account.) Since each source can cite only earlier sources, a citation chain normally leads from recent to earlier and choosing earlier publications. But it is also possible to pursue it in the opposite direction, i.e., from earlier to later citations.

This is done by means of a remarkable set of reference tools called the Social Sciences Citation Index . We'll get to when did the us withdrew that. Reference Works: Encyclopedias. Encyclopedias attempt to summarize the knowledge in an area. Here are two of the choosing laptops, best encyclopedias for anthropological research. (Also see the section on more specialized handbooks.) The New Encyclopedia Britannica (1990) 15th ed. Ts Eliot Analysis! 30 vols. Chicago: Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc. There are three parts to this encyclopedia. The first is laptops a one volume outline of knowledge entitled the Propaedia. It is also a guide to the encyclopedia. Then there is a ten volume Micropaedia which briefly summarizes knowledge in a subject.

It is intended to function as a ready reference, and pokemon cartoon as an index to the last nineteen volumes. It doesn't give the kind of in depth information needed even for exploratory reading on a topic, but it may give you ideas for a topic and leads to follow. The final nineteen volumes are the Macropaedia. They give what the editors (pretentiously) call knowledge in depth. Choosing! Often the articles in when did the from vietnam the Macropaedia are written by choosing, scholars famous in their fields. The History Elements And Periodic Table Essay! (The articles are initialed, and choosing the initials are identified at the end of the us withdrew vietnam, Propaedia volume if you get curious.) These selections are the ones you are most likely to find useful. The reference lists are good. Note: one of the distinctive features of the 15th edition is its excellent cross indexing. The Micropaedia is a splendid index to the Macropaedia. It is always best to start there. Choosing! The Propaedia also indexes the Macropaidia, though less obviously. Don't skip them.

International Encyclopedia of the reflection, Social Sciences (17 vols.) edited by David Sills, New York: Macmillan, 1968-79. Volume 17 is the index volume. USE IT! It is much better than relying on choosing the broad subject headings used in the encyclopedia proper. Did The Vietnam! The index volume lists specific topics--going to it first saves you time. Page 84 of the index gives a list of the choosing, articles on anthropology.

This encyclopedia has signed articles by heavyweights in their field. For example, Melford Spiro wrote the article on of the Elements Essay Culture and Personality. The reference lists are excellent. Reference Works: Indexes and Bibliographies. Social Sciences Index. As you turn from the world of general encyclopaedias, this is laptops probably the reflection, index you will want to turn to first. It is selective about the material it covers, and so the sources you find by using it have a pretty good chance of being high quality. It is easy to use.

For example, suppose you are interested in Brazil. You look in the index for 1980 under the subject heading Brazil and find that it says, among other things: Brazil see also. You then turn to the anthropological research heading. There, under Brazil, a journal article is listed. The title, author, journal name, and choosing volume and page numbers are given: Final report on the meeting of anthropologists and Indian experts. R. Cordoso de Oliveira. Cur Anthrop 20 :451-4 Je' '79. Cur Anthrop is the abbreviation used in this index for the journal Current Anthropology. Reading Reflection! (You can tell because there is a list of abbreviations used in the front of the index.) The volumes in which the choosing, article appears is 20, on pages 451-454, in ts eliot June 1979.

The article was written by R. Cordoso de Oliveira. To get your hands on the article itself, look up the journal name in the serials record . This is a list of the journals and magazines in the library, and gives their call numbers. The serials record is found both in print and on computer at various locations--one is near the choosing, reference desk. The serials list also tells you what volumes the library has. Volumes that are bound are shelved in the stacks. Unbound periodicals may be located in the Current Periodicals room. Some unbound periodicals are also shelved in the moral for god the stacks.

Armed with the call number for choosing, the journal and pokemon cartoon the volume and page number from the Social Science Index reference that you found, you may now march confidently into the stacks, walk right to the the shelf, and pull out the volume you need, flip it open, and voil?: the desired article. (Remember, that if that article is useful, the sources it lists in its reference bibliography may also be useful.) Essay and choosing laptops General Literature Index. This index identifies the contents of analysis, books (for example, essays in collections). The computerized card catalog does not do this. In the index for 1970-74, under the choosing laptops, heading Brazil, you find nothing interesting. You turn to the anthropology heading. Again nothing seems useful. But it refers you (see also) to various other headings, including ethnology.

Under ethnology, you strike out. But it says see also kinship. Turning to the kinship heading, you find an pokemon cartoon article on kinship in Brazil. Choosing Laptops! This is how it is listed in did the from the index: Kinship Levi-Strauss, C. Social Structures of Central and Eastern Brazil. Laptops! In Gross, D.R., ed. Peoples and Cultures of Native South America . p. 263-74. You could not have found this particular article in the card catalog, but you can look up the pokemon cartoon, book edited by Gross. You would jot down the above information, and turn to the back of the choosing, index, where there is a section which lists alphabetically all of the books which have had their contents indexed. Under Gross, D.R., you find the following information. Gross, Daniel Russel (ed) Peoples and Cultures of ts eliot analysis, Native South America: An Anthropological Reader . Ed. Choosing Laptops! with introductions.

Published by us withdrew vietnam, the American Museum of Natural History Press 1973. You use this information to look up the book. The big advantage of this index is choosing laptops that it indexes the contents of books. The fact that an article or essay has been selected for inclusion in a collection means that there is a fair chance that the article is of high quality. Catalog of the Library of the Peabody Museum of Archeology and Ethnology, Harvard University.

This is a reproduction in book form, of the card catalog of the Peabody Museum Library. It is for god perhaps the best retrospective bibliography for anthropological research. 12 It also indexes the contents of selected journals and books. Choosing! It is divided into an author catalog and a subject catalog. Ts Eliot! The catalog is periodically updated with supplements which index works acquired since the choosing, main catalog was published. 1. Subject Catalog The subject catalog of the Peabody Museum Library is organized by topical divisions (ethnology, technology), by human groups (political, linguistic, and social) and by geographical areas. From Vietnam! The human groups headings, such as Basques and Berbers, have subject sub- headings, such as Basque-Sociology-Economics.

The broader topical divisions may be broken down into subtopics (Anthropology-Theory). Publications under a particular geographical heading, like those for human groups, have subject sub-headings. Choosing! So you can look first for is adhd, the geographical area that interests you, and laptops then you look for pokemon cartoon, the subject headings that interest you. Choosing! Keep in pokemon cartoon mind that some of the subject headings in the catalog may be out of date, since they were set up years ago. Suppose I am interested in Bali, an island in Indonesia. Under Bali in the fourth supplement to the catalog are reproduction of choosing, thirty-one cards in the catalog of the Peabody Museum Library. And Periodic Essay! Subject headings follow the laptops, geographical headings; there are cards that say Bali Island--Ethnology, meaning that the publication listed on that card concerns the eth- nology of Bali. Here are some of the subject headings that appear under the geographic heading of Bali:

Sociology--Acculturation and Culture Change. The Peabody catalog indexes the contents of many books and from vietnam journals. For example, on choosing laptops a card headed Bali Island-Sociology-Authority and Leadership, we find a chapter in a book listed: Hobart, Mark Orators and Patrons: Two Types of Political Leaders in Balinese Village Society. ( In : Political Language and Oratory in Traditional Society . London: New York: Academic Press. c.1975, p. 65-92.) Notice that this entry does not give you the name of the editor of the the moral argument, volume in which this work appears; it does give you page numbers. We also find a journal article on marriage (under the subject heading Sociology-Marriage). Boon, James A. The Balinese Marriage Predicament: individual, strategical, cultural.

( In : American Ethnologist . 1976 v.3 no.2 p.191-214; diagrs.) Both of the choosing, above appear in prelude the fourth supplement , which updates the catalog. Choosing! The fourth supplement was published in 1979, and catalogs 100,000 entries not cataloged in the third supplement. You should use both the main catalog and each of the supplements in your search of the a disease, literature. Otherwise you can miss valuable sources.

For example, if I had not looked in the main catalog under Bali, I might have missed the choosing laptops, following older, but classic, work: Bateson, Gregory Balinese Character: a photographic analysis ; by Gregory Bateson and Margaret Mead. New York, 1942. xvi, 227 p. The Moral Argument For God! 100 illus. (Special Publications of the New York Academy of Sciences. Vol. II.) Remember, this catalog is the best place to locate many older works; it is an excellent retrospective bibliography. 2. Author Catalog. Suppose you already know that a particular author has done major work on your topic. Laptops! For example, maybe you are interested in some aspect of your topic. For example, maybe you are interested in some aspect of the work of Alfred Kroeber on prelude ts eliot analysis California Indians.

Under Kroeber, Alfred Louis, in choosing the Peabody author catalog are listed 126 entries on works by Kroeber, covering the course of his career from 1900 through the 1950's. Did The From Vietnam! There are numerous articles on California Indians. After the publications by choosing laptops, Kroeber are listed various works about Kroeber, which may also be useful. The first supplement to the author catalog had another thirty-two entries by or about Kroeber--many of these are reprints of works also listed in the main catalog. These reprints may be more accessible to you than the The History Elements Table, original publications, so it may pay off to check the supplements even on older authors. Social Sciences Citation Index. The Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI) is the versatile and sophisticated index we mentioned before. It consists of three different kinds of indexes, which are designed to be used together: the Permuterm Subject Index , the Citation Index , and laptops the Source Index . This is one of the major accomplishments of modern library science, and it's well worth the time it takes to get acquainted with it. 1. Subject and Source Index. If you have a topic, and want to find articles about Elements and Periodic Essay it, you can use the SCCI Permuterm Subject Index . Permuterm means that the words in titles have been used to index articles; an article will be listed under various combinations of the words in the title, which are called terms and co-terms. For example, suppose that you have a topic in the area of psychological anthropology.

You know that culture and personality studies are an important part of this field. So it makes sense to pick culture as you Primary Term and choosing personality as a Co-Term. In the Permuterm Subject Index for 1980, under the primary term culture and the co-term personality the name Shweder is listed. Argument For God! Now you turn to the Source Index for 1980 and look up Shweder. This turns out to be a bonus: not one, but three articles by Shweder are listed. (There was even a little symbol in the Subject Index which indicated that.) The SSCI Source Index gives you the following information for the first of laptops, Shweder's articles: Shweder, R.A. Rethinking Culture and Personality Theory 2: Critical Examination of two more Classical Postulates. This is basically the same bibliographic information you find in reflection a reference list: author, title, journal, volume and issue number, page numbers, and date of publication.

Only the order is choosing different from the format given earlier. A Disease! The only mystery here is the 77R. That indicates the number of sources that Shweder cites. Seventy-seven sources is a lot. When you find a journal article with more that thirty or forty works listed in its reference list, you can be pretty sure that it is a major review of choosing, a subject. The article by Shweder is is adhd probably a review of some aspect of culture and personality theory, and so may be quite useful--for its reference list, if nothing else. One beautiful thing about the SSCI is that in the Source Index it lists the reference sources of choosing laptops, every article indexed. So you not only pokemon cartoon, have a reference to Shweder's article in Ethos , you have a list of all the sources he cited, even before you go look at his article.

His reference list is given right below the choosing laptops, entry for his article. Let's look at one of Shweder's sources, as listed in the Source Index. Bateson G. 67 AM Behavioral Sci 10 29. Bateson is the did the us withdrew, author. 67 means 1967. The name of the laptops, journal in which the article appears is American Behavioral Scientist. (The Index has a listing of all abbreviations used.) 10 refers to the volume number of the journal, 29 is the page number. The Citation Index of the SSCI enables you to find out which authors are being cited by others. The authors who cite Shweder's articles on culture and personality, for example, are probably writing about the same or related issues. The person who cites Shweder may provide follow-up work or an evaluation of Shweder's work. Prelude Ts Eliot Analysis! So by choosing laptops, using the Citation Index , you can listen in to the dialogues being carried on by various groups of and Periodic, scholars who are interested in the stuff that interests you. When you find a good article on choosing laptops your topic, you can find other sources by finding out pokemon cartoon who has cited that article (or author) since its publication.

The Citation Index lets you pursue citation chains in a new direction. Before, you could only trace sources cited in an article you had your hands on, which meant you could only find works published before the date of publication of the article you have. But with the laptops, Citation Index you can find sources published after that date, because this index tells you who has cited the article you have since its publication. So not only reading reflection, can you find a lot of choosing laptops, potentially useful sources fast by using the SCCI, you can also keep up with the most recent developments and ideas in a field, and check to see how a work was later evaluated, a theory revised, or a conceptual framework expanded, modified or given up as worthless. This kind of the moral argument, library research is likely to pay off a lot faster than paging through journals one by one. Here's how you go about laptops using the for god, SSCI Citation Index : First you look up the author in the index. The titles of the author's articles are listed, by year of publication, under his or her name. Under the titles are listed the names of the authors who cite that article, along with the bibliographic information you will need to look up these new sources. Book Review Digest.

Suppose you want to choosing laptops know whether or not African Political Systems , edited by Meyer Fortes and E.E. Evans-Pritchard is worth using in did the vietnam your paper. You can use the Book Review Digest to find out. First, look up Fortes in the author/title index which is published in separate volumes (Author-Title Index 1905-74). This provides the title and year of publication of all books included in the Digest . You will find that African Political Systems was published in 1941. Turning to the volume for 1941, you will find digests (that is, summaries) from several reviews of this book which appeared in various periodicals, including American Anthropologist and choosing laptops American Political Science Review . If a book is not reviewed by a major journal, it may not be worth using. There are a lot of The History and Periodic Essay, pretty funny people writing pretty funny books, and it is embarrassing to base part of a term paper on a book which seems to be scholarly and rigorous, only to have the choosing laptops, professor tell you that the results were considered impossible, or that fraud was involved, or that the pokemon cartoon, author is famous for being an idiot. Choosing Laptops! Therefore any book which seems to contain startling or controversial information or interpretation is worth checking out in when us withdrew from the Book Review Digest . If you find no summaries there, be sure to check the Book Review Index . Here you can find the citations to a much larger number of laptops, book reviews but without summaries. Reflection! You will have to look them up yourself. Since academic journals are nortoriously slow about reviewing books, you may find that a book published in choosing laptops 1990 has the bulk of its reviews appear in 1991 while others will straggle in over the The History of the Elements and Periodic Essay, next couple of years, so do not confine yourself just to the year the book was published.

Human Relations Area Files (HRAF) The Human Relations Area Files (HRAF) are a microfiche collection of books, articles and unpublished papers on more than 300 ethnic, religious, cultural and national groups worldwide. They are particularly valuable if you want to do a cross-cultural comparison quickly since each piece of choosing laptops, writing is intensively indexed by topic. Materials are arranged according to a classification system based on the following manuals: Outline of is adhd, Cultural Materials . 5th ed. 1982. Subject index to the HRAF files.

Assigns a numerical designation to more than 700 categories of human culture. It is choosing laptops used in conjunction with the Outline of World Cultures to locate information in the HRAF files. It is advisable to use several reference works when surveying the literature in preparation for a research paper. And remember that indexes and pokemon cartoon bibliographies organized by choosing laptops, geographical areas index sources that focus on particular subjects (such as culture and a disease personality or political systems), and the subject indexes will include sources that focus on ethnographic areas. This is choosing not an exhaustive list of prelude analysis, reference works useful in anthropological research.

I have tried here to list only the ones you will probably find most useful. Choosing Laptops! There are many other useful reference sources. Try browsing in the reference area sometime to get a feel for the diversity of is adhd a disease, available reference works. 13 There is a list available in the reference area devoted just to reference works in anthropology, and there are similar lists for other subjects as well. Obviously, if you have any questions or problems, consult your librarian. Cultural Anthropology: A Guide to Reference and Information Sources . 1991. Guide to reference literature in cultural anthropology, as well as libraries, publishers and organizations.

Introduction to choosing Library Research in Anthropology . Pokemon Cartoon! 1991. Guide to research tools, library services and the mechanics of term paper writing in anthropology. The Social Sciences: A Cross Disciplinary Guide to Selected Sources. 1989. Consult the Anthropology chapter for an annotated list of choosing laptops, recent reference sources in anthropology. Sources of Information in the Social Sciences . 3rd ed. Ts Eliot Analysis! 1986.

The Anthropology chapter contains an exhaustive annotated bibliography of the literature of this field. [probably] Available at the Reference Desk. International Bibliography of the choosing laptops, Social Sciences--Anthropology . 1955-91+ This has an author-subject index at the back of each volume. The Moral! It breaks the discipline into sub-areas in a clasification scheme-- for example, General Studies, Materials and Methods, Ethnographic Studies (by area), Social Organization (by area and by institution and type of choosing, behavior, e.g., sexual relations, inter- racial and inter-ethnic relations). The IBSS also includes bibliographies in political science, economics, and sociology. Prelude Ts Eliot! The anthropology part covers archeology and physical anthropology as well as cultural and social anthropology. DICTIONARIES AND ENCYCLOPEDIAS. Dictionary of Anthropology . 1986. Covers 1100 terms, theoretical concepts, and laptops biographical profiles in reading reflection social and choosing cultural anthropology. Includes bibliography.

Dictionary of Concepts in Cultural Anthropology . 1991. Contains definitions, historical origins and developments, and bibliographic references for 80 key concepts in cultural anthropology. Dictionary of Concepts in the moral argument for god Physical Anthropology . 1991. Consists of brief definitions, historical origins and developments, and sources of additional information for concepts in physical anthropology. Encyclopedia of Anthropology , 1976 This is really a dictionary rather than an choosing laptops encyclopedia. Encyclopedia of reading reflection, Evolution: Humanity's Search for its Origins . 1990. Choosing! Popular encyclopedia containing 600+ articles on evolution and its impact on society, from the moral, Bonzo to biogenetic law and choosing laptops from Planet of the Apes to plate tectonics. Encyclopedia of Islam , New Edition. vol 1-4 Covers most major aspects of Islamic history and religion. Encyclopedia of Human Evolution and Prehistory . 1988.

Covers 1200+ topics in human evolution. Contains photographs, drawings and charts. Entries include bibliographies. Encyclopedia of pokemon cartoon, World Cultures . Choosing! 10 vols.[in progress] 1991- . Ten-volume encyclopedia, arranged by geographic region, provides descriptive summaries on world cultures. International Dictionary of Anthropologists . When Did The Vietnam! 1991.

Biographical dictionary of anthropologists born prior to choosing laptops 1920. The scope is worldwide. International Encyclopedia of Psychiatry, Psychology, Psychoanalysis, and reading reflection Neurology, 1977 Volume 12 is the choosing, index volume. The articles are signed and have reference lists. Ts Eliot! The International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences would also be useful in doing research in psychological anthropology. Women Anthropologists: A Biographical Dictionary . 1988. Biographical profiles of choosing laptops, women anthropologists born between 1836 and is adhd 1934. Profiles include a selected bibliography of works by or about laptops each individual. INDEXES AND ABSTRACTS.

Abstracts in Anthropology . 1970 - . Abstracts are brief summaries of the contents of a publication and index journal articles in a subject arrangement. Abstracts, unlike book reviews, are non-evaluative. Most social sciences have their own abstracts. You may also find Psychological Abstracts and Sociological Abstracts useful. Divided into four sections: archaeology, physical anthropology, linguistics, and cultural anthropology. Does not index book reviews. Africa Bibliography . 1984 - . Index to articles, books and essays. Arranged by region and country, following a general section.

Consult the social and cultural anthropology/sociology and anthropology/ archaeology/prehistory subject headings. Alternative Press Index . 1970 - . Index to alternative and radical publications. Did The Us Withdrew! Consult this index for articles on Australian aborigines, native Americans and other groups. Index America: History and Life . 1964 - . Table This work indexes and abstracts periodical articles in the field of North American history and culture. Includes articles on native American history, prehistory and culture.

Includes book reviews. Anthropological Index to Current Periodicals in the Museum of Mankind Library . 1980 - . Indexes more than 600 periodicals in a geographical arrangement, subdivided by laptops, general, physical anthropology, archaeology, cultural anthropology, ethnography, and linguistics. No subject index. The History Table! Annual author index published separately. Does not index book reviews. Anthropological Literature: An Index to Periodical Articles and laptops Essays . 1979 - . Indexes over reading reflection 1000 periodicals and 150 edited books from materials received at Harvard's Tozzer Library. Does not index book reviews. Applied Social Sciences Index and laptops Abstracts . And Periodic Table! 1987 - . Index to laptops journal articles in the applied social sciences.

Includes social and cultural anthropology, archaeology, linguistics and physical anthropology. Index Arts and Humanities Citation Index . 1975 - . Table Provides author, subject and citation access to the literature in folklore, linguistics and archaeology. Includes book reviews. A Current Bibliography on African Affairs . Reading Reflection! 1962 - . Quarterly index to books, articles, government documents and visual aids, arranged by choosing, general subject or geographical area. Geographical Abstracts: Human Geography . 1989 - . Ts Eliot! Index to 1000 geographical journals, books, proceedings, reports, theses and dissertations covering the literature of human geography. Laptops! Classified subject arrangement.

Handbook of Latin American Studies , 1935- Publishes separate volumes on humanities and social sciences. Us Withdrew From Vietnam! Annotated. Handbook of Middle American Indians . 16 vols. 1964-1976. Contains essays on the ethnography, archaeology, physical anthropology and social anthropology of the Indians of Middle America. Updated by recent supplements. Handbook of North American Indians . Choosing! 20 vols. [in progress] 1978 - . When completed, this work will be the standard source of information on the prehistory, history and cultures of the native peoples of argument for god, North America north of Mexico. Choosing! Each volume contains essays on specific aspects of Native American life with an extensive bibliography and detailed index. Handbook of Social and Cultural Anthropology . 1973. Surveys the state of knowledge and reviews research in the various branches of anthropology.

Handbook of South American Indians . 7 vols. 1946-1959. Survey of tribes of South America, with emphasis on reading the European contact period. Medical Anthropology: A Handbook of Theory and Method . 1990. Choosing! Presents the from vietnam, state of the art in medical anthropology, core theoretical issues, ethnomedicine, biomedicine, health issues in human populations, methodology and policy issues. Anthropological Bibliographies: A Selected Guide . 1981. Extensive list of bibliographies arranged geographically with a final section of topical bibliographies. Anthropological Fieldwork: An Annotated Bibliography . 1988. Contains 700 entries on anthropological fieldwork from the early twentieth century to 1986. Includes geographical and subject indexes.

A Bibliography of Contemporary North American Indians: Selected and Partially Annotated with Study Guide . Laptops! 1976 Organized by topics--for example, the anthropology of development, culture and personality. Cumulative Bibliography of African Studies . 1973 This is a reproduction of the prelude analysis, author and subject catalog of the IAI. Laptops! Subject headings are organized under geographical Folio areas. It has a table of contents. The Moral! The IAI has several other bibliographies which might be useful. Cumulative Bibliography of Asian Studies . 1941- These are two titles in the same continuous series. Broken down by topic and country, they cover an extraordinarily large range of publications and choosing therefore runs four or five years behind (i.e., volume covering 1986 was published in 1991). Ecce Homo: An Annotated Bibliographic History of when us withdrew from, Physical Anthropology . 1986.

Contains 2340 references from ancient times to on the history of physical anthropology. Arranged chronologically. Ethnographic Bibliography of North America . 4th edition, 1975 (supplement 1990) Organized by areas. It has 40,000 entries on articles and books, and covers the laptops, field through 1972, supplement takes it through the 1980s. Ethnographic Bibliography of South America . 1963 Organized by pokemon cartoon, area, then by tribe. Has tribal index. The History of Anthropology: A Research Bibliography . 1977.

Contains more than 2400 entries on the development of choosing laptops, anthropology as a science and profession. Index Islamicus: A Catalogue of is adhd a disease, Articles in Periodicals and Other Collective Publications . 1958-85. Organized by subject and by area. Includes section on ethnology and anthropology (more current supplements issued periodically) Modern Chinese Society: An Analytical Bibliography . 1973 Good source for older work, but much new research has been conducted since it came out. Native American Basketry: An Annotated Bibliography . 1988. Laptops! Comprehensive bibliography includes books, articles, theses, dissertations and newspaper articles. Organized by culture area. Contains author and subject indexes. Pacific Bibliography: Printed Materials Relating to the Native Peoples of Polynesia, Melanesia, and Micronesia . 1965. 2nd ed.

This has author, subject, and group indexes. The Social System and Culture of reading reflection, Modern India: A Research Bibliography . 1975 Organized by subjects--covers sociology and social and cultural anthropology, although all of the subject headings refer to choosing laptops sociology. YEARBOOKS AND REVIEW LITERATURE. Annual Review of Anthropology . 1972- This gives critical reviews of recent research in is adhd a disease selected areas of choosing, anthropology, such as political and economic anthropology, symbolic studies, culture change, and area studies. The biblio- graphies for each article are generally quite extensive.

Reviews in Anthropology . 1974 - . Quarterly journal which publishes long reviews on important new publications in anthropology. Atlas of Mankind . Pokemon Cartoon! 1982. Contains general background information on peoples of the world, including issues such as migration, race, kinship, language, and environment. Atlas of World Cultures: A Geographical Guide to Ethnographic Literature . 1989. Geographical guide to ethnographic books, articles, reports, archaeological materials, maps and atlases for 3500+ cultures. Cultural Atlas of China . Laptops! 1983. Visual representation of the culture history of pokemon cartoon, China, with maps, photographs, tables and text.

There are similar volumes on choosing laptops Africa and Japan. AAA Guide . Current year. Describes anthropology departments in 485 institutions, lists American Anthropological Association members, recent PhD dissertations in anthropology, and student statistics. Biographical Directory of Anthropologists Born Before 1920 . 1988 Entries include biographical data, major contributions, and published sources of biographical information. Return to analysis contents Nowadays a fair amount of your library research can be done without ever entering the library (not all of it; after you identify sources using an online catalog, you still need to get them--with some nifty exceptions!).

This brief section on electronic searching is laptops NOT intended to cover the topic in prelude analysis as much detail as the rest of choosing, this document; it merely points out a couple of reading reflection, things I find many UCSD students are not aware of. ROGER seems to choosing laptops be where most students begin their online research; this is ts eliot analysis a great resource and has an choosing easy-to-use interface, but has a critical limitation : it only covers BOOKS. Now, at first you might think, well, duh--libraries house books, I'm looking for ts eliot analysis, books, so like what's the limitation line all about? It's about periodicals . Using ROGER, you can locate which library subscribes to which journal, which is useful, but now what? To find an article on a particular topic, what do you do? You bag ROGER, that's what. [Jan. 2001 update: The new millennium has brought changes to choosing laptops the system, and the rate of change is is adhd a disease increasing.

Much of the following is based on the old 1998 MELVYL interface (which is still available); resources today are vastly greater. Start your online library search for choosing, journals at the California Digital Library ( The pull-down menu asks you to select a database. When Did The From Vietnam! If you are looking for a book, choose MELVYL; for a bioanthro article my suggestion is start with Current Contents. Experiment! The Really Cool Thing is laptops that if you are logging on from a campus computer, for many journals you can read/download the entire article online! Save yourself that trip over to BioMed or SIO. DO skim through the argument, rest of this, though; the exact commands and laptops interfaces change, but the search strategies do not.

Instead, use MELVYL and get into from one of the periodical databases: CC, MED, or MAGS (by typing CC, MED, or MAGS at the MELVYL prompt--not difficult!) The search syntax is a little different in each but each has a complete users guide--type help or e med [or e mags etc; e is for explain]--and it is worth learning because with these you can locate any article written by a particular author or that contains a given word (or words) in laptops the title. Reflection! For example, say you found an choosing interesting article by Richard Wrangham that he wrote in 1980, and reading you want to choosing laptops see if he's written anything else since then. Tell CC (the Current Contents database) to f ind all articles by the p ersonal a uthor R. Wrangham: CC: f pa wrangham, r. and you'll get a list. Or, you need to write a paper about Australopithecus anamensis and you've no idea where to find anything on it; if you search ROGER you can find plenty of books on hominids etc, but 99.9% of The History Elements Table Essay, that will say nothing about anamensis , a recently-described species that won't even be in any older books. So -- ask CC to find all articles with anamensis in the t itle w ords: CC: f tw anamensis and you're away. Note that this will miss an article about choosing laptops anamensis that happens to be titled A new hominid from Kanapoi, Kenya; hey, no single system is perfect (once you know who discovered the fossil, you can do an a disease author search to get everything else by that person. ). Now--what's the laptops, difference between CC, MED, and MAGS? CC covers a wide variety of scientific journals across many fields; MED is more specialized to journals that carry articles related in some fashion to pokemon cartoon medicine (this covers a surprising number of topics that might seem fairly peripheral to medical topics).

Finally, MAGS covers--surprise--magazines (like Discover or Time ). OK, what's the difference between scientific journals and magazines? PEER REVIEW . When an article is submitted to a peer-reviewed journal, the editor sends it to from 2-8 (supposed) experts on the topic, who tear it apart and let the editor know if there is laptops any merit to the article. For a magazine article, the editor decides whether to accept it on the basis of . well, whatever -- for example, an editor might include an outrageous story knowing that sales will go up as people argue about it. (The same can apply for books.) This doesn't mean everything in peer-reviewed journals is true and when us withdrew from vietnam correct, but it's at least plausible, most of the time. Finally, a nifty feature of MED and choosing laptops MAGS is that for some articles you can access the abstract and (in MAGS), sometimes even the whole article online. In response to a search, output looks like: 3. Evans, Dylan.

The arbitrary ape. (human intelligence and the ability to the moral argument for god think randomly) New Scientist v159, n2148 (August 22, 1998):32 (3 pages). Type D 3 AB to see abstract. AT: UCSD S E Q 1 N5496 Current Journals Bound in Stacks. which is pretty self-explanatory (I've highlighted the relevant bit, the choosing, display won't be in pokemon cartoon color!). This can be an immense timesaver. I'm not going to attempt to cover research on the web; just want to make two points: First, refer back to the difference between peer-reviewed journals and popular magazines, and remember: at least with those, at least one person other than the laptops, author read it before accepting it . Surprise: you can't trust everything you read on reading the web.

Second, while the web has everything on it, you may not be able to find it. I recently wanted statistics on choosing laptops timber exports from a disease, Gabon, and figured it was a natural for a web search. Two frustrating hours later, nothing. On a whim, I tried MELVYL and within 3 minutes had the call number of a recent book on African timber trade, that had everything I could ask for and more on the subject. Choosing Laptops! (A week later, an expert I'd contacted finally got around to emailing me with a couple of urls to websites with superb statistics on worldwide logging--like I said, it's there , just need to reading reflection find it. ) No single search strategy will get everything, and failure to find information using one resource means try another one-- not but there's nothing on my topic! 1 Literature as used here refers to the body of published material on choosing some subject or topic--not to Russian novels. For example, there is a literature on medical anthropology, on Afro-American religions, on the kinship systems of Australian Aborigines, on witchcraft and magic and so forth. back. 2 Writing skills are also useful in a disease the world at large, of course.

One of the practical aspects of anthropology courses is their frequent emphasis on writing. Choosing Laptops! You will find the writing and research skills as taught in anthropology useful in the REAL WORLD--more useful than an ability to ace multiple choice exams. And research and prelude analysis writing are not really so hard, once you've had enough practice. back. 3 Data are pieces of information that can be used in analysis. Technically, data is the plural of datum, that is, of one of the choosing laptops, pieces of information. But, so many people use data as a singular form that you probably won't get into too much trouble if you find yourself using it in the singular. Pokemon Cartoon! Other common singular/plural confusions: criteria (pl.)/criterion (sing.); phenomena (pl.)/phenomenon (sing.) -- if you mix these up someone may accuse you of illiteracy. So when in doubt, consult a dictionary or a writing handbook on word usage and words commonly misused. back.

4 That may sound trite, but it is significant, and worth working on. A professor once remarked that he found some kind of wrongheadedness in laptops the first sentence of almost every paper. If that's true--and who am I to argue with a professor? [Steve wrote this while still a grad student, now he can argue]--then there is probably an did the vietnam awful lot of poor word choice going on. If you are careful to choosing laptops pick the best words for the ideas you want to express, you will probably be one of the few who do--that doesn't guarantee an A, but it comes closer to guaranteeing it than any other writing habit I can think of.back. 5 If you are not belligerent and unreasonable, most professors have no objections to a little disagreement. The Moral! (A lot of choosing laptops, them are flattered anyone was paying attention!) You probably have a reason for disagreeing, after all, and if it is a good reason it might work into the basis of is adhd a disease, a good term paper.back. 6 That's an on porpoise typo.back. 7 You can still use content footnotes, if you like. Choosing! Content footnotes discuss ideas, issues, or details that are pertinent (or, occasionally, important) but not a necessary or direct part of the pokemon cartoon, exposition or argument of the paper. This type of footnote is for choosing laptops, discussion and elaboration.

Unlike reference footnotes, content footnotes do not (usually) provide bibliographic information.back. 8 However, if you suspect that your audience will not be familiar with an idea or some body of information, then even if you have thought or known it for years, it is advisable to the moral for god use a citation.back. 9 You can get pretty dummy-like after reading 100 term papers in choosing laptops a row.back. 10 The best advice on taking notes--library notes or field notes--is to when did the us withdrew from vietnam include everything necessary for choosing, someone else to be able to use them. Figure that by the time you actually use them you'll be older and wiser (or will have forgotten enough) that for all practical purposes you will be someone else.

Making notes self explanatory is never a bad policy. back. 11 The reference librarians are always going to know more about the library than anyone else, so if you can't find what you need, don't assume the library does not have it until you have asked a librarian. Ts Eliot! back. 12 Retrospective means covering older publications; looking back on choosing past work.back. 13 I think I already told you that TAs have funny ideas about of the Table Essay how to spend their time.back. One of the big buzzwords (OK, concept more than words) in primatology/cognitive science these days is choosing laptops theory of mind (TOM). There are folks who are devoting major research energy, if not careers, to establishing whether apes (or monkeys, or dolphins, or beagles. ) have TOM -- i.e., are they capable of thinking about other individuals as separate social actors with their own separate knowledge, motives, desires, or do they simply respond to stimuli without being able to take account of another's viewpoint? The classic experiment is what Christine Johnson calls the Sally - Anne test. Experimenter puts a big treat inside a box while Sally is watching, then Sally leaves the pokemon cartoon, room (the experimental subject is watching all this). Anne comes in and switches the treat for something nasty, then leaves.

Sally returns. Now: ask the subject What does Sally think is in choosing laptops the box? Small children answer something nasty!, being unable to distinguish between their own knowledge and that of Sally. Older humans have TOM and know that Sally incorrectly expects a treat. Monkeys don't seem to ever get it, and people argue about apes. The interesting thing to me is that while normal adult humans are all capable of employing TOM, they do not always do it. Pokemon Cartoon! When writing papers, remember that the reader is another person, who may or may not know all the things you know, and almost certainly has not organized them in the same way you have. You need to develop logic, present data, explain ideas. Laptops! If you've read this far, you are almost certainly human and capable of employing TOM. Do it on papers (and in seminar presentations. ) and reading you will earn delighted surprise (and points) from your audience.

For further Moore's meanderings on the topic of research papers (including a set of choosing laptops, classic errors in paper types), click here for pokemon cartoon, the Research Paper handout (in a new window).

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8Th Grade Book Reports Essays and Research Papers. 12th grade students. Every student has a different story of laptops, why they are they at this school, some students made a mistake and want to earn . their way back to their school site and some do not care about school and to not try to work towards anything positive. The staff explained that working there is of the and Periodic Table, a challenge and takes a special type of person that can adjust to a variety of challenging students and still try to accomplish a positive learning environment. Choosing! I decided to analysis, observe the 8th grade history. Education , Human rights , Rights 1487 Words | 4 Pages. 2nd Quarter Book Report 8th Grade. Choosing Laptops! ? 8th Grade 2nd Quarter Book Report : The Hidden Treasure of Glaston Mystery lures the reader to join . in the adventures of the argument for god Hidden Treasure of choosing, Glaston by is adhd Eleanore M. Jewett. The year is 1117, and twelve-year Hugh finds himself in a monastery in Glastonbury, England. This is now his home, and from here his journey begins. In his search to solve the mystery, Hugh grows in a responsible, persevering, and religious young man. During his time at choosing laptops the monastery, Hugh shows his developing sense of responsibility.

Glastonbury Tor , Holy Grail , Joseph of Arimathea 780 Words | 2 Pages. Reading! BOOK REPORT The Outsiders By: S.E Hinton(New York: Puffin Books , 1967) The outsider: The Outsiders is about . two weeks in the life of a 14-year-old boy. The novel tells the story of Ponyboy Curtis and his struggles with right and wrong in a society in which he believes that he is an outsider. The title of this book is related to choosing laptops, the story, because in the novel, Ponyboy and Johnny are outsiders. They can be thought of as Outsiders because they are labeled Greasers although they do not act like. Adolescence , Antagonist , Character 1428 Words | 4 Pages. Name:__________ Test 8th grade Task I Read the story and answer the questions ???? ?? ?????? ???? ?? ?????? - It's . seven o'clock in the morning. The family is reflection, getting ready for a new day. Tom is in his bedroom. Laptops! He is putting on his T-shirt. Andy is in the bathroom.

He is brushing his teeth. Mum and Lisa are in the kitchen. Mum is making sandwiches and pokemon cartoon Lisa is drinking milk. Dad isn't at laptops home. He is in his car. He is going to the moral for god, work. Laptops! 1. Where is prelude, each person? |Person . Choosing Laptops! Luck , Milk 299 Words | 3 Pages. ? Book report 4S (26) So Nga Wun Tara Book title: Eyewitness Companions: . Vietnam! Mythology Author: Philip Wilkinson, Neil Philip Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Every human society has its mythology .Across the cultures of the world, there are countless myths and choosing numberless gods and goddesses. The variety of these myths is fascinating, their story is entertaining, and they have inspired artists and writers across the centuries; they are still relevant to when us withdrew from, us today .Besides. Apollo , Athena , Culture 1412 Words | 3 Pages. Diary of laptops, a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days By: Jeff Kinney (A Book . The History Elements! Report ) in partial fulfillment of the choosing laptops requirement in English I Submitted by: de Ayre, Seanne Neilsen Date: February 16, 2011 The story is of the Elements Table, about a boy named Greg Heffley.

Greg is having an ultimate summer fantasy of laptops, his life, but Greg is only spending his. American Civil War , Diary of a Wimpy Kid , Family 1237 Words | 3 Pages. Should Huckleberry Finn Be Taught in 8th Grade? Adventures of Huckleberry Finn be taught in 8th grade ? The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, a classic novel by Mark Twain, is . being questioned by adults everywhere. The question is whether or not it should be taught in eighth grade . A parent who reads between the lines of Huckleberry Finn could easily see that it is a stepping stone into maturing a childs young mind and preparing it for the real world. It is those parents who fail to see the ideas behind the book , those parents who are blinded by that. Adventures of Huckleberry Finn , Educational years , Huckleberry Finn 1076 Words | 3 Pages. ? Book Report : A Child of Sorrow (A requirement submitted in English 7 and PLE) Aug. The History Of The And Periodic Table Essay! 22, 2014 Mon Alexander D. Mendoza . Class Number 26 Grade 7-Tindalo Submitted to: Prof.

Ma. Concepcion A. Laptops! Gaffud Ms. Jenny Flor S. Baclor I. Authors Background Zoilo M. Galang was born on June 27, 1895 in Bacolor, Pampanga. He was known as the first Filipino writer to make a novel written in English entitled A Child of Sorrow that was published on 1921. He grew under the auspices of the Spanish culture. Character , Fiction , Holiday 1398 Words | 6 Pages. ?Cheyenne Crook Sociology 220 08 November 2014 Book Review No Easy Answers: The Truth behind Death at Columbine is a non-fiction novel, . written by Brooks Brown, which provides insight to the behind-the-scenes factor to the Columbine High School shooting in Littleton, Colorado. Reflection! On April 20th of 1999, two high school boys, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, entered their local high school by choosing storm with shot guns and homemade pipe bombs. Before turning their weapons on themselves, Harris and prelude ts eliot Klebold killed. Brooks Brown , Columbine High School , Columbine High School massacre 1297 Words | 7 Pages. extremely complex so I couldnt do it without so much detail.

SORRY! D: The Host By Myah Dalton A riveting dystopian novel with dreamed up characters, . Melanie and Wanderer, written into something amazing by Stephanie Myer becomes the extraordinary book , The Host. In a land thousands of years from now there is an choosing laptops earth, among this earth is is adhd, a civilization occupied by human bodies, but their minds are occupied by choosing laptops peacekeeping, for lack of a better word, aliens. They call themselves souls and they. Emotion , Stephenie Meyer , The Host 934 Words | 2 Pages. school activities, such as field trips. Our three years of middle school have been a life changing experience, and we will all carry those amazing memories . and experiences with us for not only high school, but our whole lives, not with some diploma or report card.

Weve been through a lot, KEEP, Hiroshima, Izu, Showa Park. wait I wasnt really there in all of that. Ive actually only been here for a year, but coming to ASIJ was a life changing experience, and I feel like I have been here for pretty. College , Grade , High school 1013 Words | 2 Pages. Book Report Who Says Elephants Can't Dance? Inside IBM's Historic Turnaround Louis V. Pokemon Cartoon! Gerstner Jr. (Author) Lou Gerstner, Jr., . served as chairman and choosing chief executive officer of IBM from April 1993 until March 2002, when he retired as CEO. Reflection! He remained chairman of the board through the laptops end of 2002. Before joining IBM, Mr. Gerstner served for four years as chairman and the moral CEO of RJR Nabisco, Inc. This was preceded by choosing laptops an eleven-year career at the American Express Company, where he was president of the.

American Express , Chief executive officer , Chief executives 2056 Words | 5 Pages. The 8th Habit By Stephen R. Covey Dr. When From Vietnam! Maha Hafez Book Review By Khaled Abdelfattah Group 31D The . 8th Habitis about seeing and harnessing the power of a third dimension to the 7 Habits that meets the central challenge of the new Knowledge Worker Age. This 8th Habit is to find your voice and help others find theirs. Modern Bloodletting Under the old approach, employees experience a great deal of pain and frustration at laptops every company, no matter how successful. Fortunately. Contract , Emotional intelligence , Intelligence 633 Words | 3 Pages. ? I Acknowledgement On the very outset of a disease, this report , I would like to extend my sincere heartfelt obligation . towards all the personages who have helped me in this endeavor. Without their active guidance, help, cooperation encouragement, I would not have made headway in the book report . First, I would like to extend my sincerity and give thanks to our Dear God for choosing giving me strength and us withdrew from His guidance Second, I am extremely thankful and pay my gratitude to choosing, my. Aircraft ground handling , Airport , Corazon Aquino 1648 Words | 6 Pages. The name of the book I choose to analyse for this book report is Nativity.

It was written by Lasana . Ts Eliot Analysis! M. Sekou and published by House Of Nehest Publishers in the year 2010. The ISBN of the choosing book is 9780913441978 and the soft cover edition of the book cost $140.00TTD. The English version of the poem has nine chapters (9) and consist of forty-one (41) pages. The main characters discussed in the poem were the enslaved Africans. The setting. Africa , African people , Atlantic slave trade 1167 Words | 4 Pages. ? Mr. Silva Grade : 8 (S.S. Relgn.) 8th . Grade 2007-2008 Course Outline What we are is God's gift to us. Did The From Vietnam! What we become is our gift to God. Eleanor Powell I. Introduction: To the laptops Class of analysis, 2008 welcome back!

Get ready for another exciting year filled with learning, listening, and choosing most importantly fun. Reading Reflection! We will be tackling many issues and choosing topics ranging from for god, history, faith, morality, current adolescent issues and much. Eighth grade , New York , Test 1083 Words | 6 Pages. Online grade report system: system analysis and design on Mizan Teppi University grade report . Choosing! system Dedication We dedicate this system in the moral, the memory of all MTU under graduate and graduated students for the past 7 years and for the lectures and the members of this MTU community specially the choosing laptops student parents. Acknowledgements We are deeply indebted to many people who helped make this research a reality, Its God who made it possible for is adhd a disease us working this paper; we are thankful God for It. And. Control flow diagram , Cost-benefit analysis , Data flow diagram 631 Words | 3 Pages. MORE THAN A CARPENTER book report. MORE THAN A CARPENTER by Josh McDowell and laptops Sean McDowell BIB 215 More Than A Carpenter A BOOK REPORT LAURIE MCCARTHY Mr. . Phillip Soen March 9, 2015 MORE THAN A CARPENTER by Josh McDowell and Sean McDowell Jesus claimed to be God, and to him it was of is adhd, fundamental importance that men and women believed him to be who he was. Either we believe him or we dont.

Chapter 3, page 27 Jesus was God and the basis of his life, his work and choosing his passion was to lead people to the inevitable conclusion that. Christian apologetics , Conclusion , God 1645 Words | 7 Pages. 1 some teens lack the qualities or take longer to achieve the when did the us withdrew qualities to become successful in his or her life. In the book 7 habits of . highly effective teens Sean covey boiled down 7 habits that make a successful teen these habit are some that every teen should want to learn to choosing, go on the right path. Being productive,begin with the reflection end in mind,put first things first think win win seek first to understand synerqize and sharpen the saw were all of the habits for highly effective teens each habit. Cherokee , Family , Learning 1158 Words | 4 Pages.

452 5/15/2013 Book report - The Managerial Odyssey There is nothing worse than being always ways on the tramp Homer . book fifteen I start reading this book with bad mood. I hate to read books , especially the book not written by choosing laptops English. It will always be a disaster for someone to read the book that not written by their first language. Prelude Ts Eliot! However, this book really blows my mind. Bod Focazio and his special style of humorous told me this is choosing, a knowledgeable and fun book . This book gives me a lot of. Us Withdrew Vietnam! Better , Failure , Management 1318 Words | 5 Pages. himself, the book entitled Beyond Massa- Sugar Management in the British Caribbean 1770-1834, examines the choosing daily operations on the plantation . including the lifestyle of the superior Europeans and the enslaved Africans during the seventeenth and pokemon cartoon eighteenth century.

The book is inclusive of choosing laptops, an in depth study of chattel slavery on the sugar estate of the pokemon cartoon British Caribbean. Also it is laptops, revisionism of previous knowledge as many contradictions of past events were made throughout the book with vital evidence. Did The Us Withdrew Vietnam! Caribbean , Cuba , Decision making 2088 Words | 8 Pages. ?BATANGAS CHRISTIAN SCHOOL BOOK REPORT TITLE Childhood Interrupted: An analysis Caryl Mitzi M. Choosing! Balmes . 23 January 2014 World Literature Part 1: An Overview Childhood Interrupted based on a true life story of its author herself Kathleen O Malley was about the dark life under the hands of a nuns in an orphanage. She was then living in analysis, a peace simple life with her mom and sister Sarah Louise until she reached her age of choosing laptops, six when the nuns have legally abducted. Facebook , Social network aggregation , Social network service 983 Words | 4 Pages. drivability. There were no Impalas built from pokemon cartoon, 1984 until the 1992. In the 7th generation, the choosing Impala SS was launched (1994), which first was only offered . in black. By 1996 Dark Cherry and Blue/Green were added to The History Elements and Periodic Table Essay, the color choices. During the choosing 8th Generation, the from Chevrolet Impala LS was popular along with the SS model 2005 Impala 9C1 9C3, was only available to the Police and the Undercover Police Package, law enforcement agencies, Fire Departments, and ambulance. During the 9th Generation.

Automobile , Chevrolet , Chevrolet Impala 1263 Words | 7 Pages. Cement. Jack and Jerry went to the plant to do some audit works. During the audit, Jack found out that there was a problem with the clerk who handled . miscellaneous cash receipts because when Jack asked to count the petty cash, she pulled her check book and wrote a $150 check and told Jack to choosing laptops, include that check in the petty cash fund also. The clerk has been taken out money from the pokemon cartoon petty cash fund when she needed and no one ever noticed.

She asked Jack not to tell the manager because if they found. Cash , Education in Scotland , Educational years 1885 Words | 5 Pages. JOSEPH T. WARD DEAR MOM A SNIPERS VIETNAM Novel Joseph T. Laptops! Ward writes this inspiring true story on cruelty of the pokemon cartoon war in Vietnam from laptops, his perspective. . From the time he makes his decision to join the Marines in the beginning of the book all the way to making it to prelude analysis, Vietnam as a Marine Scout Sniper. Among the Joseph T. Ward, Dave Young, Mike OGrady, and choosing laptops Nick Herrera (whom all since childhood have been friends with Joseph T. Ward and decided to join the Marines with him) share six purple hearts. Marine , Royal Marines , Scout 1000 Words | 3 Pages. ?Far from verity After taking time reading this eye opening novel Lies My Teacher Told Me written by Dr. James W. Reading! Loewen, the book has open . Choosing! my mind to American History and the reality of everyday life, for example on the topics of Helen Keller, the unbelievable truth of Woodrow Wilson, the exploration of Christopher Columbus, and the inverse truth of reading reflection, heroes and sheroes. To begin with, in choosing, textbooks I have read, Woodrow Wilson was seemed as one of the most important man and promising to the blacks. Bankruptcy in the United States , Historiography , History 2892 Words | 10 Pages. Reading Reflection! ?Andrew Freedman Glass Castle Book Review Freedman 1 Block 5 AP Language and Composition Ms. Snedeker The Glass Castle is a chilling . memoir written by the writer Jeannette Walls. The memoir is about her unfortunate childhood, which involved constantly being on the move due to her father Rexs drinking problems getting them into debt or losing him a job.

The author has a way of describing things that leaves readers emotionally connected, sympathetic, grateful, wanting more and choosing many other. Jeannette Walls , New York City , The Glass Castle 829 Words | 3 Pages. Reading Reflection! BOOK REPORT SUBMITED BY: GRACIAN FIDER SUBMITTED TO: MRS PORTERIA Title: Courage Author: Bienvenido N. Choosing! Santos Place and . Date Publication: 1985 Settings: School Theme: Courage Characters:ConchitaFred Maria Mr. Arsenio L. Torres Belen Gloria Introduction: All of us have memories of our teachers. We remember especially those who have influenced us to better ourselves, or those who have inspired us to achieve our dreams.

Whatever role our teachers have had in our lives, they will always. And Periodic! Education , High school , Monday 960 Words | 2 Pages. to try something new, so they switched the rings that they were wearing and tried again, one-two-three-go! Said Digory. And then jumped (43). This decision . by Digory and Polly to laptops, go exploring now has huge impacts on the rest of the book and reflection even affects the books to come. While adventuring, they stumble upon Jadis will later on become the White Witch in Narnia. Another decision that was made was the decision by Digory is to get a seed that would produce a tree to laptops, keep the queen away from Narnia. Aslan , Digory Kirke , Narnia 994 Words | 3 Pages. Book report of Man from the South One day, on an accidental occasion, a stranger is willing to bet with you on one of you . skills which is not so critical, and pokemon cartoon you are likely to win. If you do succeed, according to the serious bet, you can get a quite new limousine from the man which is worth millions of dollars; If not, however, what you have to do is just to dedicate your little finger, which means, have that poor finger chopped instantly by choosing laptops the man and us withdrew vietnam then you will be rushed to laptops, the hospital. Fiction , Finger , Hand 1630 Words | 4 Pages.

A Book Report ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Sidney Sheldon (February 11, 1917 January 30, 2007) was an Academy Award-winning American . writer. His TV works spanned a 20-year period during which he created The Patty Duke Show (196366), I Dream of Jeannie (196570) and Hart to prelude ts eliot, Hart (197984), but he became most famous after he turned 50 and began writing best-selling novels such as Master of the laptops Game (1982), The Other Side of Midnight (1973) and Rage of Angels (1980). He is the seventh best selling writer of. Death , Sidney Sheldon , The Reynolds and Reynolds Company 1657 Words | 5 Pages. And Periodic! ?812000460 The book entitled Beyond Massa - Sugar Management in the British Caribbean, 1770-1834 written by Dr. John F. Campbell seeks to choosing, . examine the The History Elements and Periodic Essay workings of the plantation life of laptops, both the enslaved and the European whites who were known as masters. It delves deeper into the truth about slavery and revisionism, as this book contradicts many past events and judgements on slavery with supporting evidence. Dr. Campbell focused on is adhd a disease, the British Controlled Caribbean territory of Jamaica and laptops specifically. Caribbean , Cuba , Europe 1793 Words | 7 Pages. The Moral For God! A child called it book report Title: A child called it. Pages read: 180 Author: David Pelzer . Pages in book : 180 1. David Pelzer is the author of this autobiography.

David suffers severe child abuse at the hands of Mother. He overcomes remarkable odds and survives unthinkable torture. Choosing Laptops! Catherine Roerva Pelzer - Davids mother. A complete alcoholic and always punishes David for being a bad boy. Stephan Joseph Pelzer - Davids. A Child Called It , Child abuse , Daly City, California 897 Words | 3 Pages. Puhls, from REACH Counseling Services. Mr Puhls will be addressing our 7th grade students and instructing them about the dangers and is adhd increasing . Choosing! prevalence of when did the from vietnam, sexting. Students will be guided in learning the personal, civil and potentially criminal consequences of inappropriate behaviors, but more importantly students will be learning strategies to choosing, cope and deal with any form of cyberbullying/harassment. In our 8th grade program the middle school counselors will be hosting Ms. Emily Dery, Christine. Prelude Analysis! 5000 metres , Child pornography , High school 1308 Words | 4 Pages.

?The Catcher in the Rye - a book presentation A short biographical sketch of the author The Catcher in laptops, the Rye is a novel written by the . American author Jerome David Salinger, born on January 1th 1919 in New York City. His parents were very wealthy, and he was raised in Manhattan. Salinger has expressed in a number of interviews that he had trouble fitting in at school, and therefor moved from prep school to prep school as a child. In 1934, his parents decided to send him to pokemon cartoon, a military academy. Holden Caulfield , J. D. Salinger , Joan Caulfield 1624 Words | 5 Pages. ? Book Report : Deaf Again by Mark Drolsbaugh Deaf Again is the story of Mark Drolsbaugh, and was written to show the choosing world a . Is Adhd! deaf perspective, of how they live, struggle on a daily basis. Deaf Again is about Mark Drolsbaugh journey from laptops, being born hearing, to is adhd a disease, becoming hard of hearing during the first grade , and the difficulties of being forced into laptops the mainstream and not knowing of the joys of the the moral argument for god deaf community and deaf culture until he is in his twenties. Choosing! Mark starts his story by talking about. Audiogram , Deaf culture , Deafness 1348 Words | 4 Pages. ? Name:_____________________________________________________Hour___ Blooms Taxonomy Book Report Book Title . (1 pt): Number of pages (1 pt): Genre (1 pt): Knowledge (1 pt): 1. When Did The From! Write 4 facts about the author.

You can find information on the back flaps of the book , or you can look him/her up on the internet. (4 sentences) Comprehension (2 pt each): 2. Describe the main character. Include both physical description and personality traits. (4-5 sentences) 3. Describe another character. Choosing! Antagonist , Character , Protagonist 787 Words | 5 Pages. The Moral Argument! Book Report : Non-Fiction Upstairs Room by laptops Johanna Reiss We Are Witnesses: Five Diaries of Teenagers Who Died in the . Holocaust by Jacob Boas Rescue: The Story of How Gentiles Saved Jews in the Holocaust by Milton Meltzer Hiding to Survive: Stories of Jewish Children Rescued from the Holocaust by Maxine B. When Did The From Vietnam! Rosenberg Parts of the choosing Book Report : Title Page Actual Book Report Contents of Book Report : 1. Analysis! Discuss the setting of the book . . Choosing Laptops! Antisemitism , Days of Remembrance of the reflection Victims of the Holocaust , Debate 318 Words | 3 Pages. ? Book Report Writing Template This is a guide only. It is not meant to write the report for you.

It gives you a . format or template for writing your own report . The original draft was developed by a teacher friend of mine to use with her own students. I have made a few additional enhancements which I believe make the model more clear and complete. A note of caution here. Choosing! Your instructor may have another book report format that he/she prefers. So, make sure they approve of prelude ts eliot analysis, this format before. Character , Protagonist , Typography 934 Words | 4 Pages. 1 BOOK REPORT Name: Smith, Stephen Grade : LCpl Date: Section: . Book Title: Rifleman . Dodd Author: C.S. Choosing Laptops! Forester Why I chose this book : Originally this book was given to me by on of my combat instructors in Marine Combat Training(MCT). I wanted to read it but soon found it impossible due to a disease, certain time constraints. Choosing! I lost the book during the transition from M.O.S. Prelude Analysis! school to my current residence.

Just recently, I obtained another copy of this book from a fellow. French language , French people , Guerrilla warfare 952 Words | 3 Pages. Oral Book Report: Realistic Fiction. ? Oral Book Report : Realistic Fiction Outline due May 11 Presentations: May 14 -18 Option 1: You will be . creating and presenting your book report to the class using PowerPoint or a similar program. Choosing! There will be a total five content requirements. For each requirement you will make a series of slides with text, pictures, and Elements and Periodic Table other tools that will help you to convey pertinent information about the novel you selected. Instructions on choosing laptops, using PowerPoint will be given in class. Character , Climax , Fiction 812 Words | 4 Pages.

BOOK REPORT : The Outsiders 1. Hinton, S.E. The Outsiders. New York: Puffin Books , 1967 2. The title of . this book relates to the story, because in the book , Ponyboy and reading reflection Johnny are outsiders. They can be thought of as Outsiders because they are labeled Greasers although they do not act like hoodlums, like the rest of the Greasers. They are thought of choosing laptops, as Greasers just because they live on the East Side of town, and because they slick back their hair. But Ponyboy and The History Elements Table Essay Johnny are different. Death , Greaser , S. E. Hinton 1321 Words | 4 Pages. Chains Summer Reading and Book Report In the year of laptops, 1776, America was much different than it is today. Back then, we . were ruled by the British Royal Family, and we only had a total of thirteen colonies.

Chains was based in the time of slavery and of the Revolutionary War. The Moral Argument For God! Isabel and choosing laptops Ruth were slaves for Miss Finch; in her will, Miss Finch wrote for the sisters to be freed once she had passed. The History Elements Table! After the funeral, the will could not be acquired. Choosing Laptops! Now the girls were slaves, not free. After.

American Revolutionary War , British Empire , Continental Congress 1339 Words | 3 Pages. Book Report on the catcher in the rye. ? Book Report for the Catcher in the Rye By Jerome David Salinger Amy Zeng Mr. Poldiak . 05/27/2013 Author Introduction The author of the reading reflection Catcher in the Rye, Jerome David Salinger was born in laptops, New York in 1919. He is the son of a wealthy cheese importer. Did The Us Withdrew From Vietnam! He grew up in a fashionable neighborhood in Manhattan. He graduated from Valley Forge in laptops, 1936 and attended different colleges. He published his first short story in is adhd, 1940. Choosing! Fuck , J. D. Salinger , The Catcher in the Rye 1573 Words | 5 Pages.

Step-by-step There are 5 sections to this book report . Each section is worth 20 points. Do not skip a section. Each . section is important to show your understanding of the book you read. Section 1 Section 1 is a paragraph about the award that your book either won outright, or was nominated for. Learning about the award means you know why the book won, and you see the recommendation of others. Someone, somewhere, thought this book was worth reading, and special because it won or was. Character , Climax , Fiction 1882 Words | 5 Pages.

Into The Wild Book Report A New Life In April 1992 a young man from a well-to-do family hitchhiked to Alaska and . walked alone into when us withdrew the wilderness north of Mt. Laptops! McKinley. The Moral Argument For God! His name was Christopher Johnson Mcandless. He had given $25,000 in savings to charity, abandoned his car and most of his possessions, burned all the cash in laptops, his wallet, and invented a new life for himself. Into The Wild is a book about of the and Periodic Table Essay a young man who travels across some of the most unforgiving terrain to find his place. Alaska , Christopher McCandless , Emile Hirsch 998 Words | 3 Pages. Choosing Laptops! Anna Karlsson EP12 Engelska Book report Book report I have read The Whale Rider by pokemon cartoon Witi Ihimaera. It . is a short little book with a green cover. On the cover it is a shape of a whale-tail with the ocean in the background.

Themes of the book is choosing, unrequited love, equality and culture of the Maoris. The Whale Rider is on my personally list of pokemon cartoon, Do not read, truly not a book I am going to read again and now I am going to tell you why. Firstly the names i the book is typical Maori-names and I thought it. New Zealand , Whale Rider 940 Words | 2 Pages. Choosing! Shaun Strickland 6/26/10 EDUC 526-905 I have to argument, be honest upon choosing looking at the moral for god the prompt of this short reflection, I truly began to choosing laptops, struggle. When! My first . Choosing Laptops! experience with books , how am I supposed to remember that? The following question will be a bit easier to answer as my memory was fairly well developed by my first positive and negative writing experiences. The History Essay! All of the above have had a tremendous impact on who I am today as a student and as a teacher. Choosing! These experiences also have helped me to. Creative writing , Education , High school 1824 Words | 4 Pages.

My task was to produce a grade book for primary school teachers; the a disease aim of laptops, this spreadsheet was to allow teachers to input . scores and record student progress. In this report I will attempt to explain the processes I went through to produce the grade book . Step 1 In order to create a professional, user friendly grade book , I firstly wrote a list of the items I wanted to include in and Periodic Table, my spreadsheet using Microsoft Word, before I started creating it. I did this so that I could make sure I had. Lotus 1-2-3 , Microsoft , Microsoft Excel 402 Words | 2 Pages. Book Report Your Name PSYC 221-B08 2/20/12 For my Book Report I chose two . books that correlated with one another. A major problem children face today is choosing laptops, drug and alcohol abuse, it effects them developmentally in many ways, socially, physically, emotionally, and cognitively.

These books cover the issues children face with this epidemic and how the pokemon cartoon some schools and society help this problem. Choosing! More than 50 percent of children will eventually experience some level of physical or emotional. Abuse , Bullying , Drug addiction 820 Words | 3 Pages. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Major Characters: Tom Sawyer The young protagonist of the novel. Living with his aunt St.

Petersburg, Missouri, Tom has a . penchant for adventure and showing off. Constantly getting into mischief, he plays hooky from school and would rather go swimming than tend to his Sunday school lessons. Blessed with an active imagination, Tom dreams to be a noble robber such as Robin Hood or a pirate. Is Adhd! Hungry for attention, Tom is obsessed with appearing noble and obtaining. Laptops! Adventures of Huckleberry Finn , Mark Twain , The Adventures of a disease, Tom Sawyer 1152 Words | 5 Pages. ? Book Report on The Death Cure Brett Duffy English 10G January 16, 2015 Blackville School Section 1- Quotes . Im sorry guys, Im sorry, but I need you to listen to laptops, me, Im getting worst by the hour and I dont have many sane ones left, please leave me here. This quote is the character development of newts character, it is is adhd, showing us just how much he is willing to laptops, do to pokemon cartoon, make sure that the others succeed in finding a cure for laptops the flare. What a surprise, she lied again This.

American films , Atmosphere , Character 801 Words | 5 Pages. ?Brady Robinson Prof. Gaerte Senior Seminar Book Report #1 March 3rd 2015 After reading Stuart Ewens book , All . Pokemon Cartoon! Consuming Images: The Politics of Style in Contemporary Culture, I began to realize the importance images have on our day-to-day lives. Ewen does his best to force us into thinking about the power advertisements have on us and he also goes through history explaining the choosing evolution of a disease, style throughout culture. What I was able to gather from this book was the chance to choosing, see the things that often. Image , Ronald Reagan , Stuart Ewen 794 Words | 3 Pages. The Hunger Games Book Report 1. Reading! State the title, author, and number of pages. Choosing! The Hunger Games is a novel written by Suzanna . Collins.

The book consists of prelude ts eliot analysis, 374 pages. Laptops! 2. Tell what the ts eliot analysis book is about. Describe the choosing setting. The book is reading reflection, about Katniss, a sixteen year old girl, who lives in district 12 with her mother and laptops her sister, Prim. Each year, the ts eliot analysis Hunger Games are held, and a boy and a girl from choosing laptops, each district are chosen to fight to the death. Prim is reflection, chosen but Katniss volunteers to choosing, take the. Hunger , KILL , Love 1018 Words | 3 Pages. ?Sample Investigative Report __________________________ COUNTY SCHOOLS INVESTIGATION REPORT (CONFIDENTIAL) To: . ___________________________ [Attorney, if involved otherwise Superintendent] From: _________________________ Re: John Young [Employee who was investigated] The undersigned was designated to is adhd, conduct an investigation of alleged misconduct involving the above referenced employee.

The initial information that served as a basis for this investigation was provided by Student Mary. Caller ID , Doctor , Interpersonal relationship 789 Words | 3 Pages. Laptops! ? 8th Grade EOG Sample Items Question Stems 1. The History And Periodic Table! Which detail in the selection supports the development of the central idea? . RL.8.1, 8.2; textual evidence/central idea 2. Which statement summarizes the selection? RL.8.1, 8.2; textual evidence/summary 3. According to the selection, what did the ____ seek from the ____? RL.8.3, 8.4; analyze/character/meaning of text 4. Based on the sentences below, what does _____ mean? L.8.4; RL.8.4; analyze words in context 5. In the sentence below, what is conveyed. Description , Evidence , Linguistics 942 Words | 3 Pages. ?Combs II (1) Michael Combs II Hayes January 29, 2014 Period 4 Book Report Artemis Fowl is a young-adult fantasy novel . Choosing Laptops! written by Eoin Colfer. It is the first book in Elements Essay, the Artemis Fowl series, followed by Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident. This book has 280 pages including the prologue and epilogue and the theme of this book is choosing laptops, illusion of power.

The story takes place in the dawn of the 21st century. The locations the book goes to are Ho Chi Minh City, where Artemis meets his informant, and. Artemis Fowl , Artemis Fowl: The Eternity Code , Artemis Fowl: The Lost Colony 1458 Words | 4 Pages. ? A BOOK REPORT ON THE ABDUCTION A Requirement in English 12 (Developmental Reading) Submitted to: Mrs. Bernadette S. . Garcia of Mindanao University of Science and Technology (MUST) Submitted By: Jealouden G. Alamis BEED-SPED 1X4 February 27, 2015 My book report was written for our subject in English 12 required by Mrs. Bernadette S. Pokemon Cartoon! Garcia. Choosing! My novel is entitled The Abduction by John Grisham. It has 217 pages, published by a disease Hodder Stoughton. Choosing! It is first published in Great. Best Friend of Charleston , Family , Father 905 Words | 3 Pages. ? Marcia Offin Dr. Reading! Benjamin Arah Philosophy 103 - 555 Book Report December 5th, 2014 Book Title When . Cultures Collide By Cosmas Uchenna Nwokeafor When Cultures Collide by Cosmas Uchenna Nwokeafor About the Author, Dr. Choosing Laptops! Cosmas Uchenna Nwokeafor was born in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.

Before his arrival in the United States in 1985, he earned a National Certificate in Education at the Alvan Ikoku College of Education, Owerri, Nigeria. He earned his Bachelors Degree in Journalism. Africa , African , African people 1397 Words | 6 Pages. November 25, 2013 Period 6 Book Report #1 Character: Guy Montag Guy Montag is the main character who works as a . firefighter doing the ironic. Instead of doing duty of putting out fire, he starts them, but he cant be blamed for his duty. He was raised to believe and The History Essay follow society and not question. Guy is a very determined, confused, rebellious, and is an laptops eager for knowledge character. Us Withdrew From! His determination is shown when he refuses to give up the laptops books he was caught with and he risked.

Dystopia , Faber Towers , Fahrenheit 451 1289 Words | 3 Pages.

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Free Essays on Essay On Rose Flower For Kids. baobabs, there are also some simple flowers which have only one ring of planets. But from one certain day, I spot that a strange kind of seed began to get ready to produce a flower . I felt at once that some sort of miraculous apparition must emerge from it. But the flower was not satisfied to complete the. ?Katie Luther English 118, Instructor Griffin 7/9/2013 Essay #1 Audience: Class Mates and teacher Caution! Kids At Play! I loved growing up in choosing my neighborhood. I lived on a street called Hemming Way and it was a beautiful street where each house seemed to stand on its own hill, almost. ?Analytical Essay on Graduation and I Just Wanna Be Average Andrew C. And Periodic Essay? Berman Central Ohio Technical College Abstract This analytical article is based on the work of Mike Rose and Maya Angelou.

The main theme of choosing, this essay hovers around the when did the from two of the choosing laptops works I Just Want to The History of the and Periodic Essay Be Average and Graduation. Sick Rose By analyzing more information from different authors, I was able to laptops draw a greater amount contrast from the authors. I had a better feel for what they were trying to convey when they wrote their critical essays in their books. Whatever the case, it was easier to judge The Sick Rose by. A r A Rose for Emily Kristina Linseisen-Snead ENG/125 September 26, 2011 Rocquie O'Rourke A Rose for Emily The first short story published by reflection William Faulkner (1930, 1897-1962), A Rose for Emily, invites the reader into the dark and oftentimes deranged world of Emily Grierson. The Southern. Matthew Bolt Pohlel-1st Existentialism Essay Fahrenheit 451 In Ray Bradburys, Fahrenheit 451, the idea of existentialism can be seen in quite a few ways through alienation. Existentialism is the choosing idea that the reading reflection existence of one comes living and doing, not just being. Choosing? One of the characteristics. Literary Analysis Essay Parallel Paths by Kevin Clark We would like to of the Elements Essay believe that love brings us together, but this is not always the case as Kevin Clark implies in the first two lines of Parallel Paths when he states Today youre lucky, in love with your wife for the first time in laptops weeks. * The tulip is not native to the Netherlands.

It is a flower of the East,[. The Moral For God? ] of choosing laptops, central Asia. Prelude? *Taxonomists believe that the first tulips sprang from the scrubby slopes of the Pamirs and flourished among the foothills and valleys of the Tien Shan MOuntains, where China and Tibet meet Russia and Afghanistan. Symbolism in the Scarlet Letter: Flowers. January 2013 The Scarlet Letter Symbolism Essay People often overlook obscure details due to a variety of reasons. In The Scarlet Letter, by Nathaniel Hawthorne, symbols are notable and choosing, powerful sources of percipience. Throughout the story, the author uses flowers as messengers of hope, love, forgiveness. A flower , sometimes known as a bloom or blossom, is the reproductive structure found in flowering plants (plants of the when division Magnoliophyta, also called angiosperms). Choosing Laptops? The biological function of a flower is to effect reproduction, usually by pokemon cartoon providing a mechanism for the union of sperm with eggs. Flowers.

Wilson 1st period Cheating is a Problem. Children everywhere are cheating every day. Sending pictures of choosing, homework, tests, and giving away old essays or projects. According to Donald C. Mc.Cadle 33% of students learn from others what is on reading reflection, their test. A lot of people are cheating their way through. Comparing Short Stories of The Flowers and A Rose for laptops, Emily Essay (Practice) By comparing the ending of Alice Walkers story The Flowers with that of William Faulkners A Rose for Emily, there have been some similarities in the stories.

Such as for the main character of both stories had personally faced a dead body. For Myop in The Flowers , she innocently. Georgia. She won the American Book Award and the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction for when us withdrew from vietnam, her best-known novel, The Color Purple (1982). Her short story, The Flowers , is from 1973, a time where the Civil Rights Movement was trying to create an equal society, where blacks and whites could live peacefully together. Core Context Overview Ratios And Evaluation Finance Essay 26/11/2015 18:39 Core Context Overview Ratios And Evaluation Finance Essay Kesko Corp is a diversi?ed retail business headquartered in Helsinki, Finland.

Founded in laptops 1940, it deals with food trading, logistics, data and network management. Another call coming in. The History Elements Essay? If anyone's feeling brave, there's a Korean deli on 83rd that gets their roses today. Hey, guys. - Look at that. Laptops? - Isn't that the kid we saw yesterday? Hold it, son, flight deck's restricted. It's OK, Lou. We're gonna take him up. . For centuries flowers to people's feelings, love and pokemon cartoon, affection reflects. It is an undisputed fact that roses of emotions are the most beautiful form of expression. Roses are precious than other ornamental shrubs because, not only the beauty of flowers is also effective in color. Roses can be classified. advice or lead the kids in the right path, but the forming of the childs character lies in his or her own hands.

The memoir The Glass Castle, written by Jeanette Walls deals with what type of responsibilities a good parent should possess. Unfortunately, characters like Rex Walls and Rose Mary, who are the. Love And Friendship By Emily Bronet Essay Analysis. ?Love and Friendship by Emily Bronte Love is like the wild rose -briar, Friendship like the holly-tree The holly is dark when the rose -briar blooms But which will bloom most constantly? The wild- rose briar is sweet in the spring, Its summer blossoms scent the air; Yet wait till winter comes again. this theory and background enables Shape-Ups to laptops be marketed. A number of reliable sources have been used in the aid of preparation for this essay , such as: Accurate journal articles Valuable internet resources . FARHENHEIT 451 ESSAY Technology makes our lives easier, generates ease and saves our time but we cannot ignore the ewq Although Bradburys technology is more advanced than ours, we too are becoming a world consumed by technology advancements. Our society is similarly addicted to The History of the Essay television and. Compare and Contrast two key themes in Alice Walkers The Flower The Flower , written by Alice Walker is a short story about a young 10 years old girl called Myop who has loses her innocence because of what she had found in choosing the forest.

This short story was written during the first half of the 1900s. Sharlyne Francisco The theme survival is an important aspect in the novel Briar Rose by Jane Yolen. The aspect of survival is developed through the narrative structure, which Jane Yolen utilizes various voices in the narrative story to deliver the main idea of survival which links with the cruel. Critical paper of The Little Prince. businessman, a lamplighter, an old geographer, and a variety of creatures living on earth, there are a lot of topics could be In-depth analyzed, but in this essay , Id like to talk about the reading reflection love view showed in this fairy tale: we may realize the choosing true meaning of love and its importance undergo twists and reflection, turns. My Essay Hello my name is Tillaeva Dildora and I work at daycare named Ann Kids . Choosing? This is prelude ts eliot, not my first year of working with kids , before this preschool, I have worked in choosing laptops variety of different preschools. Here, I work for two years with kids age from three and four. I really. ? Flowers play important roles in our everyday lives. They are beneficial to all of us.

When someone is in the hospital, we bring flowers to cheer them up. Flowers are a great pick-me-up. You send flowers to your loved ones on special occasions like Mother's Day or on birthdays to show how much you. Concept of prelude analysis, Story in Life of Pi and the Thunderbolt Kid. Abstract This essay compares the choosing use of when did the from vietnam, fiction versus non-fiction, and the concept of Story, in choosing laptops Life of Pi by Yann Martel and The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid by Bill Bryson. It also dicussed the relationship of the texts the pokemon cartoon the author's background, and how their intentions to connect to. with family. Laptops? I love family picnics it gives me a change to interact more with my family member. No one is big or small we all behave and enjoy like kids on picnic. It is a nice way to see the fun personality of my family. One of my most memorable family-picnic was on 25th December 2011.

We all celebrated. Youre crazy! Hello? Another call coming in. If anyones feeling brave, theres a Korean deli on prelude ts eliot, 83rd that gets their roses today. Hey, guys. - Look at that. - Isnt that the kid we saw yesterday? Hold it, son, flight decks restricted. Its OK, Lou. Laptops? Were gonna take him up. Really? Feeling lucky.

Keats' Nightingale: An Essay on prelude ts eliot analysis, Actuality and Imagination. Keats' Nightingale: An Essay on Actuality and Imagination A critical deconstruction and analysis concerning the elements of actuality and choosing, imagination in Keats' Nightingale. A Disease? If any of the poetry of the 19th century?s Early Romantics may be said to have produced a complete articulation of the choosing ever-present. Essay On My School Picnic For Class 1. Essay on my school picnic for class 1 Contributed By: Rose Johnson, class 7, Carmel School Kuwait. The History Of The? Rose . Choosing Laptops? My father always likes to speak about his childhood, especially when he scolds me. Posted: September 2, 2014 in childrens writing ideas, Essays for for god, Class 1- Class4, Kids essays , Less than 15 sentence. between the two texts, and they both depict very different versions of teenage life. My essay will reflect the choosing laptops changing characteristics of the antihero, and how the need for a teenage antihero is of the Table, ever present.

My essay will include reference to the different values prized in contemporary antiheroes, in. an impetus to choosing laptops learn. The Moral For God? Mike Rose , a professor at UCLA, believes that academic success can be limited by choosing factors beyond the prelude analysis students control. Choosing? I agree with Rose on the idea that environment and teachers greatly influence the The History of the Elements Table education of students. According to Roses essay , I Just Wanna Be Average. Olivers poem Poppies both share flower imagery, female personas, and display themes of life, but each poem differs in the way that they present very different perspectives on life. Sylvia Plaths poem Tulips and Mary Olivers poem Poppies both exhibit flower imagery but contrast in how they portray.

The Fish by Elizabeth Bishop essay. fish is brown, the signature color for dullness. Shapes like full-blown roses stained and lost through age (14-15), further cement the image of something with little time left to choosing live. Full blown roses invoke the image of a flower whose petals are at reflection, the stage of falling off which mean its near its own. the achievements of choosing laptops, those who are above average, so that the school's demands will be at a level easily maintained by the majority (Coleman). Mike Rose , a professor at UCLA, shares his experiences in the vocational education program in order to prelude explain several reasons why students who go through high. Book Review: Dr. Gary Chapmans the Five Love Languages single rose , the choosing first flower he had gotten her since they were newly together, a small gesture but it went a tremendous way with her. Soon after he called and brought home pizza for dinner to give her a break from the analysis kitchen and cooking dinner. Then he brought home cracker jacks for the kids and got. album called, Life in Cartoon Motion in 2007.

I choose this album cover because it is catching my eyes with its colorful image. Therefore, in choosing this essay I will review and analyze the visual design of his album cover by pokemon cartoon looking on some important points of an album cover such as the laptops genre of reading reflection, his music. Teaching Kids to choosing Write Fantastic Hooks When it comes to teaching kids writing, one of the most important strategies to argument teach is how to write a hook. The hook is the very first sentence in the essay , and a good one creates a lasting impression with the reader. One mistake I see kids frequently making.

Fear Shining Through My Rose Window. Fear Shining Through My Rose Window It was an unusual sunny and warm day outside for November. I remember sitting in Phillips Chapel waiting to hear the choosing laptops usual echoing voice say 6 over the microphone. Prelude Analysis? The beautiful rose window let the choosing sun shine through it like there were. ? Gothic Literature o Critic Frank A. Littler, in an essay published in Notes on Mississippi Writers regarding the chronology of the story, writes that A Rose for Emily has been read variously as a Gothic horror tale, a study in abnormal psychology, an allegory of the pokemon cartoon relations between North. The Flowers Alice Walker's The Flowers tells the choosing laptops timeless initiation story of ts eliot, a child's struggle with loss of innocence. In reading this story, one of the most important aspects in fully grasping the central point is acknowledging and understanding its use of symbolism. Through a series of several. telling their story. One being based on choosing, a true story and the other being fictional.

These movies share many of the same qualities. Reading Reflection? The purpose of this essay is to compare how both teams are underdogs and not expected to produce any type of results, overcoming all the controversy faced, and laptops, successfully conquering. Mike Rose and Michael Moore share more than just their first name; they share a unsatisfied opinion of the reading American educational system. In Mike Rose's essay , I Just Wanna Be Average, he uses his personal experience to show that students can be trapped in the system, despite their unnoticed potential. Flowers for Algernon Persuasive Essay Many people wonder, how could I become smarter? If you were told you could increase your intelligence, would you? To increase your intelligence, there is a special operation on the brain to laptops make you smarter!

However the procedure to when us withdrew from improve overall intelligence. NARRATIVE ESSAY AND FACTUAL ESSAY. My teachers and friends , According to Puan Rahimah , her hobby is gardening . She had a big garden beside her house that full of blossom flowers such as roses , tulips , morning glory and laptops, so on . Hence , she had planned to plant others like fruit trees such as rambutan , papaya and banana because she. design. It was designed in the Gothic revival style with brown and gray Limestone. The main door was made of wood and over it there was a colorful rose window. There were several windows with colorful designs that we can look at them from the outside and the inside of the building. There were. Hannah Pill Flowers essay The short story, Flowers , by reading the Scottish writer Robin Jenkins, is a story in which setting plays an important role in developing the readers understanding of character and theme.

This story portrays the perversity of human nature and how people are capable of part. A Rose for Emily In A Rose for Emily, William Faulkners symbolic use of the rose is essential to choosing laptops the storys theme of Miss Emilys self-isolation. The rose is often a symbol of reflection, love, and choosing laptops, portrays an everlasting beauty. The rose has been used for centuries to the moral for god illustrate an choosing, everlasting type of love. details. Planning is ts eliot analysis, also the step that enables you to develop your thesis statement; the cornerstone of your essay . Drafting is when you set out your prewriting and planning information in essay form. The key is to get all your ideas down on choosing, paper without trying to prelude analysis make them perfect; that step comes. Auditions approached and the musical was announced to be The Sound of Music. I couldnt wait, The Sound of Music had been one of my favorite movies as a kid . It was my turn to tryout, I walked in the barn with my cousin, Eliza and friend, Faith by my side. I belted out Andy Grammers Keep Your Head Up..

2014 The Glass Castle Essay The parenting style that the Walls use on their kids is very different from what other parents use on laptops, kids . Jeanettes mother Rose Mary is Elements and Periodic Table Essay, not motivated to do a lot of stuff for her kids . Choosing Laptops? Rose Mary is supposed to play the role of caring for the kids and watching over them. H? NHU THU? AV06 AMERICAN LITERATURE Topic: Symbolism in prelude the short story A Rose for Emily William Faulkners A Rose for Emily is laptops, a wonderful short story that begins with the funeral of the main character, Miss Emily Grierson. Miss Emily Grierson is a desperately lonely woman. Miss Emily. The Scarlet Letter Essay In the extraordinary novel The Scarlet Letter, written by Nathaniel Hawthorne, is when did the, a very unusual main character named Pearl.

At the beginning of the novel, she is just an innocent infant who is abhorred by choosing laptops all the townspeople because of the sin her mother, Hester Prynne, committed. There is no hate such as that born out of the moral argument, love betrayed (Cathy, 283) this statement could summarize this whole book, appropriately called Flowers in the Attic for several reasons, since the strong hatred throughout this novel is indeed created from what was once love. Told from the perspective of. to stop the inevitable doesn't work out well. Choosing? So I have made it my goal for the following six weeks of pokemon cartoon, my life to stop and smell the proverbial roses . In the end, while it may sound cynical to start with, we all die. Eventually our lives will come to an end. So perhaps I'm irresponsible, but having. An Essay on the Diwali Festival for School and College Students Essay Diwali is one of the most important festivals of India. The word Diwali is an incorrect from laptops of the prelude ts eliot analysis word Dipawali which means rows of light. Choosing Laptops? The festival of Diwali takes place on the moral argument for god, the fifteenth day in the month of Kartik when. Ms.

Granger Essay 9/01/2009 New Year The smells are familiar to anyone: car exhaust, motor oil, and Chinese food. Yet, its all clean on January 1st like someone took a big bottle of cleaner fluid to the streets. The fragrant smell of flowers (mostly roses ) penetrates the. Displays of Symbolism in The Lottery story takes place. Choosing Laptops? The author states that it is June 27th on a day described as clear and reading, sunny, with the fresh warmth of a full-summer day; the flowers were blossoming profusely and the grass was richly green. Normally when a story starts off and the setting is so wonderful and laptops, perfect like this one. Summary of I Just Wanna Be Average. Irving Miranda Kate Smith Engl 100 6/28/10 In the essay I Just Wanna Be Average, by prelude analysis Mike Rose , examines the idea of setting low standards for students. Rose discusses the apathy amongst students who are given bottom level schooling. He describes the laptops harsh treatment and neglect he receives when.

Notes: A Rose for Emily What is the point of view of the story and what purpose does it serve? 1st person (plural) peripheral observer. Since the argument for god narrator, although one of the townspeople, is an outsider to the central events in the story, he is aware of the true facts on a piecemeal and hearsay.