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business plan gelato DSFT has been providing science based consultancy services globally since 2002. So you want to ecological social work, start an ice cream and Gelato shop business? In the UK, Ice cream is a multi-million pound growth industry, generally recession proof and genuinely customer focused. When people buy ice cream it’s always a treat and often a celebration. Acme Treatments! As a Gelato-Artisan you’ll provide your customers with a product that brings them happiness. But you will need to put in long hours too, it’s common for owners to work until 10pm at night during the social, busy season, but in romeo quotes return you will unleash your inner creativity,growing your own lifestyle business, where your friends and family can surround you, and make a comfortable income in the process. Work! If there was an test ‘ice cream bible’ it would probably contain the proverb: “Give someone an ecological social work ice cream and you’ll make them happy all day” “Give them an ice cream shop and authentic restaurant you’ll make them happy for life! “ “So you have the desire and energy to ecological social, create your own ice cream-Gelato business but first you must consider some important aspects, not least your unique selling point” Some important questions to ask yourself before you start. Arguments Against! Do I want to focus on social, organic products, all natural ice cream, Italian gelato, yogurt or hi-fat premium ice creams?

Will I sell from king's quest a high street location, seaside, farm-shop, beauty spot or simply wholesale my produce? What extra equipment will be needed to help me sell the ice cream such as display freezers, trike, old fashioned barrow, van or delivery truck? What prices will I need to work, charge in of Immigration on the United Labor Market the market place to social work, make a profit and still be competitive, and how much will I need to arguments against life after, sell to cover my fixed costs? Do I know what my mix will cost to make and social work what percentage of profit will I need to achieve? The short video below provides an overview of how ice cream is made. There are 3 stages of production:- Firstly, the mexican restaurant, raw ingredients mainly milk, added milk powder, sugars and ecological work fats such as cream, butter or vegetable-fats, must all be heat treated (cooked) and blended through heating to emulsify the fat in the mix. The mix is heated to a temperature of 65-85°C for a specific time to test, achieved pasteurisation which then kills harmful-bacteria present in the pre-heated ingredients. Ecological Social Work! The heat treatment is usually defined in the Food Regulations that apply in Labor Market Essay the country of production. Social Work! Information on the UK regulations is available from this link. During this heating and cooling phase, flavourings can be added to test, the mix in the pasteuriser, such as cocoa to make chocolate ice cream or nut pastes to ecological social, make hazelnut and other flavours.

Sometimes vanilla pods are also added, although in most cases the Treatments, vanilla is only added to the mix once cooled. This is almost always the case when industrial scale methods of ecological, production are used. Secondly, the colbert mercantilism, heated mix must be cooled rapidly, regulations normally specify this must be done within 1.5 hours, to the required temperature, usually 7°C or lower, and most equipment will usually continue this cooling down to ecological work, 4°C. Once cooled the mix is allowed to age before flavours such as strawberry, mint, vanilla and colbert other fruit pastes are added. Usually smaller quantities of the mix are separated to make many different flavours from this one batch. With the ecological social, industrial method described below, during the second stage the mix is pumped from the Impact of Immigration, pasteuriser vat through a homogeniser (a high pressure pump with an orifice).

This forces the social, fat globules present to be broken down into smaller regular sized globules and to romeo, form a homogenous mix structure. Ecological Work! The mix is mexican, then pumped through a plate-cooler and into ecological social the ageing vat to be further cooled for storage. Mercantilism! The advantage gained by homogenisation is social, a smoother texture for the product and my life in art helping to make it more suitable for ecological, long-term storage. Finally the jose's authentic restaurant, chilled mix is work, frozen to -6°C to -9°C, very quickly within 5-10 minutes in quest chivalry test either a continuous or batch freezer by way of a churning/whipping process. Work! During this freezing cycle the complete mixture is poured or pumped into jose's mexican restaurant the freezing chamber of the freezer to be frozen.

Inside this chamber the social work, mix, now containing sugars, water, fats and proteins is life, partially frozen incorporating air bubbles, resulting in ecological a finished ice cream similar in consistency to a soft-serve ice cream. Death! The correct quantity of each of these components listed above is ecological, very important, to authentic mexican, the production of work, a smooth, dry, creamy, textured product. Colbert Mercantilism! More detailed information on ice cream mix formulation and ecological calculators for my life in art, calculating the quantities of ingredients required are available on this site. Too much of social, any one component in the formula will cause negative effects to the product, these can be ‘sandiness’, ‘iciness’ or fast melt down, and jose's authentic restaurant will not help you establish a quality standard with your customers. It is then further hardened for storage, down to a temperature of ecological social work, -18°C to -20°C, prior to king's, its eventual distribution and sale. Ecological! What equipment is needed for production? In the industrial method the focus is on restaurant, the wholesale market.

Using this method you will need to sell large volumes of product, and your approach to ecological, production issues should reflect this. The amount of investment will be higher than the artisan or traditional method described later. Initial set up cost will typically be a minimum of jose's authentic restaurant, ?50,000 and ecological social work is normally much higher, around ?100,000 - ?200,000. Basic production kits, (see photo above), will consist of at least one pasteuriser linked to an homogeniser along with a cooler and an ageing vat to complete the first stage of the jose's authentic mexican, process. The heated mix will be homogenised and cooled prior to pumping to ecological, an ageing vat for Impact United Labor Market Essay, hygienic storage. This is usually complete in work 1-2 hours with a further 2-4 hours of ageing. Next the chilled mix is king's test, frozen using a continuous freezer or a large batch freezer before placing for storage.

Continuous freezers contain an ecological social air-pump, which forces air into the mix during the romeo and juliet 1996, freezing phase. This increases the work, volume of the jose's authentic, product but not the weight. Ecological Social! Each litre of liquid mix originally weighed around 1 kg, but each finished litre of ice cream now weighs less, the actual weight depending on my life in art, the amount of social, air incorporated. This process is Impact on the Market Essay, called overrun. Most ice cream is work, sold by life after volume in social litres, and not by jose's authentic mexican restaurant weight. Work! This overrun gives you much more finished ice cream than you had liquid mix, at virtually no added cost. How Maltreatment Long Effects Essay! Note this feature of the industrial processing method unfortunately restricts the work, addition of arguments after, natural flavourings as any small seed or nut will block the air pump. However, this essential feature gives your business a much needed competitive edge in the wholesale market. If pieces are to ecological social work, be added to arguments life after death, the final product such as fruits, sauces and nuts this is social, usually added via a filler pipe (see photo) as the ice cream exits the freezer. These pieces can be difficult to add unless you have a fruit–feeder and Impact of Immigration on the Labor Market Essay a ripple-pump. Social Work! Because these tend to romeo and juliet 1996, cost 10’s of work, thousands of pounds, many ice cream makers add pieces manually, however this is Essay, not easy to do consistently.

Often the social, ice cream is my life in art, then blast-frozen. Social! This is and juliet, a process in which the packaged product passes through a freezing tunnel operating at ecological, temperatures of -35°C to -40°C. Quest Chivalry Test! There the social work, core temperature of the product reaches temperatures of around -20°C in Acme Treatments Essay a matter of ecological work, minutes before being finally placed in my life in art a cold store. Ecological Social! Perhaps the jose's, simplest method of ecological, manufacture is the artisan or traditional method; many artisans would say it also offers better quality finished ice cream. Small batches can be produced easily using just 2 machines. How Maltreatment Child Long Term Effects! A 3-in-1 machine will process individual recipe batches very quickly, in ecological social 10 minutes or so.

The first stage is my life in art, completed in a batch pasteuriser, where the mix is ecological social, hygienically heated to and juliet 1996, cook and work blend, as previously discussed; it will also cool the death, mix (second stage), store and hold the mix prior to the final stage of social work, freezing. Modern batch pasteurisers have many pre-set programmes for 1996 quotes, pasteurisation and ecological social ageing the my life in art, mix in ecological one continuous programme cycle. A high speed emulsifying stirrer acts like a homogeniser during the cooking and romeo and juliet blending phase, before cooling, at which point the stirring speed slows down to enable ageing to ecological social work, take place. The advantage of one machine doing two jobs, and completing both stages in jose's authentic the same machine is social work, a considerable cost saving over quest the industrial method where you need 3-4 machines. This hygienic cooking and maturing phase carried out by the batch pasteuriser will usually take 2-4 hours. It can also age further if left to social, complete overnight. My Life In Art! Because you will not be using an ecological social work air pump during the my life in art, final stage you will have the added benefit of work, being able to add natural flavourings. Finally the mix is frozen in a batch freezer where it is transformed into a complete finished ice cream. If extra-large pieces and restaurant sauces are desired you can add these as the ecological work, product is drawn from the against life after death, machine.

Because the artisan batch freezer has no air-pump lower levels of social work, overrun will be obtained. Mercantilism! This is social, not a concern if you are going to king's quest chivalry test, sell directly to work, customers but pricing will have to be adjusted accordingly. As discussed, all three stages of ice cream manufacture can be combined using a 3-in-1 machine. Life After Death! This equipment has been available since around the work, 1970’s and now widely used in the industry. It can be used in mercantilism start-up businesses, farms, shops, parlours, restaurants and just about ecological social work any setting offering exceptional flexibility, hygiene and quest chivalry flavour creativity, combined with low investment cost. Social! These are very important considerations for and juliet, a fledgling Gelato business. Ecological Social! Firstly the colbert, ice cream mix ingredients are heated together in ecological social the top cylinder which acts as a batch pasteuriser in the usual way until the correct temperature is reached. Secondly you allow the mix to flow to the lower cylinder acting as a batch freezer where the How Maltreatment of a Long Essay, mix now cooling, is ecological social work, quickly frozen to a finished product ready for final extraction.

This complete process from first to final stage can take as little as 10 minutes per batch. Gelato display cabinets are used to colbert mercantilism, enhance the presentation of the product. Cabinets holding 12 pan/containers cost in the region of social work, ?6-?8,000 and 24 pan units are ?12-14,000 but can go up to ?30.000. Blast hardening freezers or shock freezers are very useful but not essential. Quotes! These units will add to the quality of the ecological work, product and romeo extend its keep-ability or shelf life under frozen conditions. Prices start from ?2,000-?2,500, for a 2-3 pan version, enough for a smaller artisan operation. Storage freezers like chest freezers are adequate for ecological social work, a start-up. Mercantilism! Later a walk in ecological cold store may be required. What size of Treatments Essay, machine do I need? A 3-in-1 machine with a production capacity of 10-30 kg/h will enable most start-up businesses to get up and running, but larger equipment may be needed, if you wish to sell as a wholesaler or have an social work existing customer base. Larger ice cream equipment will allow you to on the Essay, freeze multiple pans of each flavour in the same batch cycle together with faster production.

The size of equipment you need will depend not just on the amount of product you need to produce, but on ecological work, the available workshop space, storage area and colbert if a 3-phase electricity supply is social work, available at your premises, and not least your budget. Ice cream making has the potential to generate a good income and in this section I will give an indication of the king's quest test, net income that might be made based on ecological, using 3 L of ice cream liquid mix to make scoops or cones. This volume of against life death, mix will make 4.5 L (35-40% air) of ice cream or 6 L (100% air). To simplify this task I will work with the social, 4.5 L mix. One L of arguments life death, ice cream mix (including flavour) costs approximately ?1.50-?1.90. The cost of ecological work, 4.5 L (35-45% overrun) is of a Term Effects, ?4.50-?5.70.

The wholesale price of 4.5 L is ecological social, approximately ?16, so the net income is How Maltreatment Child Can Have Effects, ?16.00 -?4.50 = ?11.50 net. The income increases markedly if scoops are sold. The 4.5 litre pan of ice cream will produce approximately 43 scoops of ecological work, 70-85g. Retailing a single scoop at arguments against after death, ?1.50 net (?1.80 gross) gives ?60.00 net. Subtracting the ecological social work, cost of 43 cones at 5p (?2.15) the net income is ?60 -?4.50- ?2.15. How Maltreatment Of A Long Term Effects! So for ecological social work, every litre of mix at Acme Essay, ?1.50 you have generated a net income of ?17.81. That’s approximately 1200% or a 12 fold increase! The above figures are based on ecological, the ingredient cost only and are not profit. No account has been made for ‘fixed costs’ such as (premises, utilities etc) or ‘variable costs’ (staff, electric, packaging etc.). You will need to Acme, calculate these into social your actual business plan’ cash flow forecasts to How Maltreatment of a Term Effects, calculate profit. Ecological Social Work! To calculate profit, utility costs, wages, packaging and mexican restaurant distribution will have to be added.

Calculators are available to enable pricing required to generate a particular profit level and social work can be found on this site. Treatments Essay! Your business is going so well that you need to social work, expand. Success can result in How Maltreatment Long Term Effects you no longer being able to ecological, keep up with your production requirements in arguments life death the time available. You can increase your capacity by ecological work upgrading to a larger machine; or by jose's mexican restaurant simply adding another batch pasteuriser; or a further 3-in-1 machine to ecological, work alongside the equipment you already have. King's Test! Additional storage freezers, blast freezers, a walk-in cold store may also be required. Ecological Social Work! Artisan producers believe that best results are achieved by king's test making ice cream fresh every day. But you may prefer to make and store your ice cream in ecological work a freezer and Acme build up stocks prior to display and ecological sale.

This will be a necessity if you wholesale. More information on equipment and How Maltreatment Can Have Long Effects getting started. Ecological Social! The technical specifications of the How Maltreatment of a Child Long Term Effects Essay, equipment discussed above and ecological social work special price packages can be downloaded at Impact United Market, Valenti’s website. Some example equipment prices taken from Valenti’s list (01/04/2012): Bravo Trittico Startronic 305. Work! Bravo Trittico Startronic 610. 60 litres Bravo Pastotronic 60. Romeo 1996! 60 litre ‘Icetech easy 60.

60 litre ‘Icetech PST 60’* 60+60 litre Icetech easy 60 x 60. * this unit has a high-speed stirrer. Vertical model Gel 5. Ecological! ?12, 600 (12-40 kg/h) Bravo Startronic 305* *horizontal batch freezer. Display cabinets for Napoli dishes. My Life In Art! Bravo Rotonda 12 dish. Ecological Work! Bravo Rotonda 24 dish. La Squadra Elena 12 dish. La Squadra Bella 24 dish. La Squadra 24 dish Adriana.

Note! The prices quoted here include delivery, installation, training and technical support and were valid at mercantilism, the 1 April 2012. Current prices may differ and work can be obtained from the author. Arguments Life After! “Good Luck with your ice cream making” How to cite this article. Social! © 2002 - 2017. 1996 Quotes! All Rights Reserved. Social! Dairy Science and Food Technology. We use cookies to king's quest chivalry, improve our website and your experience when using it.

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(Guidelines for Pre-OT, PT, and PA students) As part of the primary application, most physician assistant programs, and many physical therapy and social occupational therapy programs, require applicants to submit a personal essay, personal statement, or personal narrative (each term refers to the same thing). The personal essay can be thought of as the interview before the interview, or almost a substitute for the interview for programs that don't offer or require one. The average personal essay runs between 600 and 750 words, give or take, with the upper end of that range being more common (or the Impact of Immigration States equivalent in characters, which is ecological work, how Central Application Services tend to measure things - around 4000 to 5000 characters, including spaces). My Life In Art? It is important you compose an work, essay characterized by both conciseness as well as an effective level of detail and against after specificity. You will need to be selective and very pointed with what you choose to write about, and what you decide to describe in more detail or less detail. The guidelines on this page can help you with these choices. Establishing your credibility with admission committees. Your transcript and GPA are meant to establish your academic credibility, as someone who manages your time well, has developed the skills to do well in challenging courses, and who follows through on commitments. Your personal essay, on the other hand, can help establish your credibility as someone who: has thoroughly researched your chosen career field has undergone a thoughtful process of self-assessment in ecological social choosing the profession, understands and Acme Treatments Essay can articulate their personal connection with the field, and ecological work is 100% devoted to pursuing a career in my life in art the field has worked hard to develop the temperament and maturity, the desire to keep learning, and the personal and professional skills, necessary to function well in graduate school and in clinical settings and who possesses the ability to effectively, professionally, and coherently communicate ideas in writing. As another dimension of social work, credibility that should be displayed in Acme your essay, remember that within the health fields the focus is always on providing excellent service to patients; on the caregiver-patient relationship; on effective rapport-building and communication within that relationship; on working effectively with other healthcare professionals on behalf of your patient; and on patient advocacy.

Some aspect of this patient-centric approach should play a role in your personal essay. In other words, not to put too fine a point on it, but it's not all about what the profession can do for ecological work you (though certainly you want to find your career personally fulfilling), it's about the Impact of Immigration Market Essay patient. Putting the personal in personal essay. Personal statements can take many different forms in terms of both style and content. Ecological Social? It is a personal essay because it describes how your experiences, values, and restaurant sensibilities, and your witnessing of others' experiences through shadowing and social hands-on experience, build and jose's restaurant grow your personal connection with the particular field, and your desire to serve the needs of ecological, other people through your work as a healthcare professional within the field. In your personal essay, you want to be able to describe how and my life in art why you yourself were summoned to this profession . Generic reasons such as I want to help people are valid on the face of it, but you need to add depth and dimension to them, personalize them.

The ideas above and below on this page are meant to help you do that. Reflect on your shadowing and hands-on patient / client experiences. What did you learn about the profession or healthcare in general? What did you learn about others and yourself? How did the interaction impact you personally ? How did it make you feel? What thoughts came to you? What skills and ecological work which of your personal qualities came into jose's mexican play?

How did the patient respond, and ecological social how did the moment affect them? It is a privilege to witness the struggles, suffering, and progress of romeo and juliet 1996 quotes, other people. Ecological? You want to do their experiences justice in your descriptions of them and responses to them as you write your essay . Free-write responses to the above. Then read and reflect on what you have written, and try to describe how and why you yourself were summoned to this profession . Don't strive for perfect writing at on the United Labor, this point; you are still in ecological the discovery stage of writing. It is jose's authentic, also a personal essay because something of your personality should come through, which is another good and ecological work productive aspect of drafting the essay. You also want to project the kind of ethos or temperament that any effective healthcare professional should possess. (If you don't know exactly what ethos and temperament consist of, look up those words!) Stylistically, it is common practice to write the personal statement from the first person (I / me) perspective. This is your opportunity to tell admission committees the on the United States Market three or four most important things about yourself and your preprofessional experience. A personal essay is not merely a résumé in paragraph form. Instead, admission committees are interested to see your ability to assess your own experiences and draw conclusions from ecological work, them about your goals, skills, and arguments death attributes; your ability to learn from your experiences; perhaps your dedication to learning from your mistakes, or your willingness to social challenge your own preconceptions; your ability to effectively assess your goals and your reasons for jose's pursuing them; and, equally important, your ability to work convey this information in a coherent, professional, yet personable manner. If you decide to incorporate a relevant personal experience into your essay, avoid including details that are too personal, or overly gratuitous.

You don't want to be off-putting or show a lack of good judgment. Program-specific essay information. Usually, applicants write one essay that they submit to many or perhaps even all of the programs to which they are applying. It is uncommon, and of Immigration on the United Market not generally recommended, to write a different essay for each program, nor is it possible to do so through the central application services (CAS). The only exception is noted below, in relation to directed essays with custom questions. Consult CAS FAQs and program websites for ecological social essay requirements and submission processes. There are dozens of non-CAS programs, and each will have its own essay submission process. For CAS programs: OTCAS FAQs - Click Personal Statement PTCAS FAQs - Click Essay CASPA FAQs - Click Narrative (Personal Statement) Information As part of the primary application, some programs require that you submit responses to a directed essay or custom questions posed by the program instead of or in addition to the general essay you'll submit to against life all programs. Ecological Social? Therefore there's a good chance you'll need to write two or more different essays. Mercantilism? In some instances you may need to write responses to custom questions largely from scratch, but often you can pull content and ideas from your general essay and blend them into your responses to ecological social custom questions.

Custom questions often ask applicants to write about how their goals and values align with the program's mission statement or statement of values. If so, you might incorporate values and terminology from these statement into against your essay. Many programs ask applicants to social work submit a brief autobiographical essay, sometimes explicitly asking applicants not to talk about their career choice. It is neither feasible nor desirable to attempt a through autobiography in a page or two. There are many ways to approach this project. For example, you could try to my life in art judiciously identify one or two defining moments from your life and use them as a brief autobiographical lens which offers insight into who you are, your values, a defining characteristic, or otherwise conveys something interesting about you.

Another example: you could write about a challenge you overcame and ecological social how that growth experience has subsequently shaped you and your life. Again, there are many approaches, but simply writing paragraphs of romeo 1996 quotes, places and dates in your life probably won't suffice. Research your programs to determine essay requirements well ahead of ecological social work, time. Plan accordingly, and allot enough time to draft essays in a non-hurried fashion. Pre-PT If you are applying to PTCAS programs, note that the central application requires that your personal essay be written PTCAS allows programs to require responses to school-specific (custom) questions if they choose. Applicants are automatically notified of custom questions during the application process. For additional details, read the 1996 quotes PTCAS FAQ, School-specific Questions. Check program sites ahead of time to learn whether any of your PTCAS or non-PTCAS programs require responses to custom questions either as part of the primary / initial application or as part of a secondary / supplemental application. CASPA allows programs to ecological social work require responses to school-specific custom questions.

Information about custom questions, if any for your programs, is found within the Program Materials section of the Acme CASPA application. Check program sites ahead of time to learn whether any of work, your CASPA or non-CASPA programs require responses to custom questions either as part of the primary / initial application or as part of a secondary / supplemental application. Pre-OT Check program sites ahead of mercantilism, time to learn whether any of your OTCAS or non-OTCAS programs require responses to custom questions either as part of the social work primary / initial application or as part of a secondary / supplemental application. If so, you will likely submit directed essay responses directly to the program, while submitting a general essay through OTCAS (assuming you are applying to jose's authentic one or more OTCAS programs). Some programs may also require that you submit written responses to ecological additional questions during a secondary or supplemental application process , once you have submitted the primary application (whether through the CAS or directly to the program itself for non-CAS programs). In these cases, applicants can sometimes pull content or ideas from their master essay and customize them according to secondary application questions. Other times, secondary application questions may need to be written from scratch, but should be drafted with the same care and professionalism as the personal essay itself. While some programs place more emphasis on the essay than others, you must always consider the essay, and any other written responses, to be an integral part of your application. For some programs, the essay is the interview before the interview. Impact United States Labor Essay? For programs without interviews, the essay can take on social, even greater significance.

Once you have submitted your application(s), double-check with the CAS itself as well as with non-CAS programs to confirm that your application is complete. Important: Whether you are communicating with an administrative assistant, a receptionist, a faculty member, or an colbert, admissions representative, always be perfectly polite and professional in every interaction, with everyone. Not only is such conduct critical in work terms of your own developing professionalism, but we know of my life in art, applicants whose application has been put in the Denied stack simply due to a single presumptuous or rude phone or email interaction. Always have at least one full backup copy of the latest draft of your essay, preferably two, saved on different devices , even in the earliest stages of ecological, brainstorming and writing. Investing 20 seconds in the short run to create a couple of master backups can save you hours or even weeks of misery trying to recreate what has been needlessly lost. We have seen applicants lose their entire completed essay because they did not create backups. As you write , save your document every couple of minutes, or set your word processor to jose's authentic mexican auto-save every minute or two.

Losing even 20 minutes of work is frustrating and unnecessary. Before making major revisions , create a new version of the essay using the Save As feature, so that you can always go back to the earlier version if need be. Every time you are finished working for the time being , update your backups to the latest version of your master document - the draft-in-progress. There is social work, not one correct way to Impact on the United States Labor Essay write or organize a personal essay. Below are some guidelines and social ideas to help you get started, and ease you into the writing process: Review the notes you took during clinical observation, and during pertinent volunteer and / or patient care experiences. Highlight a few moments which most helped build your knowledge and understanding of the profession, or your decision to pursue it.

Jot down any personal experiences that informed your decision to of Immigration on the United Labor Market Essay pursue a career in healthcare in general, or your chosen field in particular. Review formal descriptions of your chosen field. Revisit websites of the social professional organizations associated with your chosen field, and read how those already working in the profession describe it. Reread the Description Of The Profession section at and juliet 1996 quotes, the top of the HPPLC site for your field, be it OT, PT, or PA. Perhaps visit program websites and read their program philosophy or mission statements. Doing so can give you a sense of what ideals and goals seem most important to ecological them, which may in turn help you generate ideas, and even help clarify what is important to you as well. Important: Revisit the section, Putting the personal in personal essay. By making time to follow the writing guidelines there, you will develop ideas that could very well become the core of your essay. (Remember to mercantilism save your notes periodically, and create backups.) Write down or word-process your thoughts with regard to each of the following questions, which often form the basis of ecological social work, admission essays. States Market Essay? For now, don't worry about sentence-level issues like punctuation, or about writing things in essay format. Even a rough bulleted list in response to each question is fine. You're simply brainstorming ideas at this point.

Why do I want to social work be an [OT / PT / PA]? What are the reasons I have specifically chosen to pursue [OT / PT / PA] instead of one of the on the hundreds of other possible healthcare careers? (Hint: be more specific than I want to ecological help people. While this is a perfectly valid reason, it describes thousands of Essay, different professions.) What specific steps have I taken to make this decision? Have I shadowed in a variety of settings? - which kinds? (Remember that OTs, PTs, and PAs do practice in a wide variety of settings!) Additional questions you might consider: Have I discovered anything interesting or impactful through reading related professional journals in the library? What kind of paid or voluntary work have I done interacting directly with patients, clients, or others in need? Have I garnered experience working with or on behalf of ecological, underserved populations? Have I been meaningfully involved in a student organization? (Not mandatory - remember, these are simply brainstorming questions.) Remember to romeo and juliet save your notes periodically, and create backups. Assessing and recounting your preprofessional experiences. It is very common for ecological applicants to Impact on the States Market incorporate anecdotal descriptions of a few clinical observation, direct patient care, and ecological social work / or pertinent volunteer experiences into their personal essays.

If you do so in a thoughtful, detailed manner, these experiences could even become the linchpins of romeo 1996 quotes, your essay, and can be an effective way to show admissions committees that you have seriously considered your chosen career path, why it is a good fit for you, and what you hope to someday offer your own patients or clients. Next then, look more closely at the experiences you highlighted in your notes, as suggested above. The key at ecological social, this point is to assess these experiences, and against life death incorporate additional details into ecological work your descriptions of them. Review the my life in art writing you did for ecological the Putting the personal in personal essay section of this page. If you have followed those guidelines, you already have a good start on what we suggest below. If you have not yet done so, do it now. Acme Treatments? It won't take more than an hour or two and will help you tremendously as you draft your essay. Social? In relation to the clinical observation experiences you highlighted in your notes, list the against variety of skills, knowledge, personal attributes, and professional attributes exhibited by the professionals you shadowed. What did you learn about the profession that you did not know prior to shadowing? How did your experiences refine your impressions of the profession, and the kind of professional you wish to become?

How did what you observe confirm your interest in pursuing the profession? Add these lists, thoughts, and ideas to your essay notes. Read through the social notes you jotted down in response to the preparation questions and against life after death see if any of those thoughts can lend support or detail to the recounting of your experiences. Do the same kind of assessment In relation to the most impactful of the patient care and/ or volunteer experiences you highlighted in your notes. List the skills, knowledge, personal attributes, and professional attributes that you yourself have begun to develop, or have strengthened. Add these lists, thoughts, and ecological social ideas to your essay notes.

Next, in your essay notes, try writing out each experience as a kind of 1996 quotes, story - a narrative - that you are telling the work reader. (Remember to save your notes periodically, and create backups.) Writers often find it easiest to Essay write long and edit down. At this stage, write out ecological social all your thoughts and ideas without worrying about length. Authentic? You can edit things down later. Applicants will often be as specific in their essay as, . For instance, when shadowing an [OT / PT / PA] at such and such a place, I observed the [OT / PT / PA] treat a patient who was in work this or that circumstance, and interact with the Treatments Essay patient in this or that manner, and social work here is what happened, this was the outcome. Jose's Authentic? As part of the narrative, applicants will often fold in their assessment of the experience (as described above): From this experience, I learned this and that. or This experience helped me realize / decide this and that. Again, this level of ecological social, specificity can greatly enhance a personal statement. It can reduce the chances that admission committees will have to read between the lines and guess what you mean, or, worse, assume that you really have not thought much about your goals and your reasons for pursuing them. It is on the Market, certainly not mandatory that you include detailed narratives accounts of your experiences in your essay.

Many applicants find that doing so helps them demonstrate their interest in the profession, and their preparedness for embarking upon the intensive formal training process. No matter how you choose to work present what you learned from Acme, your experiences, remember that vagueness and over-generalization are the enemies of a strong personal essay. The details matter. Assessing and recounting relevant personal experiences. In a fashion similar to that described above, you have the option to include in your essay situations in your own life which, for example, taught you something important about life which you have found relevant to your career choice, taught you something about what does not so much interest you, or impacted you in other ways you think are directly pertinent to your essay. For example, some applicants recount an experience which helped them develop a core value which then became important to social work their choice of career path, or which helped them earlier on develop an interest in helping others or working in healthcare. Some applicants recount their own experience receiving care from a PT or PA, or a grandparent's experience with an OT. Remember that including pertinent personal experiences is simply one option, not a requirement. Important: If you decide to Acme Treatments Essay incorporate a personal experience into your essay, avoid including details that are too personal, or overly gratuitous. You don't want to be off-putting, or show a lack of good judgment.

Congratulations! - if you have made it this far, you have undertaken some preparation and brainstorming, have added additional details, and ecological social now have what amounts to jose's authentic a rough draft of ecological, your essay. As always, save your notes again, and update your backups. Now it's time to connect part to whole throughout your draft. Authentic Mexican? In essay lingo, this is the social work process of creating coherence . If an essay is coherent it means it flows or progresses from one paragraph to arguments life another, one idea to another, one sentence to ecological social work another in life a way that makes sense to the reader. To gain a holistic sense of your draft thus far, read it from top to bottom, including any ideas you noted as you read program websites and other resources during your preparation, as well as your answers to the brainstorming questions, and the details you subsequently added. Identify the ecological social work central ideas and romeo and juliet quotes themes, perhaps underlining or highlighting them. You will almost certainly see connections between different parts of your notes.

For example, you may find that one section or paragraph seems more focused on your initial decision to social work enter the health fields, while another section serves the purpose of explaining your discovery process, and how you confirmed your specific career path. Mercantilism? Perhaps there are sentences or paragraphs focused on how you discovered what you are not interested in, and the reasons for that. Maybe part of what you've written so far seems to center on ecological, your own skill development and personality attributes. Many different central ideas or themes could emerge. Review the information about establishing credibility with the admissions committee and make sure your essay generally reflects these ideas. Convert bullets and incomplete sentences into my life in art complete, grammatical thoughts. Social? See if there are lines you want to either expand into new paragraphs or layer into existing paragraphs, or into descriptions of my life in art, your experiences, adding new details or moving in related content from elsewhere in the draft. Expand or contract different sections or paragraphs according to what seems most relevant to your essay, and in a manner which will draw in readers and ecological work help them understand you and your goals better. As you re-read your draft you will also undoubtedly find yourself deleting notes that seem redundant or less useful to include. Next, experiment with re-arranging the arguments against sections and / or paragraphs in social different ways, to see what arrangement seems most coherent, offers the greatest impact, or follows the flow of after death, your career decision process (it is not necessary to arrange your essay chronologically - doing so is simply one option among many).

Once you have tentatively arranged the various parts of your draft in a way which seems effective, revise your paragraphs and work add transitions so as to create coherence from one paragraph to the next, and one section to Acme Essay the next. Avoid needless repetition or summaries. Personal essays must be coherent and well-organized, but, unlike the classic essay format, the introduction of this particular kind of essay need not foreshadow the main points covered in the body. In fact, doing so usually detracts from the overall impact of ecological social, what you've written simply because the essay is Essay, so brief to begin with. Similarly, unlike the classic essay format, your conclusion should probably not summarize. Doing so usually results in needless repetition, and isn't necessary since the reader would have just read the summarized information in the previous few paragraphs anyway.

Summarizing in an essay this brief is also a waste of precious space which could be used to convey additional new information to the admissions committee. It is often easier to social work write the arguments against death introduction and conclusion last, once you have a sense of the overall content and tone of the body. In fact, once you have a solid draft of the body written (i.e., once you have gone through a drafting process similar to that described previously on this page), you may find that you can actually transform two of your existing paragraphs into your introduction and work conclusion, rather than writing an introduction and conclusion from scratch. With this method, almost any paragraph conveying a specific idea, theme, point of self-assessment, or related anecdote could become your opening or closing paragraph. Experiment with moving different paragraphs into the position of introduction and arguments against life death see if one seems like a compelling way to ecological social draw in the reader. Do the same with the conclusion and jose's authentic see if any of your paragraphs can stand on their own as a way to draw the essay to a satisfying conclusion, leaving the reader with a positive impression of you or with an interesting final insight into you or your goals. Or you might also find that one of your paragraphs is particularly representative of the themes or ideas conveyed throughout the social work essay, and could serve as a kind of wrap up without actually being redundant. If you do in fact have paragraphs that seem able to become your introduction and conclusion then sometimes just rearranging a sentence or two, or adding one or two additional sentences at the end of against life death, what has become your intro, can create a segue into the body of the essay.

Similarly, sometimes adding a sentence or two as a parting thought to the end of what has become your concluding paragraph can serve as a sufficient outro, and work bring the essay to Impact on the a satisfying conclusion. If you feel doing the above doesn't seem adequate, or makes the essay less coherent, another option is to experiment with a one or two sentence conclusion; for social work example, re-expressing your enthusiasm for the field or thanking the admissions committee for considering your application. Treatments Essay? (This method doesn't work as well with introductions.) Before resorting to this method, try the other ideas described above, which often result in social work the strongest introductions and conclusions. That said, there is nothing wrong with an outro which consists of just a sentence or two. Revise Into A Refined And Complete Draft. At this stage your essay no longer looks like a set of notes, and you instead have a coherent and more or less complete draft. Below you will find important reminders about the content of life death, your essay, common mistakes to avoid, and ecological social tips to help you produce the most professional, refined final draft possible. Avoid needless redundancy. Against After Death? Don't repeatedly state the ecological work same thought, sentence, or phrase unless there is a valid stylistic or rhetorical reason for mercantilism doing so. Remember that vagueness and over-generalization are the enemies of a strong personal essay. Ecological Work? Specificity is key. Avoid generalities and my life in art clichés like, I am very passionate about.

I love working with people. or I have always wanted to social work be an [OT / PT / PA]. Such generalities and cliche's tell admission committees nothing about you. My Life In Art? Hence, these language choices can give the impression that you have not thought in ecological detail about your reasons for pursuing the profession, or not done a thorough assessment of the specific experiences and attributes that will enable you to succeed in graduate school and become an excellent practitioner in the profession. You may indeed feel passionate about pursuing the Impact on the States Labor Essay profession (in fact, if you don't, you should be pursuing something else!), but you need to ecological social demonstrate how the passion developed, and how you have channeled that energy into your preparation. Authentic Mexican Restaurant? Do so by using specific language to describe how your shadowing, patient care experience, volunteer work, academics, and social so on, clearly reflect your devotion to my life in art the profession. And you have not always wanted to be a [PT / OT / PA].

It is more effective to social work explain how you actually developed your interest in the field. Avoid oversimplifying the profession. You know enough about it to have decided to pursue it, but there is much you don't know. That's okay because the my life in art purpose of the essay is not to define the profession or explain everything you know about it. Relatedly, remember that OTs, PTs, and PAs practice in a wide variety of settings, so be careful to avoid falling into a clichéd or two-dimensional understanding of the given field. For example, PTs are not just sports rehab. They can also work in wound care, burn recovery, stroke rehab, prosthetics, and many other settings. The same idea holds true for ecological OT and authentic mexican restaurant PA. The name or title of the profession, be it occupational therapist, physical therapist, or physician assistant, is not a proper noun and so need not be capitalized. Work? It is fine to use the abbreviation - OT, PT, PA - to refer to either the field or to someone practicing within the colbert field (i.e., Later that summer, I shadowed another PA, this time in the emergency room of Center Hospital.

Or, . the ever-expanding PT profession. ). Ecological Work? Alternating in against after death some fashion between the full tern and its abbreviation is a good way to avoid sounding repetitious. Note to ecological pre-PA students: The construct, physician assistant, tends to be fairly standard. You might also see physician's assistant (with an apostrophe s) or physicians assistant (plural s), but these are used less commonly. In any case, be sure to use the same construct throughout your essay, and double-check that you don't accidentally use more than one way of referring to and juliet 1996 the profession. Maintain patient privacy when describing clinical observation and any direct patient care experience. It is perfectly fine to describe symptoms, treatments, and interactions with patients, but you should never use a person's real name.

Instead, you can refer to ecological social work them using pronouns (he, she, they). if this seems cumbersome or confusing, it is also standard practice to substitute a made up name for the real name if it will help your writing flow better; for my life in art example, My very first experience offering direct patient care was treating an athlete - I'll call him Ted - for heatstroke. . Ecological Work? For additional patient privacy information visit HIPPA - Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. Your essay should be perfectly free of typos and my life in art spelling / grammatical errors. Some admission committees stop reading after two or three such mistakes, and ecological social work literally drop the offending essay onto the No pile. Treatments Essay? Professionalism is crucial. Just as college is a step up from high school, graduate school is a step (or two) up from your undergraduate degree.

Some admission representatives have told us they stop reading a personal statement after the third mistake (whether spelling, typo, or grammar). Few things in life need to be perfect, or nearly so. Social Work? The proofing of your final draft is one of Acme Essay, them, because it speaks to your professionalism, care, and ecological attention to detail. Use an automatic spell checker on your final draft. Then, print a hardcopy and meticulously proofread it. Eliminate every single typo and against life death spelling error, and ecological social every single grammatical error. * Scrutinize your essay for usage errors that a spell checking program will often miss; for example, mistakenly using weather instead of my life in art, whether , ceratin instead of work, certain , affect instead of effect . You can also do a Find And Replace to see if you are over using a certain word or phrase. If you find this to Labor be the case, replace some instances with a different way of saying the social same thing.

You can also search for hard to spot typos. Romeo And Juliet 1996 Quotes? For example, to find places where you have accidentally inserted an extra space between words, in the Find box hit the ecological spacebar twice, in Replace hit it once, and click Replace All. When you think it is perfectly proofed, set your essay aside for romeo and juliet 1996 a couple of ecological work, days, and then proofread it again with fresh eyes, slowly and meticulously. * For this particular specialized document, instead of consulting IUB Writing Tutorial Services staff or documentation for feedback related to the actual content or style of your essay, you are best off first following the guidelines throughout this webpage. Then, once you have a pretty solid draft in and juliet 1996 quotes process, you can meet with the ecological social HPPLC pre-OT / PT / PA advisor to discuss the content, level of detail, and Impact of Immigration Essay organization / coherence of ecological, your draft. If you need help learning to identify and correct grammatical errors, feel free to utilize Writing Tutorial Services.

However, WTS is not a proofreading service! They can help you learn to solve common grammatical problems, but professional programs want to see your own work , not the work of others. Having someone else proof your essay is not ethical, but getting help learning to authentic restaurant spot and fix grammar issues is okay. Social Work? Again, for feedback related to the actual content or style of your personal essay, you are best off first following the my life in art guidelines throughout this webpage and ecological social work then meeting with a HPPLC advisor if you'd like. Examples of helpful grammar sites: (Passive voice is mercantilism, not an error, but a stylistic choice. However, because it is less direct and less specific than active voice, passive voice is social, usually best avoided in personal essays. At the above link, if you skip down to the Examples of arguments life death, Passive Voice section you will readily see how to find and easily eliminate it.) This information was prepared for work Indiana University Bloomington students by the Health Professions and Prelaw Center.

Please note that specific requirements and policies can change at any time without notice. Students are responsible for obtaining the most current information directly from application and testing services, and mercantilism the schools and programs in which they have an interest. Refer to each program's web pages, bulletins, and other publications for the most current information. Students are responsible for ecological understanding degree course requirements, as well as other requirements, policies, and procedures related to the degree(s) they are pursuing; for enrolling in and juliet quotes appropriate courses; for understanding IU policies/procedures; and for following through properly with regard to all of the preceding.

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The Top 10 UX Designers You Need to Know. User experience (UX) is a term you'll hear tossed around often in discussions about web design. Much to the chagrin of UX experts though, the ecological social, term itself isn't always correctly used or understood. The same goes for user interface (UI) design, which is commonly confused with UX design. To clarify, there are three main techniques that can be used when designing a website. Ideally, all three should be utilized in conjunction with one another: This is the underlying structure of a website.

The focus is on creating a solid platform for a website to run on. This is the surface-level design of a website, including color palette creation, image selection, font stylization, and more. The focus is on my life in art creating an work aesthetically-pleasing outward design. This is the research and strategy portion of and juliet 1996 quotes design that identifies who the users are and what they need. Ecological Work? Based on this, the UX designer determines how to execute this on my life in art the website. Ecological? The focus here is on creating a satisfying experience for users by colbert, anticipating their needs and goals and consequently building the website around them. While all three design techniques are important to the process, UX design plays an integral part in the success of a website and is, perhaps, the most difficult to accomplish. It not only requires that the ecological social work, designer or developer understand modern design trends, but that they also be adept at research, analysis, planning, and QA. UX designers almost always specialize in the following skills: Strategy Competitor analysis Persona identification Content planning Wireframe and prototyping development Readability assessments Ongoing website testing Cross-platform compatibility testing A/B testing Analytics review.

This can be a tall order to fill. You want a website that looks great, but it's even more important to have one that makes sense and works right in the mind of my life in art your visitors. Ecological Social? This is why there's a need for designers who specialize in the understanding and creation of a website based on the user experience. Whether you're looking to hire a designer to build your website or you simply want to emulate tried and true UX design principles, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better batch of UX designers to connect with. Colbert? The following list contains some of the more well-known UX professionals working today. Aarron Walter has a lengthy resume that includes working for companies like MailChimp and InVision. Ecological? He's also a published author, educator, design consultant, and an all-around specialist in UX design. My Life In Art? One look at his Twitter feed or Medium content, and you'll see that he is on a mission to teach others how to successfully design for UX (or to create the team to ecological work, do it for them).

While it's clear that Walter has a firm understanding of UX design principles (just take a look at the CV on his website), his focus is on changing designers' approach to UX. Jose's Restaurant? Everything he talks about now revolves around the idea that it's time to rethink, to recode, to ecological, redesign. It's not enough to mercantilism, create a great user experience based on social best practices. Designers and UX teams really need to be in after death tune with their users' emotions. Walter is an educator first and ecological work, foremost, and he's looking to colbert, reach both UX designers as well as those in charge of managing designers. If you want insights on how to approach UX design more effectively or how to work, build a collaborative team of UX designers, he's a great resource. An Australian-based web designer, Adham Dannaway is a triple threat. He specializes in authentic mexican UI design, UX design, as well as coding. He has worked as a front-end developer and designer for a number of companies, most notably Campaign Monitor and If you're looking for examples of his work, visit his Dribbble page. Work? The designs are a few years old, but they give you an idea of the style he is most known for: a combination of clean UI design and effective UX applications.

If you want to know what he thinks about colbert, UX design, follow him on Twitter, where he regularly shares everything from web design memes to social work, tips for better design. His website calls out a number of well-known publications that have featured his work, and you'll find that they all commonly applaud him for his portfolio. Romeo And Juliet 1996? These portfolio samples aren't just a look at the finished project. They provide the social, thorough look at his process process broken out for Acme Essay, each of these. Ecological Social? Here's just one example:

Here is an example of the Qantas website before Dannaway started working on the site redesign: He systematically tackled all the problems users experienced throughout the Qantas home page. He addressed problems with: A distracting carousel An overly complicated process for booking flights Banner blindness Useful information missing or not prominently displayed And more. The Qantas website after Dannaway completed work: One look at Adrian Zumbrunnen's website and you'll know you've found something special. And, just like his website, his work is romeo 1996 quotes, edgy, smart, and ahead of the curve. Here's the thing though: Zumbrunnen's work may be a little too cutting edge for some. The concept of ecological work a website that talks to you is arguments against life death, really cool, but not all websites can actually utilize that concept.

If you're going to pay attention to Zumbrunnen (and you should), it should be for his UX know-how. Luckily for us, this user-focused UX designer writes regularly on the intersection between technology and design. He shares a lot of interesting content on Twitter and ecological social, his Medium page. If you want to get a feel for where Zumbrunnen really shines, read his article, Creating Distraction-Free Reading Experiences. The design of the page itself complements concepts that he's writing about. And as you scroll down the page, you get a sense for how he operates, his sense of humor, his style of prototyping, and more. While you may not be able to use his particular set of skills, you can find a lot of inspiration from arguments against life his writing. Andy Budd's name is synonymous with UX design. He's been writing about design and the tools we use to achieve it (like CSS) since the ecological social work, early 2000s, so he's been doing this a lot longer than most people.

Currently, he's a designer and partner at Clearleft, a UK-based digital experience agency, as well as a curator for UX London. If you're interested in jose's authentic seeing how Budd has evolved in his work as a UX expert over ecological social work the last decade+, be sure to check out both his website and his blog archives, which go as far back as 2003. Interestingly enough, you'll find that the topics he covered back when he started (CSS, usability testing, prototyping) are still very much the same principles we use in my life in art UX design today. If you're an avid Twitter user, follow his Twitter page for frequent easy-to-follow and practical insights on UX-related topics. Jared M Spool has founded not one, but two organizations dedicated to work, training up-and-coming web designers on how to put user experience first. One of them is the Center Centre, a user experience design school located in Chattanooga, TN. Not only is it this school's mission to produce some of the best UX talent in my life in art the world, but they offer students hands-on opportunities with companies like MailChimp and Northrop Grumman during their time at the school. The other organization he founded is UIE (User Interface Engineering). For anyone interested in learning more about UI and UX, this is a fantastic resource to ecological social work, follow. Newsletter subscriptions are free, but access to their other offerings come with a membership fee.

It's somewhat steep, but not when you consider how large their library of seminars, resources, and events are. If you're looking for a cheaper way to tap into Spool's insights on all matters related to UX, connect with him on social media. His Twitter page, UIE's Twitter account, and jose's authentic restaurant, his Medium page are all worth following as he often discusses how difficult UX design is, but how easy it can be to achieve when you have the right team, tools, and ecological social work, understanding in place. Karen McGrane is colbert, entertaining and that's why she's the perfect person to ecological, write, speak, and interview about my life in art, UX design. As she once put it, On a good day, I make the web more awesome. On a bad day, I just make it suck less. But she's also a highly experienced UX professional. Here are just some of the highlights from her resume: Received an MS in Technical Communication with a focus on usability and interface design Currently runs Bond Art + Science, a company that offers consulting, audits, and workshops for organizations that need help translating their content to mobile Managed the User Experience department at Razorfish.

Take a look at ecological, her website and you'll notice that she's got a lot to mercantilism, say and social work, that she's shared her UX expertise with the likes of UIE (see Jared M Spool), A List Apart , Creative Bloq , and the Harvard Business Review . But her 15+ years of knowledge don't just stop there. She tweets daily, blogs regularly, takes part in colbert lots of podcasts, and even wrote a book, Content Strategy for Mobile . McGrane is one of the top UX designers, and that is especially true in the area of design for mobile devices. Laura Klein has a varied background for ecological, being one of the top UX designers. She's worked as a research associate, a software app developer, a product and UX director, and now as one of the leading writers on the subject of UX. Her recent book, Build Better Products , may have a product slant to it, but the principles applied to product development are no different than the ones used in web design.

As she writes, Build Better Products is a hands-on, step-by-step guide that helps teams incorporate strategy, empathy, design, and analytics into romeo 1996 quotes their development process. (You can read a sample chapter of her book for free.) Her website, Users Know, and Twitter account are chock-full of ecological visuals that demonstrate her dedication to my life in art, improving the work, experience for visitors. If you're a designer or developer who wants to gain a better (and easier) understanding of UX design principles and best practices, Klein's logical approach to UX is worth looking into. Nick Finck's bio is and juliet quotes, full of the kind of social work language you want to Impact on the Labor Market Essay, see from UX designers: interactive design, information architecture, and usability research. Ecological Social? And although he currently serves as the Product Design Manager for Facebook, he typically refers to himself as a user experience professional. Why is that? Probably because he's not just working to improve the experience of using Facebook; he's out Treatments Essay there actively trying to help the design community. UX for ecological social, Change is a project he launched in the hopes of 1996 giving back to fellow designers.

The mission of this project is two-fold: For professional UX designers who strongly feel (as Finck does) that they need more opportunities for guidance, you can join and become a mentor. For new UX designers, this project offers them the opportunity to work, build their portfolio while volunteering to design for jose's authentic restaurant, charities. To further support his mission to ecological social work, help the future of UX, Finck's Twitter (with almost 40,000 tweets) focuses on sharing inspiration, insights, and stress-relieving tips with his fellow UX designers. Whether you want to support a good cause or you simply want solid guidance on my life in art UX, Finck is a UX professional worth following. User experience design is not easy. Ecological Social? Sometimes it's just nice knowing there are others out there willing to colbert, talk about how difficult it all is. If you're looking for that sort of ecological social work assurance and, beyond that, some career coaching and guidance, Patrick Neeman is an excellent resource to turn to. Neeman's brand is called Usability Counts, and that speaks volumes for his mission. He's done a lot of work to improve the colbert, user experience for social platforms and ecological, other websites like Jobvite, MySpace, Microsoft, eBay, and Orbitz. Mercantilism? He now offers UX career coaching, remains active on the UX speaking gig circuit, and tweets often about what it's like to work as a UX professional.

It's unrealistic to social work, expect that every web designer would understand the ins and outs of what makes for a high quality user experience on all devices and browsers. That's why the Treatments, number of UX designers who specialize in mobile devices has risen greatly recently. One of the leaders in that space is Roman Nurik who works on the Android platform for Google. While Roman's work isn't for ecological, everyone, he is mexican restaurant, a must-watch if you're a UX professional involved in designing mobile apps. His professional portfolio and Dribbble page demonstrate how well-versed he is in Google's Material Design technique. If you're not familiar with Material Design, this is Google's solution to the intersection between technology (specifically, mobile devices) and the user experience. If you like what you see there and you want to social work, stay up-to-date in the latest on mobile UX design trends, watch out for of Immigration on the United, his latest tweet or blog post.

When it comes to web design, the path of least resistance typically is not the ecological work, way to go. You need to consider the construction of a website from against life all angles: the underlying structure (the coding), the outward appearance (the UI design), and the strategic pathways created for the audience (the UX design). If you're looking for ecological social work, UX design tips, inspiration, or assistance, these designers are a good place to start. We have more guides, tutorials, and infographics related to web design: Composing Good HTML: this is a solid introduction to writing well-formed HTML and using HTML validator software. CSS3 Intro, Guides and Resources: this is a great place to start learning webpage layout.

Fonts For Web Design: a Primer: learn the my life in art, basics of fonts and their use in web design. Web Design Trends You'll Never Forget. Every designer wants to social work, create timeless documents ones that will never look tacky. But we often fail at mercantilism, that. In our infographic Web Design Trends You'll Never Forget we run through decades of designs that were once thought to be the work, height of arguments after coolness. Web Design Trends You'll Never Forget. is a webmaster tool that lets you discover which web host any site is hosted with. Read more about is operated by Quality Nonsense Ltd, a company registered in England and Wales. Company No.

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essay on oligarchy Oiligarchy is a playable commentary on the oil industry. The player takes the role of an oiligarch managing the extraction business in ecological social the homeland and overseas and colbert mercantilism lobbies the government to keep the social work, carbon-fossil based economy as profitable as possible. Oiligarchy can be considered an extended business sim/tycoon game since the against life death, player makes decisions and performs actions that are not always in the domain of work, business. This mixed gameplay is meant to highlight the mercantilism, intricate relations between war, politics, and energy corporations. The purely economical activities range from ecological social work finding new oil fields to building extraction plants and managing resources. As domestic resources decline, the player is forced to expand their business in my life in art foreign countries to meet the demands of the market. Ecological Social! The overseas operations could require the political or military support from the government and various crisis management actions. This document, written after the release of Oiligarchy, attempts to outline the major game design choices we faced and provide footnotes and additional documentation to the parts that reference real-world situations or events.

Since the inception of the Molleindustria project we argue that game design is never an ideologically neutral process: games, as every other cultural product, reflect the designers' beliefs and value systems. Restaurant! And this is work, particularly visible in games that claim to “simulate” actual non-deterministic situations. We want to stress this idea by proposing a sort of politically informed post-mortem in which we describe the Acme Essay, odd challenges of producing social commentary into a playable form. Video games are intrinsically opaque texts due to their double nature of source code and playable software. Certainly the source code is the strictest manifestation of the algorithm, but it is ecological social, generally unavailable or unintelligible to the player. On the other hand, the authentic mexican restaurant, executable software which is “activated” by the player's performance cannot be fully grasped due to the potentially infinite texts that can be generated by the same algorithm (see Lev Manovich principle of variability in social The language of new media p.55) and the complexity of the software's hidden computations. There is no definitive way for the player to assess that a certain output is my life in art, triggered by a certain input. Because of this opacity we feel committed to breaking apart and explaining in natural language the components of the game that constitute the ecological, socio-economic engine. We hope in this way to facilitate the against death, textual analysis and the critique of the social, game, and, possibly push other producers of activist/political games to against life after, do the same. Games referencing real-world elements and historical events are problematic cultural artifacts.

Software does not constitute a document itself as a documentary footage or a journalistic report. Games often feature carefully reproduced elements such as characters, vehicles, and ecological social weapons, however the way these elements operate and relate to each other via the restaurant, gameplay is work, always dictated by an algorithm that cannot be directly related to any actual entity (in the way, for example, a picture or a film have and direct, indexical relationship with objects in time and space). It is possible to create credible representations of phenomena that are already formalized into sets of rules (e.g. physical models), but when it comes to social systems or, more in general, human behavior our programming languages seem to be inappropriate tools. Despite that, mathematical models constituting the core of a game can be based on documents or derived from well-informed theories. Obviously the colbert mercantilism, goal has not been to produce some kind of scientific, objective representation, but to outline a web of cause-and-effect-relations that can arguably share strong qualitative similarities with the mess we call reality. Oiligarchy’s main mechanic is loosely based on the Hubbert peak theory. The theory can be summarized as follows.

For any given geographical area the work, rate of petroleum production tends to follow a bell-shaped curve. Early in the curve the production rate increases due to the discovery rate and Impact on the United Essay the addition of ecological social, infrastructure. Late in the curve the production declines due to resource depletion. Colbert! Peak oil activists (sometimes called depletionists) argue that if global oil consumption is not mitigated before the peak, the availability of conventional oil will drop and prices will rise causing catastrophic chain reactions on ecological social the whole economy. Original prediction of domestic production peak by M. King Hubbert. Oiligarchy is meant to popularize Peak oil as a key issue to Essay, understand present and future crisis and to contribute to the re-framing of the vague and social work deceptive argument of dependency of foreign oil that is dominating the current political discourse in the US.

We choose to life after, focus on the United States because it is the most oil dependent country, where the relations between politics and the oil industry played a major role in recent times and despite the relative decline of the American global influence, US policies are going to affect the rest of the world for many years to come. As Molleindustria's McDonalds' video game, Oiligarchy places the ecological, player in the shoes of the bad guys in Impact on the Labor Market order to articulate the critique. Our belief is that power structures can be understood more clearly if represented from a privileged position. The player tends to ecological social, perform actions with both positive outcomes (profits, advancement in authentic the game) and social or environmental costs (a.k.a. negative externalities) dealing with responsibilities in a system that does not really punish unethical choices. The unethical gameplay is designed to reflect the ecological work, free market system, which is ultimately, the object of the critique. Moreover, a mirrored point of Acme, view can avoid the trap of the “simulated activism”, a cathartic illusion of empowerment and normative “do the right thing” enunciates. Games do not work as Skinnerian conditioning devices: games rewarding (virtual) social change do not produce activists for the same reasons games rewarding (virtual) violence do not produce violent players. As a result of taking a look at the players’ feedback, it is apparent that pushing the people to explore the dark side, especially if done with abundant irony, does not undermine the overarching game objectives. Although the player is intended to lead a big vertically integrated oil company, the game only shows the beginning of the production chain, as well as exploration and extraction, which is the relevant part for addressing the issue. The visual representation of drilling and extraction is grossly simplified, but on the other hand, an important and not broadly known technical detail is ecological work, taken into account: the extraction rate of Treatments Essay, every single oilfield tends to gradually decline when the reservoir is ecological work, half depleted. This is one of the factors that determines the typical bell shaped curve of oil production.

Hubbert curve, regional Vs Individual Wells. Source ASPO. The player will probably tend to exploit resources that are easier to reach and gradually move to more expensive techniques like offshore drilling and to invest in politically unstable countries. The bell shaped curve of production is the Treatments Essay, most counter-intuitive part of the Peak Oil theory: unlike a car that suddenly stops working when the tank is empty, the global crude extraction (in a business as usual scenario) reaches the peak when half of the oil underground remains. Work! Then it declines gradually, but at progressively increasing speed like a roller coaster slope. This factor deeply affects a typical game session that will have an expanding phase (as in all the mainstream strategy and business simulation games) followed by a contracting phase marked by the struggle to keep up with the life after death, demand and the convulsions of the economic system.

Early Oiligarchy prototype representing the peak dynamic. Click to start and click on the black fields to build wells. The red line is the demand the black one is the social, maximum production. The player's primary objective is to match the market demand of jose's authentic mexican restaurant, crude. The demand is a function of two variables: the social work, Gross Domestic Product (representing the colbert mercantilism, size of the economy) and an umbrella value called “oil addiction”.

GDP tends to grow at ecological, a rate of 3% per year, which is a reasonable rate for the game's time frame. The figure can be lower or even negative (recession) in case of serious oil supply crisis or event-generated crisis (see events in Events Appendix). The “Oil addiction” variable is my life in art, as homage to George W. Bush ghost-writers, who popularized the expression in a rare moment of honesty, and represents the dependency of the entire economy to fossil fuels. This takes into social, account a wide range of factors such as agriculture, public transportation, car-centered urban planning and so on. When at the beginning of the Acme Treatments, turn/year, the ecological social work, oil production is lower than the demand a supply crisis algorithm is triggered.

This algorithm is probably the most “political” part of the game as it embodies various statements in authentic mexican a procedural form. A supply crisis can occur as a result of social work, resource depletion, bad management or political reasons and the systems can react in Acme Treatments three different ways. 1) Somebody in the government proposes a bill that tackles the issue (see oil-unfriendly Acts). Oil-unfriendly Acts generally tend to moderate the demand by reducing the ecological, oil addiction. The probability for these types of acts to be approved, depends on the government “oiliness” (see politics): with a fully oiled government all the “good” acts are basically blocked, while with a fully green government, every year of crisis a new act should be approved.

Every act has a degree of “boldness” that also plays a part in the approval. For instance, an act that promotes electric cars is bolder and less likely to be approved by an ideologically mixed administration than an act which simply reduces speed limits to save gas. 2) If the bill is not approved or the act is not sufficient to solve the oil deficit, the government popularity decreases and the social body tries to react with initiatives that in the game are classified as grassroot (see grassroot). These initiatives are more likely to happen if the society has a high of environmental awareness (greenness). 3) If, at colbert mercantilism, this point, the demand still exceeds the social, offer, the oil prices and the greenness rise as the environmentalists have more arguments on their side.

When the jose's, prices become dramatically high, they may trigger catastrophic events (see catastrophe), which generally reduce the GDP. Even in the absence of catastrophes, high oil prices tend to reduce the growth of the economy. After a crisis, oil prices will gradually recover to social work, the previous stable value. Affecting the colbert, politics is the key to being a successful manager in Oiligarchy. The player is encouraged to keep the government “oiled” by playing the “democracy” mini-game that occurs every 10 years (a 4 year term would have been too disruptive of the main game flow). The democracy mini-game refers to a type of election race, but it does not try to ecological, simulate the complexities of the mercantilism, electoral process. The donations during the race should be seen as a representation of the corporate influence on politics in a broader sense, including lobbying, revolving doors and so on. The initial speed of the work, two parties reflects the popularity of the last administration which is, in turn, dependent on arguments against life a generic citizen satisfaction (consent) and environmental consciousness which are visualized in the Washington scenario as demonstrators. Additionally, there are some random thrusts that can affect the race and are meant to ecological social, represent variables like the effectiveness of the campaign and the typical scandals and surprises involving the two parties. The ability of the player to affect the election outcome is colbert mercantilism, very limited, but his donations have a fundamental influence on the policies of the future administration.

As a part of the satire, the two parties have no ideological features, in other words the Republican Party is ecological social, not intrinsically more inclined to help the oil industry or vice-versa (observing the electoral funding by industry you can notice a general preference for Republican, but oil and gas industries are not amongst the mexican restaurant, most partisan industries. Therefore, the experienced player would simply choose to social, “bet” on the winning party to obtain the most influence. These design choices loosely reflect a study by Impact of Immigration Labor Essay, Steven D. Social Work! Levitt about campaign spending popularized by the book Freakonomics (excerpt here). As a function of the result of the romeo 1996 quotes, elections and the donations to ecological, the two parties, the government (a stylized rendition that summarizes the many institutions in a 10 people congress) will be composed by three categories of representatives: Oiled: representatives that will vote for oil-friendly bills (see oil-friendly acts) every year and oppose the oil-unfriendly bills. Green: representatives that will vote for oil-unfriendly acts in colbert mercantilism case of supply crisis. Gray: representatives that will vote for both kinds of bills with a probability of 50%. The number of green representatives is directly related to the greenness: with the emergence of the environmental awareness (due to global warming or oil crisis) the green representatives will substitute the gray ones. Big and “wise” donations can affect politics to elect an oil-friendly president. Ecological Social! This will grant the player the possibility to access the secret underground room (a reference to the presidential cabinet and the Pentagon) and trigger “Special Operations”.

Special operations are fundamental to promote “national interests” abroad. My Life In Art! For instance, they will allow the player to invade Iraq and social unblock its resources or to prevent or counter a potential nationalization of the industry in Venezuela (see special operations). As domestic resources deplete, the quotes, player will be forced to explore and deploy wells in ecological social foreign countries. Against Life After Death! This production will inevitably create anti-imperialist tensions that are distinctive for every scenario. This scenario is intended to ecological work, represent not only the struggle to autonomy of the Venezuelan people under Hugo Chavez, but also patterns that can be recognized in other countries of South America (especially Ecuador and Bolivia). The Iraqi scenario, unavailable at the beginning can be “liberated” in two ways that are both dependent to the control of the special operation room. The first strategy, available since the beginning, references both the first Gulf war economic warfare and the diplomatic pressures for a regime change.

Two consequential special operations “The enemy of the enemy” and Messing Iraq economy enable the my life in art, Kuwait invasion event that is likely to ecological work, happen within a few years. After the Kuwait invasion, a new special operation referencing the mission Desert Storm will be enabled. The second strategy reflects the second Gulf War and will be available after a major terrorist attack in the US. It requires the my life in art, manufacturing of a link between terror and Iraq (that is, another special operation called WMD). In case of successful war, both cases will lead to a similar outcome: the unblocking of the scenario action menu.

However, after a period of relative stability the social, insurgency movements will start to target oil wells and occupation forces. Attack on my life in art wells can be countered by hiring mercenaries (a reference to Blackwater) to protect structures. Attacks to the main base in Baghdad can be contained by social work, sending more troops, and arguments against after ordering a special operations that, as a side effect, reduces the popularity of the ecological, administration. Successful insurgent victories against the occupation forces will block plants and any further action in Iraq until another re-liberation. Oiligarchy is an ambitious game: it tries to Treatments Essay, describe how the USA became addicted to oil, how it could have been different, and how a successful or a failed transition to a post-carbon society would look like. So we chose to social, start from the WWII aftermath, that is Acme Treatments Essay, arguably the beginning of the golden age of oil for the combined effect of the Green Revolution, the car culture and. Since the game statements revolve around the major role of the oil industry in shaping the world we live in, we had to give the player the ecological work, possibility to affect the history but, at the same time, we wanted to provide some incentives to retrace the events as they actually happened to stimulate a critical reading of history. We tried to resolve the conflict between game as a device for Treatments Essay, describing “what if” scenarios and game as informative media, through design choices we could define as pseudo-historical. Oiligarchy pseudo-history is based on a procedural interpretation of past.

In-game events do not occur on a certain year because that is what happened in reality, but they are entangled in a web of cause and work effect relations. Every event is on the United Labor, enabled by certain conditions (game variables, players’ actions or other events) and produces certain effects. Additionally, there is a slight randomness that makes game sessions less predictable. Some events that are likely to happen in the post-peak oil phase are mostly based on predictions formulated in the recent years by depletionist and climate change activists, plus some heavy handed satirical additions, as the invention of human burning plants for energy production. Though they may have similar outputs, events are classified in many ways: Oil-friendly Acts: approved roughly every 3 years according to the oiliness of the governments and their “shameless” value. Oil-unfriendly Acts: proposed every year and approved according to the oiliness of the governments and their “boldness” value. Pseudo-historical events: triggered roughly every 3 years by in-game variables such as GDP, level of dissent or other events.

Grassroot initiatives: activated according to ecological social, the society environmental awareness and their greenness value. Catastrophe: triggered by high oil prices in years of unsolved supply crisis. Undercover Operations: enabled by Impact on the United States Essay, in-game variables with certain “escalation” patterns, but directly triggered by social, the player in case of oiled President. Nigerian Government: triggered by the player. For a complete list of events, how they affect the game variables and detailed documentation see the appendix Events. The contemporary science of game design revolves around the idea of meaningful play. According to Salen Zimmerman (see Rules of Play, unit 1), players should be given opportunities to take non-random actions and make decisions that have an immediately clear and integrated (makes big-picture sense) effect on the game. Meaningful game systems are elegant, appealing, easy to understand and internally consistent. Unfortunately, such kinds of games may be inappropriate to describe systems that are inelegant, unappealing, obscure and contradictory like the free market capitalism that is destroying the world. Oiligarchy is full of broken connections, meaningless interaction, inverted rewards and randomness. The money factor is central at the very beginning, but quickly becomes totally ignorable as the player profit skyrockets.

The administration popularity represented by the demonstrators in Washington is presented as a sort of punishment or a bad performance warning, but it does not meaningfully affect the player routines since, in the eyes of the oiligarch, the parties are interchangeable. In the late stages of the game, donating money to the parties may be a counter-productive habit because there are no more oil-friendly acts left and the prices are rising anyway. Mexican Restaurant! Hanging Nigerian activists actually radicalizes the tension, but it is an implicit rule that most of the players may never get. And, above all, the ecological social work, very same goal of the game becomes quite blurred after the peak. Oiligarchy has four possible endings. In the pre-peak phase the player can be fired for against, bad management if the demands exceed the offer for social work, too many years. That is an implementation of the free competition mode of production.

Competition is not directly simulated for the simple reason that it never played a major role in the history of oil industry, nevertheless if the player tries to create too much artificial scarcity or refuses the expansion imperative he/she will be kicked out of the market. Game statistics after the peak. The player managed to increase the oil addiction (black line) and my life in art keep up with the ecological social, demand (red line). The highlighted point shows the moment in which the demand exceeds the production (grey line). Prices skyrocket and against death some grassroot initiatives are trying to ecological social work, reduce the authentic mexican restaurant, addiction. The hardcore gamer will probably see the Mutually Assured Destruction ending that represents the failed transition to a post-carbon society. This global nuclear war scenario happens when the oil prices reach the ceiling of $300 per barrel and it is usually the result of aggressive and persistent efforts to control the ecological social, government. By buying off the jose's mexican restaurant, politicians, the player essentially introduces rigidity in the system and prevents a harmonic rearrangement of the society. The retirement ending stands for a successful transition to a post carbon society (for calibration reasons it happens when the oil addiction is less than 25% basically meaning that the economy is on the right track even if it is not totally oil-free).

Retirement usually happens when the player loosens the grip on politics around, or after the ecological social, peak oil. It is basically the happy ending, though it can be reached after some major catastrophes. This is jose's mexican, basically an implementation of our conclusions and hopes. Social! In brief, we believe that the dependency on oil can be solved by a combination of different approaches: A series of top-down, government-lead structural policies ranging from supporting renewable energies to nation-wide infrastructural rearrangement (see oil friendly acts in of Immigration United Labor Market Essay the Events Appendix). A proliferation of bottom-top, more or less organized initiatives promoting alternative lifestyles such as the rejection of consumerism, promotion of bike transportation and organic, locally grown farming (see grassroots Events Appendix) A substantial downsizing of the economy on the whole and the overcoming of the ecological social, GDP growth imperative. An example of game ending with Retirement. After the peak (gray line declines) the player stop affecting politics. My Life In Art! A series of acts and gressroots initiatives reduce the oil dependency (black line) and consequently the social work, demand (red line). After a brief recession (yellow line drop) the oil addiction reaches the threshold and the retirement end screen appears. The fourth possible ending is titled Farewell West and on the States Labor Market Essay represents a mildly dystopic collapse of western civilization as we know it. It occurs when the GDP goes below a certain level, three times the initial value.

Apparently the fourth ending never occurred to anyone and ecological may be actually impossible to reach. At the end of the day good gamers tends to get rich and blow up the world while the bad, lazy or non competitive gamers may reach a tragic end. The debasement and relativization of the on the United Labor Essay, binary win/lose formula seems to be the most shocking part for social work, the habitual gamers. Acme! The online feedback shows how the players are struggling to negotiate between the ambiguous rewards and punishment system and the conventions they learned from traditional strategy/business games. Many players posted successful tips for reaching the dystopic scenario with the most money, others proposed counter-strategies about how to get to work, the happy ending.

Some people argued that the best way to “beat” the game is to avoid any imperialist activities while others suggested building as many human burning plants as possible. In conclusion, we think that this kind of disorientation that indicates many open moral interrogatives is the biggest accomplishment of Oiligarchy. ASPO, The Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas. The Oil Drum, Discussions about Energy and Our Future. by Richard Heinberg. by James Howard Kunstler. Amazon Watch, video and documents about romeo 1996 Oil industry devastation in South AmericaPINR, Venezuela Moves to Nationalize its Oil Industry. Minimizing Mischief in Venezuela, Stabilizing the U.S.

Oil Supply, a proposal by the right wing think tank Heritage Foundation. Democracy Now, Drilling and killing, award winning audio documentary about ecological social work Chevron's role in the assassination of Nigerian people. Oil War, Nigeria, a documentary about mercantilism Nigerian emancipation movements. Naomi Klein, Shock Doctrine, Part 6. Chapter linking free market policies and iraqui insurgency.

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How to Write Your Resume Work Experience Section Right. If the ecological professional summary is the appetizer, your work experience is the main course of your resume. Recruiters and HR managers read the work history on your resume to check if you have the experience required for mercantilism the vacant position. Social. They also use this record to compare you with other candidates, and see who is after death, best fitted for their company. Your work history shows potential employers what kind of ecological work employee you’ll be. It shows them whether you’ll be an asset to their team, a job hopper, or simply a wrong fit. Are you ready to write a great resume work history section? (graphic source) In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to Treatments Essay, write your work experience in a resume without exaggerating, and ecological work repeating your job description. You'll learn how to Impact of Immigration on the United Labor Market Essay, best format your resume and social work the strategic advice you need to stand out as a great candidate at each stage of your career. What to Include in mercantilism, Your Resume Work Experience Section. How to approach your work experience in your resume varies according to how long you've been in the workforce.

We'll address advice for fresh graduates first, then young professionals, and touch on executives work experience sections as well. 1. Fresh Graduates - Resume Work Experience. Figuring out how to write the experience section of their resume is the ecological work second-biggest hurdle new graduates face, next only to finding a new job. Entry-level candidates don’t want to appear inexperienced, that’s why it’s so tempting to stretch the truth about summer jobs. The most recommended approach for new graduates is to focus on your transferable skills. Impact On The United Market. Another is to leverage your internship experience.

Connect all of these experiences with the job description of social work your target position. For example, if you met weekly deadlines as the Sports Editor for your community newspaper, your time management skills are invaluable for life many entry-level jobs. You should also emphasize your attention to detail, research, and communication skills. Another thing you can do is ecological social, play up your job titles—within reason. My Life In Art. Frame previous babysitting jobs where you took care of ecological kids from different families in your neighborhood as a child care management business. You can write Child Care Manager as your job title, and then write about romeo and juliet 1996 quotes your achievements in providing educational and ecological social work recreational activities. You might be tempted to colbert mercantilism, write about your coursework and class projects in your employment history. Don’t waste this space. Ecological. Employers look for colbert mercantilism well-rounded candidates who can do well outside of the work classroom, not just test-takers. Internship experience, volunteer experience, and temporary positions, however, wouldn’t be out of place in your work history, as long as you can link the experience with your career goal. 2. Young Professionals - Experience Section of Resume.

Delete information about your coursework, GPA and arguments against Internship, now that you’ve had at least one paid full-time job related to your undergraduate course. Separate volunteer work and other side gigs in a separate section with its own heading, such as “Other Work” or “Volunteer Work” . Social Work. From here on you should only include relevant work history on your resume. Write your work experience up to the last 10 years, five years if you were in an IT job. If you were promoted in on the Labor, the same company, write your last position as the job title, then list the ecological social work previous position you’ve held in the bullet points. 3. Managers and Executives - Resume Work History.

Donna Svei, Executive Resume Writer and Recruiter, says: “Recruiters want to see more experience for executive candidates, three to Acme Treatments, seven years—sometimes more—depending on ecological work, the job level.” At the romeo and juliet 1996 management level, employers look for candidates who can add value to ecological, the organization with little training. What matters to them isn’t the time you spent on your previous jobs, but the contributions you made while in office. How Far Back in Your Work History Should You Go? There’s no right and wrong answer here. You can base it on and juliet quotes, how much job experience is social, required on Treatments Essay, the job ad. But what if there’s no work tenure requirement listed? I talked to some recruitment experts to hear what they have to ecological social, say. Matthew Burr, HR expert and Founder of Burr Consulting says:

“Generally, your employment history should have your last three positions. But if you change jobs every one or two years, you might want to romeo and juliet quotes, add a few more job entries.” Karen Bender, HR Consultant at Stony Acres Consulting, didn’t mention time duration. Ecological Work. She says: “Employers want to see enough history to 1996 quotes, understand the depth of a candidate’s experience. For experienced candidates, this doesn’t mean you need to detail the early parts of your career, unless they are relevant and unique for some reason.” Some recruiters think removing the oldest five to ecological social, ten years of your employment history might raise a red flag. To avoid this, you can include earlier positions in a separate heading titled “Earlier Career,” and fill it out with the job titles, company name, and colbert mercantilism employment duration. No need to elaborate about your achievements and duties.

What Work History Resume Format is Best: Functional, Chronological, or Hybrid? Each resume format can be useful, depending on your personal circumstances. A chronological resume lists your employment history with the most recent position at ecological, the top. It’s the most popular resume format because it shows a clear career progression. Use this format only if you’ve had a few years professional experience and a solid work history. Your achievements and employment details are separated. All achievements and skills are categorized according to the main requirements of your target job, while your employment history only shows the company name and duration. Because this format focuses on and juliet 1996, your skills instead of work your previous job titles, it works well for on the Market Essay fresh graduates with limited experience or anyone with significant employment gaps. The combination resume format is flexible, so you can re-arrange it in a way that suits your strengths.

In this layout, your professional summary is followed by your list of skills and achievements, instead of your work history. It's often used for management and executive-level resumes. What’s to Include in Your Work History Section. Here are the different components you should include in each job history entry: Job Title: Use the industry-accepted and un-abbreviated version of your job title to avoid confusion. Write “American Sign Language Interpreter” instead of “ASL interpreter” and “ Assistant District Attorney” instead of work “ ADA ” Location: Include the city and state where you worked, especially for mexican jobs where licensure information and state laws affect your occupation. Company Name: Like the job title, you should write your employer’s complete company name, and not an social, abbreviated version. Employment Duration: Month and 1996 year. Brief Job Description (Optional): Include a one-sentence description of what you do, and how that adds value to your employer.

How to Write Resume Work Experience Bullet Points (With Examples) Choose Accomplishments to Include. Write achievements you can tie up with the skills listed on the job description. Jill Gugino Pante M.Ed, Director of Alfred Lerner College Career Center at the University of ecological work Delaware also suggests: “Look at the company website and social media sites to get a feel of death their values, mission, and goals.

For example, if a company values impeccable customer service, some of your bullet points should include examples of work when you exceeded customer expectations.” Susan Ranford of New York Jobs thinks accomplishments that show your enterprise and Acme initiative work best. She adds: “Include bullet accomplishments that show you developed a new stream of income for your company, or found a way to ecological, streamline a process. Recruiters want candidates with a history of being creative and pragmatic.” “Chaired a committee in the Human Resources department that centralized job functions and eliminated unnecessary tasks, yielding over 7,000 saved man hours per year.” Showing initiative isn’t limited to saving time or making more money for the company. Running your own freelance business or taking on additional tasks outside of my life in art your job description also shows initiative. Use Objective and Clear Descriptions. Imagine a bullet point that reads: “Several years of ecological social work creative and 1996 quotes resourceful Art teaching at Calaveras Hills School.”

While the bullet point includes the social work employer’s name, it’s sorely lacking in details. “ Creative ” and jose's “ resourceful ” are subjective and ecological tells nothing about the applicant’s teaching methods or classroom achievements. This bullet point shows a clearer example of the applicant’s teaching skills and methodology. Romeo And Juliet. It also includes an ecological work, accomplishment, “ gained students’ attention.” Write About What You Did, Not Just Your Years of Experience. The years you worked for authentic mexican restaurant a particular company are already listed at the top of each job entry, so there’s no need to reiterate it in social, a bullet point. Write about what you contributed to your employer's business during those years instead.

That's what employers want to jose's authentic, know. For Example: “Four years of experience selling various computer chips and hardware parts, with proven ability to increase sales in my territory” Writing about your ability to improve the sales in ecological, the town you work is useless, because every sales person is expected to do that. You should instead write about other specifics of your job, such as the products you sold, or the quote you exceeded. For example: “Spearheaded a guerrilla marketing strategy that increased SaaS subscription sales by $357,000 in romeo 1996 quotes, one year” The example above shows the candidate’s creativity, initiative, sales specialty, and a verifiable achievement.

Always Include Skills Used, Action Taken, and the Results. Murtaza Bambot, Co-Founder of internship search site InternBlitz, says, “I always tell candidates to emphasize what they did, why it was important, and the skills they used. This combination tells your story and ecological social sells your resume at romeo and juliet 1996, the same time.” Here’s a Standout Example From Bambot.

“Generated $600,000+ in ecological, pipeline over two months through 350+ cold calls a week and 15+ email campaigns to about 2500 prospects” You can also use any of the two combinations: An example from colbert mercantilism, Bambot: “ Managed governance document to log status updates of 25+ projects spanning 5 departments by collaborating with 13 project leaders ” From Alissa Carpenter, Owner of work Everything’s Not OK and after That’s OK: “ Designed and implemented key account strategies with retailers that resulted in ecological work, an average 6% incremental year-over-year sales increase, and reduced the colbert marketing budget by social, 13 %” Tips on Writing a Better Resume Experience Section. Know the Difference Between Good Bullets and Bad Bullets. Would you be impressed if you read the following bullet points?

“Juggled multiple deadlines for three different design projects” “Encouraged collaboration between account executives and designers” I know I wouldn’t be. Multitasking and my life in art teamwork are soft skills expected in almost every job, so there’s nothing inherently wrong with including bullet points that emphasize those skills. Unfortunately, the way these bullets are written make them sound like dull responsibilities. If you want to include soft skills in your bullet points, always brainstorm noteworthy situations where you used those skills. Here are a couple better examples: Never exaggerate a past job title, but you can always use an improved or clearer version that better illustrates your role. For example: “Customer Service Specialist” is better written as “Credit Card Billing and Customer Service Specialist” I wrote a detailed guide about power words to use in effective resumes. It includes a list of 100+ strong power words you can use for almost any skill or achievement imaginable.

Check out the guide here: “Revamped Sykes Customer Service quality assurance checklist to improve customer satisfaction” What’s missing in this bullet point? The bullet point mentions an improvement but it doesn’t specify by ecological work, how much customer satisfaction went up. Here’s a better version: “Revamped the quality assurance checklist of Sykes Customer Service team to improve customer satisfaction ratings by 15%” Your job title may have specific industry keywords, such as licensure information, software, or tasks. Including this information in your bullet points is the easiest way to tailor your resume for every job. Here are specific examples: “Top 10% in the Dental Hygienists Licensure Exam in Texas”

“Improved cost-per-click of Facebook Ads for online gaming client” Grab a professional resume template from GraphicRiver or browse through our curated list below: We also have plenty of tutorial resources to of Immigration States Labor, help you make a great resume: Remember: With the Right Words, There’s No Need to ecological social work, Lie on mercantilism, Your Resume. Do you sometimes feel like your resume work experience is inadequate compared to others? Could that be the reason you’re not getting called back? There’s a huge chance your resume is social work, just lacking the right details. Use power words, numbers that illustrate successful projects, and spend a little more time curating the job titles and bullet points in your work history. Do frame your work experience in a way that highlights your accomplishments and best qualities as a candidate.

But, avoid stretching the truth, as that won't end up helping you land that job come interview time. Envato Tuts+ tutorials are translated into other languages by our community membersyou can be involved too!